Watch New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Clip From “The War Without, the War Within”

This morning Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green was a guest on Los Angeles’ KTLA Morning News to promote the show and the segment included a new clip from episode 14 – “The War Without, the War Within” – airing this Sunday. The clip features a conversation on the USS Discovery between Michael Burnham and Emperor Georgiou, who was brought from the Mirror Universe to the Prime Universe. Watch the segment and clip below.

Episode 14 Preview

Today CBS also released the episode preview on Twitter, watch that below.

Here’s the Netflix version for visitors outside of US/Canada


You can also check out our earlier article featuring 8 images from the episode.

Shot from episode 13 deleted scene

One last thing on last weekend’s episode. Writer and co-executive producer Ted Sullivan revealed this image from a deleted scene from the episode.

Episode 14 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, February 4th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, February 5th at 8 am GMT.

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Any way we can see this outside good old United States of America? It’s odd that despite Netflix pretty much paying for the whole season they don’t get to make the Teasers available to everyone.

Get “Windscribe”. It’s a free 10GB per month VPN. It’s what I use. Just turn it on and you can watch the CBS only nonsense.

This teaser can be viewed from anywhere because it’s not a clip from CBS. But I hear you on how annoying it is when the teasers are region locked

There is a Netflix Star Trek twitter account (@StarTrekNetflix) that has a trailer for the next episode. I don’t know if it’s the same as the one embedded above.

at 3:32 the reporter says, “Sure.” Ah-ha.

I love Sonequa’s shirt that looks like it could be a casual version of the Discovery Uniforms with that lopsided collar.

It probably won’t happen, but I really hope that the character of Captain Georgiou will be a permanent addition. It would be even better to see the show explore the seven year period that Michael served as first officer under Georgiou’s command.

She knows about planets Starfleet doesn’t know about! Guess where they are going Season 2?

I disagree. She does not emote at all, coming off as very wooden and insincere.

From the original “what am I looking at?” line in the original promo up until the most recent episode, she looks like a mannequin in every scene she’s been in.

I don’t get the hype for her at all. Bring back Lorca instead.

Couldn’t disagree more. I love Michelle Yeoh.

I couldn’t disagree more either. Her Maylay/Chinese background has her emphasize certain English words differently than a native speaker might, but that’s a far cry from being “wooden.” Plus, much like SMG she’s just an incredibly charismatic performer. And while I’m not at all sold on the continued presence of “Emperor Georgiou,” occasional flashbacks to Burnham’s time on the Shenzhou would be most welcome. Make it happen.

@Michael Or instead of flashbacks, Mirror Universes and other gimmicks, they could have just given us the series outlined in the first half of episode 1! THAT was the series I have been waiting for a decade, and unlike what some detractors here say, two “women of color” in the lead and a gay couple are not at all any problem to the vast majority of the audience to enjoy a double inclusive Star Trek (inclusive for the cast and inclusive for the audience).

Then they decided to make this the most divisive Trek series ever, and crass political vehicle for one faction in a not at all black & white, clear cut cultural war by comparing half of their potential audience to genocidal murderers. Sad! This series is so off the rails now that I don’t hold my breath for a major course correction in season 2 (how many times can you compare the mustache twirling Nazi villain with Trump before it gets boring?), but in lack of any Trek alternatives I sure keep my fingers crossed!

Vulcan soul,I know it’s useless to expect you to change of opinion. But to those reading, my view is that you can support Trump’s views on immigration (A Ban on all Muslims” etc.), or one can support Star Trek’s fundamental philosophy of IDIC. But there is no logical way to support both. I do understand your not liking Discovery, because Discovery, like all Star Trek, embraces IDIC. It embraces tolerance, mutual understanding, and disavows tribalism. That is the fork in the road, and one must choose.

It’s interesting you mention IDIC because IDIC means, first of all, an infinite combination of IDEAS. Ancient Surak said in a TOS episode: I am DELIGHTED to disagree with you!
Star Trek Discovery in contrast is like the Borg in that it embraces different skin-colors and other shallow differentiators to assimiliate, but the assimilated individuals are all supposed to voice the same opinion. That is the opposite of diversity, and frankly, much closer to the essence of fascism than any First Amendment touting Republican could be.

You are wrong to believe I agree 100% with Trump’s view on immigration (whichever that is on any particular day). What I say is that both American factions, which I am no part of, are extremist in their views. One is more or less against all immigration and the other denounces the necessity of borders and the criminality of illegal immigration. It is very clear from its crude sledgehammer speeches where Star Trek Discovery stands and let’s be clear about this, a vast majority of the planet outside America/West does not agree with that particular view.

For example, by your logic all of “democratic Japan” are fascists, racists and xenophobes because they have a very particular view on immigration, closed society and ethno-national identity. And you know what? That is their god-damn right! Every society has the right to have their own stance on how they want to live, as long as it is democratically derived and does not hurt their legal citizens.

If the UFP is a metaphor for US/EU, then other species in Star Trek are metaphors to cultures on this planet that are alien to us. And the Federation’s Prime Directive as a principle of non-interference and the rule of law above “kindness” makes it clear Star Trek is not at all in the camp of the contemporary extremist interpretation of liberalism which is more close to radical Islam in that there can be only One Truth and that all people(s) need to be assimiliated to this point of view (and all others fought or muted).

To put the extremism of Discovery in the same mold as all of Star Trek denies the reality of 50 years which most of the country could very well live with. There are plenty of Republican fans of the old shows, the most prominent being one William Shatner! Star Trek first of all was a show that seeks out inclusiveness and trying to understand the alien Other, to make peace with it (Klingons, Star Trek VI). Discovery with its vile divisiveness and its outrageousness of equating critics of contemporary “liberalism” with fascist mass murderers (which is also an insult to all victims of *real* fascism, which you know nothing about), is the opposite of that and I for one still hope for a course correction in season 2, even if it comes for no other reason than the stupidity of a business decision that shuts out one half of the audience like that.

The solution is simple, Vulcan Soul:

Don’t. Watch. The. Show

What I say is that both American factions, which I am no part of, are extremist in their views.
Do you mean to say you don’t live in the US? If that is true, please stop commenting on our politics.

Star Trek Discovery in contrast is like the Borg in that it embraces different skin-colors and other shallow differentiators to assimiliate, but the assimilated individuals are all supposed to voice the same opinion.
No; one of the issues the Democratic Party in the US has faced is that it is an “umbrella” party, meaning, we have people of many colors and creeds and sexual identities. This means that different things are most vital to each of these groups, and the Democratic Party must find the “middle way” to get people elected. What you are seeing is the disagreements WITHIN THE PARTY.

That the different groups under the Democratic “umbrella” ask the greater population for simple respect is not “shallow” — respect is vital to a healthy dialectic and a productive, and mutually supportive, country. That the right-wing faction of the Republican Party call sensitive people “snowflakes” is ironic, because snowflakes are white, and guess which party is predominantly white?

Yes, in some few cases, I agree that sensitivities may be irritating and difficult to deal with. As an editor I struggle with the “he/she/hir/them” pronoun issue, but over time, society will adjust to accepting new paradigms, as opposed to the old “two sexes” paradigm. As one who supports free speechon college campuses, I struggle with the issue of “censorship,” especially considering that many colleges [including a University near where I live] have accepted huge grants from self-interested businesses and think tanks [Koch Industries and the Heritage Institute] to propagate right-wing thought in colleges of Law, and more.

I agree that it is not productive to shout down speakers, but peaceful demonstrations should be allowed. However if speakers deal in hate speech, how far do we let them go? The mismanaged demonstration at Charlottesville Virginia is one example [apparently the local police were unable to maintain a barrier between the groups]. But realize, ONE OF THE PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS WAS KILLED by a person hostile to her views, a person pumped up on hate speech.

We are not Borg. We are “I, Borg” — individuals who support varying viewpoints within our party.

Unlike many of your party, you don’t simply parrot the party bullet points memos like FOX “news” and other opinion outlets. At least you have individually considered and thought about them. But there are many, many bad examples and very few thinkers that I have observed coming from the “Right.”

There is no ban on all Muslims and never was! Open you eyes and stop believing the propoganda that never happens. And IDIC is ridiculous in reality. While diversity isn’t bad, most people associate (voluntary) with people who generally beieve similar things and even look similar (race and gender). It’s just natural and nothing wrong with it.

Trump is a clown who has made a mockery of the Presidency. Discovery can make all the Trump comparisons it wants. There certainly isn’t any lack of material.

VS, this just sound like its not the show for you. Why are you still watching if you hate it this much?

What I want to know is why people keep taking the same tired bait from this individual every single thread?

It’s ironic that the one who keeps calling Trek “devisive” is the same one who is always looking for the same fight.

I had the thought the other night that perhaps NC-01 is a Russian “bot,” or Russian person working in that big building near the Kremlin, because the “speech” coming from that individual is indeed divisive and not well thought out. “Vulcan Soul” is opinionated, but at least has thought about what they are saying. It does seem they are saying it over and over.

Perhaps I will stop talking politics here. I’m always up for a discussion, and trying to reason with one another, but the discussion [particularly wrt to NCC-01] is starting to get old.

Star Trek: Marvel already looks dated. It’s terribly American.
Gimmick cinematography, cameras spinning around and around, jaunty angles, “we’ve got a crane cam so we might as well get our money’s worth!”
OTT poor post production, over saturated with shaking at any given frame. Obsessions with gun violence and fighting.. It’s all so contrived and cliche. Maybe it makes more sense in America?

But above all, that writing. Ugh.
An underdog is born, overcomes adversity, does a lot of inward fighting generally representative by way of outward fighting, bla bla bla, is forced in to becoming a leader, is vindicated and becomes said leader, becomes the hero.

There you go, I just saved you $6 a month.
You’ve turned Star Trek in to garbage any American idiot could follow.

How is the storyline of an underdog overcoming adversity and being vindicated in any way ‘American’? It’s the plot of just about every British Workd War II film, and a trope as old as story itself (Robin Hood?). Indeed, look at Star Wars, which has similar themes and is considered a British franchise just as much as American. And this idea can be traced all the way back to classical literature, with the hero standing up to the gods.

You seem nice.

Nine months… I wonder, might that be symbolic/foreshadowing maybe?

Why I see no one talking about the fresh clip imbedded in the first video?

For example, the music sounds straight up TOS!

And Michael is doing exactly what she did in the first episode: asking daddy (and now mirror mommy) how to defeat the Klingons.

A. This may turn out to be a character flaw of hers that makes her even more compelling, we humans often make the same mistakes many, many times. We have patterns, and this may be one of hers.

B. We know from the other teaser that Emperor Georgiou tells them she can help the Federation bring the Klingons their knees. The real question is what will she want in exchange for her help? This could provide for a new moral delimna for Michael.

C. I suspect Admiral Cornwell will remain in command of the Discovery for the next two episodes and L’Rell (and maybe Ash Tyler/Voq) will have a strong role in ending the conflict.

It’s already been established that the war ends at the end of the season. Plus we also know that in ten years the Federation will be fine and an ongoing Cold War tensious relationship with the Klingon Empire will the new normal.

Any thoughts?

I’m hoping Adm Cornwell doesn’t get killed. I think I’ve had enough of deaths among Starfleet. [Or those posing as Starfleet like You Know Who.]

Here’s what would love to see during the extra long wait between seasons!

1. A web series of the junior officers. Some of could be directly related to the larger plot. Some could be the everyday stuff of life, with a bit of comedy and personal melodrama. What fun that would be, right?!! Plus it would give the regular minor actors, who I bet sure are excellent… and it would add more complexity to canon, the ongoing saga of Star Trek.

2. They should hire the Okudas to take all the plans they’d currently have for Discovery and Shenzhou and let them develop an chief engineer’s manual for both. Big money for franchise merchandise and a great tool for consistent story telling in the future!!

For example what about the first canonical (coed) bathroom scene. We have never seen a toilet in Star Trek. I want to hear a space flush!!!!!

@Eric — I have to agree. I really want to see them take a shot at what a bathroom is like in the 23rd century. Frankly it’s hard to believe that THE ORVILLE hasn’t already had a scene where MacFarlane was sitting on the toilet when some emergency arose.

I’m definitely on board with a web series. CBS should have produced one more episode that consisted of 5-6 10-minute segments that could be released once a month to keep viewership tuned into CBSAA.

I’d agree with your second point only if they introduce us to the chief engineer first.

If I remember correctly there was a toilet in the brig scene in The Final Frontier. People may be trying hard to forget that movie ;-)
The thing is: Why would you show someone sitting on a toilet taking a shit? Discovery isn’t about toilet humor (sorry for the pun). Under normal circumstances, how often do you watch someone else take a dump?

You are correct about the toilet in the Enterprise-A Brig in TFF! Totally forgot about that.

I am not interesting seeing someone defecate. I just think its one of those everyday (hopefully) things we do that creates a sense of ordinariness to television and film. People use the bathroom and things happen around them when they do. People talk to one another in common bathrooms. Much like the scene of Stamets and Culber brushing their teeth in the mirror. Some of the best character moments in Star Trek happen like this. The best part of TFF were these moments for the secondary characters: Uhura brings Scotty dinner on the bridge; Chekov and Sulu get lost in the forest. Then in the series… Picard and Crusher have breakfast, everything in Ten Forward. Sisko cooks dinner with/for Jake. Tom and Harry in the holodeck, Janeway obsessing over coffee. ENT crew in various states of undress in the decontamination chamber, Archer with Porthos.

And yet, one toilet in 744 episodes?

I’m loving Discovery. There is a definite DS9 and Enterprise vibe, but am I the only person reminded of Doctor Who season one? And I mean classic William Hartnell, not the new series. We meet the crew and they lurch from crisis to crisis over a number of episodes each – all one continuing narrative, mind – and the nominal ‘captain’ is a somewhat sinister figure…

Not that that’s a bad thing. I like it.

The whole spinning Discovery and the spinning blue box… very similar.

Who is the idiot interviewing Sonequa?



“And the ship’s moving the whole time.”

prime Lorca is at Qo’nos!!! why else would mirror Georgiou be so anxious to get there?!