Star Trek Online To Offer Custom 3D Printed Player Starships

If you really like your ship in the free-to-play MMORGP Star Trek Online, you soon will have the option to have an actual replica. Today Cryptic announced a partnership with Mixed Dimensions to offer players the chance to get “3D handcrafted starship collectibles, captured directly from the PC version of Star Trek Online.”

In a statement, STO executive producer Stephen Ricossa said:

“We are absolutely elated to expand Star Trek Online to the physical universe. Our new partnership with Mixed Dimensions will allow our community to immortalize their favorite starships. We can’t wait to see the reaction from our captains when the first wave of ships begins to roll out.”

After players design their own starship from within the game, they can upload their model to the GamePrint web site, where they will be offered several different purchase options. Captains can commission one of the company’s master artists to hand paint an incredibly detailed, 12” resin high-end collectible version of their starship. They can also order a single-color version or a primed model, which allows them to paint the entire starship themselves. For those who prefer to stick with the classics, GamePrint will also offer completed models replicating 20 of Star Trek Online’s exclusive and most popular starships.

Custom ‘Pathfinder” ship in Star Trek Online

3D printed and painted model of same ship

Another angle on the same ship

Unpainted version

The option to have your ship made into a 3D model will be availalbe in March. Pricing has yet to be announced.

To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit



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My first reaction to that photo was ‘good god, what the hell is that?’…USS Butt Plug to the rescue.

lol indeed ugly

haha! Seriously!

For boldly exploring Uranus, what else?

Honestly I think its just the paint job that makes it so ugly. The unpainted version it looks much better and sleek looking.

That’s VERY impressive!

Only if the Company dose not fold like last one did when they try this I will have my Flagship USS Excalibur NX 17851 Ready

It’s about time that we got a proper high quality Star Trek Rpg. Just saying!

I totally agree. Mass Effect Andromeda could have easily been a Star Trek RPG with a few changes made to it. The Federation expanding to the Gama Quadrant instead of the Andromeda Galaxy.

I can’t wait until they release the Discoprise on STO. I guess you could make it now if you have the right pieces, but still… that deflector dish. Thing of beauty. Hmm, for that matter… what about the ISS Discoprise?

that voyager shape maybe the worst design ever

I’ve got several ships in game that I’d love to have in physical model form. If the pricing isn’t outrageous, I’d go for it. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

The 3D printed model’s hull color doesn’t match the color of the ship in the game. Not keen on a white starship. I like them to look like metal. Will they have color options for the hull?

I’ll pay handsomely for a USS Stains!

Puts STD’s awkward starship designs to shame.


Pricing not announced yet for something available in like…2 weeks? Yeah, I think I know why. They don’t want us to know it’ll cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the models. Not surprising.

Didn’t they get our hope up with this a year or 2 ago, only for it to fall apart and the printing company to fold? If it actually happens, I’ll be thrilled, but I’m not holding my breath.

“Pricing has yet to be announced.” If you have to ask…

I’d love to have a model like this of the Yamato-Class dreadnought USS Star Empire NCC-2116-E. That having been said, this is going to be mega-expensive.