Watch: AI Puts Nic Cage Into Star Trek And Writes TNG Episode + More Great Links

This week’s collection of Great Links about Star Trek across the web leads with the rise of the machines. The first relates to a new trend for a group of Redditors who have started using an app based on deep learning technology in a very important way, by adding Nicholas Cage to every movie they can think of. Cage has been swapped into Superman, Indiana Jones, Jame Bond, and many other films, and now into Star Trek: Insurrection, swapping in for Captain Picard. Watch the video from DerpFakes below.

AI writes TNG script: On his birthday, Picard disgraces Worf

Our slow march towards inevitable takeover by the AI was also demonstrated this week by the people at Botnik, who use machine learning to create content. Yesterday they “used predictive keyboards trained on Star Trek: The Next Generation to write this bold new episode.” Check out the graphic below to see how it starts.

A later scene in the holodeck, gets very Hawaiian.

Visit to read the full episode.

More Great Links: How Trek impacts fandom and finance

It’s not just AIs doing deep thinking about Star Trek this week, some real live human beings have been pondering the importance of the franchise and its effect on the world. Here are the highlights from across the web.

The Ringer: Get a Life! What a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch from 1986 can teach us about the ongoing battle between superfans and the people behind the TV and movie franchises that they love.

Vice: People Are Finally Getting Sick of Nostalgia in TV and Movies – We can learn a lot from the latest Star Wars, Star Trek, and Jumanji installments.

io9: The Fascinating Ways Star Wars and Star Trek Are Challenging Their Own Franchises.

Syfy: Watch actual astronauts answer the important question: Star Trek or Star Wars.

Forbes: Three Business Transformations Star Trek Predicted For 2018.MarketWatch: Spock’s Advice To Retirement Investors.

That’s it for this week’s update. Keep up with all the fun Star Trek from around the web in our Great Links category.

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Well, that was the stupidest thing I’ve seen here in awhile.

It was not impressive. I have no idea why the author bothered!

Is that stuff supposed to be funny? The whole Nick Cage thing is just getting old and the, I guess you’d call it irreverent humor, of the TNG thing is just dumb. I don’t get it.

Wow look at the fun-suckers in the comments.

Never found TNG entertaining. But I’d love Nicolas Cage in a Star Trek movie.

I love Nic Cage and I love Star Trek. His acting is a bit Shatnerian, no?

The computer-generated TNG script was hilarious! I’d love to see a reading of this script by the actors at a Con!

‘Security bears enter. They look good’

x100 better than anything the script writers could produce for the God-awful Discovery…

That was a bit crap tbh

The TNG script is screamingly funny. Loved it!

geez that AI script is gold XD

man you can really tell who the vulcan commenters are, can’t ya

I thought it said “AL puts Nic Cage” and I was wondering who the hell is Al? I could only think of Yankowic.

All I will say is if there is a TNG reboot I think I can deal with Nic Cage as Picard! :)

A good effort but ultimately, it was rubbish.

I liked the Harry Potter one better, but that script was pretty funny.


Search youtube for “happy in Paraguay”. It’s the most random Star Trek video I’ve ever seen but much funnier.