William Shatner Hosting Screenings Of ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’ In Nine U.S. Cities

William Shatner is going on tour this spring to host a number of Star Trek events across the Midwest and Northeast. The original Kirk will be hosting screenings of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in nine cities in March, April and May. After screenings of the film, Shatner will take to the stage to share stories about making the film, his time with Star Trek and his decades-spanning career. Events will also have fan Q&A sessions.

For most of the events, tickets go on sale on Friday. There are pre-sale tickets avaialble with a discount via the Official William Shatner fan club. To join for free and  get more details visit WilliamShatnerFanClub.com.

Here is the full list of locations for the Shatner Star Trek II events:

March 24th – Riverside Theater – Milwaukee, WIOn sale now.

April 3rd – Hanover Theatre – Worcester, MAOn sale Feb 23.

April 4th – Proctors – Schenectady, NYOn sale Feb 23.

April 5th – Kodak Theatre – Rochester, NY  – On sale Feb 23.

May 12th – Providence Performing Arts Center – Providence, RIOn sale Feb 23

May 16 – Lyric Opera House – Baltimore, MDOn sale Feb 23.

May 17th – Kimmel Center – Philadelphia, PAOn sale Feb 23.

May 18th – Capitol Center for the Arts – Concord, NHOn sale Feb 23.

May 19th – New Jersey Performing Arts Center – Newark, NJOn sale Feb 23.

Shatner gives update on his country album

In other Shatner news, we have an update on last week’s news that Bill has signed on to country music label Heartland Records Nashville. In a new video from Shatner, he speaks about the project, revealing that he is teaming up with a yet unnamed Country star for the project.

Keep up with all the celebrity news at TrekMovie.com

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This sounds awesome! wish I lived in one of those nine cities

70 bucks for a seat in row L or further back (in Milwaukee). ‘Meet And Greet’ tickets unavailable (sold out?).

“No, we will not take shortcuts on the path to righteousness. No, we will not break the rules that protect us from our basest instincts. No, we will not allow desperation to destroy moral authority.” – Admiral James Tiberius Kirk

Hmmm, thinking of it in Shatner’s voice makes me realize how not-TOS the first and third line sound. The general message is there, but “righteousness” and “moral authority” sound wrong.

Fits for Burnham, though.

What’s that from? I don’t remember Kirk ever saying that.

He didn’t. It’s from Burnham’s speech in the Discovery finale. I had to Google it.

Krokus seems a bit obsessed with the path to righteousness. Slipping god a twenty apparently isn’t sufficient.

Interesting this is all North Eastern cities. On a side note, that picture of him in the ad looks nothing like James T. Kirk anymore, which is sad, especially if that was the intent.

I believe he is going to be 87 next month. How do you want him to look?

@Allan — he looks pretty good for 87, which is not my comment. He just doesn’t look like James T. Kirk in that pose. The expression is wrong, the angles are wrong, it just doesn’t. It’s an observation. I don’t know what James T. Kirk will look like at 87, but that picture of Shatner doesn’t sell it for me — and that’s Shatner’s job: to look the part.

He’s not playing a part in that photo, I’m not sure why you think that…? He’s William Shatner, 24-years removed from his last canon appearance in a Star Trek production. I guess if they claimed he’d be appearing as James T. Kirk at the showings, that would be something different.

Cadet… They are not advertising James T. Kirk. They are advertising William Shatner. To me, that looks like William Shatner. Are you expecting a 40 year old Kirk as he was in TWOK? I dont know what you are expecting.

Good grief. It’s a bloody publicity shot of Shatner, who’ll be speaking. Kirk will not be.

I’m a little confused by this also Cadet. Isn’t he just suppose to look like William Shatner? Why is he suppose to look or remind you of Kirk? He’s not pretending to be the character, just himself. Its like seeing a shot of Nimoy and then complaining he doesn’t have the pointy ears and bowl haircut.

Imagine if they had Shatner in his gold TOS shirt trying to look like Kirk. People would lose their minds. Is it the most flattering shot of Shatner? I dont know, I think we can do better probably. But it IS a current pub still of him for his most recent film.

Makes sense for him to use it.

I imagine Shatner didnt choose his promo shot. Maybe he did. It sure looked like William Shatner and thats what Shatner is selling now – himself.

He doesnt look pretty good for 87. He looks unbelievable for 87.

Looking at a list of actors over 80 and many are retired. Plummer looks pretty good (but I’d say looks in his 80’s, looks older than Shatner). Robert Duvall looks good too, no better than Shatner though.

On a side note, have you seen Gary Lockwood lately?

Last time I saw him he had pretty white hair as I recall…not sure how old he is though.

The ad announcing an appearance by William Shatner, with a photo of William Shatner?

Why is it sad he doesnt look like he did 50 years ago? Do you? (Or will you?).

Im always most annoyed at cheap shots about Shatner’s appearance. Its such a low blow and I bet 99% of people that do it wont look nearly as good at 87 (if they’re even alive) and I bet a good percentage dont look as good at 50 as he does at 87!

Well put, TUP. Thank you.

The guy is 87, and has added for girth. I don’t look like I did 50 years ago, either.

the grumpy old man picture (also on his twitter profile) is from the poster of his new movie with Christopher Lloyd ‘Senior Moment’ or something

So I know I should really be over this by now, but I am not. I ran across shatner when I was 8yo at Miami international airport, I was going through traumatic time, I had just learned that my mom was ill , and I was being sent to Atlanta so I could stay with relatives, anyway when I saw Kirk in airport it was a dream come true, and was the only thing that made me smile, I went up and attempted to shake his hand ask for a autograph. This was guy was a hero for me. Well MR shatner refused handshake and autograph in a really cold manner. For years I thought something that I had done wrong, but since then I think history has shown he is a very complicated person to deal with and IMO not a very nice one. Take him blocking Lorca on Twitter and his fight with Spock. I’ve tried but I can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth for the guy, I’ve never been able 2 fully enjoy TOS since then .

Sorry that happened. That’s a rough lesson (actors aren’t necessarily much like the characters they play) to have at 8.

Damn, that sucks. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience – and at such a young age, too, involving one of your heroes. But not everybody is that egotistic. Here’s a positive story that will hopefully make everyone smile…

In the early winter of 1989, I went to a “Star Trek” convention here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The guest was Walter Koenig. I literally ran into him wandering around in the dealers’ room, perusing the merchandise and memorabilia at various tables. Of course, people recognized him, and there was a group of fanboys following him around who thought they were being really funny but to all other eyes obviously annoyed him and got on his nerves. As respectfully as I could, I approached him and said hello and asked for an autograph. He was noticeably not quite in the mood, but still kindly acquiesced. At that moment, a little boy of around 6 or 7 approached with his father. The boy asked Walter if he was really Chekov…

…and just like THAT Walter went directly into being Pavel Chekov, complete with accent. He kneeled down, patted the boy on the shoulder, and spent a good 5 minutes with him, answering the boy’s questions about how the phasers work on the Enterprise and what it’s like to be friends with Spock. He gave the kid a hug and an autograph, and the boy and father left absolutely beaming.

And THAT is how a class act behaves. That little boy will go the rest of his life remembering how he got to meet Commander Chekov, and how nice Walter Koenig was to him. And that is a legacy that no amount of fame or money can buy.

He doesn’t seem like the greatest guy to be honest based on what has been said about him in the past. And probably why no one at Paramount or CBS is begging for him to be back in the franchise and probably never will be.

I’m so sorry how you were treated at such a young age though, but yes it was an early lesson that our ‘heroes’ are usually just regular people with all the flaws like the rest of us.

We don’t like Star Trek because of William Shatner we like it because of Captain Kirk. Shatner happened to play him. The script and stories were given to Shatner to interpret and play his own version of that character, but that is it. Shatner is opinionated, he has his own mind, but aren’t we all like that to some degree?

Of course. I’m not getting on his case about it, he’s human. And you’re right we watch the show because of his portrayal of Kirk.

I’m calling BS on this one. We like it because of Shatner’s performance as Captain Kirk (amongst a hundred other things). It’s impossible to know if we’d like it as much if someone else played the character. It would be a very different show. If you recast all of the leads in TOS, would it necessarily have become as popular as it did? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ohh please, get over it, he is not a property, people tried to take pieces of him, literally.

I got my photo with Shatner but with a sigh and a sentance only I could hear: “Oh no not again.”

Complicated is polite. I also learned long ago that celebrities don’t own me anything, and don’t expect anything as a result. I’m a lot happier cultivating my own well being, as opposed to leaning on others as role models.

what year was that?

To be fair, you’ve no idea what was going on in his life that day.

Wow that sounds cool. I wish I could see him but he will be nowhere near where I live (west coast of the country).

All things Shatner are awesome!!!!

More power to him. He keeps busy!

He sure is cashing in on the Kirk thing in his twilight years. Ironic, since he was such a d-bag to his fanbase for most of his career.

How so? Because he doesnt sing at your birthday or something? He was paid for a role and continues to be paid for his appearances. Its his job.

My point is he is cashing in on something he openly tried to distance himself from.

If millions of people always pictured you as one thing you did in your life, you might try to distance yourself a bit from it as well. I find it hard to blame him for doing it.

Arathorn… the reason most actors try to distance themselves from an iconic role in an iconic show is because they don’t want to be typecast for that one thing. Actors want to grow and do other things. It’s hard to be cast when the casting directors only see you for one thing. I’ve heard that it was hard for him to find any roles for years after Trek. Now at 87, of course you are going to cash in on that. I would.

Exactly. Nimoy wrote a book called I am NOT Spock. Shatner was a respected actor that played an iconic role and he likely felt it hindered getting other roles.

David Kelley clearly saw how good he was and cast him in Boston Legal where Shatner was highly acclaimed.

Lots of actors have been typecast. Mark Hamill was the butt of jokes too for awhile (and look at his success, but primarily as a voice actor).

You must REALLY dislike Nimoy then.

Have you ever seen him at one of the 70’s conventions? Don’t think he has to “cash in” on anything anymore, he’s got to be enjoying these things to give it the time.

“Maybe that’s the trouble. Where do you go from up? You publish articles, and you give lectures and you spend the rest of your lifetime trying to recapture past glory”.
-Dr. Leonard McCoy
From ‘The Ultimate Computer’

Not in San Francisco!! Star Fleet Headquarters!!

Damn. Wish I haven’t seen this movie 8000 times, or it would be way more attractive to go.

Now… if he did a live stage show of TWOK………

No Texas dates? I was in the front row for his one man show back on his birthdaty 4 yrs ago in Dallas. Orchestra pit seats. Best seats I’ve ever had,….and I’ve sat in the pit orchestra many times as part of a production.

Kirk is cool. Shatner is a Prick. No wonder Nimoy dropped him like a bad habit.

I think Nimoy tried to give him a chance in his later years. But in the end Shatner never changed. He proved just as egotistical in his old age as when he was young.

So…they were friends for like 50 years and had a falling out that no one knows about in their 80’s and you assume Nimoy *finally* gave up? After 50 years? hahahahahaha

How do you Nimoy wasnt a dick?

My money is on both of them having strong personalities and views of the world, sometimes agreeing, often clashing. I doubt we’ll ever know if there was a particular incident that led to their friendship ending/pausing, but I’m guessing, as with most things, the answers are complicated and difficult for anyone not directly involved to fully understand.

As I recall, they were friends when Nimoy did JJ’s film so maybe Nimoy felt caught in the middle between Bad Robot that wanted Shatner for a cameo and Shatner who wanted more. And he just washed his hands of it.

Shatner claims he doesnt know the issue. People grow apart. I’ve had a best friend for 20 years and we hardly speak anymore. It happens.

We’ve seen the whining from the supporting cast over the years was overblown a lot. Maybe this was too.

Shatner does come off as a primadonna. Its not exactly a new thing for celebrities but he seem to have it as one of the worst in the Trek franchise. Again, the guy is just human but he seem to have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, even blocked Jason Issacs on Twitter. He and Patrick Stewart seem to really get along though since Generations. I never heard Stewart say one bad thing about him.

I cant believe he’s about to turn 87 years old. He looks tremendous!

Saw his show here a few years ago. He was fantastic. Charming, funny, emotional, commanded the stage. It was a joy.

I spy the plug for Dignity Health….

I’m surprised there’s not one for Priceline…

Just got my tickets to the 16-May show. Looking forward to this.

Pretty sure I’m going to hit the Philly show.

Golly I wonder if he’ll trot out his usual ” Nimoy knew he was coming back ” story again…

Hey everyone , i know this isn’t exactly related to this thread but thought i should share this anyway. i just met Jason Isaacs (lorca) i went to watch his new movie death of stalin, here in Nyc and 2 my total shock he gave a pre movie presentation/talk. he is a total class act, very friendly and down to earth, totally wasn’t expecting him to be there.