Klingon Tourism Center Opens In Sweden And They Have Something To Say About ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

(Photo: Chrisander Brun)

The Klingon Empire has landed in Sweden. This week the Turteatern Theater in Stockholm became host to “The Klingon Institute of Cultural Exchange ” which demands your presence at their “Terra-Friendly© presentation of Klingon culture and customs.” 

Here is what Turteatern says you will experience at their “Visit Qo’noS” events:

You will get the possibility to try cuisine, listen to opera, and a chance to acquire useful lifesaving tips in your everyday interaction with Klingons and Klingon customs, so that you may plan your holiday to our great empire and the First City on the planet Qo’noS without risking any discomfort and/or premature death.

Visit Qo’noS (Photo: Chrisander Brun)

Turteatern is holding four performances a week through the end of March in both Klingon and English. According to the AP report on the opening, the lobby of the Turteatern has displays offering vacation packages to Qo’nos, extolling the merits of Klingon culinary tours (“the best kept secret of the Beta Quadrant”), and seeking to attract students to courses at the military academy (“find your inner warrior in outer space”).

Line for tickets at Turteatern Theater’s Visit Qo’noS performance (AP Photo/David Keyton)

A message about Discovery

You will note that the Klingons seen at this performance are the traditionally known Klingons and not the re-imagined Klingons from Star Trek: Discovery. This is addressed in the performance by “Ambassador Ban’Shee of the House of Duras” who has this message for Quentin Tarantino, who is working with J.J. Abrams developing a possible Star Trek feature film:

“We have seen Discovery. We do not approve of this malicious portrayal of Klingons…Treat our race honorably in your upcoming picture and we will let you lick our feet. Fail, and pray for mercy.”

Here is video (via AP) from the opening performance including Ambassador Ban’Shee’s message about Discovery.

For more information and tickets, go to turteatern.se.

From Turteatern Theater’s Visit Qo’noS performance (AP Photo/David Keyton)



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To be fair, I don’t think Disco Trek was going for “malicious” – but rather “simplistic” and “one-dimensional” and strangely “sluggish.” They’re still bloodthirsty, but now they seem like they’re really fond of Quaaludes.

So, basically, they went for consistency with TOS regarding the Klingons’ behaviour, but not their looks. Should’ve been the other way round!

Ha ha, love it. Discovery people listen to your fans!

Time to features the more familiar Klingons along side the new ones.

Those don’t look like traditionaly known Klingons to me. What’s with those ridges? Where’s the dirty brownface, and glittery gold costumes? I reject these misfit Klingons.

Indeed, and where are the Klingons with male pattern baldness? Those Swedish Klingons look ridiculous. Not Star Trek.

LOL this is great! I love to see stuff like this is still alive and well in Star Trek fandom. I would love to visit this place and take in a Klingon opera.

yeah Discovery messed up on a lot of things and this is one of them.

It’s bad for repeat business when you eat the tourists….

Eat the guests, eat the guests
We think humans taste the best
Tie the napkin ’round your neck, Klingons!
While we roast up the rest
Cold human spleen, hot spinal nerves
Through conquest we do serve
Try the greys, they are delicious,
Don’t believe us, ask the pris-nahs……

I think a lot of people are interpreting this primarily as a reaction to Star Trek: Discovery, which is of course in part due to how the theatre promotes itself and in part due to the aspects that have been highlighted by news organizations.

However, it’s important to remember that this is ultimately a piece of social commentary that’s been brewing for quite some time; the creative director has been wanting to do something along these lines for years, but had previously been voted down.
It takes as its premise that Klingons are real and that they disapprove of their portrayal in Star Trek (which is regarded more or less as human propaganda), and then use this as a vehicle to talk about culture clashes and race relations. They use an immersive experience that challenges the audience’s comfort zones at times, but intersperse that with a lot of lighthearted comedy to keep people engaged.

[I should say that much of this is my own interpretation; I’ve helped out with the language bits, but I haven’t been very involved on the creative side.]

There’s a nice interview (in Swedish) with the creative director about why he chose to use Klingons in this piece:

They didn’t have to mention Discovery in their marketing.
If you don’t want a war, don’t start one.

Gary 8.5,

Re: They didn’t have to mention Discovery in their marketing.

Au contraire, CBS controls the licensing, which often includes provisions which mandate promoting the current product. You can’t call it STAR TREK or Klingon if CBS isn’t kept happy.

Gary 8.5:
Not denying that. I’m just pointing out that this didn’t start as a reaction to Star Trek: Discovery, although it is referenced as one example of human appropriation of Klingon culture.

Gary 8.5,

Hmmm…maybe you are on to something about that war. I checked out their site and I don’t see any trademark, copyright, or licensing acknowledgement of CBS’ rights to exploit a STAR TREK monopoly anywhere. They may be trying to skirt under the parody provisions.

I wish they’d bring back traditional Klingons on DISCO. That’s been the main downside of an otherwise brilliant show so far.

“We have seen Discovery. We do not approve of this malicious portrayal of Klingons…Treat our race honorably in your upcoming picture and we will let you lick our feet. Fail, and pray for mercy.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Discovery is an abomination. #Resist

Let me get this straight… Those people got permission from CBS to do what they do and they express in open public there oppinion about how CBS do Star Trek today?

No, they made a joke about Discovery which everyone seems to interpret as a commentary on the show.