Terry Farrell And Adam Nimoy Get Married On Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday

Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy get married

Yesterday, film critic, Star Trek fan, and friend of the couple, Scott Mantz tweeted the announcement, along with a photo, that Adam Nimoy and Terry Farrell got married in a civil ceremony in San Francisco. Mantz told TrekMovie that they had planned ahead of time to marry on March 26 to commemorate Leonard Nimoy’s birthday. They sent Mantz the photo so he could spread the good news.

Terry Farrell responded with exuberance:

Terry, of course, played Jadzia Dax on six of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s seven seasons. Adam, in addition to being Leonard’s son, directed two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, worked as an assistant to Nick Meyer on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and directed the award-winning documentary For The Love of Spock about his father. Back in 1995, he directed his dad in an episode of the rebooted The Outer Limits called “I, Robot.” (Fun trivia: Leonard Nimoy played a different role in the original version of the episode of the classic The Outer Limits back in 1964.)

The couple had announced their engagement back in August of last year, They had been dating for a while at that point; Terry had joined Adam on his media tour for his film For the Love of Spock the year before.

Friends and fans flooded Twitter with their congratulations, responding to Mantz’s original post or Farrell’s reply:

We congratulate the happy couple, and hope they live long and prosper, together!

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I hope they live long and prosper!

Pretty cool Trek “Union”!

May they have many happy years together.

I’m so happy for them! :D

Wait, wasn’t she supposed to marry a Klingon? :)

And now she will get to know the Real Nimoy … one who listens exclusively to the Grateful Dead Channel on Sirius XM.

Congrats to the newlyweds! May they LLAP!

Wow. What great news. May you both have many, many years of wedded bliss together. :)

Dang it! And until this Adam guy came along, I was hoping I had a real shot…
Oh well.
Congrats, mon sweets!

Love you Adam and Terry! May you be blessed with the best of unions- Cheers!

Mazel tov to the happy couple… and how lovely that they tied the knot on Leonard’s birthday. :)

Very fitting.

Lucky guy; she’s still hot as microwaved lava. I know you’re not supposed to say things like that in 2018, but hey, when a shoe fits…

I think that was a fine term. And quite fitting.

When the news is (usually) craptastic, it’s really nice hear about something romantic and happy on occasion… Congratulations to the Nimoy’s.

~Pen… you know.

I hope they’ll be very happy together. Doing it on Leonard’s birthday seems sort of strange to me, though; I certainly wouldn’t want to get married on the birthday of a dead relative if I’d actually loved that relative…

Two lovely people, with a real pride and respect for what Trek represents. Live Long & Prosper.

So funny! Dax was hot for Spock!