Bye Bye Robot Unveils 7 New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Art Prints

Today Bye Bye Robot, purveyors of fine art from the future, released seven brand new Star Trek: Discovery art prints, of which three are a special limited edition run with only 40 prints being produced. The prints are officially licensed by CBS and are available on Bye Bye Robot’s online store now.

Limited edition art prints

Three of the new art prints, two featuring the USS Discovery and the third featuring the USS Shenzhou, have been printed in a very limited run of only 40 prints. All limited edition prints are 18″ x 24″ printed on acid-free heavy weight 10pt cardstock and are hand numbered. They sell for $45 each. All limited edition prints are by Bye Bye Robot artist Cliff Cramp, whose use of deep tones and rich colors serve to show off the grandeur of the new show’s adventures and characters.

Featuring tones of purple, gold, and terra cotta are the three prints entitled: “U.S.S. Discovery”, “U.S.S. Shenzhou”, and “Hope”. Each piece focuses on a detailed view of the ships or characters.

“Hope” Limited Edition print by Cliff Cramp.

“USS Discovery” Limited Edition print by Cliff Cramp.

“USS Shenzhou” Limited Edition print by Cliff Cramp.

Four new Discovery art prints

Bye Bye Robot also has up for offer four new permanent additions to their collection of Discovery art prints for sale. These new prints sell for $25 each and come printed on acid-free heavy weight 10pt cardstock.

The first new image is by returning artist Mark Brayer. His distinctive style is immediately noticeable
with his strong use of color, graphic shapes, and illustrative linework in the detail that makes the poster almost feel like the cover of a retro sci-fi novel. The balance between the ship and the planetscape draws the viewer’s eye all the way through this design offering a glimpse into the new show. This 16”x24” print entitled “Discovery” fits right into his other book‐cover style offerings.

“Discovery” by Mark Brayer.

The second print comes from artist Cliff Cramp, who also designed the three limited edition prints shown above. His piece, “Beginnings” focuses on a close-up view of Michael Burnham in her space suit, harkening back to Discovery‘s premiere, where it all began.

“Beginnings” by Cliff Cramp.

The final two images are by artist J.J. Lendl and are his first contribution to Bye Bye Robot’s offerings. His prints combine vintage influenced style with the contemporary nature of Star Trek: Discovery. These two 18”x24” prints are entitled, “DISCO 1” and “DISCO2.” In them the viewer will find the use of muted colors, unique distressed textures, and detailed linework all combine together to give a retro feel to these new prints.

“DISCO 1” by J.J. Lendl.

“DISCO 2” by J.J. Lendl.

For more information or to purchase, visit Bye Bye Robot now.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Seeing Discovery jet across the sky is awesome. I wonder if she has landing and take-off capabilities.

Maybe we will see the answer to that question in Season 2!

Interesting. Mark Brayer’s piece depicts the Disco flying over a shortcut on the path to righteousness.

Just picked up the one of the Discovery! Gorgeous!

Instantly reminds me of classic Trek novel covers. Absolutely love these prints!

I thought about that,too.
The classic James Blish covers.

Brings back memories.

Beautiful pieces, a shame they are US only, as I’d love to get my hands on one! Still, congrats to everyone who picks one up.

ya, I was gonna order some and at bottom said US only

I picked up “Discovery” because I cannot resist that classic Blish-novelization cover style. Beautiful series of pieces!

that is my fav one also, great choice

I am a total pushover for the Blish book cover artwork in the 60/70s, and I love the design of Discovery, so…yeah, I had no choice but this choice! I saw your other comment, and I’m sorry that you can’t order it outside of the US. (Yet? Email the company and ask/bug/pester!)

In “Disco 2,” who the heck is that supposed to be above Lorca? Is that Tilly? It looks nothing like her, but I can’t figure out who else it might be, so I guess it must be her. A shame, too, as it’s otherwise my favorite of the prints.

Nice. If only the series’ writing and characters was 1/10th as exciting and awe inspiring as these posters. But, alas, we have a formula of one part science fiction and 9 parts soap opera. The Days of Our Lives wrapped up in pretty FX and technobabble. Exciting times.