William Shatner Working On Country Music Album + Announces Contest For Trip To Star Trek Vegas Con

William Shatner may be hoping to return to Star Trek, but he isn’t waiting by the phone. The multi-talented icon is keeping very busy, and his to-do list includes a return to music. Heartland Records Nashville just announced that Mr. Shatner has joined their roster of country music artists and he is currently working on a “very special project” that will be released later this year. No more details were provided, but Heartland promised more information was coming soon.

This would be Shatner’s first foray into country music for a music career that spans the decades starting with his first studio album The Transformed Man in 1968. Shatner’ fifth and latest release was the 2013 concept album of duets, Ponder the Mystery.


VIP to STLV contest

The original Captain Kirk is also involved in a new a charity contest to win a VIP trip to this summer’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. The winner of the contest and a guest will get flown to Vegas and put up in a 4-star hotel. Along with tickets to the convention, the winner will be Mr. Shatner’s “personal VIP guest” who will sit at all of his panels and be introduced to the audience. The winner also gets a “heart-to-heart” lunch with Mr. Shatner and gets to take photos with him as well.

Contest entries start at at $10 (which gets  you 100 of ’em) and proceeds go to Shatner’s Hollywood Charity Horse Show. You can donate and get more information at Omaze.com.

Shatner also describes the contest in the video below.


Pimp your fan cave with Bill

Mr. Shatner also announced last night he is working on a “top secret project” for people who need help fixing up their “fan cave.” If you have a sci-fi themed room that needs help and you live in the LA area, Bill may be able to help you. More details in the tweet below.

That’s it for this week in Shatner Watch, keep up with all the celebrity news at TrekMovie.com


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If I make it to 86 I hope I still have as much zest for life as William Shatner does.

I admire Shatner a lot myself. He is a great role model for younger people like myself.

“We will not take shortcuts on the path to righteousness.” – T.J. Hooker

So let me get this straight: By donating just $10 you may be flown out to Vegas together with a friend, get a free hotel and free VIP tickets to the Vegas convention. Who pays for that? Do they take all that money off the other donations? It’s nice for you if you win but it seems like a bad deal for the charity that has to pay for your trip.

Usually these types of prizes are donated so that there is no cost to the charity. It provides publicity for the donors as well as helping the charity.

No you dope. Mr. Shatner pays for it all. You forget he’s made Millions off of his horses and television shows and Priceline and so on…. besides this trip and I taken it only cost $3,000 that includes airfare hotel stay and tickets 2 autographs and VIP passes. Shatner has millions of fans so you can see that out of your 10 lousy dollars you have a 1 in a 5 to 10 million chance of winning.

I’m well aware that Shatner has made a lot of money. So if he pays for the trip while all the donations actually go to the charity then it’s fine. Shatner may have millions of fans but I doubt that all of them will donate. Still, I wish them well and hope they can raise a nice amount.

Also, if you check the website, you will see options to donate 1000s of dollars for more chances to win. So they will make more than enough money from the other donations to afford everything

Yes, I know that you can donate more than just $10. It would still be strange if they used other people’s charity donations to pay for my trip. If all the donations actually go to the charity while someone else pays for the winner then I guess it’s okay.

How awesome would it be to hang out with William Shatner!!!! Beam me up Bill