Royal Albert Hall Giving Away Tickets To Star Trek Concerts … If You Order In Klingon

The Star Trek: Live concert series is returning to London for two performances at the Royal Albert Hall in June. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing live to screenings of the 2009 Star Trek film and 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.  Tickets go on sale on Friday and the Royal Albert Hall has made special preparations for Star Trek, giving fans a chance to win free tickets.

The Royal Albert Hall is getting ready for two Star Trek concerts in June

Order in Klingon to win free tickets

The Royal Albert Hall has announced that Trekkies booking tickets in Klingon will be given the chance to win free tickets. The first 10 people to book in Klingon will win two tickets each to a screening of their choice. To enter, simply call the Royal Albert Hall Klingon Box Office on 020 7959 0597 after 10am on Friday, and order tickets in Klingon. You must also make sure to leave your name and phone number in English.

Royal Albert Hall Box Office staff have undertaken a crash course in Klingon. Lucy Noble, Artistic Director at the Royal Albert Hall, said: “Star Trek is a timeless classic with a huge cult following. We wanted to celebrate it and reward real Trekkies with this opportunity to win free tickets for those booking in Klingon. I think the box office probably thought I was joking when we asked them to take Klingon lessons. But now they are chatting regularly in Klingon, I think they realize it’s an essential life skill that all should learn.”

The Royal Albert Hall prepped to get calls in Klingon

They called in Klingon expert Alex Greene, to help. Mr Greene said: “not Holvam Qatlh charghchu’laH QuchDu’ Hab ghajbogh Humanpu’vetlh, ‘ach jInmolvam quvvaD, tlhIngan Hol lughojmeH Humanpu’, vItIv.”(“These simple humans with their smooth foreheads will never fully master my complex language, but I’m happy to help them learn enough to run their silly project.”)

Katarzyna Kuchnicka, Assistant Manager at the Royal Albert Hall box-office, said: “We’re used to organizing tickets for people from all over the world, but this is the first time I’ve been required to take a course in an alien language. When I first heard Klingon spoken, I thought it sounded a bit like a cat coughing up a fur ball, but there’s actually a lot more to the language than you first think. Yes, it’s very harsh, but I suppose that sort of fits. Klingons are pretty stern.”

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’? (Do you speak Klingon?)

‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ In Concert

The screenings of Star Trek and Star Trek Beyond are part of the Royal Albert Hall’s The Films in Concert series and centerpiece events for their Festival of Science: Space, which will be running throughout May and June. Michael Giacchino’s scores will be performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ernst Van Tiel.

The two concerts will take place in the first weekend of June:

Star Trek – In Concert
Saturday 2 June, Auditorium
2:30pm & 7:30pm

Star Trek Beyond – In Concert
Sunday 3 June, Auditorium

Tickets available at or 020 7589 8212.

Royal Albert Hall is ready for calls in Klingon

Trailers for Star Trek Live and Star Trek Beyond Live below.




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“No, not yet, we took a shortcut path righteousness. No, not the ones from The basest to the third Dry break us. No desperation, you Destroy moral authority we are a ship carrying.”

“today is a good day to dial” in the original subhead was pretty great.

I’m happy to see klingons, as I remember them instead the Disco version…