Check Out 8 Images From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 14 “The War Without, the War Within”

CBS has just released eight new images from this weekend’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Episode 14 is titled “The War Without, the War Within.” The penultimate episode of the first season features the returns of Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell, James Frain as Sarek and Michelle Yeoh as (Mirror) Phillipa Georgiou.

Episode Description

Back on the U.S.S. Discovery, Burnham and the crew are faced with the harsh reality of the war during their absence. In order to move forward, Starfleet must use unconventional tactics and sources to take their next action against the Klingons.


Sara Mitich as Lieutenant Commander Airiam; Oyin Oladejo as Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun; Doug Jones as Saru; Emily Coutts as Lieutenant Keyla Detmer; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham (CBS)

Oyin Oladejo as Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun; Doug Jones as Saru; Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell; Emily Coutts as Lieutenant Keyla Detmer(CBS)

Doug Jones as Saru (CBS)

Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Paul Stamets; Doug Jones as Saru; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; James Frain as Ambassador Sarek ; Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell (CBS)

Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell; James Frain as Ambassador Sarek (CBS)

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell; Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou; James Frain as Ambassador Sarek (CBS)

Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou (CBS)

James Frain as Ambassador Sarek (CBS)

Episode 14 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, February 4th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day, and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, February 5th at 8 am GMT.

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Wow that briefing room set is gorgeous !

Really is reminiscent of the Briefing room on Enterprise for WNMHGB

@Al — or the Cage more so, which is the same era. The briefing room is what’s been missing since Bad Robot started its reboots …

As a side note, I’d really like to see McCoy digitally inserted in place of the doctor one day in WNMHGB. Oh and I’d like to see them add Chekov into Space Seed. ;-)

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A little less colour maybe, but I see what you mean

Reminds me of this room in Jurassic Park:

What’s that on the display behind Sarek? Reminds me of the planet killer.

@Trellium G — or the whale probe

Yeah, I got that vibe too :-)

I think it’s the Spore Drive.

I’m pretty sure it’s a photon torpedo done in the Discovery design ethos.

I could be wrong here, but I really don’t think that this is a time travel episode as some have speculated.

I read an article (sorry can’t remember where) that had a good argument that this story arc could fit in with Trek canon and how almost losing the war with the Klingons could explain how Starfleet changes by Kirk’s time on the Enterprise. Like Kirk being quick to fight Klingons, no “We come in peace”. The Enterprise being so powerful. The fleet seeming to be smaller with less variety of starships. Etc…

I hope there isn’t a reset button via time travel.

I guess the big question now is Georgiou’s fate. I have a theory but would rather it not get ripped apart yet.

She helps this Federation win the war against the Klingons? Hope not, but I’d take that bet.

She doesn’t sit around the table in the briefing room. But, of course, she remains connected to Michael. And both know Sarek…

I have a feelin’ we’re gonna love the character interaction in this episode!

Georgiou vs. Klingon ;-)

I just feel like maybe they shouldn’t be trusting or legitimizing a galactic war criminal? They basically plucked Hitler from the other universe and are trying to make us like it.

Who is trying to make us like it? Based on what?

Agreed. Let the story line play out. But I also agree that MU Georgiou as hero would be a problem.

I dunno, I feel like they’re setting her up with a redemption arc of some sort.

Only if she dies. Which she was planning to do in the MU anyway. She’s a warrior who lost her war in the MU.

@Marcelo And that is the whole problem: there cannot be redemption for mass murderers and war criminals. Can’t!

According to the shows’ alleged internal logic about this I’ve been confronted with, as long as she is “kind” now, she may be redeemed and forgiven :)

Kinda makes you pause that some people want to apply this kind of “justice” to the real world!

I am just hoping she doesn’t try and invite Saru to a BBQ.

That gives ‘tastes like chicken’ multiple meanings in the prime universe.

Maybe his threat ganglia will operate properly. Of course MU Georgiou will have to check her impulse to lick her lips at the sight of them.

Hmmm, looks intriguing!! I may have to leave the Super Bowl party a little early.

It may not be perfect, there’s a lot for them to improve on, but now that the season is coming to a close I realize that this is very close to the Star Trek series I’ve been wanting for a very long time (even if it’s not the one I wanted right now).

Also, this is what the JJ movies should have been.

I keep saying the same, that this is what I wanted the JJ films to be. There are strong callbacks in the sound, design influence, etc but it’s still modern. When I saw the Kelvin I thought that’s what the JJ films were going to be but it deviated too much. It’s always worked when Trek can establish itself on tv and then use the big screen to tell one-off adventures.

I hate to say that, as a long time critic of the reboot Abramsverse, but apart from destroying Vulcan in the beginning, these films have not been 1% as offensive and divisive as Discovery already proved to be to parts of the audience, and carried on the true inclusiveness that Star Trek is famous for.

@VS — Star Trek never intended to include Nazis and the KKK, nor those who allow them to persist by looking the other way, nor who see them and other hate mongers as having a side to defend.

Always up for greater hyperbole, eh?

I can see why your society is hopeless given you guys are seriously calling 62 million people Nazis, fascists or worse (and, in case of Discovery writers, genocidal mass murderers). Think again long and hard who are the extremists here!

Do you really assume anything will be solved or anyone will come back to the fold by being vilified like this? The opposite is true. This “allegorical recipe” of Discovery is either a naive and ill-devised attempt at social commentary or self-congratulatory virtue-signaling in the echo chamber.

SanFranDisco, now that you mention it it seems this plotline would have worked a lot better as a feature film.

It wouldn’t have had enough time in two hours to spool out the way it has. It’s pretty intriguing! In a film they’d have to develop and climax the problems in 60-90 minutes, then answer all the questions raised in the short time remaining. Ugh. Lorca would be an easy-to-spot Villain with a capital V, Burnham would be instantly redeemed, &c. No thanks! I prefer the long form.

Same here. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Discovery, but there are a lot more that I love.

Agreed as well. There is still plenty I don’t like, but there is much more that I do so I will take it.

Georgio is gonna be the new Captain I prodect to help Win the War

What the hell is going on with Tyler? The suspense is killing me

Is this series capable of showing colours other than blue or orange? That look is about ten years out of date, similar to the writers’ obsession with dumb plot twists.

If GoT is anything to go by, you are wrong at least on the second point.

Wanna tell us your ideas for SMART plot twists?

That would require stepping out of the fanboy critiquing role. Self proclaimed “fans” are unable to see things objectively.

Would you prefer the modern dark blue grey of The Expanse? Or the brownish style of BSG… Oh wait, it’s older than 10 years.
I’m fine with the visuals. And the twists are great because they first give us breadcrumbs so we can discuss what’s coming. Thousand times better than Lost.

Sorry, but I need my captain back. Anybody got some glue?

Agreed! Find Prime Lorca!!

Yep, like they say, officers who sit in motorized massage chairs make better battle plans. Excelsior!

These pictures are slightly more telling than usual, even if only by what they imply and don’t say: note that the first caption only has two people without rank: Burnham (who doesn’t have one) and Saru. Does that mean Saru will get promoted to Captain, a spoiler they are hiding here? Otoh, another picture shows Admiral Cornwell in the Captain’s chair so she seems to take over the ship at least temporarily.

Oh great, the Psychiatrist Admiral takes over the ship. Let’s hope not. That could be as bad as “The Deadly Years.”

Ha, good one!

I imagine that in Starfleet’s time, particularly with a war on, training would be similar to the Army’s or Navy’s and there would be no Public Health Service doctors.

All MDs would be field-trained, learn strategy and so on, with regular physical qualification tests, and probably conferences and tests on military strategy. They would not be [ostensibly] civilians with uniforms.

@Vulcan Soul – You are reading way too much into the captions. First, I believe Trekmovie writers write their own captions, not the show’s writers, so there’s no reason to suspect clues in the captions. Second, we already know Saru’s rank and Burnham’s status, but not the other bridge crew members (or at least, not as well), so it makes sense to list the unfamiliar crew’s ranks while not listing the ranks we already know.

I miss the days of being able to tell someone’s rank with a quick glance at the sleeves of the uniform (or collar). Trying to catch a glimpse of someone’s rank nowadays will only cause your head to spin. Who’s bright idea was it to place the rank pips on the insignia anyway?

They should at least make the pips stand out a bit more.

Yeah, I always thought they should’ve put the rank braids on the shoulders where there is already braiding. The uniforms are definitely gorgeous though.

Reign, Note, the admirals have gold striping partway down the triceps; captains’ don’t go that far onto the arm. I’m not sure if the other metallic parts of the uniform signify ranks, but I did notice the admiral’s shoulder stripes — reminded me of the glory days of the British Navy in Nelson’s time ;^)

Prefixing any topic with “whose bright idea was…” is a tad pejorative, but at least it lets fans target their ire at someone more specific than “the show” or one of the 19 named producers. For the Klingon redesign, that was at the behest of Bryan Fuller (I got that at Philcon 2017, from a veteran of the Trek consumer products arm, who still has contacts in the Trek TV production office). And for the imperceptible rank pips … was it costume designer Gersha Phillips, or a directive given to her? Hmm.

See also:

Klingons: we won the war
Federation: we got the MU Emperor, all hail the Emperor!

Happy to see the return of James Frain as Ambassador Sarek.

I am just hoping the Empress survives this season, given Discovery’s rampage of death. At my age I should not have become besotted with Michelle Yeoh thanks to Discovery, but I swear allegiance to her forever in whatever universe-type she happens to be.

It’s somebody’s job to put the briefing room chairs back around the table whenever Discovery has been in a battle :-D

@HS — you mean because there are rollers on the bottoms of the chairs? TNG had those as well as I recall. And … Maybe not. The rollers may only be activated when the chair detects weight. When someone is not sitting in the chair, the wheels may be locked and magnets activated to hold the chair in place. The chair will move with applied pressure, as when someone pulls it out from the table, but not just simply from the deck tilting, or the ship shaking. At least that’s how I would design a space chair.

That said, even modern offices have an assistant who prepare a conference room prior to a meeting, including moving chairs back where they belong if moved during a prior meeting, and straightening them up. Having a yeoman whose job includes such prepetory duties is perfectly logical even 300 years from now …

They may look like normal office chairs, but these are smart 23rd century space office chairs. They just know when someone wants to move them. Otherwise, they are locked to the ground. It’s similar to the spaceship doors: If you walk up to a door with the intention of passing through it opens automatically. But if you walk up to a door and you’re in a conversion with someone (who doesn’t want to follow you through the door) the door will stay closed until you finish your conversation.

Those chairs look super comfortable.

Kelpian leather…

I just hope with those wheels, they don’t perform a Picard Maneuver at the next attack!

Maybe it’s something about the camera angle or the lilt of his ears, but James Frain is looking particularly elvish as Sarek in these photos.

And that had better not be the doomsday machine or the whale probe in that schematic behind him.

ok but where is Hugh tho . . .

Have you even watched the last couple of episodes?

didnt really answer my question did it :D
but to add to the salty, our dead boyfriend who shows up in mycelium visions to support his bae struggle with saving the universe needs some independent time and some sentiment from other characters and also some new footage cause they are just recycling at this point O:) but thank you for your conserns and may the force be with you INDEED!!

That does seem to be TVH’s “whale probe” above Sarek’s head…

Anyway, theory: Via some time-travel, probably involving the spore network, and possibly involving the ship arriving much further in the past than it intended, the Discovery manages to reverse the Federation’s impending defeat. It has the desired effect — a mix of “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and VOY’s “Year of Hell” — but it has an unexpected consequence: Along with changing Klingon history, it also results in the TOS/TNG Klingons we’re all familiar with.

It you want to get *really* conspiratorial, it may involve MU Georgiou taking over the Klingon Empire too. Or, even wilder, killing/replacing/becoming some major figure in the Empire’s past. Her uniform looks quite Klingonish, doesn’t it ;)

It looks like the whale probe only in as much as it is vaguely cylindrical.

It actually tapers towards the front, has ridges that run along it lengthwise, and has a conical bevel on one end. It appears more to be some sort of warp coil or torpedo or something.

Yeah, like the one in TSFS ;-)

I will go with the bunch who says there will be no time travel and they just say stick it to the canonistas! After all I have seen it feels like something this show would do.

I kinda like the idea though that this almost lost war explains the low tech, few starships, militaristic dealing with the Klingons etc. in TOS time. Kinda use a smaller canon violation (Why has this huge war never been mentioned?) to explain the much bigger one of how to fit TOS into the larger canon now.

Garth of Izar, and the entire Axanar story now being re-told by CBS/Paramount? It seems like it could potentially go in that direction.

“Retold”? It’s never been told before only referenced in an episode of TOS. It was never even said that the adversary was the Klingons.

There was a novel, by Pamela Sargent, in 2003, and a FASA gamebook “The Four Years War”, both involving the Klingons, but in the 1999 TOS game book the battle was actually against the Axanari.

None of these are canon of course so if they explored it in discovery it would be the first time officially.

All that said, I highly doubt they’ll go there. One mention of Garth on computer screen is enough.

Well, if they are going to tell it, it’s going to be a short story. The creative team has mentioned more then once this arc will wind down by seasons end….

They need to pad Cromwell’s behind. Lorca wouldn’t have snapped had there been more cushion for the pushin’.

3-2-1, cue the faux-outraged Left.

LOL!! No doubt

I love how you troll for “left” responses . . . Here is the sound of being ignored.

Oh man, Admiral Cornwell, having to take command would be sooooo awesome!!!