Fan-Made Posters Envision A Tarantino ‘Star Trek: The Final Generation’ Movie + More Great Links

This week’s list of Great Links from across the web starts with a find by Geeks Are Sexy of a set of fanmade posters by “Fly Nebula” on Deviant Art. Made last December, shortly after news that Quentin Tarantino had pitched an R-Rated Star Trek movie, the posters envision how a gritty R-rated movie set in the 24th century might be promoted. The posters for TNG characters Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Geordi LaForge, and Miles O’Brien are styled somewhat like the poster for the 2017 R-rated X-Men movie, Logan.

Fanmade Riker poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art

Fanmade O’Brien poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art

Fanmade Geordi poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art

Fanmade Picard poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art

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Video of the week: Amazing Borg Queen makeup

Make-up Artistin Kika made this video for Syfy Germany, showing herself as the Borg Queen.

That’s it for this week’s update. Keep up with all the fun Star Trek from around the web in our Great Links category.

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Oh man, that would be the movie I was waiting for :-)

This is, what so many fans want.
Why doesn’t Paramount give such an idea a shot?

Because interest in the Berman era waned from the late 90s onwards, leading to the failure of Nemesis and Enterprise, and so they still think it’s toxic and should be avoided at all cost.

I’m pretty sure they’re right. For some reason TNG just didn’t translate to the movies well.

First Contact was terriffic.

The other movies were all written like those ‘off’ eppisodes, like where troy’s mom gets married, or Crusher’s grandmother was dating a ghost, that starts a relationship with her, or the one where Wesley Goes on trial for stepping on a plant.

Give us movies written more like “The best of both worlds”, “Cause and Effect”, “Ship in a Bottle”, “Frame of Mind”, or “Tapestry”

Thats what we want to see.

QSq, Those are great suggestions, but I’m sure you’ve seen here how “small” some folks thought the story of “Beyond” was.

Umm, which fans?

I agree…I’m not looking for more TNG.

I would love to see this with original TNG cast or just move on to rebooting the TNG universe.

No more reboots! That idiot Abrams has already done enough damage and is on his way to destroying Star Wars as well!

I love this argument. Lucas made the Special Editions and the prequels and everyone hates them. Then JJ comes along and makes the most SW film in decades and now suddenly he’s the one who ruined SW and GL was actually a secret genius all along and the prequels were just “misunderstood”.. HAHAHA. Also JJ Abrams saved Star Trek. ST2009 is the 2nd highest grossing trek film of all time. Without those movies we may not even have DSC or talk of any more movies.

The Berman era was mouldy as hell. It needed a fresh start. Insurrection was terrible and Nemesis was just a Wrath of Khan remake – WAY WAY more than Into Darkness – which only borrowed ( and flipped ) * one scene *…

Is that actually Jonathan Frakes in the poster? It doesn’t look like him.

I’m trying to figure that out too

It is.

Wow these posters were bad.

Love the idea behind this. I’d be thrilled if it could happen.

I‘m 33 years old. This is what I want!

Really very good fan posters!

I would love to see it happen, but then I am a big dreamer!

Reality stinks sometimes!

To Boldly Go, One More Time….come on, really? Once more, to the well of repetitiveness we shall go.

Yeah, I get it, they are fan posters. Which is why fans shouldn’t be making these movies, or pretending to be a creative influence.

Yep, Trek should not give fans anything they want. Great argument. Basically explains all the JJ movies.

Are you serious? There have been literally multiple thousands of comments from Trek fans here who just want epic space battles, the Borg everywhere, and cameo’s by any actor still drawing breath who once donned the uniform of Starfleet. Oh, and CGI Shatner forever. No, Trek doesn’t owe fans what they want. That’s the prevue of fan fiction, where the Mary Sues can run wild.

Agreed. I’ve heard some really cringey awful ideas from fans. Mostly just elements they like and a vague shell of a concept but nothing with any substance. When it comes to telling a story, there’s rarely anything of value, and certainly nothing that’s going to make money.

“Literally” thousands? Must be all those “Mary Sues” taking over the world.

I’ll be honest, I’d love to see an R rated Kirk vs Borg. I know IDW did it already but hey.

PG-13 at most please. TNG being R rated is out of character.

I would watch the shit out of this.

These are awesome! 😃

Would love to see the rest of the TNG crew get this poster treatment!

If they do a post Nemesis movie then I want it to be set 100+ years in the future. That way they can basically do what they want and not be limited by canon too much.

Its pure fantasy TNG failed miserably at the movies so it had its day & could not hold a candle to the TOS series & movies characters.

That’s BS. TNG didn’t fail at the movies. One movie (Nemesis) was a failure and that failure was a result of producers wanting to recreate the Wrath of Khan / revenge theme with the TNG cast. They failed at that (though the movie itself is not *that* awful as it’s often said to be). Plus, there was Lord of the Rings at that same time, which was a huge, huge competition. So, saying TNG “failed miserably” at the movies is mere BS, merely your opinion, not fact. As to whether characters were better than TOS characters, that’s a matter of subjective view. I think both shows have terrific characters. And TNG had some characters which TOS could only have dreamed of (e.g. Data).

If they ever wanted to soft reboot the 24th Century universe, I could see a movie like this where these guys are old salts called in to supervise a training voyage WOK-style, or lending their expertise to deal with a particularly baffling space conundrum…

I just want the TNG crew to have one last chance to redeem themselves in movies…

In this day and age it would just get panned by the media


You basically just want this? I don’t know if you can post youtube videos here, but here it goes.

Considering that humans in the Star Trek universe (at least the TNG universe) get to live well over 100 years, and that they probably retire around 80, 90, maybe even 100 years, it’s very likely that Picard would still be in active duty. In ST Universe Picard is still Captain, I guess, and Stewart could very well portray the character even in his seventies. The rest of the ensemble is relatively young/old (nowadays technology could even help make them appear younger, e.g. Spiner as Data.). But I’m not sure if a movie would be the right way for them to “redeem themselves”. I could imagine a mini-series, featuring TNG characters, as some sort of post-TNG continuation, though. That would be great, I think. And it’s something that I imagine most of them would probably agree to (X-Files Season 10 & 11 can serve as an example here).

This would be a good chance to do a “X-Men: Days of Future Past” for the TREK movie series, by combining the TNG crew with the younger JJ Kirk & Co. counterparts for a multi-time period adventure.

Terrible idea!

TNG movies failed mainly due to the egos of the main actors insisting on specific story points & Berman only willing to spend so much on producing that. So its a terrible idea to use those actors as those characters again in a movie it would take the screen time away from the current Kelvin crew. Paramount should be making several Trek movies at once anyway take a long look at the other studios milking their franchises not waiting over 2 years to count all the income from the last one before working on the next!

They failed because Star Trek had been oversaturated by the time Nemesis was released. Star Trek movies had been events but there was an overabundance of product to satisfy fans needs.

A TNG movie released today would probably make money for Paramount.

I wouldn’t go see it.

He put O’brien there because he’s going to be the first to die, isn’t it.

What would be the point of this? “Do it just because you can”? I tremendously respect Tarantino, like millions of other people do I’m sure, but Tarantino and Star Trek don’t mix well. What’s next, George Lucas directing Star Trek? We had a terrible SW/ST hybridization/bastardization made by Jar Jar fricking Assbrams already! No more hybrids and bastardization of Star Trek, please. Ever. Paramount should sell its rights to Star Trek movie franchise to someone else before it further ruins it. Star Trek as a spaghetti western in space? Really? Tarantino may be one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, but Star Trek is simply not compatible with Tarantino. And, by the way, has Tarantino ever directed any science fiction movie? People like those fans making those posters just get carried away by some crazy fantasizing and rumors.

Best option is an All Access/Netflix co-pro film.

These fan posters are really cool.

Maybe someone here can answer this, but I have a theory that if they wanted to do anything in the “Next Generation” era they’d have to bring in too stake holders. I’d see some of the storyline in the books done as a movie or animated series with the original actors doing the voices. The Destiny book series is by far the Best Star Trek Book series to date, the end of the Borg……