Check Out Behind The Scenes Videos and Photos From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Finale

There have been some new official videos  and photos released covering the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, many of the cast and crew have been tweeting out fun behind the scenes glimpses from the shoot. We have gathered together the highlights below.


Prop master Mario Moreira discusses Tilly’s gormagander snack

EPs Akiva Goldsman and Aaron Harberts discuss going to Qo’noS



Pictured (l-r): Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun; Sara Mitich as Airiam; Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets; Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly; Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Ronnie Rowe as Bryce; Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys; Doug Jones as Saru; Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer (CBS)


Aaron Harberts (EP/c0-shwrunner)

Mary Chieffo (L’Rell)

Jayne Brook (Admiral Cornwell)

Anthony Rapp (Lt. Cmdr. Stamets)

Aaron Baiers (Producer)


After Trek had some more fun packages featuring the bridge crew and also looking back at some ‘shade’ and counting up moments from the first season of Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.


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Why are we all not yet obsessing over the lighter blue uniforms in the photo with Wiseman and Rapp? Of course it’s a nod to The Cage and I am hoping that Season 2 introduces them (along with the two shades of gold/tan) as the new standard for Discovery, while keeping the darker blue ones as “dress blues.”

I guess those are either actual Starfleet Academy Uniforms or Uniforms from other functionaries and not necessarily “new” Starfleet Uniforms per se.

The badges looked like standard badges, and not the ones with the rectangular backing that Tilly wore.

I’m pretty sure they’re connecting/bridging the two uniform styles. At some point I read that the producers were planning to do that. I’d bet they may do it gradually.

UGH, I hope not.

I like the DISCO uniforms. They look beautiful, the color is flattering, and the style neat and professional.

I don’t want TOS pajamas

Yeah! We need to stick to side mini delta glitter and even little delta glitter on the shoes!

Glitter on everything is so much better!

They were in Paris where the UFP President was located (Star Trek 6), not San Francisco where Starfleet Academy is located. Why would there be a big contingent of Starfleet cadets in Paris?

I really enjoy this cast and they’ve really come together and enjoy working with each other which is obvious. Season 1 has been a joy to watch & season 2 can’t come along faster.

I’m hearing it will take a full year (January 2019) for season 2 to debut!


The Orion “embassy” was the only OK part of a risible finale. Akiva Goldsman at least comes across as smarter than the doltish Kurtzman, AKA “the poor man’s JJ Abrams.” *shudder*

you made your point commenting on other articles. let it go

Concur that Kurtzman is not that great. No forgiving after the debacle of “Darkness”.

And yet, I may revise my opinion of Mr. Kurtzman and Goldsman, tarnished by a near decade of Abramstrek so far, but compared to Harberts they seem to be measured and (most important) actual fans who are not trying to rewrite Star Trek into their personal vendetta against political enemies. That much was obvious in the Goldsman-written and directed finale, which stood out against some of the shlock we have seen before, particularly in the MU episodes. And so far I have read most of the partisan vitriol come from Harberts. Lose this guy, and Discovery has the chance to become more inclusive.

The first Trek show with an all out ugly cast.

It does nobody any good to just flat out lie. I mean, What are you even talking about?

Looks and beauty are relative.
But I don´t even need a photo of you to see you are ugly from within.
And inner beauty isn´t relative.
Go watch Top Models or some reality TV

There’s nothing ugly in there, but they just can’t get the representation right, if they care about that so much (and judging by interviews, it’s their chief concern). This is neither America nor United Earth. Might help to read some actual demographics stats and not hate lists from beltway college campuses. ;-)

Ted is from Troll – an insignificant planet along the outer edge

Can we see a picture of you, Ted? We’d all like to judge your looks on the internet.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder; the entire cast is beautiful outside and inside!


Pretty common for actors to be vegitarian/vegan, it’s one of the easiest diets to maintain your body type between seasons etc. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Wiseman is vegan, she’s the only one to eat the gormugander it I think.

I hate to be that guy, but if that’s true, then replacing proteins by carbs visibly did not do her any good!

Let’s skip the un-scientific bits, veganism is a fad among the well-off and neither healthy nor the natural diet for humans. It’s just another way of signaling: “We are better”.

Wiseman’s not Hollywood skinny.
She looks REAL. What a relief!
And people have differing body types that are not necessarily completely dependent upon their diet.

Why do you have the username Vulcan Soul?

Vulcans embrace not only logic, but infinite diversity in infinite combinations. This implies a broad mindset, deeply ethical philosophy, and providing the greatest good for the greatest number (a spin on utilitarianism).

Nearly every post you make on this site seems very un-Vulcan to say the least, and the jury is out on your soul.

Every comment you post contains at least one insult towards one group or another. If it’s not the show creators, it’s people who like the show. You consistently agitate for Trek’s “diversity” to contain intolerant, fringe political views as some sort of ‘balance’ when it’s in Trek’s founding ethos to be intolerant of intolerance. (see: the paradox of tolerance), and the mainstream of politics worldwide leans towards Trek-like principles, despite occasional reactionary periods like the one in the US right now.

Today you gift us with unfounded jabs at some sort of strawman idea of College Kids Today (like your grandpa did in 1967! How original.) When was the last time you were on a real college campus? Have you ever taught a course? Defended a thesis? Had your school overrun with real, honest-to-Zod Nazis lately?

And now, apparently the cast don’t meet with your own personal standards of attractiveness.

Tell me, sir, are you brave enough to post an undoctored, real photo of yourself for all of us to judge? Are you a chiselled Adonis straight from the cover of a Harlequin romance novel? Better looking than every member of the cast? Glass houses, stones, etc.

What do you mean by attacking *vegans*, for heaven’s sake? If you like meat, fine! Now there’s more for you.

Never mind all that science that points out we in the west eat far too much of it, and too few vegetables, and that so many of our resources, including agricultural subsidies, are devoted to meat production… go ahead and miss the forest for the trees entirely, because it’s easier to pick on soft targets like people who choose to eat healthier, because… they make you feel bad or something? You like bullying people?

You might want to look something up called toxic masculinity. It’s a warped sense of what being a man is all about, and it’s toxic to the person affected by it.

These ideas that you appear to espouse – that only conservative, meat-eating, gun-toting, (presumably white?) men are important; that women are not real, complete people with interior thoughts of their own but merely exist for your pleasure — and you’re entitled to it; the idea that empathy is weakness; ignoring facts, science and history if it means you have to admit you’re wrong — I know people like this. And they are profoundly unhappy.

They are so far down the rabbit hole, so far from traditional mainstream conservatism, deep on the radical, fake-Christian, hate-wing of politics, that the real, everyday world looks twisted and frightening to them.

Their identity is so tied up in their worldview that they alienate friends and family, they don’t have productive work relationships, every conversation is an excuse to start a fight, they retreat to online forums – a ‘safe space,’ if you will – where they can commiserate with others, and then, if they’re really over the edge, they end up getting recruited by white supremacist groups.

I’m not exaggerating.

Do you realize how un-Vulcan your treatment of everyone, through your words here, has been? You have displayed no logic, no ethics, no thoughtfulness, no tolerance. You have no right to use that name.

I am going to ask you politely, cut out your constant insults, badgering, and attempts to stir up arguments, or I will ask the moderators to do it permanently.

The “gormagander” was actually coconut meat and some other vegan stuff. It’s in one of the clips, above. She is a vegan.

I know ill get negative feed back, but that pic is missing Lt.Tyler, he should have been in it.

Except he wasn’t in that scene.

You see how many people were actually in the audience. On the show itself, the cut and pasting was a bit obvious- there was one Andorian female with long hair who popped up three or four times. Ah well.

Any word on what each flag is supposed to be?

They still seem to save on the CGI in favor of other concerns ;)

But at least they did not cheap out on the 1701-redesign! (Much-hated as it seems to be among design purists)

Again, videos not available outside the US.

It’s fucking 2018, you huge imbeciles! (you being CBS, not trekmovie)