Cast And Crew Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season One Finale + Watch New Clip

Cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery have been doing some interviews that have appeared online today. We have highlights from those and a new clip from Sunday’s season one finale below.

New Clip: L’Rell v Emperor

Here is a new clip (via NY Post) featuring Emperor Georgiou and L’Rell from episode 15 “Will You Take My Hand?”

Tyler has a big choice to make for the finale

Speaking to the New York Post, co-showrunner Aaron Harberts spoke about Tyler in the finale:

“Tyler makes a pretty big choice during the finale that makes sense for where he’s at…”

Tilly will be integral to finale

Speaking to the official Star Trek site, actress Mary Wiseman said this about the finale:

Well, we are going to have to deal with this war that we have just phased back into, what is it, nine months later? So, we have to figure out what we’re going to do, because we’re losing and we have to do some really creative thinking to try to push through this. Tilly will be integral to that, and she’ll get to put her theoretical physicist/theoretical engineer hat on and help figure that out.

Burnham and Georgiou’s role reversal in the finale

Michelle Yeoh spoke about the relationship with the Emperor and Michal Burnham (via IndieWire)

“I think I see it almost like a role reversal right now, with Captain Phillipa Georgiou to Michael Burnham at the beginning where she was trying to instill humanity with Michael Burnham, and help her to think and believe that it is okay to feel emotions and be human. Captain Phillipa was the one who was teaching Michael Burnham. But now, it seems that Michael Burnham is the one who needs to help Emperor Georgiou find her humanity. You see her softening when she was fighting next to Michael Burnham — she feels like her daughter was there. So, I think this bond is never gonna go away from the two of them, and it will be interesting if in the future journeys, they can help each other find that again.”

Having fun on the Klingon homeworld in the finale

Yeoh also talked to Syfy about the finale, saying:

We’re going to KRONOS. [laughs] I’m so looking forward to it, because when we filmed that, we had a lot of fun. But it’s an important part of the story, but you’ll have to wait and see. It’s coming soon!

Season 2 will embrace the light

Aaron Harberts on season 2 (via NY Post):

“This was a show about war and has been a dark, dark tunnel and you have to go through the darkness to get to the light. ‘Star Trek’ ultimately is a show about hope, optimism, peace … It’s that spirit that we will be taking into Season 2.”

Tyler’s return in season 2?

Speaking to Verge, Aaron Harberts hinted that Shazad Latif will be back next season.

“Ash Tyler is still caught between two worlds. He’s had to put a lot of that aside, because there was a war to win. He’s going to have a lot to unpack when this conflict is over. As writers, we find his story super-compelling, and it would be a shame, just when we’re getting started, to stop now.”

Sculpture finale clue

Harberts also tweeted out a photo of a piece of classical-styled sculpture, and later noted that the title of said sculpture (which he did not reveal) is a spoiler for the season finale. He promised to reveal all after the finale on Sunday and tweet out behind the scenes pictures as well.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE if you want to see the title of the sculpture.

The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, February 11th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day, and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, February 12th at 8 am GMT.

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sculpture looks like trelane/q

“We accept full responsibility for taking an important era in Federation-Klingon relations, and downgrading it to the backdrop of a pointless yarn about the cornball Mirror Level w/ Lorca Boss. We came to realize, too late, that the Mirror Level has precious little in the way of sociological profundity. By focusing so much on the hackneyed Mirror, we (in effect) cheapened and sullied the integrity of the prime universe. We’re sorry for everything we’ve done and we hope to remedy it soon.” – Alternate Aaron P. Harberts

If you go beyond the funky ‘splosions and read the subtext of the show, they also effectively denied the legitimacy of a diversity of command styles and opinions (“j/k, alpha male leaders are just mirror fascists!”), called male rape a fiction (“j/k, Voq and L’Rell were doing it completely consentual!”) and made fun of PTSD victims in not one but two cases (“j/k, they were just lieing impostors!”), which is all pretty much damning.

Not an impressive record for this self-proclaimed “diverse and socially progressive” show.

You are trying too hard to find a problem. Reminds me of conspiracy-theory-loving Trump fans with their tinfoil, er, Make America Great Again Hats. Sad!

Dude, I’m not trying to find a problem, I (and many other people) *have* a problem with how this show is sacrificing the integrity of its characters, plots and messages for the sake of twists, and I’m pointing it out in hope for a major course correction in season 2!

What I listed is not even the complete list for just this one season. So for example, those many people around the internet who call Culbert’s death “bury your gays” are also conspiracy-loving trumpists then? Sad!

I think the writers are just very good at undermining their own messages by wanting to be GoT *and* “socially progressive” at the same time, starting with killing off the fantastic Captain Georgiou in the pilot.

Here I agree with Vulcan Soul— the PTSD was handled better in just about any other film ever. It’s almost a travesty.

I’m still positive about the show overall, but the PTSD stuff is a good example of how the show can sacrifice character development for plot gimmicks.

yes, I think they blew it on Lorca, here we had one of the best characters ever dealing with ptsd with the loss of his crew who turned out to be just someone from the MU.

I still can’t understand why they felt the need to Go Gross and show Voq getting torturous surgery, when it seemed all L’Rell had to do was transfer Voq’s consciousness into Ash’s brain. Voq, violated by the separation from his own body identity, and Ash, his mind violated by the overlay of another vastly different mind and identity upon *his*. Now that would’ve been quite valid (given a “mind transfer” premise) AND a way to explore rape trauma and PTSD.

But the fancy dancin’ with a completely illogical “body exchange WITH a mind transfer” (whut) invalidated it in a whole twisty but rully gross way (ooh look blood ‘n guts).

And if L’Rell loved Voq so much why’d she do such awful surgery without anaesthetics? Is that a Klingon thing?

If someone can tell me please do, bc it makes NO sense to me, unless they just wanted to show blood guts ‘n screamin’. In which case, a sarcastic “way to go all GoT, folks.”

Given all that, Latif still did a great job.

I think those flashbacks are from Tylers interpretation of what was happening in reconstructing Tylers conciousness ontop of Voqs mind. The actual operation may have been very clean.

@Marja About that, I think you hit the nail on the head – they just wanted to show bloods guts ‘n screamin’ (plus a little Klingon T&A) to appeal to the GoT crowd ;-)

Definitely, Marja. Even if we accept the visceral aspects of the procedure as easy drama, it lessens the sympathy for Tyler/Not Tyler (as someone who might not even exist) and suggests an impossibility in terms of Voq’s physical survival.

Yeah it was such a WEIRD way to erase Voq since they made such a big deal about the character and then he just ‘dies’ in someone else’s body (oh wait its really his body just made to look like someone else). Maybe the character is not completely wiped from Tyler like L’Rell did some back door thing to keep him there but it sadly made the Tyler angle a less stronger one with the loss of the PTSD angle.

A bit off topic but its amazing how much everyone is agreeing with each other lol. This oddly the least argumentative thread I been in since the show has started. And I think it proves the producers probably went the wrong direction for some of these characters.

But hopefully they will take notice and make changes next season.

@Tiger2 One slightly out there theory I have about Tyler is that in order to help unify the Klingons and create peace he’ll sacrifice himself not by dying but by being surgically altered to look like Voq again. I’d rate the chances of this particular conjecture actually bearing fruit as being slim but I’ll put it out there nonetheless.

@Corinthian7 I read an interview where the actor said Tyler will make a big decision in the finale so it could be something that changes the character in a big way. It may not be that but with this show considering how crazy they have gone that idea doesn’t seem any crazier at this point.

@Tiger2: “A bit off topic but its amazing how much everyone is agreeing with each other lol. This oddly the least argumentative thread I been in since the show has started.” Yeah, and ironically, its been around a *specific* criticism of the show. I’m surprised no one’s jumped in yet to call us all haters!

LOL true Holden! Whats funny is everyone in this thread actually supports the show. Somethoughts seem like one of the most supportive reading his posts over the last few episodes and yet he/she is highly critical of some of their decisions, especially this one. This is how it should work, like what you like but don’t ignore the problems, if you truly feel there are some. Its just not black and white, especially when it comes to entertainment. I like Discovery is taking chances the other shows didn’t but it can be executed WAY better IMO.

Yeah just so unnecessary Marja. It felt like they wanted to show gore for gore sake. Very dumb plot.

Yes, we love Discovery but like anything we like to discuss how xyz can be better

Sadly agree and why I was hoping the Voq theory was wrong since it undermined the development of Ash. I really wish they didn’t go that direction.

If Ash was just Ash and Lorca just Lorca, the show would have still been awesome. They can still go MU and show us MU Lorca then and have Prime Lorca outwit MU Lorca in a double dose of Isaacs. Michael helps Ash with his PTSD and heal through love.

Exactly! I liked Lorca being from the MU angle but it would’ve been fine if he was just a guy from the PU as well. And I think they were so busy trying to shock and awe us with all these twists they didn’t seem to realize they actually had some pretty good characters on their own. I’m actually hoping in the finale there is no more crazy character turns like we find out someone is a Section 31 operative. Its going to feel like way too much at this point.

yes, agreed!

I find your criticism of the show’s willingness to sacrifice character integrity and coherent themes for the sake of plot twists to be entirely valid. Why you would cheapen that criticism by attempting to tie it to the political philosophies of the show’s producers, though, is beyond me.

Because these producers have made it amply clear what their ideology is and they have stated and proven their purpose of instrumentalizing the show for this purpose. After 14 episodes and endless interviews, that much should be clear. It is the reason WHY they sacrifice integrity. Characters and plot are just a function of their desire to “make points” – to whom exactly? They are preaching to the choir, and don’t convince anyone else with it. That makes it nothing but virtue-signaling.

Have you not read the interview with Isaacs and them how that incendiary speech by “fascist Lorca” in episode 13 came about? You are just not seeing it because you do not feel offended. This was not about the Roman Empire or the Third Reich. If you were being called a genocidal fascist and murderer for being in favor of borders, controlled immigration and the rule of law, after being called a blood-thirsty cannibalist warmongerer for being in favor of peaceful non-interference, if not isolationism, then you would be angry as well how your favorite science fiction has been turned into such a divisive and vile vehicle of partisan propaganda.

You realize you’re talking about a president who has defended skinheads right? And whose followers have had multiple instances of killing random people for little to no reason?

”Because these producers have made it amply clear what their ideology is and they have stated and proven their purpose of instrumentalizing the show for this purpose.”

Good thing you never attended any of Gene Roddenberry’s college lectures during the Seventies. I can guarantee you would have been mortally offended by everything he had to say about late-stage capitalism and idiotic warmongering governments (including his own), and would no doubt have rightfully concluded that TOS’ failure was the direct result of his progressivism.

Honestly I agree with some of Vulcan Soul’s criticisms of the show but I ignore all the alt right and SJW posts. He’s clearly taking the show’s liberal stance WAY too personally. And that’s his right but this is the show. Its Star Trek, and as you well pointed out its always been a liberal show from TOS through Enterprise. The show isn’t out to get anyone, its simply following the same philosophy they all followed and adding contemporary issues to its themes. No one should be taking it this personally.

yes, they shouldnt follow the GoT model and go off killing characters because its twitter cool. Series would have been fantastic with Georgiou and Michael with vulcan hair who Georgiou will try to make human again. Delete the Klingon bullshit and dont kill off the Dr, I enjoyed Stamets and the Dr. Keep Lorca as Prime with PTSD and wanting to redeem himself

The only fans with problems that I can see are yourself and that dreadfully immature Chatterjee.

This is the innate problem with self professed diversitists, they eventually show their hypocrisy and hubris.

Yea, as opposed to the fervent practitioners of all other ideologies, left and right. Oh, I’m sorry– you were being serious?

I guess what Im saying is I was raised to see everyone as a viable individual on their own merits and to just live that way, not to cherry pick diversity based on PC or to be all activist about it. I tend to observe (not always but more frequently than not) that people who speak ad nauseum about diversity are the least diverse in their practice. Just as those who demand tolerance seem to be the least tolerant.

Oh really, that’s your personal observation–that people who speak about valuing diversity are the least inclined to practice it? Care to offer any relevant examples? ‘Cause I call bull$hit.

Here’s my observation: those who pretend to lionize MLK for his desire for a truly color-blind society that judged people strictly by the content of their character were the first to call him a Communist rabble-rouser, or worse, back when his opinions really mattered.

Yeah it is my personal observation, you can call it anything ya like, your certainly entitled to your opinion, however you dont know me or how I view or live my life yet you just called me out as being full of it? LOL so there ya have it making my point… as for your MLK comments…yeah some did and some didnt, He was a human being just like the rest of us wasnt he.

Well, put it this way–I know you personally as well as you know the Discovery producers, whom you’re nevertheless perfectly prepared to condemn for their PC insincerity as well as their “hypocrisy and hubris.” Project, much?

As for MLK, yes, we’ve definitely established that he’s human as opposed to, say, Klingon. That being stipulated, what’s your point?

MLK was a human being, yes, fighting a very different set of struggles his whole life than I suspect you have to deal with, and giving his life for it. The problem with saying that MLK wanted a colorblind society or was just human like the rest of us, is that it re-oppresses what he fought for in the name of false equivalence. There is an ideal to strive for . . . a reality to deal with.

Michael, we can’t say the producers of this show haven’t had it coming. Open your eyes. They are the ones who had to politicize every tiny part of the show (with willing help by actors like Isaacs, who probably wouldnt even have joined the cast if not for the opportunity to give his skewed Trump impersonation), including such trivial stuff like the “defiant” hairstyles of the lead actresses. They sowed division and now they are surprised they are facing backslash. They should have known they are not convincing anyone with their crude sledgehammer metaphors (“Aliens spilling over our borders!”), on the contrary, they are driving everyone deeper into their respective camp. This just needs to stop. Discovery is not an inclusive show at the moment, the way Star Trek previously was (inclusive of people of all ages, including inspiring children; inclusive of people from both sides of the aisles, making diverse, measured points about difficult philosophical conundrums), and quite deliberately so.

Oh, please. Bring forth the fainting couch, smelling salts and pearls to clutch at the “division” sowed by some hapless Hollywood producers, while the president you support, by his each and every public utterance in all media, denigrates, belittles, and humiliates everyone he perceives to be an enemy—which includes not only foreigners and the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for him, but traditionally conservative law enforcement agencies, his own political party, and even members of his own cabinet. Political norms are being decimated every day, and you whine about defiant hair styles? Someone’s eyes need to be opened, all right.

‘Defiant’ hairstyles of the lead actresses? Dude, what?

That’s a reach, male rape is a fiction because it turns out L’Rell and Voq had sex but Tyler saw it as rape? This doesn’t ivalidate Tyler being raped, it just adds another layer has he has to deal with. Akin to being drugged, unable to control yourself, watching it happen type thing. And he is going to rightly have PTSD from this, I don’t think him being torn between two minds invalidates that either. Lorca being non PTSD is, yeah, I get that.

Also, alpha males aren’t racists, toxic masculinity alpha males though can certainly be authoritarian and follow that bend.

Yeah, that’s a real reach all right–the kind of judgement viewing everything through a particular poloitical ideology inclines you to make. I am forced to more or less agree with him about Lorca, though. What a waste that turned out to be of a fine actor’s genuinely layered, nuanced performance, all for the sake of a cheap reveal. Quite a shame, however the season turns out otherwise.

I agree Michael. 100%. Rewatched “Context is for Kings” tonight and it seems that’s where the wheels fell off the wagon. Someone looked at Lorca’s “scheming Section 31 expression” and said “Ooh! Ooh wait! I know! Let’s do Mirror, I love Mirror!”

So there went a chance to explore the darkness and argue the legitimacy of, “Black Ops” and “Anything to Win a War.” AND this captain who was “different from the rest,” but not different in the way they made him turn out at the end. It was a cliche, sadly.

I mean, Isaacs made the most of it, but I’d much rather have seen the original arc in action.

@Marja Glad we can all agree on that part at least! :D Turning Lorca from an interesting, controversial shades-of-grey character into a black-and-white evil fascist we can all just hate was character assassination of the purest kind and, as we have learned, not something even Fuller came up with. The respective MU episode was my most hated episode this season for a reason. The shafting of making the Klingons a layered species with understandable motivation, as promised, was one thing. But what they did with Lorca, for a cheap political shot no less, was nothing short of criminal.

time reset and introduce prime lorca exactly like mu lorca without being from mu

The Mirror Universe was always planned to be included in Season 1 from the start, though. In fact it was supposed to be introduced in Episode 4.

Alas, this argument is not even from me, it has nothing to do with “viewing things through a certain political ideology”. Many reviewers, who had previously positively noted the rare dealing with male rape as a thematic issue in a tv show, have critized how the Voq revelation invalidates this (even more so than the PTSD) because what he remembers is not rape but consentual sex with L’Rell. And the alleged POW torture was simply the procedure he had agreed to, to sacrifice himself to make “QonoS great again”. So the key point here is that nothing unconsentual happened. After the Voq reveal there are really no clues to the contrary in the story.

The bottom line is, you don’t even need to delve into politics to see that Discovery season 1, its character and narrative arcs, have serious problems in implementation, as proven by very different political circles being offended by the show at times (such as the “bury your gays” crowd).

VS, quit appropriating the “bury your gays” line to fit your narrow agenda. Very few fans of the show had a problem with Culver’s death precisely because this issue was addressed head on. Most even defended the decision, while a few fans (including you) used it as another convenient punching bag to attack any perceived liberal agenda you don’t like.

There are a few things about Disco’s narrative to call into question, but it has nothing to do with your constant baiting.

@Holden I won’t quit anything and I most certainly don’t have an agenda other than to return Star Trek into a show that is inclusive of and acceptable for all fans, instead of rudely attacking them with thinly disguised metaphors.

The only ones who have a narrow agenda are the producers themselves, and they have stated so head-on. Who are these people, who aren’t even fans, had nothing to do with Trek before and got into this position by the coincidence of their superior getting fired, to exclude fans from the science fiction they love, and turn this show into their personal partisan propaganda tool?

If my views hurt your world view so much, though, you are free to ignore my comments!

Newsflash VS:

Discovery is not going to please all Star Trek fans. No show ever will.

Star Trek has modernised.

Mr. Soul, I’ve been around this rodeo a time or two, and can absolutely guarantee you that there hasn’t been a time from 1966 on that the majority of the creatives responsible for Trek, both behind and in front of the cameras, weren’t politically progressive, and didn’t use the show as a platform to disseminate their views. That may offend you, or at least strike you as unfair (it isn’t, any more than conservative producers like Dick Wolf or Joel Suronow using their shows to promote their views is unfair), but it is indisputable fact nevertheless. Political divisions are notoriously rife in America now, but I can tell you that there were tens of millions of people in this country who took issue with Leonard Nimoy’s very public stance against the Vietnam War, and who probably weren’t thrilled with the not-so-subtle anti war messaging featured in just about every script Gene Coon ever wrote either. They either came to agree with such views themselves, accepted them as part of a show they otherwise liked, or just moved on. Respectfully, you may ultimately have to do likewise, if you’re going to take every “liberal” plot point or tweet by Jason Isaacs as a personal affront.

My guess is that you’re just distressed to find yourself on the opposite side of a partisan divide from something you love. I can understand that, but if I’m wrong you’re going to have to do a better job than you have thus far of explaining what makes the progressivism of Discovery so unique in Trek history beyond the mere fact that you don’t like it—certainly, much better than impugning the motives of its producers or their lack of Trek bona fides. (Whatever you think of their work—and I’ve certainly been critical at times—read or listen to the comments of Kurtzmann, Sullivan or Goldsman and tell me that Trek has meant any less to them in their lives than it has to you or I.) Seriously, that’s just beneath you.

As far as I can tell, VS’s one “legitimate” gripe is that evil Lorca’s “rally the troops” speech was clearly a commentary on the xenophobic rhetoric of Donald Trump. But A) its one small moment rooted as much in the actor’s ideology as the show’s (what happened to separating the art from the artist?), B) even if we take it literally, that’s not necessarily a commentary on everyone who voted for Trump. The larger “message” of the show from day one has been that extremism on all sides is dangerous.

I like Discovery overall, but it’s not exactly breaking much new ground for Trek ideologically. In fact, outside of the first gay kiss, you could argue it’s been a fairly conservative show (not in the political sense, but in the sense that it hasn’t taken many risks polemically speaking). There’s nothing particularly progressive about a show that features strong female protagonists, LGBTQ couples, etc. these days. But I guess since there’s not the *right* kind of strong, straight white male on the show, it’s clearly got an agenda? So much of the hatred for the show’s perceived politics seems to be people reading things into it that aren’t necessarily there. I think the problem for some is with Jason Isaacs personally, not Disco.

I agree, and would further argue that the finale’s probable message — “How we conduct ourselves under duress is what determines whether we’re worthy of survival at all” — is nothing new to Trek, or even television SF in general. It’s also not so much a matter of liberalism or conservatism, but of simple human decency. Nevertheless, I guarantee that some will insist on bringing politics into it.

Exactly, VS. You are convinced the show is out to destroy your conservative values, which is why it’s disingenuous of you, after all the times you’ve ranted about the show’s progressive agenda (including the representation of the LGBTQ community) to then turn around and try to claim that people involved in the “Bury Your Gays” controversy (that wasn’t even a controversy) are somehow now your allies just because they’ve had (unrelated) problems with the show at times as well. So, quit it. Quit throwing people who disagree with politically under the bus, only to then somehow claim allegiance when it fits your argument.

LOL Chatterjee, that’s mean!

I liked the MU episodes to be honest, but I guess I see your point. But it was the highlight for me by far and I would’ve been fine if they stayed there instead of returning to the dull Klingon story line.

You require seasoning.

And yep, Tilly gets it.

By process of elimination, the various interviews above would suggest Tyler, Georgiou and Michael all survive. Unless it’s a ruse (or there’s some more alternate reality stuff in mind). I was starting to wonder they might take out Michael (her or Saru to me would be the only truly shocking deaths, and one would seem appropriate to the season finale), but the Yeoh quote would seem to discredit that.

The only person that doesnt die on this show is Sarek, right? There is no history of any of these characters or the ship, so I assume they all die, except Sarek, cruel deaths.

Well, we’ve seen Sarek die too. Star Trek is full of possibilities. So, who knows?

Um….. no. We don’t know EVERYTHING about the Federation or it’s fleet.

I am highly sceptical that “season 2 will embrace the light”, any more than season 1 gave us “a deep understanding of the Klingons’ point of view” (pre-season 1 promise). By now we know these producers have a habit of overpromising and underdelivering. Regarding “light”, it also flies in the face of their desire to create “GoT in space” and make a “modern” (dark, edgy) TV show, both of which is incompatible to idealistic, Utopian scifi if you listen to those audiences.

Fuller left the show early on which in my opinion changed pre season 1 promises. You can feel and see the switch after episode 3-4. I think this show will get better with time. There is plenty of good moments. Most people I know who watch it likes the show. Remember how TNG first season sucked!

Maybe, but we have been told that Fuller wanted to go into the MU even earlier (by episode 4!) and these new producers (to their defense) did the sensible thing and introduced us to the prime characters in the prime universe first. So it sounds like Fuller very much had his hand in the twist-driven ADD of Discovery, if he was not even the initial source of it. The only thing I give Fuller, apart from the tempting seasonal anthology premise, is that he did conceive Lorca as an “unorthodox” prime captain and not as the sad mirror cartoon he has become.

Yes, but I have also read that Fuller was planning a Section 31 theme.

Bkack badges completely disappeared after Ep 3.

I was very much a fan of Hannibal (hey, it’s not Star Trek!) but I think Fuller dropped the ball as of late. I wonder when his repeated failures to follow through on a show will have consequences on his career opportunities.

Section 31 can still very well show up though. I have a feeling they may be saving some of those other ideas for next season.

I have liked the show much more than I thought I would, and don’t have a problem with the overall tone of the show- that’s what a modern drama is like.

However being at peace with Kronos, staying in the PU with Captain Saru would be a lot more light than where it has been this year. We’ll have to wait and see what that means as far as making it 6-9 episodes to complete a chapter of a story. Exactly how does a lighter show keep you engaged for multi episodes?

An overarching story with 3 or 5 shorter arcs within the 15-ep season would do nicely.

Enterprise season 4.

It’s rather sad to think only war & torture can amuse us now. Panem et circenses all over again.

Really? I had no idea there was a Klingon purity evangelical leader at the center of the Klingon war initially… amazing how you knew that already, and how the catalyst for the Klingon was was their perceived loss of self to the overbearing assimilation of the federation. I had always assumed it was territory based goals that spurned it because in TOS it was all about colonization.


Re: Klingon purity evangelical leader

I don’t know. I’ve always thought there had to be more behind those clerics cloning Kahless – something like a purity evangelical leader.

The thing is this makes absolutely no sense in any realistic way. Unless this was just an attempt to tie this into a raging political battle. Which it was. And since it was neither believable as an in-universe explanation nor as an explanation for Trump, it failed on both accounts.

Not the shoes fault no one can understand why trump fans are pissed at the universe.

I don’t agree that they’re necessarily incompatible–the disparity between our actions and ideals just needs to be finessed better than they have managed thus far. I still hope for a season 2 that’s at least somewhat “edgy,” having no desire at all to go back to the tropes of the Berman era.

Seems like this clip is before they added the voice modulation effects to L’Rell. Took me a minute to understand why she seems so different.

The very first teaser of Disco. from CBS may have given us a hint. As the camera pans through several planets- including, what appeared to be an exploded moon- just before the text scrolls on the screen we see a flaming vortex. This may have been a clue that Discovery will travel to distant corners of the universe, via a vortex. I can remember thinking that at the time because of the way the teaser progressed to that point before revealing the title. The idea may have been to do it earlier, but as time progressed we ended up fleshing out the characters first. It’s as good as a guess as any. I’m super excited!

I sort of knocked that idea down early on because I was thinking the producers probably don’t want any comparisons to Voyager if its yet another ship lost in deep space somewhere. But it does feel like they are hinting at the ship ending up someplace else, either in space or time. Or maybe the Klingon war will end and the ship just ends up back at Earth? But I’m all for a completely different environment and even time if it means they don’t have to worry about messing up anymore canon and can just do whatever they want in season two.

I would be fine even if they were in another universe (NOT the mirror universe) but then I guess that will draw Kelvin comparisons as well.

They should just transport the ship through time into the gap between TUC and TNG; they could still use most of the assets they have created pretty much unchanged, and everybody would be happy :)

Agreed. And I think where they should’ve put the show in the first place if they didn’t want to go post TNG. That seem like a better place to put it and there are tons of unknown history in that time of space. I think Fuller just wanted the story to begin with the Klingon war (sadly the weakest part of the story for me) and why it ended up where it is. And the technology will feel a bit more in line with canon like for instance all the touch screens that would be leading up to TNG’s era.

Even Discovery in TNG era would work, can play with Q, Borg etc

Ugh no. Been there done that, time after time after time. …

Oh yeah easily! Especially since most of the technology would feel more suitable in that time period than the 23rd century. But I’m not convinced they CAN’T play with the Borg in this century now since they are basically covering everything thats not canon as ‘its classified from this point on’ as seen with the MU. Thats the pro and con with this show. It gives them the chance to do basically whatever they want but then it will feel like a cheat if everything they start doing is now just classified or kept secret.

But trust me, I do have a feeling we may run into the Borg at SOME point. ;)

I’d like that as well. Maybe have it around the time that Picard served on the Stargazer and link the series to that ship by having Beverly Howard (Crusher) replace Culber if canon allows for this.

That could be interesting… I’d be down for that except it kinda leaves a lot of gaps in the TOS federation just hanging there to really never be filled. I mean those gaps are a thing because TOS is a mass of inconsistency on its own, I’d like to know more about that universe too… so I’d be fine with either.

@MysticalDigtial That is true. If they can use this wasted opportunity of Klingon War to explain the “small fleet big universe” phenomenon of TOS, including “Enterprise being the only ship in the quadrant”, at least it will have served one purpose.

Ya this would be awesome, fill in those missing years

I just hope they could still use those gorgeous blue uniforms.

And Jason Isaacs.

Those uniforms, overdesigned or not, certainly beat the red carpets the cast was wearing in the TOS movie series!

I always loved those uniforms! :(

I wonder if we’ll see L’Rell in Season 2. Because a role I could easily see her filling in a post-“Klingon War” scenario would be… the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation! I mean, she would work quite well as a scheming diplomat.

ship of stole aways and mu captans, not sure how they gonna resolve all the touchy stuff like spore drive, myceil network, and klingons almost wiping out the federation 10 yrs before tos kirk…with 1 episode to go, only a time reset would be likely


“stole aways”? Are those something akin to pickpocketed items? Or did you mean stowaways?

ya mu lorca stealing discovery and crew 😁

stole away
Main Entry: abscond
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: run away, depart secretly
Synonyms: beat it, bolt*, break, clear out, cut and run, decamp, disappear, dog it, duck out, escape, fade*, flee, fly the coop, get, go AWOL, go south, hightail, jump*, leave, make a break, make off, make scarce, pull out, quit, run off, scram, skedaddle, skip out, slip, sneak away, split*, steal away, take off, vamoose, vanish
Antonyms: abide, continue, endure, give up, remain, stay, stop, yield


Re: stole away

That’s for use as a verb. You created a non-existent noun that could fill a ship.

You can fill a ship with stoles but you can’t fill one with aways.

Autocorrect hard at work. I hate Autocorrect. Sometimes leads to some fun tho’.

I would have preferred seeing the Borg instead of the Klingons in season 1, have a ship during the TNG episodes best of both worlds and start Star Trek Discovery at that time period.

They couldn’t have used the Borg for obvious reasons, at least not on that level. But yeah if they were farther in the future….

Sadly the Klingons have been a bore to me. The actors portraying them have been great but the show only lessened my interest in them, not heightened them like I thought they might given all the hype over using them again. They had an opportunity to really go big with the story line but it oddly felt small and kind of a shrug. Although since they jumped 9 months its interesting to see where everything is now.

I really hope the war is wrapped up and next season go a completely different direction.

I swear to God… Star Trek fans are the worst fans. The make Star Wars fans look great by comparison.