Take A Trip To Qo’noS With Our ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Finale Preview Analysis

The preview for the season finale, episode 15 “Will You Take My Hand?” was included at the end of the CBS All Access showing of Episode 14 Sunday night and should be released on Twitter by CBS and Netflix mid-week. In the mean time, let’s check out what we can expect from the finale.

It should go without saying, but, click away now if you want to stay totally free of possible spoilers.

The preview indicates there are two story lines shown. Burnham, Tyler, Tilly, and Emperor “Captain” Georgiou head off to an alien planet on a side mission while Saru takes the USS Discovery on the risky jump straight into the caves of Qo’noS that was setup in episode 14.

Ocean’s Four

This looks to be a side trip for something dire, this was hinted at when Emperor Georgiou had a secret conversation with Sarek in episode 14. Everyone is quite grim and Tilly has a case with her that might contain something nasty. We see the group go to what we assume to be is a non-aligned border world. The outpost is somewhat reminiscent of when Enterprise visited Rigel X in “Broken Bow.”

The grim group getting ready to go on their field-trip

Approach to the alien city at night

The group enters a club

Meeting a Klingon in the shadows

A gloved hand (likely Tilly based on the group shot), drops a glowing device down a bottomless hole.

Burnham and Cornwell debate, Cornwell says the Klingons have nearly won. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Burnham argues to Cornwell that sticking to the principles of the Federation is all they have left.

Burnham hugs Tyler.

The Discovery’s mission to Qo’noS

The other big storyline is the mission to map the caves of the Klingon home world, as a prelude to an all out attack on the home world.

Georgiou and the map of Qo’noS

The green atmosphere of Qo’noS with a few Klingon ships in orbit.

The Discovery, commanded by Saru, goes to red alert.

The USS Discovery deep in the caverns of Qo’noS

Other scenes

“Captain” Georgiou decides to beat L’Rell like Klingon scum for information.

An armada of Klingons approach an M-class planet

A planet is nuked 

Georgiou pulls a weapon on someone, possibly in her quarters? (note her bare arms).


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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And then Burnham wakes up in prison at the end.

I don’t need her to wake up in one, but being thrown back in would be somewhat satisfying. Maybe sharing a cell with MU Georgio.

I don’t see that happening.

@ Dana …but it would be satisfying. I’ve not seen the last three episodes yet, but there’s no way MU Georgio should be anywhere but prison in this universe.

section 31 already put her in command of discovery where she will get promoted to work within section 31

I have an impression that MU Georgiou is the equivalent of a famale Khan? She’s obviously got an agenda or two, maybe three…

Conflicts are her mode of operation and I doubt she’d let the Klingon Empire stand in her way of getting what she’s after…

I think that Georgiou sees the disadvantages of each universe’s version of herself and others and can and will monopolize upon any chance which presents itself…

She’s very cunning and shrewd.

And here’s a thought no one considered … in the ENT MU episodes, the opening credits give us what looks like the turning point. It seems Germany possibly won WW2 … so if that’s what created the Terran Empire, why are Imperial officers not physically stronger than Federation ones? A Nazi-won Earth would have SUPPORTED the Eugenics program of the 90s (Khan, etc.)

Well if you look at the episode, they still have world war 3. Zefram Cochran is still in Bozeman Montana and they raid the Vulcan ship. So if Germany won WW2, a resistance group would over throw their rule by WW3.

The other thing is, it’s MU. If it’s opposite of prime, then the allies in MU would actually be the Axis side, extermination and all that jazz

Section 31 is not in this show.

Why? For crimes she committed in an alternate universe? I would find it hard to believe the same Starfleet that made peace with aliens that killed members of Starfleet would do that. Remember that episode in TOS where aliens possess the crew and got many of them killed just playing around in corporeal bodies? Yet at the end Kirk helps them settle somewhere.

And, walks out of the shower saying “Wow. That was a weird dream”

been in a dream coma since knocked out by torch dude

I have a really bad feeling in my gut that next week episode will be Tyler last. which is very upsetting, if it is , i am done with the show. I am sick and tired off all these main characters being killed off. enough already!!

I agree. I feel the same way!

Right. Like someone who posts comments on a small Trek blog is not going to actually watch the show. Right.

awww. Would that hurt your feelings?

You were warned they would ape serialised TV like Game of Thrones. Sure enough they are, and that includes all the tropes of modern TV.

I never considered Tyler a main character but more of a recurring character.

I second that.

I have a feeling it might be Georgiou, which would stink…would stink if it were Tyler too. Both have been excellent as have the rest of the cast.

Both actors have been amazing. Their characters not so much at times. Sacrificing or dying in battle is the only believable way I can see them being redeemed after way too much deception to take them as savable (anti)heroes.

I have a feeling season 2 will be fighting Georgiou an her schemes to build a terran empire in this universe.

That’s what I was thinking.

Yeah, so very sensible of Burnham to bring her into the PU. UGH, showrunners, between that and the horrid trope of Lorca being EVIL [instead of dubious Section 31], I am not best pleased.

Being Section 31 would have been worse.

No, the writers have already hinted at the next season, and it isn’t that.

Cadet Tilly gets it. Mark my words.

Which actor is set for After Trek next week? That might be a clue.

Right now, just planned for Martin-Green and the producers. And last week it was Doug Jones. So these last two episodes are not giving it away, because Saru & Burnham are not on the way out. Along with them, I would bet that Tilly and Stamets are safe too and the trio of bridge babes are safe.

While I like Tyler, that storyline needs to end, as well as his character. And Mirror Georgio needs to perish as well. We don’t need Mirror Universe involved next year.

Once Discovery is done with this mission, the writing is on the wall for the end of the Spore Drive, as StarFleet needs to bury it with the knowledge of the Mirror Universe – you can’t have an engine that takes you there or that could manipulate time. Further, Paul Stamets/Tony Stark needs to not have the blood poisoning/brain mycelial breakdown.

Lmao . This show is soo totally fucked up. It’s borderline not even Star Trek. Honestly. And some of the fans here, not really sure where you come from. Meaning if you know history of the franchise. Redemption is a running theme trough out. Examples Picard and the borg. And laforge I am sure I am not spelling his name right , but blind guy from TNG was taken by romulans and basically turned into a walking cold blooded killer. I can’t recall episode. Both were victims just like Tyler. No one would have suggested they get killed off or thrown off show for that . I really hope they leave the games of throne model behind next season

Troll somewhere else. Every one of your posts are negative. We get it. You don’t like the show, so quit commenting on a fan site.

@Ari300….bet you haven’t missed an episode.

ARI300: The huge difference between the Disco characters in question and the TNG ones you mentioned is that in the original show we knew who those characters were after spending so long with them, and there was a specific reason why they suddenly changed. As for Seven of Nine, the transition was a slow one over several episodes and seasons. It didn’t swing back and forth from week to week. With Disco, which is still a show I enjoy, we never really got to know who Tyler actually was, and there’s been so much whiplash in terms of trying to figure that out. Technically, he’s still not even freaking Tyler! (I still don’t buy why they went this route). As for MU Georgiou, she was emperor of the MU. No way is she believably redeemable.

Hope not, not only is she the best character on the show, she the most starfleet of them all.

Not a chance Tilly dies. She’s too much the avatar for the viewer. that would be like killing Glenn on The Walking Dead and no one is stupid enough to do that.

Oh, cut the melodrama. Not one of you will stop watching, as we all well know.

Who said anything about not watching it. I’ve no issue with serialized Trek. Lets have Discovery flying the wing of the Constellation next season showing us how Matt Decker became the man he was….

Um…. the person I was replying to said it, Phil.

I said it and I meant it. I sticking this season out because they got one episode left. But if my favorite character is killed off. I’ll find other stuff 2 watch. This show has had major issues this season. Shazad Latif is not one of them. Luckily for Martin-Green her character had help from Tyler and Tilly because without them not sure how appealing she would be at this point.

That’s funny because I can’t stand Tilly. Kill her off. Tyler, Burnham, Stamets are my favorite characters. Lorca was also kind of annoying. Couldn’t have happened better if I wrote it myself; definitely, without a doubt could not have – especially since I have never written a series before, or much of anything for that matter.

Exactly one main character has been killed off: Lorca. The others have all been minor characters–and four of them (Georgiou, Culber, Cornwell, Landry) have come back in some form or another. Only T’Kuvma has remained dead, and he was never a main character to begin with.


Only Lorca was the only main character to be killed off so far on the show, and we knew from the start this show would focus not on the captain of the ship.

The only thing I foresee is that solid character work and nuanced subtle exploration of themes (such as this week’s) will be replaced by slam bang action, improbable twists and black & white painting once again – and that is all too bad.

I don’t see how. I mean the fact that they devote the last moment of the trailer to a philosophical debate over principles versus ends-justifying-the-means strategy suggests to me that not only is that what the episode be about, but that Federation values will win out.

Of course I registered that – just by now we can see a pattern of overpromise and underdelivering with these producers (anyone remember how before the series they told us they would really make us understand the point of view of “the Klingons and their 24 houses”? Now in reality they delivered Klingons that have been the most black-and-white evil since TOS).

Anyway – hope for the best and fear the worst ;-)

“they delivered Klingons that have been the most black-and-white evil since TOS”
Then it ties into TOS canon then, given this is set around the same time.

Yes thats true. I thought we were going to get a deep dive into Klingon culture like we got in TNG and DS9. Instead, these Klingons have been the most 2D characters since TOS. The first episode attempted to do more with them but since T’Kumva died its just Klingons sounding like villains. If they had hair they would be twirling mustaches at this point.

Well to be honest that’s what all these hardcore fans wanted. Klingons like TOS since it was in that era of 2250/2260. They are speaking English now.

I hope so, but having space Hitler being in command of a Starfleet ship, after just a day or two aboard, has already ruined the episode for me. The writers think the audience is stupid and will accept anything IMO.

Did the expressly say that Georgiou was “in command” of Discovery, or is she merely a mission specialist/advisor, like Burnham or Tom Paris? (Moreover, even if they introduced her as being “in command,” is that really a cover story to explain her presence on the ship, when Prime Georgiou was thought to have perished at the Binary Stars?)

She’s in command.The clip they showed on After Trek made that quite clear. Starfleet brass made a deal with a devil because she promised to end the war in the Federation’s favor. Neither the end of the episode or the previews for the finale have indicated that they are planning on leaving her in command however.

They need 2 clean/clear out that writers room with bleach for next season. They should have gotten walking papers by now.

Or you can watch the last episode of the season and see why she is sitting in the chair.

On episode doesn’t make you the seer of the series future.

Considering we see the nuking of Kronus, which would result in tens of millions of people dying, I doubt Federation values win out.

Well, we know that Q’onoS isn’t destroyed, since we’ve seen it in epidodes that are set later.

And it’s an M class planet the Klingons show being nuked. QonoS is a volcanic planet where the atmosphere is like Venus.


Probably, but what I see here is that you do it one way 1/2 the people are pissed off or if you do it the other way, it’s the other 1/2

Not to troll but I’d prefer they piss off the slam-bang-action-half. They still got Star Wars to watch after all ;-)

The other half, if you mean the superficial action mob, can go screw. Trek needs to be more than that and this season has been plagued with erratic writing and pandering to the action crowd…and, as Vulcan Souls has said, promises from the showrunners left unfulfilled.

Whatever the ratings dictate they will do. By not following this process the show doesn’t exist.

I mentioned this before, this show is a victim of social media in a way previous Treks didn’t have to be because there was no social media (nor subscriber-based channels). It’s the most “talked about show on social media” apparently and that is their aim with all these inane twists – character and plot integrity be damned!

I think it was wishful thinking when we thought this show could be more creatively independent by not being on a big network where it’s all about ratings. Now it’s not about ratings but subscriptions, views, likes and so on. The pressure seems so much greater!

You do know this is SEASON 1. WHat other Star Trek shows had the best first season? Go back and read the complaints for TNG. History repeating itself here. You gotta crawl before you can walk.

Nothing but pure awesomeness. I am really going to miss DSC when it’s over next week.

I haven’t followed a TV show with such enthusiasm and interest for decades, basically. I have enormously enjoyed its run, even though there is a lot of it I don’t like very much. Far too much Klingon grunting in the early episodes.

Please let it be meaningful, and not just non-stop action for the dystopic ADD generation. They can watch that stuff on any other show, please let it remain recognizably Star Trek to thoughtful people.


Well said, GarySeven

Generalizing a whole generation as unthoughtful people who just crave mindless action, is no worldview that will add to a more “utopic” society.
Infinite diversity in infinite combination.

Agreed that it’s not a generational issue–there are people from every generation with short attention spans, as well as those across the board who embrace thoughtful storytelling.

In an ideal world, a show can do both pretty darned well (ex. Altered Carbon).

Interesting visual of the planet being nuked. Reminds me of an image from a microscope.

or ST:2009

BAD MEMORIES! How could I ever forgive them nuking my home planet!

I am (still) sorry for your loss (240 years from now) (if you follow the alternate reality).


It was the only way to be sure.

Nuking planets, I hate it everytime SciFi does this.

It’s the only way to be sure.

Next Sunday Sunday Sunday will be time to buckle up for paid and satisfied subscribers. Overwhelming will be the pulse-pounding excitement and heart-wrenching drama of Star Trek Into Darkness Into Confusion Into Dino De Laurentiis’ Dune into Buck Rogers into Velveeta Now Improved with Even Less Coherence. In no way shape or form is the awkward, exaggerated praise of STD found on the internet to be construed as stemming from CBS All Access Bots. Just no way, no how. Forget you ever had that thought, c’est impossible.

Don’t watch, please. No one will care.

Don’t you have the 2018 mid-terms to meddle with?

They have mid-terms in grade school?

Mmmm, no three-boobed cat women in the club – massive missed opportunity.

That’s a joke btw.

On a serious note, I am really really glad to have Adm. Cornwell back; a great character, very well played – I want to see more of her in S2.

Same. I’ve liked Jayne Brooks ever since Chicago Hope.

I didn’t know if she would make a good admiral at first, but now that she has put a genocidal dictator in charge of a Federation starship, all of my doubts are gone. The idea of a starfleet admiral acting reasonably is just absurd.

I *trust* there’s more to this arc, but yeah Cornwell’s judgment has been really iffy, and all the more so now that she realizes she’s already been fooled by one MU leader. Maybe the secret plan for Sarek and Cornwell is to set up a trap for Georgiou?

She’s a starfleet admiral. She’s suppossed to be easily fooled. Betraying the Federation’s values and making corrupt decisions should always be her first instinct.


Iffy judgement does seem to be a bit of a reoccurring theme here. Maybe there’s hope for Burnham after all.

Are they going to nuke Qo’noS? How will they explain this in canon?

This will not be Qo’noS nor Praxis. I think they choose another target to show the Klingons what they are able to do. That could be the cause Burnham arguing with Cornwell.

“A planet is nuked (note the small Klingon Bird of Prey in orbit)”

Looks more like the crescent of a moon to me. Look closer, you’ll see the rest of the sphere in shadow

And there I was hoping they’d decided to silently ditch the holo-communicators. :(

I originally found the use of holograms jarring also. I think it is a “fad” during this time frame and will eventually give way to screen-based communications before TOS rolls around. There is a great video on YouTube called “Star Trek Hologram History (Including Discovery)” that does a really great job of showing how Discovery’s use of these holo-communicators fits into established canon.

Trekspertise? I love their videos.

It wasn’t so much about canon – more that I don’t think they they look very good. The switch-back to more traditional displays the previous week worked better. I’d have been happy for the producers to decide to carry on with that and just ignore that the hologram thing ever happened (even though is not very good from the perspective of creating sensible canon).

Also, on Starfleet’s most crucial assignment ever they send no officers but rather a convict, a murderer, a cadet and the leader of an evil mirror universe empire?

Except for the cadet people with nothing to lose really…

I still think Tilly may buy the red shirt.


Tilly is arguably the most popular character on the show. Forget redshirting Tyler; if Tilly buys the farm I think there genuinely will be a perceptible drop in viewership.

Honestly, it doesn’t bother you that we even have these types off threads? For the love of God this is Star Trek. I grew up with TNG never once worried about anyone from bridge crew dying. When DATA my favorite of all finally did die in nemesis, I was an adult and cried like a baby. I just can’t get over the amount of deaths on this show for no damn good reason other than shock and awe

@Ari300. Not at all. In this story arc, the Federation is at war. People die. Pretending they don’t is so Rated G.

Glad you liked Data in TNG. For my tastes, he was a badly thought out character. Other then a bad plot device, they could have stuffed him in the warp core in season one and the show would have been better for it, in my opinion.

Hey! I picked Lorca and Tilly weeks ago. I’m half way there….

spore fell on her shoulder she is confirmed for s2

I bloody well hope not. I LOVE her.

Disco’s Suicide Squad!

You forgot to mention the Omega 13….

I want to be Michelle Yeoh’s disciple and slave

Even at the risk of being eaten?

I’d let her crouch on my hidden dragon.

The dancers look vaguely Orion.

The dancers definitely shout subscription streaming.
SO tired of near-nekkid women in these shows. Now, even Trek. Criminy!

And so they’ll wrap this all up in 43 minutes?

Ideally it would be at least an hour this time – the episode lengths have varied. But I wouldn’t get hopes up.

I’ve been thinking about that too, which has led me to believe that the actual attack on the Klingons might be the cliffhanger for season two. This finale might just turn out to be mostly setup (with of course a few other twists thrown in and smaller story arcs resolved along the way). After all, the first episode of the season ended on a similar note.

I have that feeling too. All a setup for a GIANT CLIFFHANGER

The average length of the episodes has been 45 minutes. This episode will probably be at least that long, or longer.

Just sitting her waiting for the prudes to complain about the scantily clothed women…

What prudes? It seems Crewman Smike signed off from this show long before I will ;-)

ya, he was a trip :-)

LOL I forgot all about Smike. The guy spent months here on an endless crusade to wipe away nipples and blood. Hopefully he finally took people’s advice and just stopped watching the show. Its not for everyone and its OK to feel that way.

Oh! The horrors! Having all that sex and violence on my Blue Ray collection, being shoved down my throat!!

See above.
Bet some of you guys would complain just as much if it were men shown as sexually available playthings.

Ok, Marja. To make it fair, I’m willing to be your sexually available plaything. ;)

Why are all these special effects shots so dark? One of my peeves about this show is that the exterior shots are often too dense, close up, awkwardly framed and generally hard to make out.

I also worry for Tyler; I like the character and think Shazad Latif is very good in the role. Once again we have a character going thru some interesting issues and it looks like they plan to wipe him off the board. If season 2 will be a continuation of this crew’s story it would be a real shame to lose him, especially after MU Lorca was vaporized.

Saru looks a bit awkward sitting in the captains chair. I noticed this in the previous episode where he has a huge drop to the seat due to his height. One would think the Captains chair would adjust to accommodate any size person, not just the average human. It’s discrimination I tells ya!

prepare for a disclaimer at the start that any height discrimination is unintentional and all are inclusive in our universe

What’s Past is Prologue should have had a disclaimer that no Kelpians were eaten during filming of the episode, but they failed to do that.


lol, good one

I agree, and if my days of wearing platform shoes are any indication Doug Jones’s knees must hurt like hell every time he has to stand up.

Anyone else cancelling their CBS subscription until season 2 starts?

I have enjoyed some of the other shows on CBSAA, I am binge watching JAG right now my wife watches her soap on their, as we cut the cable cord. I find it totally worth the $6/mo

I will keep mine because I’m aware it’s the price of a cup of coffee and if it helps support Trek good. I’m also well aware that a majority will cancel and if CBS thinks a new Twilight Zone will keep people they are mistaken. They will have to come up with another Trek iteration. Something Post Voyager, episodic, and something low budget just for the Trekies.

Post Voyager, episodic, low budget? Let’s call it “The Orwell” and hope it won’t have a particular Dystopian slant :)

I know, I’m just trying to get another trek. I really don’t give a sheat what they do :-)

Definitely, Disco. It’s a pretty low investment for what they give you. And I actually live in a metropolitan area where we don’t get CBS as a signal, so it’s been nice catching up with stuff like Colbert (yes, I’ve cut the cord entirely because old cable TV is a wasteland). And yes as much as I adore the original Twilight Zone and can’t wait to see what they do, I don’t see the larger demand for it (though let’s wait to see how and to whom it’s promoted). If CBS can be convinced the Trek subscriber base is legit, I don’t think it’s impossible that they devise a second show to fill the gaps between Discovery (more than that risks making the same mistake they made 20 years ago).

A second show would be a serious mistake; oversaturation is what nearly killed the franchise from 1996-2004. (What I suppose CBS might consider is a short miniseries.)

I think a second show targeting (to a limited degree) a different Trek audience would be OK. But it would depend on A) not being released on an overlap with “Discovery,” and B) what was happening with the Trek movie universe. *Only* two separate shows, on two separate calendars (to sustain the subscriber base year long and keep Trek in the news), would be very different from the overkill you rightly note.

Keep in mind what the previous oversaturation consisted of – change the name of the ship, shuffle the deck of a cast of seven, and maybe change the uniform color. Three of those series (and four feature films) were TNG era. In a serialized format, there’s nothing stopping these guys from telling stories of other aspects of Federation life, or something based on any other of the races Trek has introduced. That might be interesting….

@TRT — over saturation is a myth.

I always thought a lot of the problem was over-extension/ going to the same well too many times/ getting mired in canon and minutia.

Yes. The issue was there was never anything to differentiate Voyager and Enterprise from The Next Generation when you got down to it. All three were episodic starship adventures featuring similiar plots and themes. Only DS9 ever really broke the mould. Everything else was largely homogeneous.

Another Trek series in 2018 would need to be marketed differently, with a different style and tone, with a different creative team.

I want a Trek civilian show. It would be nice to see something other than Starfleet all the time.

Absolutely, cancelling next Monday or Tuesday.

Me too

Naa… I only had Netfix for all the other episodes of Trek, so for me it makes sense to keep it for that reason alone.

In Canada it is on Space, not cancelling because started watching the Expanse. Harder sci-fi, no magic mushrooms. Better stories. Humanity on a frontier, hardships and all. Highly recommended, even the spacecraft combat is better even though not faster than light.

No. I go stretches without checking in with Netflix, either. It supports ongoing production of a very good Trek show, it’s a small price to pay.

I will, but I can be bribed to stick around if CBS offers me enough incentives. ;)

@Scott — yup. I am. It’s the only way to encourage CBS to produce more of what I want to watch, and offer some competitive value against other services. CBS is not going to stop producing Star Trek if I cancel my membership until it comes back. They have some pretty deep pockets and my monthly subscription is not going to make any difference in that regard. But when a substantial number of viewers cancel after Trek ends, that will tell CBS something significant about what their audience wants.

@CC. That’s an interesting point. A huge dropoff after the finale this week would definitely get CBS’s attention. But that said I doubt it’ll happen

It will tell CBS that their audience wants Trek year round ;^)

I hosted a watch party for the premiere, and I’m thinking of hosting binge parties at some point in the next few months, so I probably won’t cancel. Besides, I paid for the full-year, no-commercial version. I’m not quite sure how cancelling would work in that case, or if it would even make sense.

Besides, sometimes I use it to watch CBS Sunday Morning if I happen not to be at home when it’s on. I might start exploring some of its exclusive library too. I know that the first things I watched on the service were the 1968 Odd Couple and some episodes of I Love Lucy. I wonder if there’s a place to find out what movies and TV shows are exclusive to CBS All Access.

s2 exploration, discovery and strange sci fi space stuff ty

And when episode 15 has been aired, I will have the pleasure of binge watching every episode from season 1, just so I can connect all the threads, spot the key themes, and really understand the messages in every jot and tittle of dialogue. And the beautiful cinematography and special effects are all worth it. *sweet sigh*

OK, it’s spotlights. When I saw that in the trailer I thought Disco was using its rockets — which EVERY starship has all over the underside of its saucer and always has and why would you question that?

Or, you know, RCS Thrusters.

Notice how the lighting scheme on those Klingon ships looks much more familiar than what we’ve seen on the show thus far?

Yes some of the ships even have a more traditional look to them!

Is there anyone here who disagrees that a psychiatrist admiral does no one any good if her most important act is to help give the Emperor power to commit more genocide? What is the upside in this for Star Trek? Are they saying yes we have all these human rights laws that have been enforced for 100 years and fuck it?

A related story in real life

Perhaps a more relevant real-world reference is the way the US built its early space program around Werner von Braun, who was Hitler’s rocket scientist, due to the Cold War.

That too. He wasn’t the only one. A relative worked as an engineer in the early 1960s in the US and there was old German rocket engineer there who had been in the German rocket program. As told to me, this was a peaceful program.

I am pretty mystified/shocked that having a psychologist Admiral would be “a gray area” that these writers of Star Trek go to when “debating” through the characters, who will stop/start the genocide of a planet. The more I think about it, the more shocking it is. Even this version of Star Fleet leadership is not/can’t be the equivalent of the soldiers we see in Starship Troopers. And that was a satire.

“Are they saying yes we have all these human rights laws that have been enforced for 100 years and fuck it?”

Oh yes, America did after 9/11! That atrocious, unjustified war on Iraq, the CIA torture prisons, Guantanamo, Abu Graib, Waterboarding, extrajudicial drone killings… shall I go on? And that was in no way an existential threat that spanned 20% of territory, killed 80,000 people in one Starbase alone and destroyed a big part of the military making all out annihilation possible.

If push comes to shove, don’t you think survival instinct will kick in (for societies as well as people), and we deal with the moral repercussions later?

Now granted, we expect this Federation to be more evolved than the Bush vermin, and that’s exactly why we will have this tough discussion next week in one way or another and not just march into genocide. I just hope it ain’t Enlightened Specialist “Mary Sue” Burnham against the rest of the Federation in this moral conflict. That would not be bad messaging but bad writing too.

VS, It could be that they want to do an allegory on 9/11, and the schlocky politics that convinced Murcans they were being patriotic to support the war.

These days, I’d say it would be a good reminder of how easily people can sell out their values ….

This Trek is psyllium…placing the alternate Georgiou in charge, I could hear Bill Paxton from the grave yelling…”Why dont ya put her in charge”..and then they did…wow!! Even Sarek cant see the logic :)

Today’s Quentin Tarantino news likely means he won’t be directing the next film.

@DF — nope, I’d say he’s gonna be out of the picture for a while, assuming more people don’t step forward. Definitely someone Abrams and Paramount will likely distance their brands from.

I think a lot of that will depend on if Sony shelves QT’s Charlie Manson project. Paramount is on shaky financial ground to begin with, throwing 100MM into a Trek project that may never see the light of day because your producer has …issues…., isn’t wise.

Can we just stop destroying careers by the court of public opinion and separate the art from the artist? While these actions are outrageous if true, what has it got to do with a new Star Trek movie 15 years later? Even the certainly not anti-feminist Guardian is arguing for this: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/03/caravaggio-killed-a-man-censor-art

Even outside art, this one sided war on masculinity needs to stop. We cannot just focus on the bad sides while completely ignoring this is a necessary ingredient for human progress throughout history. The female and the male principle, yin and yang, form a whole together in balance. The alternative is conformism and mediocrity. Even Star Trek already taught that lesson in “The Enemy Within”, that some evil is necessary to be a successful leader and getting things done. It’s two sides of the same coin. That’s not to excuse any crimes committed , but channeling the non-conformism of great men in civilized ways instead of demonizing and banishing it altogether.

@VS — why haven’t they banned you yet?

Because they are not fascists :-)

Agreed. VS’s rants are predictable and tiresome. But there’s no need to ban them.

Well, one very good reason to be reticent to use Tarantino is if he puts his stars in danger on stunts.

Shouldn’t this have been a case for the legal courts and actors union which I thought takes workplace safety *very* seriously? Like, 15 years ago?

Why are they coming out with this stuff out only now if it is so clear cut? There’s two sides of every story and this reeks of having it both ways (sacrificing the own believes not to endanger a nascent career but now getting back at injustice from a position of power).

It should be clear to anyone that the accomplishments of directors like Tarantino as much as those of entrepreneurs like Musk do not come at zero cost. Which is why upholding the rule of law and not some arbitrary mob justice is so important.

Vulcan Soul: I sense that you think you just made a point.

You did not.

Definitely disagree with you there, especially this:
this one sided war on masculinity needs to stop

Dude, there’s been a one-sided war on women for thousands of years, and it’s still raging in parts of this world.

Can we just end all wars? :-)

Bottom Line: You miss Berman’s Star Trek. Me too.

Well you can still watch it through a variety of platforms. It’s not gone anywhere….

I like DSC a lot. There was a lot of good and bad with Berman-Trek, but the main thing I miss from Berman is that Trek was overseen by someone who was willing to make his entire career revolve around Star Trek. Each of the past three Star Trek films, and Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed because its creators have had other projects on the stove at the same time. I’d like for there to be someone to oversee the franchise as much as Berman, even if I’d prefer the creative decisions skew much more closely to what’s seen on DS9 and DSC.

The anticipation for the season finale is giving me a level of anxiety I have never experienced with a Star Trek series. I feel like something really bad is going to happen. Maybe it is the serialization of the show, but I feel like the stakes are higher for the characters.

Waiting for the show to return is going to be the worst. At least Westworld is returning in April.

Yes you explained why serialization is so great. As the writers/producers have said. It would’ve taken Kirk weeks to get over Edith Keeler. Wouldn’t that have been interesting to go through?

Yes, absolutely! Imagine what Voyager’s ‘Year of Hell’ would have been like had it been a season long serialized story without a convenient reset button ending, or TNG’s ‘Best of Both Worlds’. Those seasons would have been intense.

“Year of Hell,” yes. BOBW (or something like “Darmok”), no — that was a compressed story that took place over a matter of days. (Now, showing the consequences to Picard *after* BOBW in a serialized format would have worked well.)

I’ll have to agree with you about Best of Both Worlds, Temarc. I guess I should really say that I am enjoying how the characters in DSC are having to deal with what happens to them throughout the show, rather than forget about it all by the next episode, as if nothing ever really happened.

I can’t remember which producer pitched it, but he wanted Year of Hell to be a full year on Voyager. That was the original idea.

Although, with 22 episodes, that would be a long year of hell. I think that’s why I like these shorter seasons — on shows like The Flash and Arrow, the season-long arcs can be excrutiating. .

Instead of one season-long arc, maybe they should do three 5-episode arcs over 15 episodes, with longer arcs of personal stories dealing with repercussions of events.

I am big fan of having things in moderation, including serialization. The multi episode arcs of Enterprise season 4 were the sweet spot!

Yes, I think it would have been quite interesting to have Picard struggling with PTSD. Oh well.

Can we please just get TOS style klingons PLEASE.


Are the JJ Klingons more close to the DSC Klingons?

Not really, the JJ Klingons are kind of a hybrid of the TOS Movie Klingons and the TNG Klingons but with more bling to them.

You mean white guys in brownface?

Hey, they had furry eyebrows too! Well, not the extras.

Well, Klingons have always been largely white guys in brownface, but yeah, it certainly was a lot more obvious then…

My prediction: The planet that gets nuked is the homeworld of Dr. Phlox, thus explaining why we haven’t seen any Denobulans in the post-ENT eras…

Well, you better hope that every last Denobulan was home for the party. Exterminating a space-faring species takes real effort, you know.

I think things look really bad for Tyler if Burnham is giving him a hug, based on their last conversation in the previous episode.

I have that feeling, too. I hope I am wrong because I like Tyler and would like to see him redeem himself without having to sacrifice himself.

I agree, her eyes tell the story. Next week is Tyler last show. These writers are very predictable. Only way he has a future on the show, is if they do a reset/ or time travel. It actually is very upsetting because he did an interview where he said he really hopes he can be back in season 2. He’s still a relatively young actor and this show has been his big break, I think more than penny dreadful. I definitely think he should be allowed back for season two.

It’ll be interesting to see how they wrap this season up – particularly with Empress Georgiou in our universe in command of the disco. I think something’s going to happen that either erases her from history or means that she’s classified above top secret both in our universe (which makes sense) but *also* in the mirror universe (bear with me here). I was thinking about the DSC mirror universe arc and in the DS9 episode “crossover”, Intendant Kira tells our Kira about “the first crossover” and she’s referring to the Kirk incident. Now, wouldn’t the disco incident be “the first” crossover (since nobody survived the defiant transit)? As I see it, even if the disco incident was classified above top secret by the empire, wouldn’t the files have been acquired by the Klingon-Cardassian alliance at the end of the 23rd century (based on the mirror universe novels where Spock demilitarises the empire) meaning that the Intendant would likely know all about discovery? And from the empire’s point of view, if they *were* going to keep a crossover event secret, wouldn’t it be more logical to cover up the Kirk incident and *not* the disco one? I mean, from the empire’s point of view, a ship invaded from a mirror universe that is diametrically opposed to the empire and she is seen off alongside the toppling of an obviously weak Empress in the form of Georgiou (they’d likely trash her reputation following her disappearance and the imperials may even go so far as to say that the empire destroyed discovery for propaganda purposes – they’re paranoid remember). The “defeat” of the discovery would be a great victory for the empire. Let’s also not forget that the empire has expanded further than the federation and they may even have been looking to invade our universe as they’ve run out of stuff to conquer like in the novel Dark Mirror (also hence the mycelial drive on the Charon) so the perception of an initial victory over the disco would be a good thing. It’d also make sense to classify the Kirk incident as it ultimately led to the destruction of the empire (a fact that Spock would have undoubtedly been aware of and would have foreseen). So… why wouldn’t Kira refer to the disco incident when Nerys and Julian cross over a century later? And why wouldn’t the 23rd century imperials capitalise on the “defeat” of discovery and the “death” of Georgiou? Was it classified in the MU just as in our universe? If so, why? I’m not saying it’s a canon issue per se, but we don’t know for definite that there wasn’t anybody left on the Charon with knowledge of the disco or the mycelial network allowing access to the rest of the multiverse. This is all assuming that they don’t reset the timeline next week, of course…

That’s because the Kirk crossover had a major affect in the MU. It changed the entire balance.
The Discovery crossover didn’t factor into it because no one knew that the prime discovery crossed over… everyone on the Emperor’s ship ended up dead.

Well I was thinking that maybe there would be a black box recorder from the Charon? Or someone from imperial starfleet would investigate the destruction of their emperor palace ship and potentially find wreckage with weapons residue that matched the quantum signature of the defiant (bear in mind that the imperials know of our universe whereas prime starfleet doesn’t know of the MU before disco)? Or more likely the Charon had a political officer or some such crewmember whose job it was to report things like a takeover of the ship and an attack from a ship from a parallel dimension? I’d be very surprised if imperial starfleet didn’t monitor that ship constantly for security purposes if nothing else (c.f. Air Force one). It seems unlikely that nobody would know or find out how the Charon was destroyed and who was responsible. “They all died” seems a little convenient given what we’ve seen in DS9. And the apparent “death” of an emperor would definitely affect the MU more than a quick chat between Kirk and Mirror Spock (disco crew violated the prime directive while they were there…). But I’ll be interested to see where they go from here.

I don’t think anyone off the Charon would know what happened to Emperor Georgiou, and they’re all dead.

Can we pause the discussion here for a sec…and appreciate the fact that Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX ave not only just launched the most powerful rocket ever into space and successfully landed it back on earth, but also LAUNCHED A FRIGGIN’ CHERRY RED TESLA INTO SPACE WITH A SPACE-SUITED MANNEQUIN AT THE WHEEL HEADED FOR MARS AND YOU CAN WATCH IT LIVE. Just…wow.


Looks like the car from VOY: The 37s!

Aside from being red and four-wheeled, it looks nothing like the *truck* from VOY: The 37s.

that was bad azz

Playing Bowie’s “Spiders from Mars” on repeat, no less.

One wag showed a picture of the rocket and asked if it was okay to show on network TV. I know it reminds ME of something …

Suffice it to say, I think Star Trek: Discovery is a major success.

I’ve personally never seen the combination of infinite diverse media as film, television, and web-series, incorporated into such a well-deserved and inspiring a series (hopefully more,) as Star Trek: Discovery.

The main characters and subtext / history, as well as, the writing, is excellently done and episode quality delivers in content and context. Overall, I’m very impressed!

Keep’on Trekkin’!!!

Dammit, Jim… I’m a Trekker, not a Trekkie!


I love that it’s discarded the TNG era formula that grew stale and tired with Voyager and Enterprise. I like that it’s more mature, I like that it’s updated the visuals for the show.

A resounding success indeed.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…wait, you’re serious?

prime Lora is at Qo’nos!!! that is why mirror Georgiou is so anxious for her freedom and to captain the ship!!! that is who she is pulling her on… BET!!!

If anyone wants to see intelligent and entertaining sci-fi commentary on the Trump era – check out episode 4 of the new X-Files. Even if the humor isn’t your cuppa, refresh yourself on what clever, mature writing is. Then take a gander at the juvenile, embarrassing attempt at political commentary from DISCO TREK, and ascertain the bloody difference. But some who know better reply, “Er, Bad Trek is better than No Trek.” Yeahbut, there are some bleedin limits to that; I mean, at a certain point- the shame is too great. Seriously tho, even with these desperate defenders, (“Um well, I mean, Encounter at Farpoint wasn’t that good either, um um …”) how many fans of dull-as-dishwater Michael Burnham are on the internet? 6 maybe? Try speaking out loud phrases like, “Michael Burnham is such a rich, fascinating character. Every time you peel back a layer, you discover another. Her journey of redemption is must-see tv.” Do you see how no sane, thinking person could ever have such thoughts?

Why are you still watching this show and why do you still feel the need to pass your opinions off as fact?

You have clearly already written it off and it baffles me that you are expending so much energy writing this fragmentary and nonsensical diatribes!


Note how Chatterjee remains silent when he is challenged, Marja. He clearly has nothing intelligent to say.

+1 for hoping #15 is extra long. An hour or so – to wrap everything up properly.

The name of the series is “Discovery”, not “The Klingon War Years”. I think the first season is setting up the remainder of the series’ run. What is interesting to me is not simply the travel to an alternate mirror universe, but rather the capacity for time travel. I believe the Discovery will become the first Time Ship after an attack on Qonos proves uneffective. And where is Prime Lorca anyway?

“A gloved hand (likely Tilly based on the group shot), drops a glowing device down a bottomless hole.” Well, based on the first shot its more likely Georgiou and I bet my latinum on it. A. Georgiou has an exposed arm with no sleeve. B. The colour of the skin, way to dark to be Tilly’s white skin, more olive complexion, could also be Burnham. And C. Sorry but that arm is way to thin to be Tilly’s. C’mon Trek Movie, you’re better detective than that lol.

I like the idea of MU “Captain” Georgiou in command of USS Discovery. Think of it this way did the Federation make a deal with the Devil to down another Devil?… Bringing the Klingons to their knees before the Federation is good enough for me!

I just don’t want Michelle Yeoh to go again!! Please let Georgiou live now. She’s so great and her character (even though she’s not the Captain Georgiou from the start) has so much more to give. I was very pleased to see her back in the series, so don’t take her away again!!!!

Since they’ve shown that with the spore drive, Discovery can jump through to other universes, why not show that the “main” universe they’ve been in isn’t the TOS one at all. The last episode they jump into TOS and start asking about “those weird colored uniforms and hairdo’s everyone has.”