Reminder: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 13 “What’s Past Is Prologue” Debuts Tonight

Star Trek: Discovery debuts its 13th episode tonight, the crew’s time in the Mirror Universe comes to a head.

Preview: “What’s Past Is Prologue”

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1, Episode 13

Lorca plans to move forward with a coup against the Emperor, propelling Burnham to make a quick decision to save not only herself, but the U.S.S. Discovery.

The episode will be available in the US on CBS All Access at 8:30 pm ET (5:30 PT). In Canada it airs on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET (5:00 pm PT).  And it will be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday at 8 am BST.

CBS promo trailer

Episode clip (warning: spoilers)


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Followed by ‘After Trek’ episode 12

The twelfth episode of the Discovery after-show After Trek streams on CBS All Access tonight at 9:30 pm ET. With writer of the episode Ted Sullivan, and actors Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma.

After Trek also airs on Space in Canada at midnight ET and will be available on Netflix on Monday.

What say you?

TrekMovie will be posting a full review of “What’s Past Is Prologue” later. But you don’t have to wait to offer your views in the comments below.

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Love that the promo is accented heavily on character.
I won’t be watching the clips until after the episode airs

Love me some character. Big part of why I love Discovery.

Sh*ts gonna hit the warp nacelles

Can’t wait! In Jordon Nardino’s tweet he says that some major fan theory will be debunked. With the Mirror Lorca and Voq/Tyler theories already confirmed, I wonder what is left? I’m looking forward to being surprised!

I can’t think either. Maybe them not returning to Prime ? Saru Being Captain ?

Tilly isn’t who she says she is? She isn’t the viewers’ point of view? She dies?

Oh god no, don’t kill off Tilly!

Maybe the fan theory he’s talking about concerts standard universe Lorca…

So will this Landry be from MU? If so, is she even more evil than the one we met in Prime? If not, MU Landry was killed on Disco and this Landry will be Prime. If so, could she be with Prime Lorca? I can’t wait to see where all this goes tonight!!

That’s a possibility that I’ve considered as well. I think the trailer is likely showing two Lorca’s in an effort to misdirect fans.

Well, I will have to watch the preview again with that thought in mind. I hope you’re right and I hope at least one Lorca survives to be part of season 2. I’m saddened by fan theories that he’s gone after this season.

I think the fact that this show is apparently following Fuller’s story so closely and that his original plan was for this to be an anthology show makes it likely that it was always planned for Lorca to die. Of course we now know that it’s not an anthology show anymore so maybe that gives us some hope that they’ll find a way to keep Jason around in season 2.

I’m guessing that was always the plan as well. We have to remember Fuller envisioned this show being about Burnham and I imagine the idea is for her to eventually become captain. Could be wrong but I think thats where its going that she will eventually get the chair of Discovery. Now it doesn’t mean Saru is going anywhere but I suspect in time he will either decide he won’t be captain or someone will replace him before Burnham.

Found this little nugget that Lorca WASN’T originally from the MU as a plan from Fuller but was decided later by Hasbert and Berg after taking over full time according to IGN:

“Harberts explained that the writers knew from the start, when creator Bryan Fuller was first planning out the show’s serialized storyline, that the inaugural season of Discovery would end up in the Mirror Universe. (Fuller eventually left the show due to creative differences with CBS, elevating Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg to showrunner status.)

But at first, the writers planned for Lorca to be a hawkish captain given a chance to shine thanks to the Federation’s war with the Klingon Empire. It was only after the writers began discussing why Lorca would be so skilled with warfare that they hit upon the idea that he’d secretly be from the militaristic world of the Mirror Universe.”

So thats interesting. Maybe he was always intended to die but it sounds like they changed the background of the character significantly which was a bold move even if sad he’s no longer on the show.

But yes he made it clear the character is definitely dead and he know zilch about the fate of PU Lorca. But of course its Star Trek, there is no ‘definite’ when it comes to death in it…unless you are PU Kirk. ;)

I’m saddened to think that too.
Isaacs Fan

Oh man, gotta love Jason Isaacs. He is HIALRIOUS. That tweet was gold.

Ask for Donald. LOL. I see what he did there.

Yes indeed. Makes me like Isaacs even more.

OH yeah.

Yeah he hates Trump as most of the world does. Good!

Yea….the rest of the world hates Trump. No they don’t. And neither does most of the working class. Why a foreigner like Issacs decides to use this medium to bash a political figure is beyond me. He’s great as an actor, but me being a conservative and a Trump voter, I would walk right past him at a Trek convention based on his bashing and get another autograph. I realize that all actors except Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis are liberal, but not all of them are so freaking vocal about it.

IDIC. You have every right to your opinion and so does he. Everyone, liberals and Trump supporters have the right to speak and be ‘freaking vocal about it’.

True enough, this America after all. I just find it distasteful is all using the platform he has at his disposal for political unrest as opposed to say…..something positive and inspiring about whatever subject….dreamers, education, feeding the hungry, wind power….cats whatever…You’re right though. He is allowed to speak his mind in whatever manner he chooses.

You want him to use his platform for something positive instead of sowing political unrest? . . . Are you talking about Isaacs . . . or Trump? LOL.

Make sure to ignore Isaacs at the next Trek convention. He’ll be heartbroken.

What I find funny is Trump is a guy who will have no problem insulting people in their own house (probably by commenting how cheap it looks) but then shocked when others says something about him. Trump bullies and insults people ALL the time, even as President which is truly sad. Does his supporters think everyone else is just going to sit back and let him say and tweet whatever he wants but then someone like Isaac shouldn’t say anything for being an ‘actor’?

He is the freaking President if ANYONE should show a decorum of respectability and not get into silly insult wars it really should be him. Its not a job for thin skin people, especially one who likes to insult anyone and everyone first.

Yes. . , because if there’s anything that man for whom you voted is noted for, it’s his relentless positivity.

All I can say is don’t watch The After Trek show lol. Isaac goes even harder on Trump. And he has every right to say what he wants thank you very much.

And you mean the rest of the world love Trump? The same guy who was literally caught calling other countries S-holes, insulted Mexico and has attacked other foreign leaders in his tweets? Yeah, he’s loved everywhere….in a mirror universe.

It is indeed :^D

Yeahbut, the nacelles on the USS Discovery are way too long. An unwieldy and derpy-looking ship. I’m actually writing a story now about how Balok discovers the Discovery and then mocks it mercilessly for 16 pages.

Disagree. It’s nacelles make Discovery look fast and streamlined…

Agreed, Silvereyes.

When did they lose the turbofan that used to be in the gap in the hull? [Glad it’s gone]

Will it keep the spinning saucer section?


LOL as if I need one, I’ve been on the edge of my seat since last Sunday. FAAAAAAAACK

Thinking that Lorca is still playing a long game here, that he’s not really into taking over the empire in the way it appears he is. He had some moments in the first half of the season that makes it appear that he’s not the bad guy he wants his mirror buddies to believe. It’ll be interesting to see.

guess not, they gonna focus on the mother daughter relationship with Georgiou and Burnham and try to defeat the Klingons

and here we goooo


looks like prime lorca died in the mu when they swapped places in the transporter accident when the iss charon destroyed the iss buran

pretty epic so far

I think I know what the debunked theory is.

maybe debunk that they will stay in MU and that Lorca would rule MU


dam mu landry killed mu stamets

That was so fucking exciting. Like wring my hands, jump off the couch and scare my dogs exciting. Just wow.



dam lorca is dead

And that’s ONE major character dead…

least they saved georgiou! yes!

Except why should anyone trust MU Georgiou either? I hope Burnham’s sentimenalism is getting the better of her here.

Good ending. Promising.

I guess MU discovery and Killy helped the Klingons in the Prime universe in the last 9 months…

not delivering the cloaking solution and being stuck in the MU and coming back to Prime universe 9 months late, really favoured the Klingons

oh shit rhr klingons won the war!

Do you really feel the need to post spoilers every five seconds in the comments section? Why? Need to be first? Or is your audience just folks who don’t have CBSAA?

because I can and in this universe I choose to lol

fantastic episode!



Initial thoughts:

– As I mentioned, Chekhov’s Gun applies here — the orb did its job.

– The Emperor will reign somehow in the “Prime Universe”.

– Nine months’ worth of Klingon victory needs to be reversed — or does it?

– The idea that there is just one “Prime Universe” may be a quaint one.

– A brilliant episode that redeems Michael Burnham.

9:04 am Eastern.

I am estatic that they brought back Georgiou albeit MU version, they both are happy to have each other back. Discovery lost Lorca but gained Georgiou. I wonder whats gonna happen next.

I love the possibilities! Burnham and Georgiou! These two are going to rock.

An amazing Trek for all of us.

They shouldnt have ever killed Georgiou from the premier, I am happy they back together.

I knew ALL along she would be back. I said it the day of the premier when After Trek first aired and Yeoh was on set with the cast who happened to be shooting the finale at the time. No one flies to Canada just to do a segment of a cheap interview show that is actually shot in America. They would’ve just had her either be on the After Show set or simply talked to her via Skype like all the others who were no longer filming. Once I saw her I knew she would be back. But I didn’t realize to this level lol. I thought it might just be a time travel thing or a dream sequence or she was hanging out in the Nexus with Kirk. Anything but this.

Is anyone else having issues with watching this week’s episode? I’ve been trying on CBS All Access for over half an hour. The page starts to load then just does nothing. I’ve cleared my cache, tried three different browsers, logged out and logged back in, but nothing’s working.

I really, really wish CBS would offer this as downloads from Amazon, or Itunes, or something.

All I’ve seen on twitter is folk complaining about CBSAA being particularly troublesome tonight

Worked fine with no issues with CBS AA on my Xbox One!

I watched in on Apple TV through the Amazon Prime app and it was fine. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Watched it on Space in Canada; no problems here.

All good on my XBOX One.

9:04 pm not am. Sorry.

This series is probably the best thought-out of any I’ve seen. Now, I haven’t closely followed The Sopranos or similar serials. So I’m not entirely informed as to the whole “premium TV” thing. But all I can say is this: Trek has outdone itself. It is in the biggest of the big leagues. And I think Mr. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

I agree, sad to see MU Lorca go but season 1 so far has been one of the best Treks

Well I don’t know if I agree its the BEST thought-out show but yeah they clearly worked through the first season, and to give him credit, as Fuller always said he did. They acknowledged they changed some things when he left but it sounds like majority of what we are seeing came from Fuller including going into the MU. He actually wanted to do it sooner but yes it speaks to why serialized TV is just so much more entertaining and why so many fell in love with DS9. You can just GO BIG in a way you can’t do with stuff like TOS and TNG did where they presented an idea that lasted for one episode, it was resolved and they moved on to a new thing a week later. DS9 is so loved because it was the first Trek that felt like there was a real plan behind it and was able to do things with the characters and stories the others couldn’t. Discovery feels a lot like this too and one of the reasons I was excited about it. I still have some issues with it but overall its becoming a lot of fun.

Does anybody know why After Trek isn’t posted on the cbs all access channel on Amazon? It’s available on regular CBS all access. Last week’s episode didn’t seem to show up until the next day.

Prime Universe is going to need MU Georgiou to defeat the Klingons

I’m not sure if we’re actually in the Prime Universe yet…


Not happy with where Lorca ends up at the end of the episode. I enjoy this show but he is definitely the draw for me. Hopefully they find a way for him to continue to be a part of it. has an article implying that Jason Isaacs will not be back for a second season.

But who knows?

This series is amazing and throws everyone for a loop.

Spoilers! Possibly.


The idea that there is only one Prime Universe is flexible. The reference to the Alpha Quadrant is only partially determinative. These people are nine months ahead of where they should be.

And they have a MU Emperor aboard their ship.

Canonicity is not so canonical here.

ya the show suggests a multi verse so they may have arrived in a reality where Klingons destroyed the Federation

Well no it doesn’t ‘suggest’ a multi verse, it clearly is one lol. And you could be right it could be another universe altogether but I have a feeling they want to wrap up the Klingon arc by this season and why waste more episodes in yet another universe that isn’t theirs to do that?

I am sure they will bring Lorca back, via Prime Lorca or different time periods


I’m not going to pretend the show doesn’t still have some sins to work through, but giving Michelle Yeoh a decent fight and more screentime papers over quite a few of them.

I am guessing they will travel back in time and prevent the battle at the binary stars from happening thus resetting everything. Michael will accept the command position on the discovery and she will alert starfleet of MU Lorca.

TOS Enterprise first discovered how to time travel. And following that, Starfleet sent Kirk back to 1968 on a mission. So it’s unlikely Discovery finds a way to travel through time to an exact moment, otherwise, Starfleet would have sent the Enterprise on a time travel mission well before Assigment Earth. But they obviously have to go back to before the Klingon victory. I don’t see any way the Klingons won a war and subjugated the Federation to their rule, without destroying Pike, Spock and and the Enterprise, much less recover from it and return to business-as-usual, 5 year missions less than 10 years later. What’s likely is they return to a time when Culbert is still alive, that’s what I hope anyway — I really wouldn’t want them to just press the reset button, a la VOY.

C’mon man, are we still fighting the canon thing? I mean, this is exactly what I saw coming. Lets be honest, the Klingon war NOW doesn’t make much sense unless we somehow tell ourselves Spock was involved in that war since he was also a starfleet officer at the time as his now sister Burnham.

But yes the ONLY things they can do to make it even close to canon is to travel back in time and stop it from happening OR they are simply in yet another universe. Saru seem to confirm they were in theirs so if thats really true it would have to be time travel OR the writers just said screw canon and figure it out later. But this is why you don’t do prequels, especially when you CLEARLY want to go bigger but by being a prequel you have to (in theory) box yourself in a little. Not in Discovery’s case so far.

And I don’t mind it THAT much, it is what it is. I just don’t see the point of it if you are just going to reset everything or make it even more convoluted when you could’ve just put the show in another era. This isn’t a two part type of story line, it introduced the entire show so just go with it at this point.

Why would Star Fleet have necessarily sent the Enterprise on a time mission before they did? Did they do it every week thereafter?

Being able to time travel would surely be something Starfleet would study for a long time before risking on its most important ship.

Alerting Starfleet about MU Lorca doesn’t make any sense since, going by canon, no one knows about the MU prior to TOS.

You mean viewers of the show is not aware of it. Sometimes info is classified above top secret and the ranks and file is not aware of x y z

One idea I had was the whole sport network being a Mirror construct based on the Defiant having the research in its databanks.

Mirror Universe to Alternate Timeline. The Prime? We haven’t gotten their yet.

It would be interesting if whatever Discovery has to do to fix things ends up making everything look like the Prime timeline we know. I guess we’ll see the next two Sundays.

Same timeline, just 9 months ahead.

The timeline has been altered. The Klingons won the war. Discovery attempting to correct the timeline may result in anomalies. That anomaly may be the Prime timeline we’ve known for the past 50 years.

They are clearly wining
But is not over yet.

I remember when the KT was considered confusing lol. It sounds like this is definitely the PU, but altered in some way (which obviously happens a lot lol). They could find a way to suggest its another universe completely but then I think some people may feel they are getting their chains jerked around too much and they have to resolve the Klingon war arc. But with two episodes left and now this? Most likely it will be a time travel situation.

hahah! That was awesome.

That ending was a little STAR WARS. Then again, SW has probably ruined that particular ending, where someone disables the shields so that a ship can fire torpoedos into a weakness and all escape in the nick of time … And Darth Vader survives too!

Yes, I noticed too. There was a lot that was a little Death Star-ish about that.

Anyone notice that in Discovery’s trip back to their universe, what was seen on the viewscreen as they were traveling once the warp and spore drives were run simultaneously, was IDENTICAL to the slipstream effect from Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda? Another Easter Egg. Also, this ep had one of the BEST hand-to-hand combat sequences I have EVER seen in ANY Trek. Also, the whole Terran flagship design vaguely resembled a COmmonwealth ship from Andromeda, and what had initially appeared to be a microsun but was actually Mycelial in nature, was reminiscent of the Magog worldship in Andromeda? In fact that whole travel sequence resembled an Andromeda scene in the later seasons…

The hand-to-hand combat scenes were great. I hope some fan dubs in the TOS combat music for those scenes. LOL

A very fine night of Trek.
A few quibbles, but no snarls.
I could have watched Michelle fight for hours. Watching the cutaways to Burnham was like watching Robin when I wanted to see Batman.
I’m not sure I get Emperor G’s resignation “They’ve seen my neck. There’s no place for me now.” Surely, you don’t get to be emperor without surviving setbacks.
Very glad Michelle is onboard Disco!
Where’s TyVoq?? Did he die?
Earlier, Emperor G demanded the secrets of the spore drive. In this ep, the Charon HAS the spore drive and Stametz is stationed on the Charon (rather than the real ISS Disco) so… how does the ISS Disco swap with the USS Disco and why does Emperor G demand the spore drive if she’s got it? Did I mishear sumthing?
Death by phaser must seriously stink. P.U.!
2 more eps!

Emperor doesnt have the spore drive, the iss charon use spore technology by consuming the spores and killing the myciel network, which threatened all life in all multiverses

Many things aren’t mirrored in the two universes, so I don’t know how much explaining must be done. And it seems that in the mirror universe the spores are harnessed for power, not for propulsion, Emperor didn’t seem to be aware of spore jumping.

OK, when they were technobabbling for five solid minutes, my eyes rolled back in my head and I may have foamed at the mouth a bit. I guess I see the distinction now… but, um, the Charon is big but it really needs ALL the spore energy in all universes? Bet they’re running microwave ovens and hairdryers at the same time, those bastards! Also, did the Charon turn on the spore juice just now, because it’s the first we’ve seen of the harm to the mycelial (sp?) network.

That said, tech question plotholes (if that’s what they are) are low hanging fruit in Trek. I enjoyed this ep!

Hope Lorca reappears, but I can’t tell.

Yeah I admit I was a little lost on the whole spore power vs production thing. I also didn’t get how it could destroy all the multiverses? And if ONE ship can do all of that because it leaves the thing on all the time, how has the universe NOT been destroyed yet lol. All those life forms, so many more advanced, in MULTIPLE universes. Humans can’t be the first people to discover the mycelial network thing and then do something really, really dumb with it? This always bothers me when these plots on Star Trek shows up and one ship or people can destroy EVERYTHING. Thankfully it doesn’t happen that much but it feels too much of a stretch to me. But yeah its Star Trek.

But hey you just go with it. I’m really loving the spore drive idea now after originally being on the fence with it, mostly how it makes no sense canocally. I don’t care now, we see the potential for it in terms of story telling so I HOPE it stays in season two and Ted Sullivan basically hinted it will with the spore dropping into Tilly bit.

As for Lorca, sorry sound like he’s done for. At least the way it was presented on After Trek with Isaacs. But hey they also made us believe Georgiou and Landry wasn’t coming back so who knows but it felt pretty definite on the show.

@MWZ — I think Discovery has to switch places, even if MU Disco is not using the spore drive, since it would have been too easy for PU Disco to get caught if the real MU Discovery turned up. It’s kind of sad Lorca’s original crew that he murdered was the PU crew. I was hoping they changed places as well, and they might have been saved. MU Disco in PU seems logical based on trailers from next week — MU Disco might have gone missing as the MU crew fled the war to save themselves in the PU.

Are we really settled on calling our own universe the ‘P.U.?’

They still haven’t answered the question of how Lorca went from blowing up his own ship to being Captain on Discovery in the PU. Still a few holes in Lorca’s arc, as much fun as it was.

Didnt they? He was the sole survivor of his ship being destroyed. He was a wartime captain in need of a command. He was tight with an Admiral. Voila.

No, he admitted to killing his entire crew under ambiguous circumstances. If it’s a wartime situation, that’s all the more reason for Starfleet to be cautious about giving him another chance. But he slept with the admiral, so he gets a pass? Sorry, that decision just makes Starfleet look stupid.

Another outstanding episode! I was on the edge of my seat!

I hope Paramount is paying atttention, because Discovery has raised the bar for Star Trek. I think that Paramount should consider doing back to back movies like Back to the Future 2&3. One big Star Trek story.

Disco is now my favorite Star Trek series.

Well, now that I actually got to see this week’s episode, I must say I really enjoyed it. The scenes with Saru and the crew of the Discovery were thrilling as they upheld the very best of what Starfleet is all about. As did Burnham. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

Back to back would make tremendous sense. Release them three Christmases in a row, to build to a huge box office — and give us good movies!

Rehka did great tonight.
Who knows, next time we go to the mirror universe, Landry might be the new emperor!

did the ISS Charon blow up at end?

No, she was killed off…again lol. They confirmed it on After Trek.

But I agree, I want to see more of her now. I didn’t like her PU character but oddly loved her MU character lol. But I like the actress and wanted to see her go longer one way or the other. Her being hot was also a motivator. ;)

OK, wow, another insane turn on the Starship Discovery lol. Where to begin? Yes, spoilers!

First off, getting it out of the way, Lorca is dead. NOT a shock to me at all. The second he revealed he was from the MU there was really only one way it was going to go. I kept reading so many posts how people didn’t want him killed or thought they could find a way to keep him but I just didn’t see how? The guy entire motivation was to get back to his universe. He had no interest in what was going on in prime. He wan’t going to just suddenly pivot and decide he can just be this Starfleet guy with those types of values and what was interesting was that speech making it pretty clear. So he definitely was going to either die or stay in the MU as the new Emporer. But I never saw him coming back to Discovery.

Now that said, I’m disappointed the ‘coup’ lasted just one episode. It was a GREAT episode IMO but that’s it? They set up this entire arc for Lorca to get back there and it took three episodes in the MU to reveal his true evil plan. And then once he finally institute it, he’s killed off. Killed off in an amazing way lol. They wanted to make it clear that guy wasn’t coming back. No coffin lying somewhere on a planet for you. But yeah I was disappointed the coup in itself didn’t last longer than an episode but oh well.

Ok, now Emperor Georgiou is on that ship??? Jesus how do we keep up lol. They went to the MU with one terran aboard and came back with a different one. That’s not including the Klingon and the fake Klingon who did a body swap. By the season finale I expect they will pick up a clone or someone from the future. And its crazy that Georgiou is now technically back in the PM. Did NOT see that one coming, right?

I don’t know how I completely feel about coming back to the PU and Klingon war. Of course, they had to find another way to throw another crazy twist and now they are 9 months into the future and the Klingons are winning so thats different lol. So I’m curious how this will wrap up now? Is it going to be a time travel story where they go back into the past and stop it? Or do they just play it out, but basically ruining canon to an extreme? Even if they ‘win’ it was never ever suggested anywhere the Klingons had such a big foothold in the alpha quadrant. It would feel like a stretch but so many things have. Of course the third option is they are not in their universe either and somewhere else. So, as usual, will be interesting where it goes.

But overall it was a really strong episode. The guy who directed it did a GREAT job. The show, however you feel about it, clearly has a direction and trying to keep us on our toes. And boy is it doing a great job on that at least.

It was a solid episode, and the Stamets sequence at the end was about as spectacular a vision of exploration as I’ve seen in Trek in decades. And I suspect his line at the end about asking what time they are in might be a hint that he was attempting time travel.

Yes, bringing MU Georgiou back seems to swap one problem for another. There’s no way she was Emperor in the MU without being as every bit as ruthless and opportunistic as Lorca. If that’s not the case, it’s another plothole.

It’s possible we’re still not in the PU yet.

As for Lorca, I really wanted to believe that something else would happen. Not because I missed the signs, but because it all seemed too obvious from day one (oh, he’s darker, literally! . . . must be MU), and the idea of him turning out as a simplistic Bond-like villian bent on world domination just felt too depressing to believe. I was in denial.

Yes they could still be in another universe. But the more I think about it I don’t think they will go that direction this soon since A. they do have to wrap up the Klingon war arc by the season (or what they said) and B. It would feel pointless if they did it in yet another universe. But who knows? This is Star Trek, anything is possible.

I actually remember talking to you about the Lorca twist and you said you would feel disappointed if it turned out he was just a villain. I agreed with you and hoped for something more. So yes count me in also as disappointed. I never had any real doubt he would die BUT I did think maybe they would go the redemption route and Discovery is put in danger by the Emperor and he decided he has to save them in end since it was his fault they were there. Maybe even help them to get home. NOPE! Instead it was the Emperor who basically helped them against Lorca. I will say I think what he said to Saru was heartfelt and he did respect them but he would’ve had no qualms about blowing the ship up if he had to. Maybe it would’ve felt cliche that he suddenly became this guy who felt for people but since he felt so strongly for Michael, even being the PU version, that could’ve extended to the crew as well at least.

As far as the spore drive and time travel I been saying for months now I suspect they will reveal the spore drive can travel through time. Once you have a device that can teleport you practically anywhere, the ‘when’ is just around the corner. When Saru paused and said they were in a different time, I honestly thought he was going to say 100 years into the future lol. I just knew we were hitting the 24th century. When he said 9 months, that was more reasonable but it proves time travel is now possible. I have a feeling they will go big with that as well next season.


Ok, surely we all saw that green particle that got absorbed into Tilly. Not like the blue particles. It would be pointless for them to focus on that if it didn’t foreshadow something.

I wouldn’t count on Mirror Lorca being *quite* gone just yet.

Ted Sullivan on After Trek hinted it will have a bigger story line in season 2. We could see it play out the rest of this season though but yeah clearly its building to something.

Guess the Dr is back

If that green particle represents anybody that we know, it is not Mirror Lorca, it is Hugh Culber.