‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Finale Predictions – Breaking Down The Probabilities

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery concludes this Sunday with the final episode, “Will You Take My Hand?” As you can see in our preview analysis, we know the ship, now under the temporary command of Emperor Georgiou, undertakes a hazardous mission to map the Klingon homeworld Qo’noS in anticipation of a Federation strike. Burnham, Tilly, Tyler and Georgiou also undertake another secret mission involving an alien city and an exotic nightclub; a Klingon armada launches an assault on a planet; L’Rell has an unpleasant confrontation with the Emperor, and Burnham clashes with Cornwell over adhering to Federation principles during times of war.

But what else might happen in the finale? Let’s take a look at a few likely (and not so likely) possibilities:

There’s a last-minute twist

Probability: 99.9%

With Discovery’s habit of dropping a huge revelation on us just before the end credits (they don’t know where they are! Mirror Georgiou! Mirror Lorca! Mirror Georgiou again!) there’s almost no way the show is going to wrap everything up neatly and call it a day. But what will it be? Time travel? The return of Lorca? A character or ship from another series showing up? A last-minute death? All of the above?

The end of the Klingon war

Probability: 99%

We were told Discovery would tell the story of the epic war between the Klingons and the Federation, looking at the motivations and consequences from each side, which could have been great. The Dominion War gave Deep Space Nine a perspective on Trek we’d never had before, with Starfleet officers and ideals tested to their limits, and it’s something that Discovery could have done brilliantly. Somewhere, someone decided that storyline wasn’t working out and the war got quietly relegated to the background. Will the war carry on into next season? Frankly there’s more chance of Ripper returning wearing a sparkly costume and belting out show tunes.

The crew unites against Emperor Georgiou

Probability: 95%

The Emperor’s the antithesis of everything the Federation stands for, and, even though their situation’s desperate, giving her command of Starfleet’s most important starship was a bizarre decision. She’s obviously up to something nefarious (we’ll guess she’s planning to destroy Qo’noS) so it’s only a matter of time before she crosses the line with the crew. And what better way to complete Burnham’s arc for this season than to have her redeem herself by standing up to another version of Georgiou and successfully stopping the war she started?

Tilly swears

Probability: 75%

Sylvia Tilly has been one of the unexpected delights of Discovery. While her combination of youthful exuberance and smarts could have caused a case of Wesley Crusher syndrome, she’s grown to become one of the show’s most endearing characters. Her potty mouth has proven somewhat less of a hit with certain areas of fandom though. Amongst other delights, she’s become the first onscreen character in Trek history to drop the F-bomb. Will she let out a “colorful metaphor” during a particularly tense moment? Seems likely.

The Enterprise appears

Probability: 50%

Much as we’re hopeful the greatest ship in Starfleet history will show up eventually, we’re unsure if they’ll drop it on us this season. We’ve yet to see a Constitution Class ship in Discovery, other than a wireframe diagram of the Defiant, so we’re due one. In Discovery’s timeframe, Pike’s in command of the USS Enterprise with Spock serving as science officer, meaning a potentially awkward family reunion for Burnham. The Enterprise showing up in the last scene would make for one hell of a cliffhanger.

Discovery fan art by Damien Devlin

Discovery gets a new captain

Probability: 47%

With the Federation’s survival at stake, it’s unlikely Starfleet will get to the small matter of appointing a new captain for the Discovery until next season, as we are assuming Emperor Georgiou’s time in the big chair won’t last. Should they somehow find time, there are a few potential candidates. Saru has grown as a leader over the course of a season. It’s hard to imagine the risk-averse Kelpien we met in “The Vulcan Hello” sanctioning a move as risky as the one he used to escape the mirror universe. Although it’s her likely destiny, Burnham’s probably not quite ready for the big chair yet. They could give it to Airiam; she might even get a few lines then! Or someone new?

L’Rell joins the crew

Probability: 33%

While the redesigned Klingons have been hit and miss, Mary Chieffo has been superb as L’Rell, even if she’s spent the entire second half of the season in the brig. It would be a shame if she didn’t stick around for season two. Could she join the crew as some kind of advisor? Or, if Tyler isn’t reinstated as chief of security, could she take that role? Apparently, Klingons are quite good at that.

The show hits a great big “reset button”

Probability: 30%

The current situation with the Klingons presents an interesting continuity dilemma. On one hand, there’s never been an on-screen reference to the Federation being nearly wiped out by the Klingons. One reason may be that in the course of this episode something happens – possibly another spore jump – that resets the timeline. On the other hand, the Starfleet shown in The Original Series seemed to be significantly smaller and less advanced than that in Discovery. A depleted Federation rebuilding after a devastating war would quite neatly deal with that.

A main character dies

Probability: 25%

With the high body count so far on Discovery, we’d be amazed if everyone makes it to the end credits in one piece. After losing Lorca already, we’re going to say the rest of the main cast will be fine. Supporting cast though? That’s a different matter entirely. Emperor Georgiou might as well have “dead (fake) captain walking” tattooed on her forehead. And, call us sadists, but we’d like it if they brought Ensign Connor back again, just to kill him for a third time.

Actual nudity

Probability: 20%

Discovery has broken many Trek taboos, with swearing, graphic violence and sex scenes all having their fair share of screen time. But so far (L’Rell’s impressive prosthetic body aside) it’s shied away from nudity. The likes of Patrick Stewart and Jolene Blalock have done nude scenes in Trek previously, but they were fairly tame. That could be about to change though, as the finale sees Burnham’s team visiting what seems to be an alien strip club. Is the show about to inflict space boobs on us? We’re not ruling it out.

Black badges

Probability: 18%

The seriously cool black badges appeared when Burnham first boarded the Discovery in “Context Is For Kings,” and never since. Will we find out what they represent? Are they to do with another of Discovery’s secrets? Did Lorca decide they were a little too on the nose and scrap them? Or were they just a cool merchandising idea? “Context…” was directed by executive producer Akiva Goldsman, who’s directed the finale. Will he drop them in again?

Captain Killy survived

Probability: 15%

Okay, the Mirror Discovery was destroyed by the Klingons, but does Captain Killy really seem the type to go down with the ship? While we’ve only seen Prime Tilly’s interpretation of her, Captain Killy is already a fan favorite and it’d be a shame if we never saw the real thing. We’re sure she’ll show up eventually but, unless the Klingons are holding her prisoner on Qo’noS, it’s likely we’ll have to wait.

Culber appears

Probability 10%

We’ve been assured repeatedly that Culber’s death isn’t a simple “bury your gays” scenario, but so far, his posthumous appearances have been to guide Stamets through the mycelial network and to give him some closure. We don’t think we’ve seen the last of the doctor, but his spore ghost has already shown up a couple of times so maybe their next reunion is something for season two.

Ripper returns

Probability: 8%

Everyone’s favorite tardigrade was last seen disappearing into the mycelium network, having been freed by Burnham and Tilly. And much as we’d love a reappearance, its life on the Discovery was not a happy one, so we’re doubtful it’d be tempted to pop back for a visit. We like to think he’s out there traveling the universe, perhaps looking for Mrs. Ripper.

One of the bridge crew gets a line other than ‘aye captain.’

Probability: 5%

One drawback of Discovery not focusing on the bridge crew is that they rarely get to say anything that isn’t purely functional. There’s some potentially interesting characters there (I’d happily watch an Airiam spinoff show for starters), but after an entire season, we still barely know them. We saw the most of the bridge team in “What’s Past Is Prologue,” but we’d really like to see more, a bit more characterization for them would be nice but we’re not holding our breath for the finale. Hopefully season 2 will flesh them out.

Prime Lorca appears

Probability: 3%

Lorca’s death in “What’s Past Is Prologue” seemed like a definitive end to Jason Isaacs’ time on Trek, but could the captain make a surprise return? Admiral Cornwell speculated that Prime Lorca died in the Mirror Universe as “no Starfleet officer could survive that universe alone,” but that’s just an assumption. As for the mirror version we know and love? Well, who knows what the effects of falling into a giant ball of mycelium are? Both Isaacs and the producers have been coy about whether we’ll see Lorca again in some form so, as a great man once said, there are always possibilities.

They win the war with Lorca’s tribble

Probability: 1%

What if Lorca’s pet tribble is a Chekhov’s (not that one) Gun? A loaded weapon sat in plain sight, waiting to be used at the right moment? Think about it, they travel to Qo’noS, unleash a plague of tribbles, the Klingon ecosystem is destroyed and they have to quit fighting to rebuild? It’s backed up in the episode preview – Tyler’s carrying a large bag, obviously full of tribbles. They meet a Klingon in a seedy nightclub, obviously with foreknowledge of his plan to genetically engineer glommers, and a Klingon armada destroys a planet – which is the tribble homeworld, as later recounted by Worf. It explains why Klingons hate Tribbles and, er, the famine results in some kind of Klingon genetic mutation? Oh god, we’ve cracked it haven’t we?

Saru becomes lunch

Probability: 0%

No. Just, no.

Of course, all our predictions could be way off. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.


Star Trek: Discovery season finale will be available on CBS All Access in the USA, and air in Canada on the Space Channel, this Sunday, February 11. It will available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, February 12.

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My thoughts…I think it’s too soon for Spock or the Enterprise to show up.

I’m guessing the Emperor might be planning to hijack the spore-jumping ship to return her to the MU and help her reclaim the empire…she will be defeated by Disco crew.

The only major twist I’m really hoping for is somehow Prime Lorca is found alive in the episode’s final 5 minutes. That will then give CBS and Jason Isaacs plenty of time to negotiate a sweet season 2 contract to bring back the best actor and a Prime Universe version of Disco’s most awesome character!

What he ↑ said….

From what I understand from the actor interviews is that he never was willing to play a good Starfleet captain without that twist (and to make a big political point of course). So that chance seems pretty low he returns apart from a one episode guest appearance.

Everybody on the ship really seemed to move away from Prime Lorca pretty quickly last week, and Cornwell’s assumption that he must be dead just felt like a setup for a punchline. Which is why I think we will probably see him again on the last episode.

Since Goldsman is directing, I am concerned about how everything will shake out. My fear is that season one ends with Discovery wrecking Quo’Nos but the Klingons also obliterating Earth, and season 2 then becomes a time travel story where Discovery must set everything right, probably with Tyler/Voq being surgically altered to look like a Klingon and assuming the role of Kahless. I hate those kinds of stories because in the end we just wind up right where we started, but it is also something a hack like Goldsman would try.

My preference would be that they resolve the war, thereby saving Earth and the Federation and end it there, telling a completely different story with a completely different crew and a completely different ship in season 2. I don’t think we’ll get that either.

My suspicion is that it will be somewhere in between. The war will be resolved but there will be some surprise but not universe altering twist at the end, designed to keep us all in suspense for another 18 months.

Finding Discovery’s next captain will be the biggest challenge I think. Neither Saru nor Burnham really come across as interesting choices and quite frankly I don’t think either actor has the necessary gravitas to pull the role off.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out and where we are left at the end of the show.

that would be awesome if they show boobs

Totally boobs! Hopefully Tilly’s while she swears.

I second this. I’ve wanted to see those photons all season. Do you think her carpet matches the drapes?

In other words, Ace has never been in the presence of a naked woman, and thus says things like that to compensate.

Dream on, sweetheart.

Well just no.
We just want to see Tillys’ jubblies bloke/blokette.
How can you infer from Aces’ comment that he is a rootless wonder? Terrible.

BTW she’s totally a firecrotch.

Greatest series of comments in Trekmovie history.

This thread makes me think of SOYLENT GREEN with all the eating refs. But green and trek means we’d be talking about eating orion slave girls, and that takes things into a whole new arena.

Naked Tilly joined by naked MU Tilly–both swearing while eating Saru, smoking, and jugging Romulan Ale. The big cliffhanger will be Michael walking in and saying, “uh, we need to talk. . .”

Hey Mr. Isaacs, don’t distract us from the former post…

No love for testicles?

People always want what they don’t have. If you don’t have boobs you want boobs!

Does anybody really like testicles? I mean, really?

I like mine. Just sayin…

My guess is that Georgiou is going to eat Saru, and then Tyler and L’Rell are going to eat Georgiou.

Obviously, you have read the finale script!

Didn’t L’Rell already eat PU Georgiou? Just seem redundant even if she eats a different one from another universe.

Back for seconds?

LOL! And according to a clip on the finale it does sound like L’rell did eat the PU Georgiou but she could just be talking in general (I swear I never thought we would spend so much time on a Star Trek board talking about who ate who lol).

The buffet is now open….

MU Georgiou is probably a bit spicier.

Thanks for calling out the Klingons, and the Klingon War, as the failure and broken promise it is, especially the “both sides” part. This would not be so tragic had the producers not decided to have it both ways by still connecting these Klingons to one half of the country at a time when they should have known the actual episodes are not showing what they promised (or did they not notice?)

Sadly, what could have been an olive branch and signal of inclusiveness has become further fuel for division as a result. If these fascist, warmongering, bloodthirsty Klingons are a symbol for anything, then for liberal prejudice and hatred for anyone who voted against Clinton (which is even more insult given that the anti-war, non-interference vote went to Trump – to end all military foreign entanglements and wars for regime change, not fuel them)

Of course, the big irony is that it almost had to end this way because of the lack of diversity in the Discovery leadership and writing team. How could they possibly portray “both sides” if all their personnel is handpicked to espouse the same thoughts, different genders and skin colors be damned, like the best of Borg?

So what I HOPE for in season 2 is that the producers give the failures and big picture of season 1 a long hard look and hire some more intellectually diverse writers. Everything else will follow. Fatalistically, I am giving this development a chance of 0%. Carry on!

Oh my god… do you have any idea how tedious your pseudo-political rants are? How I wish there was an ignore function to save us all from your blabbering.

I agree with him they dropped the ball with the Klingon war as a whole. Everything else though is just a bizarre rant.

I think Fuller was the one who wanted the Klingon war and when he left they seem more interested in setting up Lorca and the MU. I wish the season was mostly about that. Or hire the writers who did the Dominion war on DS9.

Im not sure I’d call it dropping the ball. It seems like they changed focus of the first season. The first half being more about the Klingons and the second being about the Mirror.

The ball dropping happened in the pilot when Burnham took no action that started or escalated the way and, in fact, had no consequence at all since her Captain was only out for about a minute. And yet they have repeatedly acted as though she committed a heinous act that led to inter-galactic war. Its simply not true.

Well, but she committed mutiny. It might be unfair to blame her for the subsequent war, but that’s pretty bad.

My bigger issue with the character of Michael is how she seems to be the constant center of drama for the sake of drama. She has Mommy issues with Georgiou, she has Daddy issues with Lorca, she has sibling rivalry issues with Saru, she has trust issues with Tyler/Not Tyler, she’s got Sarek to deal with. . . Tilly’s the only one she has a stable, normal relationship with. It’s all exhaustingly overdetermined to the point where you’re not even sure what to identify with at this point as audience. Just one or two of these storylines more carefully played out would have been sufficiently engaging for a full season. Every week is a new interpersonal drama. She really does feel less like a coherent character and more like a vessel for the show’s weekly drama.

…but it was a good idea to make this a female driven show where the only straight white males are villians.

Uh isn’t the Asian woman ALSO a villain?

Shhh, that’s really a hairy white obese male under that sleek Asian Yeoh body!! Don’t ruin it for us!

You’re an idiot, robo.

They said that the Klingon War was the backdrop to the first season. And it was. No ball dropped.

Ok Kommrad Trump!!!!! Best response ever! I’ve seen many responses and cofefe but this one takes the cake! /s. Go back to your hiding hole, the Russians, err Klingons await your report!

The moderators should not allow trolls of any affiliation- such as yours- to poison these comment sections with disrespect towards someone who you disagree with politically.

Putting it bluntly: No.

I totally agree. Star Trek is not a tool to be used by writers/actors/producers to project their personal ideologies on to the viewers, and fans. Or sow divisions between people who voted a certain way. Leave politics OUT of Star Trek!

I didn’t know Fox news did TV reviews.

“for liberal prejudice and hatred for anyone who voted against Clinton” — wait, where is this actually happening? What hatred? What prejudice?

It’s like words I thought I’d understood now mean something else entirely.

The prediction of Tilly swearing made me laugh.

How about that: The great twist will be that the entire crew of the Discovery has actually been swapped with their Mirror Universe counterparts and the Klingons have brainwashed them into thinking they’re fighting a war against the Klingons, when they’ve really been fighting Prime Universe Starfleet all along, but they only find out when Admiral Tilly returns from the future, telling them that 25th century Borg have conquered the Klingon homeworld an bioengineered Borg-Infiltrator-Klingon-Drones that have been sent back to the 22nd century to make contact with their peers of that time, so that Captain Archer will never have to saw down the tree his dog peed on and hence the Federation will never be founded, unless 24th Century Mirror Spock manages to travel to Tattooine in order to bring balance to the Force.

PS: And the Force is really the Myceleal Network – but I guess that’s rather obvious, isn’t it?

Probably more like the Nexus. Actually, the Nexus is like a runaway strand of the Myceleal Network. Therefore, The Shat will roll out at the conclusion of the season finale cuz he’s all up in it.

Off to the land of the wormhole Prophets…maybe Stamets will bump into Sisko in there. Betcha didn’t see that coming.

Good one. And ironically I wouldn’t entirely put the first half of what you wrote beyond these writers. I bet if someone were forced to summarize all the twists in season one in just a few sentences, on paper it would sound almost as ridiculous as this!

The twists coming so thick and fast do make it seem a little OTT at times but maybe that’s the danger of serialisation. To put it into context how crazy would any season of TOS or TNG seem if one episode bled into the next?

But we did have that on DS9 in its later seasons and they didn’t do wild and crazy twists every episode. They did some of that like when we found out Bashier was really a changeling but it wasn’t where they were trying to top themselves every week. Most of the stories just tried to tell an organic story and not come up with the latest crazy plot twists just to make everyone’s jaw drop.

@Tiger2 Although I’m still enjoying the show I agree the constant need for a big twist is jarring and feels a bit like when 24 felt they had to have Jack Bauer be forced kill one of his colleagues or nukes being launched/detonated every other episode. I’m Just playing Devil’s advocate here :-)

Exactly and I LOVE 24 lol. But that was 24 and it did that from the onset. Star Trek never did this kind of stuff until now. And again I’m not bothered by it in general and I get we live in a different TV culture now but when its done almost every episode it starts losing its impact.

As much as I hated the Voq/Tyler reveal it really just felt too close to the Lorca reveal that made the whole thing feel like its too many cooks in the kitchen. There was no time to really explore it because we were off to the next crazy plot. They probably could’ve saved that one for next season OR reveal it in the season finale.

And I gotcha!

I agree with you, the show needs time to breath between the big reveals. As I say I’m still enjoying it but I think how I feel about the first season will be heavily influenced by how they wrap it up.

Agreed as well. I think the finale will be a big key on how I feel about the season overall, which I generally liked for sure. But since they have so much in the air I hope they find a way to have it all make sense but it could also end on another cliff hanger.

“The current situation with the Klingons presents an interesting continuity dilemma. On one hand, there’s never been an on-screen reference to the Federation being nearly wiped out by the Klingons.”

I call complete total bullshit on this notion. I do believe that the whole “Klingon- federation coldwar” and “Soviet Union- United States Cold War” analogy was based upon mutually assured destruction and the annihilation of one or the other other’s way of life, or both was heavily emphasized in TOS. Especially in Errand of Mercy and Again in The undiscovered country.

showing the federation nearly being wiped out backs up that notion, and my prediction is we will see the federation nearly wipe out Q’onos as well. This whole “Waaah they never mentioned it position” is garbage, and a very narrow vision of the history of the franchise.

Has the Klingon War arc been uneven? yes it has been. but overall I feel it has contributed positively to canon. The Klingons Fear universal homogenization and assimilation and rightfully so. Not every culture is the same and some value and base their entire ideology around the ideas of tradition, Pride and preservation and even isolationism. In the beginning of the show we see the arrogance of the federation, The whole “We come in peace Mantra”. the failure of the federation to accept that a big hello and hug isn’t the best way to reach all cultures, with Burnham being right, they should have shot first, it would have invalidated all of Tkuvma’s teachings and possibly avoided a war.

This is also a parallel to today’s world with in a couple instances:

The United States’ relationship with other Eastern Cultures… more specifically the middle east

the relationship between America’s Tradition rich Heartland and Progressive coastal regions

some times it feels as if I’m watching a completely different show than what other people are watching, but that’s the kick to being Human we all want and expect different things as well as interpret different. But yeah, I call garbage on the whole “It was never mentioned before” as this story does serve a purpose to enhance previously established canon (or eventual established canon) in TOS.

I agree about this “never mentioned” crap. As I recall, there were numerous references to war with the Klingon Empire in ToS… Both the fleets were on the verge of a massive battle and a resumption of open hostilities in “Errand of Mercy” (Kor even says to Kirk something like “I had hoped to meet you in battle”); and in “Day of the Dove”, Chekov freaks out because the false idea that his brother had been killed by Klingons is introduced as motivation for his behavior. Everyone accepts that it occurred because so many humans HAD been killed by Klingons!
And if Kirk is a young officer during the Klingon war, it would go a long way to explaining his very anti-Klingon behavior in TOS and the films!

Nice WKRP reference. Well done!

I really hope that sometime if the series will continue we will hear something like this from one of the bridge crew puppets

“There’s Another Ship Coming In…It’s the Enterprise!”

I think It will going to happen, but not in this episode.

The worst moment in entire Star Trek is Emperor Georgiou as captain.

I try to think how starfleet rationalized this idea for themselves.

It had to be something like.. OK the crew is used to get orders from one terran impostor, lets give them another one.. This will surely boost they morale if they find this out.

Currently the best captain for the Discovery is definitely Saru. That ship is science ship and I think he is one of the best science officers that starfleet has. Discovery should be the first ship to start the 5 year mission tradition.

Captain Emperor was pretty extreme (I smell Goldsman’s influenced on that one), but there are far worse moments in Trek than that. TNG had more that its fair share of cringeworthy moments during its run and Moore & Braga’s tremendously stupid decision to kill Kirk in Generations is still my #1 Trek facepalm.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. period.

I think the Emperor as Captain thing is just slightly below the idiotic let’s turn a Klingon into a human subplot because at least the Emperor-Captain subplot will be done by next episode and not go on for half a season like the other one. But yes I don’t like this subplot either, it just feels too ridiculous on its head. People try to explain it away like they need someone who can do the dirty work, etc but I don’t buy they couldn’t get a real captain to do it if they manage to convince the crew to go along with it.

Yeah, the Tyler/Voq twist was probably even more unbelievable (though I’m holding out hope that the finale will explain why they needed a Klingon body instead of just going with the simpler Tyler brainwash idea). But the Captain MU Georgiou moment was still worse for me because it felt like a real jump the shark moment for the show on top of everything else, and for the first time made me really rethink whether this is a show built on characters and ideas, or just weekly gimmicks. I really am not sure.

It does feel like someone seems to think you can only get people to keep watching if you throw in a crazy plot twist every.single.week. If they wanted Georgiou on the ship, there would be nothing wrong with that but it defies credibility they would just hand her the ship knowing what she is and literally she’s litterally been in their universe less than a day, much less the ship. I would’ve been happy to see Saru lead the team and they go to the planet together finally united as a crew. Instead its just more unneeded character conflict to add to drama that wouldn’t be there if someone thought it through longer than three minutes. But this is what binge watching culture has done I guess.

But I’m hoping in season 2 they slow down with all these crazy turns. Its just isn’t necessary and it makes the show feels cheap instead.

The reason she was picked for this mission is because she’s the only one on board that (a) knows what the real mission is and (b) is willing to wipe out an entire planet. I personally was not a fan of the twist either but I’m confident that’s why she’s in charge.

I’m sure she has clear strategic value. But hopefully Sarek and Cornwell are the only ones who know what the “real” mission is, right? And that still does not fully explain why she needs to be “Captain.”

Just a theory @holden but I believe the plan is to destroy Qo’noS and I couldn’t really see Saru, Burnham et al going along with that. Sure, they could maybe have her just be on board in advisory/consultancy role but given that the majority of the crew think she is the MU Georgiou it wouldn’t play well for her to be subordinate to an acting Captain. Likewise Cornwell could command the mission herself but it’s one thing to give the order it’s something entirely different to get your hands dirty. However, we didn’t actually see all of the dialogue between the Federation and the Emperor so she might have leveraged the command of the ship by not yet revealing the specifics of how to destroy Qo’noS.

You could be right of course, I just hope it gives us a really strong reason for doing it because in a world where Section 31 exists, I’m pretty sure they could get the job done without trusting a psychopath to do it for them. But then again Section 31 trusted Khan to do their dirty work against the Klingons as well so there goes my argument lol.

Culber mentioned to Tyler that they had techniques for identifying brainwashing or a personality hidden beneath the real one. What they weren’t looking for was a fake personality overlaying the original person. Whether this distinction would really fool sophisticated medical scanners is debatable but it is a fictional procedure in a fictional universe so I guess they can say what they want.

Why are you still watching the show. You have obviously hated it from the get go judging from your ramblings in EVERY thread.

@Just saying: are you talking to Tiger2? His comments have been very thoughtful and reasonable. Above all, he’s a legit fan.

Thank you! I think thats someone who read a few of my posts he didn’t like and naturally assume I hate on the show when I spend just as much time defending it as I criticize it and in fact has not hated one single episode to date.

And I’m a person who doesn’t look at this stuff as black and white and its sad when others do. When a show does something great, I say it. When it does something bad (like in this instance) I say that too.

No tiger… you say and complain about the same things article after article.

Ya know, he’s got a point Tiger. What you don’t like outweighs what you do like about the show.

Captain Ransom, even if that was true, that’s not exactly a new angle on these boards lol. This is what we do, discuss what we like and don’t like. I’m not sure how this was lost on some people here but yeah. Its a message board, you got be stronger than this when discussing things. And I have defended the show as much as I criticized it. I have liked literally every episode this season and said so, but yes some have not been as great, as I felt this last episode wasn’t, ironically mostly due to the fact of how good I thought the last four were. I have given mostly praise to the last four episodes before this one. Seriously go look. Where were you then? I’m not sure what else can be said?

I can pull about 50 posts where I have told people to give the show a chance before and after it started and that I think the first season has been pretty good so far, even with my issues with it; some posts literally in the last week alone. I guess you miss those?

But if you expect me to be some ‘gusher’ and ignore what I think are some pretty deep flaws because I simply criticize what I don’t like, sorry, you will be disappointed. I’ve done the exact same thing with the Kelvin films as well. I like those too but had REAL issues with those just the same and pointed them out. I been here since 2011, nothing has changed in the way I discuss my view of Star Trek. And I have always said I think the show will improve over time as they all did so any issues I may have now I may not have later. But for now I’m here to discuss the show as a fan, not as a fanboy. There’s a difference. And it would be different if I attacked people for disagreeing with my views. I don’t do that, I discuss them so what’s the problem? And I’m pretty tame compared to some people here who actually hate the show.

No. He doesn’t have a point. Even if that were true (though I doubt it is), there’s no reason to engage in personal attacks towards a Star Trek fan who expresses some reservations about the new show.

What’s wrong with voicing your opinion? I gripe about what I don’t like, and I praise what I do. So whose keeping tabs?

Exactly. Its really weird. I’m saying what I like and what I don’t like. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that, especially since there are people here who are extremely negative on this show majority of the time and also repeat things but I’m being singled out for some reason.

Anyway, its the internet, you find all kinds of people on it I guess but it’s their issue to work out, not mine.

Yes holden, I am. “Legit fan” … uh huh. No, his rants are tedious and he says the same thing post after post. If he doesn’t like the show, he shouldn’t watch. And it’s obvious that he doesn’t like the show.

So tedious you read every one of them it seems. Here’s my advice, just ignore them. But I and others will keep discussing them as I have been throughout this thread. Its why I’m here. Good for you? Great.

Then stop whining and complaining. You say something that might be interesting or relevant but then you start dissing or complaining. Just stick to saying something useful. Dude, stop whining. Good for you? Great.

I don’t know who you are. You are the only one literally complaining about my posts here. Others are having an actual conversation with me. Not sure how I hit a nerve with someone I have never talked even to before but I’m going to keep posting as I been doing here for years now and you can, once again, just ignore it. Really that’s the only way this will work out for you. Trust me on this one.

I’m just tired of hearing the same complaints from you in every article that is posted.
So basically what your saying is that you will keep complaining about the exact same things in every upcoming article too. Yawn.

Yeah, I will keep expressing myself like everyone else here. Glad we got that straighten out. You are welcome not to read them though since you find them so boring. That will be best solution for you, trust me. Take it easy now!

Oh joy. More whining bitching and complaining. Maybe think of something new to say. Then again, if you are so unhappy with you show, you can choose not to watch.

You act like I’m the only one who has something negative to say lol. Look around. Its bizarre you are so obsessed with me. Anyway last time, I don’t know what to tell you but to just ignore my posts and move on. To show you how its done I’m just going to ignore yours from this point on. No hard feelings. Take it easy now.

Objectivity is what tptb look for on these threads. They like to read about the things they get wrong, as much as those things they get right.

Sorry, just saying . . . you sound like a jerk with a misguided personal agenda . . . just saying. You sound like someone who had a bad personal experience once and can’t get over it . . . just saying. You should find a new obsession . . . just saying. Or a new name. Don’t be offended. I’m just saying. So whatever.

What’s annoying about people like this is he doesn’t want to engage in a debate about why some of us have issues with it or even give me an argument why I’m wrong, he just wants everyone to say glowing things about a TV show he clearly loves. I have news for him, it doesn’t work that way, especially here.

Its basically comes down to ‘just shut up and enjoy the show as much as I do’. Maybe he’s new here I don’t know, don’t care, but when you try to censor people’s opinions because you don’t like hearing them, you’re only going to get the opposite reaction from people.

I’m still wondering whether she might not actually be in charge and it’s all theatre. There is an admiral who outranks her standing by, isn’t there?

If not, I wonder if the Burnham mutiny thing might come full circle — the crew will have to decide to believe her, or something.

The Georgiou moment was definitely the worst for this season. It was that moment that really made me seriously start to rethink the general obsession for twists that the show seems to be built on. But it’s no “Spock’s Brain” for starters.

I predict we won’t find out who the next Captain is until season two. A) because I suspect the cliffhanger will leave us somewhere in the middle of a dramatic action (like the big battle with the Klingons hasn’t taken place yet) and B) because they probably haven’t taken the time to negotiate with the actor, who will probably be a big name.

Enterprise will appear eventually. Its just too easy of a hook. Either it happens because the show is doing so well they can deliver on a great concept or the show stumbles and it becomes a “stunt cast” of sort.

Even if the Enterprise wasn’t the Enterprise, it would make sense to see it eventually just from the perspective of story telling within THIS show. Burnham’s brother serves on the ship, the type has been mentioned as the ship you’d want to get on for Command track, Pike has been listed as one of the all time greats, and Sarek’s son serves on it.

If all of that was true, but it was about an ship we’d never seen before, it would all seem like foreshadowing.

In the books, the enterprise has appeared already.

As for the rationalization, remember.. Starbase1 was captured by a tanker load of Klingons. Starbase 1’was also where most of starfleet command echelon got killed, making Cromwell the commander in chief of starfleet.

Regarding the high tech on Discovery if I compare it to Connie Enterprise.
Enterprise was launched in year 2245 if I am correct so more than 10 years before Discovery. Design of the Constitution class was initiated even more years ago I think around 2230. So when we compare Discovery and Enterprise we are comparing 2 ships that are more than 20 years away from each other when it comes to technology and design principles.

Predictions for the finale:

MU Georgiou will obviously trick Starfleet in some way. Her secret plan may even involve her switching sides and joining the Klingons.

Qo’nos will not be destroyed, at least not permanently/irreversibly. (Last week’s “mini Genesis device” bit may foreshadow what actually happens — and it may involve the next two predictions below too).

DSC’s showrunners/writers have said DSC won’t contradict established canon, and anything that currently seems to do that will eventually be explained. So there will probably be some big twist about the Klingons’ present appearance, another twist showing how they gained their more familiar appearance, and it will involve Tyler too.

There will be some kind of spore drive/spore network/time-travel angle.

The Discovery’s next captain will be a famous actor/actress.

You won’t see the Enterprise until the final episode of the final season.

I agree with most of your ideas, though I think the whole TOS Klingon look ship has sailed, just like Discovery’s never going to look like 60s Enterprise.

I’ve been thinking too that the next Captain will be a major star, which they might tease in the final shot. But most likely that won’t happen until season two.

Georgiou is not going to trick Starfleet she has been put in charge because she knows how to destroy Qo’noS and she’s the only person on board willing to do it. That’s the whole point of the story to draw parallels with current global politics. With their backs against the wall and facing annihilation Starfleet have abandoned their values and made a deal with the devil to save them. I’ve not seen the preview but if a planet was destroyed in it I’d put money on it being Qo’noS and this story being resolved by time travel. From a purely narrative point of view it makes sense for the shows big bad to be there at the very end and that is not Georgiou. I expect the crew to learn that Lorca orchestrated the Klingon war sabotaging probes on both sides of the neautral zone and the Discovery, using the mycelial network, will tavel back in time to the point that Lorca crossed over for a final showdown.

Predictions, predictions…

-I think the Emperor will want to massacre every last Klingon. Burnham will stop her. Voqler will be revealed to the Klingons. He’ll show them the true way to honor, something, something humans ain’t so bad, and the war ends.

-Hello, Captain Burnham. Or Captain Suru. Tilly is promoted. And Stamets decides to grow a beard… made of magic spores.

Burnham said something about her goodbye to Sarek feeling ‘final’.

I think that is because Sarek believes that Georgiou’s plan will lead to a lot of casualties.

Hadn’t figured on Burnham dying, but why not?

I’d be disappointed if they went with Burnham as Captain. Although from a story perspective, it would create strife between her and Saru. If they promote someone it would be Saru. He also told Michael she keeps taking from him. So if they decide to promote her over him, it creates drama. But its still stupid.

Although, if much of the fleet has been destroyed, it would certainly imply many of your best officers (current Captains, next in lines AND junior officers in command track) are dead. So you sort of have to go with what you’ve got. Could even explain Kirk’s fast rise (wasnt he the youngest Captain ever). Which is another reason Burnham cant be captain.

Sorry, TUP, I’ll be disappointed if she isn’t sent back to prison.

Phil you know thats not going to happen. The show IS about her and her redemption. Thats been the set up from day one. Its about as realistic as Discovery getting destroyed.

A few people said ‘no way’ when I picked Lorca to die, too. Nothing is sacred in the land of serialized storytelling.

Mirror Lorca will be in the finale when they travel back in time to the point that he passed over into the prime universe.

Yes but she is literally the star of the show. Jason Issacs was never billed the star and in FACT many people on reddit dubbed him as the actual villain once he was added to it. I don’t think they considered him being from the MU but since we know the captain wasn’t important here like the other shows and no one ever said how long he would stick around it was never a complete shock he would leave eventually.

I’m not saying that can’t happen to Martin-Greene but look at all the marketing. The entire show is literally built around her. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon, especially when it was made clear from day one the show was about the fall and rise of her character.

Oh it would be stupid, no doubt. Though I can’t dismiss the idea, because in the pilot it was made so clear it was ‘time for Burnham’s first command.’ I think that was either a setup for her arc throughout the series or, given the pace of this show, her arc for this season. I can’t decide which.

Probability that this is a fluff article: 100%.

Its an article for Star Trek nerds to speculate about since thats what we love doing as Star Trek nerds. Stop taking the internet so seriously, its a fan site I think a few dozen people bother to visit regularly. Just be happy they bother to make any articles beyond episode reviews and the latest rumors on the next film.

This. This kind of article is less about content and more about giving fans a chance to discuss things together.

I don’t get why people feel so offended about articles that are clearly made just for discussion? Isn’t that what do here most of the time? Clearly its working as people are discussing their own theories which have been insightful to read.

I just find it funny when people treat geek fan sites like its suppose to be the NYT. Its suppose to be fun, not everything is meant to be hard hitting news. And if you don’t like it, fine, don’t click on it. Problem solved.

It is because people tend to say the EXACT same thing with every new article. It is not a discussion, it is whining and complaining – and that becomes tiresome.

Well, I think speculating about a new episode isn’t the EXACT same thing, right?

We’re discussing ideas and theories about the next episode. How is that the EXACT same thing?

And if its so ‘tiresome’ why are you here again? And people seem to have various opinions, positive and negative from what I can see. Thats the discussion that I come for.

Uhhh all I’m reading is your complaints and rants. Not theorizing about tbe nect episode. You obviously don’t like the show, it’s writing, it’s story. So the question is, why ARE you watching it if you have so many issues about it. Go reread your rants. You complain about the same thing in every article.

Then you’re clearly not reading the entire thread. I like the show, which is why I’m here to discuss the good AND bad of it since I don’t think its perfect. Here is another shocker, I don’t think any Trek show is perfect but I enjoy them all anyway, even Enterprise! And you can certainly ignore my and other posts if you can’t handle the issues me and others are discussing here. Cool? Great. Take it easy now.

LOL. Oh the irony of someone complaining over and over again just about how they feel like someone else complains about the same thing over and over again.

Do you see me making the same complaints in every article? Don’t be a dick.

Tiger, have a drink and breathe slowly.

Because Trek is serious, godd**m it!

I don’t see anyone being “offended” at all. I do see you being triggered. Calm down, sweetie.

I mentioned nothing to indicate that I took the internet or any of you people “so seriously”. I am neither happy nor sad that “they” bother to write anything. Stop making so many assumptions.

But you seem offended it was written and why you called it ‘fluff’. I don’t see it that way, they are simply giving their predictions of what we will see and gave people a chance to make their own predictions. That creates discussion, one that is clearly working so its not fluff if its engaging people.

Tiger2, Calm yourself. Where do you get that I “seem offended”? Where exactly do you see that? Could it possibly be that it is YOU who is triggered because I had the audacity to post something you just don’t like? Could this be intolerance on your part? Can I make leaping assumptions just like you? Read some of these “predictions”, especially the later ones, they are fluff. Try not to be so triggered. I posted a very simple sentence.

Character predictions:

-Admiral Cromwell is really a Romulan spy sent to inflame the war between Starfleet and the Klingons.

-Cadet Tilly is secretly working for Section 31.

-Staments is really from the 25th century who got trapped in the past and trying to get back using the spore drive.

But honest, none of this would be a major shock at this point if was true. ;)

I actually kinda like your Cornwell idea, if only because I really hope there’s more going on to her reasoning behind the Georgiou decision than just the stupidity it currently suggests.

LOL thats true. It would actually make a modicum of sense why someone would make a decision this ridiculous, especially after knowing what the last MU fake captain tried to with the ship. Now she has a secret motive for handing it to yet another one.

I’m hoping that Sarek has a very careful plan that involves using Georgiou for a specific strategic purpose and contains a built in trap for when she tries to make her move. Heck, maybe her assumed betrayal is the plan. But that still doesn’t explain why they had to make her Captain.

@Holden They are drawing a parallel between a scared and desperate Starfleet being taken in by a xenophobic despot promising salvation from the foreign invaders and… well I don’t want to go there as I come on here to discuss Star Trek not politics but that’s clearly where they are going with this.

I hope not. Strong narrative logic would be more satisfying than shaky political allegories. Not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive.

L’Rell as a member of the crew would be pretty awesome. Beyond that I think now they’ve cleared the decks and junked most of Fuller’s ideas it could go pretty much anyway they wanted. Personally I’d love it if they went for an updated take on the old style 80s/90s touchy feely type stories. Many now denigrate them, but when well produced those shows were pulling in stellar ratings and reviews. They also need a new captain who has instant presence and authority. Nothing against the existing characters, but none of them fit that bill at the moment.

I really like your comment about the war making the Federation be reduced hence some of it looking less techie. Only problem with that is – as you stated – Pike’s Enterprise is active with Spock out there right now. That tech would exist before the war.

I’m a bit bummed we didn’t get some reference to “Empress Sato” in regards to the Defiant in the Mirror universe. Even a throwaway line by Georgiou saying she ascended by killing Sato. Would have *LOVED* that.

If they do use time travel, I think They’ll only go back 9 months, to the point where the vanished from the Prime Universe.

Though then they would have to deal with duplicates of themselves 9 months down the road.

It would be interesting if they could tie in whatever Discovery does on the Klingon homeworld with Praxis’ eventual destruction in the first few moments of The Undiscovered Country.

Assorted thoughts about the finale:

I somehow want to believe that the Prime version of Lorca will appear at some point while the MU Empress will die attempting to destroy Qo’noS.

I’m also wondering if a MU version of Culber will walk into Stamet’s life, perhaps as a POW who needs rehabilitation (just free-associating at this point…). Otherwise, the idea of Stamet’s becoming “one” with the mycelium network and joining Culber seems like an appropriate thing to happen as well. It would be a shame if Stamet’s doesn’t get some sort of reward for all he’s been put through this season.

I’d also like to have some sort of in-universe explanation to why the Klingons look so different in this show. I appreciate the time and effort made to give them a truly alien appearance. Perhaps there are other races who identify themselves as Klingons (subjugated from planets within the Klingon boarders perhaps) who would look more like the Klingons we’ve seen in the original series or movies. I know they gave an explanation in Enterprise for their varied “looks” but this continues to bother me.

A few thoughts…
Some super powerful supreme being is going to end the war. Entirely consistent with Trek canon.
Tilly dies. Burnham, in a fit of remorse heads off to a freighter instead of the fleet.
Evil Georgio gaining command is as big a brain fart as cadet to captain Kirk. Someone will off her, too – look for prime a**hole Lorca to reappear.
No on the Enterprise making a cameo.

As much as I hate to say it, they’ll also hit the reset button. After nuking Kronos backfires, they’ll figure out there’s one more jump left in the spore drive before the network is hopelessly compromised in the entire multi-verse, so Burnham will go back to the day before the Binary Stars battle with a iPad full of info on how sucky the last year has been for the Federation, and convince Georgio to fire first. No war, no mutiny, spore drive is permanently off line, mellow Lorca assumes command of Discovery, Burnham comes on as the XO, and off to exploring in season two!!

Wow. I like it. Kinda of like the “it was all just a dream” twist. . . Or was it?!?

As for the super powerful supreme beings, maybe the Pahvo residents are gearing for a comeback to restore order? They did disappear from the story suddenly. That would match events in TOS.

Yikes for Mr/my Captain Saru! Doug Jones signed on to What We Do In Shadows…

I don’t think thats a big deal. We don’t know any of the shooting schedules and it sounds like Discovery may not be shooting for a while if it doesn’t premiere until 2019.

I predict that if the ‘Previously on Discovery’ clips repeat Ash’s “I will always protect you” moment with Burnham, Ash dies saving her in the last ten minutes of the ep. This would then be followed by Burnham playing Ash’s ‘If you’re seeing this, I’m dead and here are some tear-jerker comments’ hologram.

I think the “tether” metaphor might come back here. It tracks with the opening credits.

I still have a bad feeling about the survival of Tyler beyond the finale. In the finale preview analysis article, the picture of Burnham hugging Tyler looked ominous. Like a *This is the last time I am going to see you* hug.

In unrelated news, Bryan Fuller has now exited Amazing Stories as well, according to Variety…

An ego clearly out of control. Trek dodged a bullet when he left.

LOL I read that the other day as well. What is going on with this guy? He started working on Discovery, American Gods and Amazing Stories all in the same year and now he’s not on any of them. I love Fuller as a writer and while I’m not completely excited of what he came up for Discovery he clearly did something different than the other shows that made it feel more original and unique. But I think his ego is getting in the way of his talents. Some things you just have to compromise on, especially in Hollywood. Oddly enough though I think thats why Roddenberry was constantly kicked off of Star Trek projects himself.

@FLB — yes he quit over creative differences, and wanting to take the show too dark. This seems to be a very interesting trend with him.

Since we are going to Qo’noS, maybe we’ll be seeing targs!

The episode title, “Will You Take My Hand,” appears to directly refer to the moment in the show’s title sequence where two spacesuited hands reach for each other.

I would go with “reset button”. This conclusion is based on the fact that in the MU we see ships and tech that look like the ones in the prime universe. And in the MU they had been influenced by a ship from the future (defiant) which presumably contributed to the look and design of the imperial starfleet ships, assuming a whole load of reverse engineering of defiant took place (and some modifications that led to the wire frame model looking, well, let’s say different). Logically the only way for the ships in the prime universe to look identical to those in the MU is if the prime universe had *also* been affected by a ship travelling back in time a hundred years to the 22nd century like the defiant did. My guess is that someone (likely Stamets) will figure out that the timeline has been screwed with (or maybe crewman Daniels will get a cameo?) and they’ll use the disco spore drive to go back and fix it. They blow up the future ship in the past and then go back to the present but oh no the Klingons look different and starfleet ships have a totally different aesthetic. The disco crew would be like “wtf” but we, the audience, would be like “ah, I see how they reconciled it with canon like the producers said they would!”. I’m asking Quark to place my bet of two strips of latinum on “reset button”.

I predict there to be a season 2.

Season 1 will end with the crew as slaves on rura pente and MU Georgiou as the leader of Klingons 24 unified houses.

Vulcan extremists was responsible for the sabotage of the probe relay in episode 1, wanting the Klingons to destroy the humans and end humans in their backyard, make Vulcan Glorious again motto.

Sarek will use red matter and time travel to prevent the Vulcan extremists from sabotaging the probe, preventing millions of lives lost and the battle of the binary stars from happening. Michael and Prime Georgiou will continue their missions on the USS Shenzou who will encounter MU Lorca later on the Discovery.

I think that show is in a parallel universe of it’s own. Yes it follow the prime timeline…in the sens that Spoke never return from the future. But at one point you will see something from the prime universe.

Kinda sounds like my headcanon; this is a version of the reboot movie timeline (that was originally supposed to diverge from Prime at 2233, but then they eventually admitted that they’d made it so different that such a claim made no sense & they retconned that it was always a parallel universe with more advanced tech), but where the Narada never appeared out of the “black hole” & thus the Kelvin wasn’t destroyed, meaning the narrative still follows the same overall path as the Prime timeline (at least so far, although it could diverge over time).

Although I still believe its the prime universe, I wouldn’t be shocked if they said it really took place in another one given nothing on this show feels like the prime universe outside of the look of a phaser or sound effects.

Maybe the Discovery will make a spore jump to 150 years in the future, the TNG-Voyager-DS9 and beyond era, thus sidestepping all of the continuity issues it has created (e.g,, why the Klingons look like sewer rats, why the tech is more TNG than TOS, why the uniforms look nothing like TOS era, etc. etc. etc.) and allowing for real expansion and exploration of the unknown in Trek.

I would LOVE this but sadly don’t see it happening. But again what is so funny about Discovery is if they told you everything we seen took place in the 25th century I doubt anyone would blink.

Thats why I actually give Enterprise more respect now because it really did feel like a show that was set in the 22nd century. Sure some things felt more advance and modernized as any show would being made later, but that universe felt like it belonged before Kirk’s time. Discovery doesn’t. It could be set post TNG and you wouldn’t miss a beat.

I would love it though if the ship went to other universes now that the spore drive has proven its possible. If you are not going to jump into another time then make it a multi-verse thing where you don’t have to rely on canon that much.

Messin with the format, I see…

No odds on regular Mirror Lorca reconstituting himself as a spore powered superhuman?

I’d put the probability of the Enterprise at 75%

I think Georgiou wants to destroy Qo’noS after a weakpoint is found and Burnham wants to prevent this because of the strong ideals of the federation. She overcomes her guilt and fights Georgiou, realizing she is not her known Captain anymore.

The real secret weapon at Qo’noS will be L’Rell, convincing the clans to stop the war to prevent the annihilation of their homeworld. She will let the dream of T’Kuvma and Voq come true, uniting the clans… :D

P.S.: Always remembering the end of Wing Commander III – Temblor bomb.

Another one: will the Discovery lose the ability to use the spore drive?

This will happen at some point, but will it happen now?

we are gonna find out admiral cornwell is not who she appears to be, my guess is she is voq/tyler 2.O check out her face to face meeting with L’rell in in the brig, anyone else uneasy about the look on L’rell face? something is up with the admiral.

I would like to speculate that thousands of “Doomday Machines” arrive from another galaxy and destroy both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. What is the over/under on that one?

It would be the greatest if the ‘Big E’ warped onto the scene to help Discovery save Earth. Pike, or Spock could be heard hailing the Disco. What a blast that would be.

I want to see a 90 minute season finale every season.

A big question I have is: Why did Sarek go to Vulcan? If we can answer that then we might know why the emperor is in command.

Prime really isn’t “prime” and there are more than just two Trek universes…. We have yet to see the TOS universe for real.