Check Out 8 New Photos From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Finale “Will You Take My Hand?

CBS has just released eight new images from this weekend’s season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Episode 15 is titled “Will You Take My Hand?” The episode features guest stars James Frain as Sarek and Michelle Yeoh as (Mirror) Philippa Georgiou.

Episode Description

With Georgiou at the helm of the plan to end the Klingon war once and for all, the U.S.S. Discovery crew struggles to fathom and tolerate her hostile tactics. Memories of past hardships are rekindled within Burnham.


Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou

Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

James Frain as Ambassador Sarek

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham and James Frain as Sarek

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

James Frain as Ambassador Sarek and Doug Jones as Saru

Behind-the-scenes coverage

Episode 15 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, February 11th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day, and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, February 12th at 8 am GMT.

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After season 1, I think it’s fair to name sarek ‘best dressed character in star trek’. The man has some serious style.

How bout Leather Lorca

Yeah, rowwwr. Too bad he was not a nice guy :^(

He seemed nice, he fooled Admiral Cornwall, Saru, the entire crew of Discovery, Federation, Klingons. Should have just wrote Lorca as imperfect perfect Prime Captain. Looking back the MU Lorca twist was not needed.

Considering Garek was a tailor I always found his fashion sense to be questionable.

IKR? Must be that Cardassian sense of style.

I know, he’s lucky he had a monopoly on tailor shops on DS9.

I seriously love the costume design on this show.
Glad they went with the Vulcan styles from the Abrams movies. Very neat lines, well-tailored. I can imagine a Vulcan tailor! Best-made suits in the freakin’ GALAXY, man.

Considering that the show looks and feels like it’s from the Abrams universe, why would you be surprised at the look of the fashion?

I also LOVE the costumes.

They should rename these “Check out these 8 new photo” sections…. “8 photos of characters looking concerned that tells you nothing about the plot, ever week”

Dunno about you, but I’m excited we get to see what looks like Starfleet Headquarters.

…I stand corrected, a bunch of the same looking shots + a spoiler that tells us they all end up home in the end.

Wow you’re right. It just hit me we haven’t seen Starfleet Headquarters on this show yet! Thats something to get excited for. I wonder will it look like something from the Kelvin films or something completely different?

Call me crazy, but, I’m actually fine with not knowing the plot BEFORE the show airs.

It would be nice to see nice nebulae or planet or maybe a starship or two instead of the same faces looking worried…that’s all

They cannot show the Enterprise before the finale airs! ;D

In episode 13, we saw the hair and uniform of Georgiou unconscious in the Emperors chair… and there were some other hints.

Yes, very serious. The one thing this show sorely lacks is levity (aside from Tilly). It would be fun if this show had a sense of humor about itself once in a while . . . especially given how absurd the plot can be at times.

The shot of Burnham and Sarek looks like it’s in a planetside Federation base … maybe even Starfleet Headquarters?

someone should edit all the sad death moments on discovery with this song;

Watch “Sam Smith – Stay With Me” on YouTube

I hate that song.

I love that song, and there’s a great satire of it too (which I sadly can’t find on YouTube at the moment.)

Thinking back to all the characters we lost, Captain Georgiou, Landry, Doctor C, Kol, Voq, MU Stamets, MU Landry, prison shuttlecraft pilot, Lorca shuttlecraft pilot, MU Kelpian slave, brig starfleet extra sucked into space, ISS Shenzou turbo lift captain, Say her name Ava brother, Say her name hostage dude blown up infront of agonizer, random ISS Charon crew, random ISS Shenzou crew, 80k plus at starbase 1, random federation ships, MU rebels, Fortune cookies, prime and MU Lorca. Raise a toast, to less death.

With the exception of the 7 main cast members, TOS didn’t seem to have a problem knocking off people left and right. Entire crews of starships, starbases, populations of cities, lots and lots of red shirts. The only difference here is that main characters aren’t safe, and that’s a much more contemporary writing style. “He’s dead, Jim” didn’t become a cliche for no reason.

Well thats the thing, Star Trek never had a problem killing off people, just the main cast members. This is what makes Discovery a bit more interesting is that anyone (in theory) can die at any time. I hated Lorca and Culber were killed but they can always be replaced.

So Tilly’s sticking with her MU look? So much the better.


maybe MU Georgio located MU Tilly aka Killy

She looks good with straight blonde hair [like every other freakin’ white actress in Hollywood], but I prefer her curly red natural locks. Three cheers for variety!

I just realized that this is the first Star Trek series not to feature any drop-dead gorgeous, tightly-clad female characters. I think that’s a GOOD thing. Too often, Star Trek has pushed sex appeal as a characteristic.

As much as I like tightly clad females I would say yes, that is a good thing.

Maybe the best part of the studio mandate to add the “sexier” Jeri Ryan was how the writers threw a middle finger to the studio and made her a better character than anyone else on the show, and went out of their way to keep her covered up, and made her character uninterested in romance or sex.

Best character on vOY by miles (granted that doesn’t say much).

I completely agree. It was also helped by the fact Jeri Ryan could actually act

big boobs in space was nice too

I hear Kate Upton is in talks for Season 2 as CMO 😁

Thankfully, they probably learned from the STiD Carol Marcus disaster (though there are no shortage of drop dead gorgeous women on Disco!).

By the very second episode of TNG in the Naked Now they got Denise Crosby to strip into a really skimpy outfit (as gratuitous as the Alice Eve scene) in the “fully functional” scene. Enterprise took it to the next level. VOY had 7 of 9. TOS had its exploitation issues in terms of female dress codes.

I’m glad DSC hasnt had to showcase any of it’s regular female characters in this way. Mary Chieffo was covered in prosthetics for her scenes. We’ve got the strip club scene coming in the finale, although it looks like guys and gals get equal treatment. I was glad for the mirror universe arc we didn’t see any midriff uniforms, would have made it totally campy.

I do wish that just one cable or streaming show would spare us the now-obligatory strip club/sex club scene. Ugh.

Well that definitely confirms this show takes place in a different universe from TOS. ;D

This show is set in the main universe, and is a soft reboot (visually) of Star Trek: The Original Series (since there’s no way the 1966 visuals/sets/costumes would work now.) The showrunners just don’t want Burnham, Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh’s beautiful as a fifty-something lady, but might not want to be scantily clad now), Tilly et. al to be in skimpy stuff (all that we see is a little glimpse of Burnham’s bare soles, I noticed, in the pilot episode.) But the thing is, sex is where Star Trek got its start (The Cage is about how the Talosians want to get Vina into Pike’s pants so that they can raise a new race of beings to repopulate the planet and make it habitable again), and I don’t know why people are so prudish about sexuality in the franchise, female or male.

“Since there’s no way the 1966 visuals/sets/costumes would work now.”

People repeat this ad nauseam, as if it is orthodoxy, but has this ever been proven? I don’t mean 1:1 replicas like the TOS fan films or a replication of bubble gum buttons, but capturing the essence of the design ethos and aesthetic, which is, simple, smooth, elegant, hidden – just as we can expect future technology and design to be! That is why the design of 2001 still appears so timeless, 50 years on.

Now, John Eaves’ clutter orgies in contrast reek of 1970s Star Wars aesthetic. They did when he first created the E-E 20 years ago, and they still do.

What you’re referring to (a more closely matched retconned update to the original visual style) is not what people are saying won’t work.

What you’re saying could work, it’s just not what they did and I thank them for not doing it. While I appreciate what TOS means to history, the franchise, and pop culture, I always hated the look of it.

Btw, the reason why things like 2001 and Star Wars have a more timeless look is that they were designed with movie budgets. Though I still say they aren’t as timeless as people think. They still look and feel very dated, they just Hold up because there was a lot more quality and detail in the design and builds.

It’s why the ship designs in Trek usually hold up, but little else does; they tend to spend a lot more time and money on the ships (and rightfully so).

I think the problem with some of Eaves’ designs (and I don’t dislike all of his work, just think the ‘klingon K’Tinga hull plating’ look he brought to the Federation starting with the E-E and INSURRECTION was out of place), is that it flies in the face of what Joe Jennings had to say about TREK ship exteriors.

Jennings was an art director for some of the original series and was the initial production designer on TMP when it was still PHASE II for TV before being ousted, and then came back and did great job with no money on TWOK, and his remark about this subject in FILMFAX was something like, “STAR TREK is the Chris-Craft of science fiction.”

The smooth beauty lines is an aesthetic of its own, one that may have owed to limitations on TOS, but has its own beauty, and suggests its own tech. Maybe you’d have to dive all the way down to the hull before you saw the texture that wove that hull together, but the smooth and the way it takes light is part & parcel of that original starship design, and very few successors outside of TMP have really taken that to heart and with any degree of success.

By the way, the original STAR WARS modelwork was done very much on the cheap; I think it was less than 5% of the actual visual effects budget of 2.8 to 3 mil, which itself is only about 30% of the film’s total cost. By way of comparison, 6.5 out of 10.5 mil of 2001’s budget went to FX, and that was all in the UK where the money went a lot further, especially a decade earlier. An effects guy on 2010, made a quarter century after the original, estimated 2001 would have cost 96 mil to do in 1984. then again the proof is in the pudding, since 2001 still looks both more credible and more beautiful than most shows that followed it.

I agree with your perspective. I also believe what you’ve touched on is something that dives much deeper into zeitgeist than many consider.

TOS was unmistakably influenced heavily by Mid-Century Modern design philosophies of the 20th century. Those philosophies were buttressed by an essential belief in the ability of science and technology to refine and better humanity’s existence.

That was part of Roddenberry’s foundation of the show as well, where conquering relativity of all kinds — faster-than-light travel, transporters, replicators — aided cooperation and peace on Earth. Those precepts allowed humanity to turn its focus outward. When you see those design nods toward Eames, Saarinen, Nelson and others on TOS, you’re looking at a manifestation of a streamlined and essential modernism, a faith the future can be brighter by putting tribalism and superstition behind us.

Can we still say as much?

Kevin Lee,

Very impressive post, sir.
But … going by the following, the answer to your query is ‘no.’

Sorry… but as much as I liked to see the Defiant in ‘In a Mirror, Darkly’ it seemed well out of place and… yeah, I guess the right word is Trashy.

It certainly doesn’t work, a future design is User Fashioned… elegant, yes but ultimately very functional and very customizable and most certainly not “Hidden”…
I liked the idea of Enterprise for a more primitive, contemporary approach but 100 Years after that, Flat Screens, Holo Screens and Digital Stuff is far more Aesthetic and “Futuristic”.

@SelorKiith There’s this old saying that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So showing something you cannot explain how it fits together, without seams and bolts makes alot of sense. If you don’t believe that, have you checked your smartphone? Does it have alot of obviously visible functional components and hardware customizability?
Designing fictional starships solely based on our current level of understanding spaceship technology and calling that “realistic” just proves one thing: a lack of imagination.

“Any sufficient enough advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke

Clarke’s Third Law can be used as a premise and orientation for what you wrote, “…the essence of the design ethos and aesthetic, which is, simple, smooth, elegant, hidden…”

Simon: No one is being prudish. Nice job entirely missing the point of the discussion.

LOL it was a joke. And I don’t think they are being prudish. We did get our first nipple in Star Trek on this show. Yeah it was a Klingon nipple but it still counts. ;)

Anyone else notice the older style UFP logo on that glass panel?

Now I have! ;)

That’s one bit of continuity I could have done without – at least the literal “UFP” text inside the logo makes no sense, apart from marking the Federation as (English-speaking) “homo sapiens club” it is being called out in 40 years’ time.

I know that goes even doubly for the Star Fleet Command Logo but at least that one has the excuse of being based on Earth Starfleet. The later Federation logos sans text were just fine.

Or maybe because they are on Earth the logo is in English? Maybe it might be a different language somewhere else? I’m not trying to give you a hard time I’m just throwing out it could be different on other planets. Its not far fetched, especially if she is back on Earth in San Francisco.

Well we all know the real reason it is another half-cooked TOS legacy (including this thing which they fortunately did not replicate:comment image) but if they feel they have to redesign the TOS universe anyway, they could as well eliminate some of the more illogical parts such as the ubiquitous English on official logos (at least they did have non-human members of Starfleet Command in the last episode)

I get you don’t like the logo because it has English on it and yes its a valid point, I agree. BUT have we ever seen it on non-Earth worlds? Its a real question, I really can’t remember. If not then I think its fine that the logo is in English if its mostly Earth based when its shown.

And yeah we know in TOS they didn’t really over think this stuff that much but it was a different time (and a mostly American audience).

I understand your explanation, of course added signage and text labels should always be in the language of the planet/country. I was just referring to the text *inside* the logo, which makes it a part of it.

It would be interesting to see Federation or Starfleet facilities on other planets than Earth (or Earth colonies), this has been done far too rarely. Here’s a chance for discovery!

Fair enough! And I would like to see it in other languages too for the record.

I think the logo is a very interesting hybrid design, merging very first Federation logo seen in TMP with the more compact layout of later designs and the UFP pennant seen in some TOS episodes.

So judging by the photos at what appears to be Starfleet Command, the season will end with the war being over and Burnham will have her life sentence wiped away and have her commission reinstated at the rank of Ensign and assigned to Discovery.

Final scene will be a mushroom sprouting from Tilly’s shoulder and then fade to black. :)

Also Lorca’s tribble will be finally found hiding in Burnham’s Marge Simpson ‘do when he is key to demasking the reemerging Voq (TWIST!) in Tyler during a private tête-à-tête of the two lovebirds!

But Saru will get the life sentence responsible as first officer for not noticing Lorca was an enemy and as captain for Stamets’ overshooting by 9 months that’s why they almost loose the war. Burnham will become captain, “always taking everything away from him what he loves” because of his sheer incompetence… No, I don’t think ;)

Not a mushroom. She’ll go crazy like McCoy did in ST:TSFS. The green thing was Culber’s katra.

Yeah Sarek, he’s pretty much always been a prancing pouty clothes horse. Oh wait …

DISCO TREK – the writing makes no sense … but the outfits are FA-BU-LOUS! #LiveLongAndVogue

Oh shut up and say something intelligent for once.

Or better yet: don’t say anything at all.

That’s so witty that y’all must be a writer for Star Trek Discovery.

Grow up.

If you cannot explain why you don’t like DISCO in an adult, mature way and you have to resort to being rude to other people on this forum, then get out of here and grow up.

Nobody is interested in your puerile nonsense.

Honest Question: When you hate the show so much… why do you keep clicking on OBVIOUS links getting you to stuff you’ll already hated before you even knew it existed?
That’s quite confusing…

was hoping for a photo of the enterprise

Now WHY would anyone would have to change anything about this beauty? I hope they will keep this as far away from Eaves’ evil clutches as possible! :P

The title “Will you take my hand?” could be a reference to Burnham offering Georgiou a new life which she won’t accept. They certainly end up fighting over the destruction of Qo’noS.

And I think it’s a phrase for a cooperation with L’Rell, who could negotiate a peace to prevent the destruction of the homeworld.

And it could mean the offer of L’Rell to the clans to follow her, making the dream of T’Kuvma and Voq come true.

“The title “Will you take my hand?” could be a reference to Burnham offering Georgiou a new life which she won’t accept. They certainly end up fighting over the destruction of Qo’noS.”

This would be interesting, and kind of refuting the idea that someone socialized in an evil empire can be redeemed when transplanted in a peaceful environment. Nature wins?

And here I was thinking ‘will you take my hand’ was a reference to the first Vader/Luke duel in EMPIRE.

Also, notice the hands in the opening sequence.

Burnham and Georgiou will fight near a cliff and when part of it gives way leaving Georgiou hanging, Burnham will offer her hand. Evil Georgiou will reject it by trying to pull Michael over the edge leaving her no choice but to kick her in the face while saying “I… have had… enough of… YOU!”

Saru SERIOUSLY needs a chair for tall persons. Put a little step by it for puny humans ;^)

The captain’s chair should be pre-programmed to adjust the height for the person. Surely they have that technology by TOS timeline

As it’s already been announced that the season will end by coming in to line with canon. I wonder if this episode will explain why TOS Klingons look unlike other era ones? Could “winning the war at any cost” involve infecting the Klingons in such a way that it alters their appearance?

I believe they said by SERIES end, not season end.


Re: they said by SERIES end

Not unless you believe the series will end at season 2.

“STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Showrunner Dismisses Post-VOYAGER Setting – Says S2 Will Reconcile Canon”:

“We have ten years until The Original Series comes into play. It is a challenge creatively because we have lots of choices, in terms of how do we reconcile this [Spore] drive? This surrogate daughter of Sarek? How do we reconcile these things the closer we get to The Original Series? That’s going to be a big discussion that we have in season two.” — Aaron Harberts, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY co-showrunner

I will believe that when I see it. First of all, such a thing would preclude the showrunners seeing the end of series approaching with enough time to tie up the curious canonical misfits that seem to multiply with every episode. If the show is unceremoniously terminated, that might be difficult.

I think they said in season two we will see it fit better into canon but in all honesty that could mean almost anything. And I don’t think they mean the Klingons specifically. They made it clear before the show started some of the aliens will look different because they wanted a different approach. Some people thought they would at least make an in-universe explanation but that didn’t happen. And no one on Starfleet reacts to them any differently meaning for them they are suppose to look like the same Klingons we always known.

Counting down the minutes until the shattering finale. Annalee Newitz has a perceptive piece up at Ars Technica, detailing how muddled and insipid the second half of Disco Trek has been, what with the Klingducken and the Mirror Who Cares.

I’m counting down the minutes that I can have a break for a few months or a year even from the insipid polarization! This has all been so draining. This is certainly not what a Trek show should be! Where’s the fun and the light-hearted attitude?

At the peak of the Cold War and during the heat of the civil rights movement, TOS managed to be joyful and thoughtful *without* telling half of the country in the face what fascist a$$holes they are.

I thought the season was plenty fun! Haven’t had a smile on my face this wide every Sunday night dive the Simpsons was in its prime.

Oh and this is a new brand of Star Trek. It’s different. Get used to it.

People had the same complaints about DS9. I recall the debates about how Section 31 was a bastardization of everything Trek stands for. The Dominion war was too serious and not Gene’s Vision. That it was too dark, too religious, that it wasn’t fun enough!

Funny in retrospect.

Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of problems with this show, but not enough to offset all my excitement for it. And not enough to override my objectivity.

“People had the same complaints about DS9.”

People? Oh yeah, that was me! :D

My main problem is that there is nothing “new” about this development. It was the same complaints because it was exactly the same “revolutionary”, unnecessary changes to what made Trek a beacon of hope, a smart inspiration for the next generation, a family show. It’s been going in one and exactly one direction since 1994: more serialization, more darkness, more action, more ultraviolence. And arguably two decades ago, DS9 did the whole “serialized war arc” much better than what they have delivered here.

Make no mistake: if this was not a Star Trek show, I would have quit after the pilot, as for any other “politicized violent scifi show” out there. There are so many. Discovery had the chance to stand out among this. Well, they still have for season 2. Just not holding my breath.

There’s an idea I like though: make a second Trek show that airs during the break time of Discovery every year. Completely separate team, separate time and setting, do everything opposite from Discovery. No, that’s not “The Orville”. That’s too much cardboard and lightheadedness even for my taste!

People who follow a brand name never made any sense to me.

Make no mistake: if this show didn’t entertain me, I’d have stopped watching after a few episodes, Trek name or not. I hate TOS, and never watch it. I hate several of the movies, never watch them, I hate loads of episodes through the years and routinely skip them when rewatching the various shows.

I am no less forgiving no matter the brand name, this goes for Trek or any other beloved franchise favorite.

As for a second show, I wouldn’t mind one that is slightly different, more of a romp, a bit lighter, but “everything the opposite” sure sounds like you hate Discovery, in which case I have to question why you are still watching.

I think doing everything the opposite would mean creating a pretty awful, bland, retread of a show. There’s still many aspects that are well done even if it doesn’t all come together as a show you enjoy.

If you want more of the same go watch old episodes. If you want a fun romp, there’s plenty of that on TV too. It’s funny to see some say that DSC is just more of what’s already on TV, because what those same fans seem to want is more of what’s already on TV, and been done to death, just different than what we got.

Which is fine: if you really want a fun, lighthearted Trek that’s plenty valid, but let’s not pretend that would be unique, different, and cutting edge; there are other shows now and in the past that will scratch that itch for you.

It strikes me that hardcore Trek fans have in their heads a very narrow definition of what Trek is, and the real issue is that it is different for each fan. That’s why I think the producers of DSC were very smart to ignore what fans said and just did what they felt was right.

You don’t see that a lot these days from major studios, who seem to simply cave to the internet complainers, to disastrous results (see: DC movies, Star Wars, Aliens).

You misunderstand, it is not about something as superficial as brand name but rather the opposite, following the core of Star Trek. I couldn’t care less what it is called as long as the recipe is right. The train is moving in the opposite direction though: slapping the Star Trek label on something very generic “dark scifi”. Just because there are Klingons (who don’t look like Klingons) and phasers doesn’t mean it’s Trek. This is a gripe you can read all over the internet outside of this rather less critical community.

As it is well-known that post-TOS first seasons are a disaster (well, *I* did like TNG season 1…), giving this show a chance is the least I can do though. Bitching about something I haven’t watched, that would be hypocritical. However, only because I have so much respect for the 50 year legacy would I suffer through some of the bigger insults these inept showrunners have cooked up for their audience (or rather, the people they didn’t like to include).

There are some aspects that are well-done, agreed. It’s not like this show is not salvageable, even keeping all the characters. The problem is not what’s in front of the camera, but who is behind it!

SanFranDisco… Thank you, sooooo much, for saying that!

The last scene will be Captain Pike’s Big-E coming into the frame and Number One beaming in to become Disco’s new captain.

They promised to tie up all of the loose canon ends by the end of season 1 and make everything make sense within the universe we know and align correctly with history. So unless they flick a reset switch in the upcoming episode they have outright lied.

The fact that one of the writers? directors? (I can dig the quote out if needed) has quoted that they will still be wrestling with the spore drive throughout season 2.

Both cant be possible.

I am pretty sure the producers said the canon issues will be resolved at the end of the SERIES, not the season.


Right now, what would serve Discovery immensely is an extended-length season finale, with a 90 minute run time. Although I doubt the show-runners will make it that way.
I think it would be great if every season promised a 90 minute season finale wrap-up.

Would LOVE that! Let’s hope its at least a full hour though.

That picture of Burnham looking thoughtfully at the glas with the engraved Federation emblem – perhaps she will be facing a similar conundrum as Sisko in “In the Pale Moonlight”? (Is it right to do something that betrays every value the Federation stands for, if this seems to be the only way to save everyone’s asses, and thus those very values?)