2-foot Polar Lights K’t’inga Klingon Battlecrusier Model Kit Coming This Fall

Today Round 2 Models announced their plan to produce a 1:350 scale Klingon K’t’inga model kit based on the iconic ship first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The gorgeous detail seen in the impressive close up shots of the Klignon cruisers of TMP (and later The Undiscovered Country) has long been something modelers have wanted to have in a replica.

Prototype of Polar Lights planned K’t’inga 1:350 model

The ship will be offered under the Polar Lights brand which has previously offered the classic U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.S. Enterprise Refit kits in the same scale. At 1:350 scale, the K’t’inga model kit will measure 24” long. The large format allows the plastic injection molded kit to maintain details that can’t be achieved in smaller scales. CAD work for the kit is being supplied by professional model builder Charles Adams.

Comparison of the detail on the Klingon cruiser as seen in The Motion Picture and model prototype

The kit is model number: POL950/06, and will carry a suggested retail price of $99.99, it is due for release in September, 2018. A light kit will also be offered. The kit will be added to Round 2’s model kit price list to be released March 9, 2018, and will be available for pre-order from retailers soon after that. Pricing and availability for the light kit has not been finalized.

More images of the model

NOTE: Please remember these are photos of an early prototype, so any odd spots, gaps, or bits of different colored plastic should be temporary.

Polar Lights high level of detail

As an example of the kind of detail Round 2 puts into their kits, here is a modeler’s build up of the 1:350 scale refit USS Enterprise with light kit.

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Lovely. Now THAT is what a Klingon ship should look like.

While I love Discovery and don’t have many problems with its designs, the Klingon ships are…absurd. Why they couldn’t have gone a route like the 2009 movie is beyond me.

Both the Klingon ship and the Enterprise are just wonderful. Inspiring.

Hey! That’s my Enterprise Refit video! Cool! I hope you all like it.

Some of your staff were green to begin with.

She’s a fine ship. A credit to her name.

Amazing. great attention to detail. CONGRATS!

I’d kill to get a model of the Enterprise refit with that kind of detail and lighting.

Sadly I can barely draw straight stick figures, let alone do a model.

Very cool! I’ve watched that video at least a dozen times. Nice work!

Well done!
Mine would look like Homers BBQ Pit if I tried to build one.

Ok why did not Discovery capitalize on how they could have had a couple of these babies
show up… in all our combat!!! Decades later still not seen….

Damn straight.

Effin’ finally!!!!!!! This is a WARRIOR’S ship!!!

Since we saw a reasonably familiar design with the Enterprise in the season finale, here’s hoping we get the classic battlecruiser in season 2.

Good luck…lucky the Connie even looks relatively like it does…probably plausible deniability so they can claim they aren’t tossing out canon.

That’s the spirit.

wow. that enterprise!

Main photo is still one of the BEST images from sci-fi, ever.

The TMP version of the big ‘E’ still looks the best to this day. She’s beautiful.

The TMP Klingon battle cruiser still looks awesome too. I don’t recall seeing anything even similar to it in STD.

Forced to agree. The TMP version was indeed cool looking.

Does anyone know the skill level of this?
I’ve only made the snap together D-7.

Probably 2, maybe 3.

It’s not as complex as the E, I would think the hardest thing will be getting the paint to match the TMP model. Weathering effects and lighting will also add to the fun.

Beautiful! Take my money now!

I’m in! Perhaps if I start thinking about it now I’ll have found a good place to display it by the time I have it assembled…

Expensive for sure! But they look brilliant. I’d love to have an Enterprise D or E from this model maker!

That’s incredible. Maybe it will motivate me to finish my Enterprise.

Now, if they add a TOS Romulan Bird of Prey at 1:350…

I hear ya. My boxed 1/350 TOS E is sitting in my closet waiting…

You know 40 years ago if someone said they were going to make the D-7 battle cruiser into something more badass — namely the K’t’inga class, people would say that’s awesome.

Today, everyone needs an any sort of logical reason if one baffle plate is a millimetre off such as a full scale refit or that it’s a totally different starship altogether. Like the D-7 is one class of warship and the K’t’inga class is another.

I love the proper Prime Universe. Even the Klingon ships have got beard.comment image

Will they ever release a 1/350 of the original D7? Would love to build that one to match the TOS enterprise 1/350 I built

That is THE ship. When I saw it on the big screen with all that detail for the first time in 1978 with Jerry Goldsmith’s immortal theme pumping away in the background, I just crapped my pants.

That scene was and still is one of my favorite movie theater moments.

The greebs are strong with this one.

That Polar Lights Refit Ent is gorgeous!!! No doubt his K’tinga will be equally impressive when completed.

will we ever get a TOS Klingon D7 in 1/350 to go w/ the TOS Enterprise…..