Details Revealed For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 1 Soundtrack On Vinyl

Today Lakeshore Records revealed artwork and details for their upcoming “Intergalactic Starburst” vinyl release of the season one soundtrack of Jeff Russo’s music from Star Trek: Discovery. The limited release compiles music from both chapters of the first season and is pressed on two 140 gram vinyl albums.

Here is the track listing:

 Side A
01. Main Title (Aired Version) 1:34
02. We Come In Peace 1:22
03. I’ll Go 8:00
04. The Day Is Saved 3:11
05. Torchbearer 1:57
06. Stranded 4:12

Side B
07. I Can’t Dance 1:53
08. Captain Mudd 2:47
09. Stella 2:06
10. Watch The Stars Fall 2:00
11. Weakened Shields 4:21
12. What’s Happening? 1:00
13. The Charge of Mutiny 2:09
14. Main Title (Extended) 2:11

Side C
01. Burnham Take Over 1:31
02. I Can’t Rest Here 1:23
03. Tell Me The Truth 6:30
04. The Rebels Haven’t Completed Their Evacuation 1:50
05. Kasseelian Opera 2:31
06. The Lorca I Knew 2:38
07. 212 Days Of Torture 1:27

Side D
08. Safe To Drop Out Of Warp 4:27
09. Lorca Is Finished 2:26
10. I’m No Good 2:36
11. War Is Over 4:48
12. I’ve Never Been To Vulcan 0:56
13. Incoming Transmission 1:12
14. Theme From Star Trek (Discovery Episode 115 End Credits Version) 1:03

Lakeshore’s site says the vinyl release is coming Summer 2018. In TrekMovie’s recent WonderCon interview with Russo, he said he thought the release is coming in June.  You can pre-oder the Discovery vinyl release at the Lakeshore site now for $34.98 (limited to 2 copies per customer).

Cover of Discovery vinyl soundtrack

Chapter 1 of the Discovery soundtrack is available now digitally and on CD. Chapter 2 will be released this Friday on iTunes iTunes, and on May 24 it will be released on CD, which and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Chapter 1 is available now on iTunes and CD at Amazon.

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Weird that that the vastly inferior vinyl is making a bit of a comeback. I got rid of my turntable 30 years ago! And funny that they are making the soundtrack album way more available on way more platforms than the show itself. Figures.

Actually listening to music on vinyl is far superior to listening to streaming music which is what most of us do now for the sake of convenience. CDs are still a good option but those are disappearing as most of us use Apple Music or Spotify. When I bought a new AV receiver a few years back with all the next gen HDMI connections, Dolby Atmos and DTX surround, I also made sure it had a phono pre-amp – just in case I wanted to listen to a few old classic albums (Born to Run, Abbey Road, Back in Black, Imagine, Surf’n USA, etc.) and for new releases like this one. Great news!!

Vinyl can be many things – “vastly inferior” is not one of them.

Goes to show that not everything old or Classic is bad.

Vinyl has a distinctive sound which IMO I would not call inferior. Personally much prefer it over CD and streaming.

I still listen to my old vinyls from time to time, ranging from the 50s to the early 90s.

I remember as a kid in the mid to late 90s my mum and dad had a big collection of vinyl discs. Same with videos. I was still watching and buying videos until around 2007-08!

A holistic symbol of marketing for this franchise,

Kinda missing those snarky Michael Giacchino track titles… Props to anyone who comes up with the alt track listings. Here are a few to get folks started:

Side B
•08. Captain Mudd 2:47 = “Here’s Mudd In Your Eyes”

Side D
•09. Lorca Is Finished 2:26 = “Lorca Of The Fries”
•13. Incoming Transmission 1:12 = “Sur-Enter-Prise!”

Do elevators still have phonographs?

I’d rather they did pressings of the TOS and TNG films which never got vinyl releases.

AND I JUST SAID that there was almost no way the Disco soundtrack would be making it into my collection…you’ve gotta be kiddin me! I NEED to own this work of art. I have the Mondo release of the TWOK soundtrack, which was at least a great score, but this packaging and discs look breathtaking.

The artwork and vinyl design is stunning! I do hope this gets a UK release!

Amazing set, simply gorgeous!

Is it sad that the beautiful packaging of this is more bright and colorful than a single episode of the show?


Personally, I loved the theme of Disco simply. Voyager is still my favorite theme, but Disco has a wonderful blend of “Discovery” along with a darker melody that sets its tone. The theme really worked in some of the more inspiring moments as well such as Lorcas speech before the battle with Kol and Saru giving the crew a talk about Discovery was theirs.

I’m a bit of a music snob so I listen to tracks over and over again and my favorite part of the theme is a brief 2-3 second violin riff that has one of the darkest melodies in Star Trek. I absolutely love it.

My least favorite part was the implementation of the classic Star Trek piece at the very end, I don’t feel that was needed, however, it is cut out in the extended version of the theme.

I will certainly be picking this up. The art is beautiful and I only really buy Vinyl now.

I get a lot of fans don’t like this score, compared to other themes its not the best, however I do prefer it to most of them.

But I would like to know other peoples thoughts, especially what people found to work.