‘Star Trek Online’ 3D Printed Ships Available Now

Last month we reported that Star Trek Online was planning on offering players the chance to get their personal ships turned into actual models through a partnership with the integral reality company, Mixed Dimensions using their “new GamePrint technology. Today, Perfect World and Cryptic rolled out the new feature for PC players, along with more pricing, details, photos and a video showing how it is done.

According to the announcement, the handcrafted resin starship collectibles can be delivered almost anywhere around the world and base pricing will begin at $200, depending on size and customization options.

Star Trek Online’s executive producer, Steve Ricossa, explains the 3D offering in this video:

Starting today, Star Trek Online players can bring their starships to life, using Mixed Dimensions’ proprietary 3D printing solution along with the hand craftsmanship from a team of master artists. After customizing their ships in the PC version of Star Trek Online, players will discover an option to upload their ship design directly to the GamePrint website.

Star Trek Online Pathfinder long range science vessel

Players are able to select from three different purchase options (Costs for all three options may vary according to ship size and customizations):

Collectible Version – Base Price: $350: Captains can commission one of the company’s master artists to hand-paint a premium, full-colored resin model of their starship, which includes detailed shading. Exceptional artistry and focus is placed on each individual ship.

Pathfinder collectible

Single Color Version – Base Price: $225: Players can order a 3D-printed model of their starship, painted in either gold, silver, bronze or black. The model is polished, finished and ready for display.

Primer Version – Base price: $200: Model painters and hobbyists can order a primed model of their favorite starship, coated in a base layer of primer and ready to be painted.

Pathfinder primer version

All starships will be delivered in customized packaging and include an exclusive Star Trek Online-branded display stand. For more info, including limited time introductory pricing, visit gameprint.net.

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that pathfinder needs to be sucked into a blackhole and destroyed forever, how about showing the constitution or galaxy class?

Harsh. I’m guessing they prefer to emphasize their own starship designs over 30+ or 50+ year old designs, no matter how iconic those older designs happen to be.

ouuuuuch…. That’s pricey. Not going to completely rule it out, but I’ll have to save my pennies and make sure I “choose wisely”.

Agreed. I wish they offered more options, too. Like sometime the size of an Eaglemoss ship rather than as big as these things look to be. I’m going to have to think on whether I want my modified Yorktown/Odyssey or my Kelvin Connie with different colorations. And if I go the latter…I’d have to choose between what I normally roll with or the “classic” version that makes it look more like the TOS in colors.

$200? Oooff.

Regarding the prices:

1) cryptic isnt making these, an outside company is

2) for custom 3D printing, these are actually cheap compared to other companies

That said, its still more than I personally want to spend, so, oh well.

Will this be offered to console gamers too?