ToyFair 2018: Gentle Giant Unveils ‘Discovery’ Fleet Flyers, Coop Shows Off Latest Star Trek Bags, And More

Our third and final article covering Toy Fair 2018 in New York City looks at the latest Star Trek products that were on display from Gentle Giant, The Coop, NJ Croce, and a new game announced by Looney Labs.

Gentle Giant unveils ‘Discovery’ Fleet Flyers

Gentle Giant Toys unveiled their first ‘Fleet Flyer’ small-sized plastic models of ships from Star Trek: Discovery. Each ship is sculpted using digital models from Discovery and even though they are priced at only $7.99, they offer a lot of detail. Each ship comes with an articulated arm stand and suction cup so they can be attached to any smooth, flat surface. The first series is planned for this fall and will feature five ships from Discovery’s first season: USS Discovery, USS Shenzhou, USS Europa, Vulcan Shuttle and USS Clarke.

Gentle Giant Discovery ‘Fleet Flyer’s

Detail on USS Europa Fleet Flyer from Gentle Giant

Detail on USS Clarke Fleet Flyer

USS Discovery and USS Shenzhou Fleet Flyers

Vulcan Shuttle Fleet Flyer

Latest Star Trek bags, wallets and notebooks from The Coop

The Coop continues to bring out new Star Trek items you can use for school or in your everyday life. On display was a number of new and upcoming bags, notebooks, journals and wallets featuring fun designs inspired by The Original Series and The Next Generation. According to a rep for The Coop, they have some more items currently in prototype, but those were not yet approved to be shown to the public.

The Coop’s Star Trek display at Toy Fair 2018

The Coop has a number of new items featuring a cool retro design featuring Uhura from TOS. On display was the just-released faux leather Uhura tote purse, which includes a padded laoptop sleeve. You can buy now at Entertainment Earth for $59.99.

Uhura tote purse from The Coop

Another new retro Uhura product was this hardcover faux leather journal with 232 pages. It has also just been released and can be purchased at Entertainment Earth for $11.99.

Uhura journal from The Coop

And coming soon is a faux leather ladies wallet with the same Uhura design. You can pre-order it at Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

Uhura ladies wallet from The Coop

Included in The Coop’s new bags was the soon-to-be-released Star Trek: The Next Generation messenger bag, which includes a number of interior compartments and a LCARS-themed lining. You can pre-order now for $79.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Star Trek: TNG PADD Messenger Bag

There is also a TNG style PADD faux journal from The Coop which was recently released. You can order it at Entertainment Earth for $11.99.

TNG PADD journal from The Coop

If you prefer your journals to be more logical, they were also showing off this new Spock journal, which you can also pick up at Entertainment Earth for $14.99.

The Coop Spock journal

And there was also this Captain’s Log journal in the TOS style as well, priced at $14.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Captain’s Log journal from The Coop

The Coop have also just released three new Star Trek-themed hardcover notebooks, each with 200 lined pages themed to Star Trek. Each is priced at $14.99 and you can pick them up at Entertainment Earth: Star Trek Uniforms and Equipment, Star Trek School Folder, and Star Trek The Spacecrafts, .

Star Trek notebooks from The Coop

Star Trek bendables from NJ Croce

In last year’s Toy Fair roundup we reported NJ Croce announced they were going to do Star Trek ‘bendable’ figures. The first ones are due in April and were shown off at Toy Fair. The first set of four 6-inch bendable figures (Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty) comes in a “Transporter Room” box set which you can pre-order for $32.99 at Entertainment Earth. You can also buy Kirk and Spock individually for $8.99.

NJ Croce Star Trek bendables transporter room set

Star Trek Fluxx games announced

As Toy Fair kicked off, game maker Looney Labs announced they were making two Star Trek editions of their popular Fluxx card game. There were no prototypes to show off, but Looney said they will be making a TOS and TNG version of Fluxx, set to be released this summer. To help develop the game, Looney is partnering with Gale Force Nine, makers of the Star Trek: Ascendancy board game. Star Trek joins other themed editions of Fluxx, including Doctor Who, Batman, Firefly and Monty Python.

Fluxx is adding two Star Trek editions this summer

More Toy Fair

That’s it for our Toy Fair 2018 coverage. See our previous reports on McFarlane Toys 2018 Star Trek items  and QMx badges and figures.


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Those bendable TOS figures look pretty cool! Maybe they could add Lt. Cmdr. Gumby to the set?

It’s high time there was a DISCO pizza cutter

Black Olives Alert.

With Mushroom Spores.

What a load of tat. Star Wars fans get much better merchandise.

Even the expensive eaglemoss ships are poor quality.

Star Wars has a much bigger budget for this sort of thing and its certainly more mainstream than Trek.

As one who cruises the discount stores for shits and giggles, I see plenty of Star Wars tat floating around the marketplace too…

Those Fleet Flyers are nowhere near as good as the Hotwheels Star Wars series. The dimensions, detailing, and colours look way off.

Or even, for that matter, the old Star Trek Micro Machines series from way back.

I LOVED those! I had about 24 of them (two giftsets) with a pewter finish… I tied strings to them in college and used them as Christmas tree ornaments.

Another disappointing set of Trek “collectibles”. The McFarlane Toys Discovery Phaser and figures look nice but beyond that it’s all little trinkets or vaporware that will take forever to reach the market and will be incredibly limited when it does. And of course, the Diamond Select / Art Asylum Reliant is nowhere to be seen. The state of Trek toys and collectibles continues to be pretty pathetic compared to other licenses.

Too bad Discovery did not have any cool Klingon variants (still don’t get why you wouldn’t make a cool version of the classic D-7 as was done with the Constitution class Enterprise) that these fleet fliers could face off with. The Europa and Clarke look way better as models than they did on screen. Looks almost Star Fleet Battles good with these models.

Tired of the John Eaves look.

Me too. God forbid he designs a Federation ship that isn’t angular, dark grey and with pointless cutouts everywhere. None of his designs will ever match classic Starfleet ships of the TOS/TNG era.

It’s somehow apt that these Fleet flyers come with a suction cup, because they do suck.

I wish there was more Kelvin Timeline merchandise.

Well, the bags are nice, I really want to like those fleet flyers, as I am a collector of small scale trek ships, but the “Chibi” discovery isn’t doing it for me, hopefully it’s a prototype and won’t be the final version, as I’d buy these for $8 a pop. (I like the design of the other ships besides discovery)