Watch New Star Trek-Themed Clips From ‘Please Stand By’ – Out Now In Theaters And On Demand

Please Stand By, the film about an autistic woman (played by Dakota Fanning) who escapes a group home hoping to submit her Star Trek script to a contest at Paramount is out today in limited release in the US and is also available on demand. Three new clips have been released, including two more showing the Star Trek connection to this movie.

Dakota Fanning in Please Stand By

New clips: Wendy does Star Trek trvia and speaks Klingon

The first new clip, released on Den of Geek, features Wendy (Dakota Fanning) showing her proficiency at answering Star Trek trivia questions.

The second, released on, features Patton Oswalt (Officer) and Dakota Fanning (Wendy) speaking Klingon to each other.

There is also a new clip from Yahoo which isn’t Star Trek-themed, but shows Wendy and Scottie (Toni Collette) discussing her daily schedule.

More video and photos

And if you haven’t seen it already, check out’s exclusive clip featuring Wendy talking about her Star Trek script on her journey to Paramount.

And here is the official trailer


More info on ‘Please Stand By’

To learn more about the films and it’s origins, check out TrekMovie’s interview with screenwriter (and Star Trek fan) Michael Golamco.

Currently Please Stand By is getting positive to mixed reviews with a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

To find a theater where it is playing, visit You can also rent the movie on demand, including via Amazon for $5.99.

Official poster for Please Stand By

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That first clip would have been more effective had the questions the guys were asking her were actually difficult. They weren’t, in the context presented. By that, I mean that almost all die-hard fans would know the name Joanna, so the guys’ astonishment that she knows that name doesn’t at all ring true. It’s common knowledge among Trek fans, and if the film’s writers were truly Trek fans, they’d know that.

You’re speaking from a Trek-bubble. They’re extremely hard questions for people that don’t know a ton about Trek.

No, you’re missing the point. The context of the scene is that die-hard Trek nerds are talking to a die-hard Trek nerd. The two guys asking the questions would KNOW that Joanna’s name is not a difficult question for fellow die-hard Trek nerds, and thus would have no reason to react as they do. If the scene were about non-die-hards, then you’d be correct.

But the film makers are speaking to a general audience – if the answer to the question was ‘hot dogs’ the audience wouldn’t know the difference. The die-hards will be on these pages griping the filmmakers were lazy, disrespectful, didn’t do their homework, regardless of what was presented.

I never implied they were lazy or disrespectful, or that they didn’t do their homework. I think this film looks great and I look forward to seeing it.

Ahh yes…. no Star Trek related article would be complete without a good dose of nonsense whining.

Look buddy, I consider myself well versed in Trek lore, and I didn’t know any of those two answers.

If knowing those two pieces of trivia somehow makes you feel superior, to the point of criticizing a scene just because YOU know something, then maybe the problem isn’t in the clip, but in your head.

If you didn’t know McCoy’s daughter is named Joanna, then no, you are NOT well-versed in Star Trek. It’s common knowledge among fans. She’s from The Animated Series and has appeared or been mentioned in numerous novels and comics. Plus, it’s well-known that Joanna was intended to be in the episode “The Way to Eden,” but her character was changed to Irina Galliulin at the last minute, which has been documented in countless books about the series. But sure, please feel free to insult me needlessly. Now hand in your membership card, kid, stop taking this so seriously, and learn what the word “whining” means. Social ineptitude is fixable.

There is NO WAY general audiences would know that Joanna was intended to be in a Star Trek episode, let alone know the title
of the episode.

Gary: Um… I never implied they would. You have misread my posts.

I guess I’ll be turning in my card, too. I don’t remember the name of Kirks dog/horse from Generations… Rex, Buster, Spot, Rabies, Mangler, Ol’ Glue Stick? Let’s see, the girlfriend? Ruth? Spanky? Carol? Stormy? Antonio Banderas?

A little help for an old timer? And a Heineken?

Oh, come on. I’ll bet 99 percent of the people who post here know that McCoy’s daughter is named Joanna.


Wendi’s friends in the mall are thumbing through a Star Trek encyclopedia-like book. They’re not Star Trek fans at all…just using Wendi’s knowledge to place bets on what she knows. As a die-hard Trek fan, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked seemingly easy trivia questions, only to answer correctly and for those around me to be amazed by my knowledge.

John: Oh, I see. If that’s the case, then I retract my comment. :)

Dana, not all fans know the same trivia. I know some who only watch TNG, DS9, or Voyager. Ask them a TOS or TAS question and they can’t answer. There are gaps in their knowledge. It happens.

Fritz: That is, of course, true.

Thank you, John and Fritz, for actually reading my comment before replying, unlike some of the others.

@ Dana. I’m in the 1%. Looks like I’m still handing in my card…

Dana Farricker’s comment has got to be the best Star Trek parody since Shatner went on SNL 30 years ago.

Well worth a watch. I enjoyed it.

Alice Eve is in that movie… wasn’t she in a Star Trek movie?

It’s a really lovely movie. Very human, the best of what Star Trek is about.

Dakota Fanning’s portrayal of autism is spot-on.

An enjoyable, humanity-focused movie. And it was cool seeing Agent Koenig, er, Patton Oswald, play a small but key role.

We have our blockbusters, but it is good to have these somewhat deeper, touching flicks as well. Keep’em coming!