‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Nominated For Peabody Award

Star Trek: Discovery has picked up another award nomination, and a rather prestigious one at that. Today the nominees for the 2017 Peabody Awards were announced with Discovery in the Entertainment category. Peabodies “honor the most powerful, enlightening and invigorating stories in television, radio and digital media.”

Discovery is noted by the Peabody Awards as a show which “addresses current issues and introduces a new cast of diverse, engaging characters.” The Entertainment category has a total of 15 nominees for 2018, with Discovery going up against critical favorites like AMC’s Better Call Saul, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Discovery is up for another award, this time a Peabody

If Discovery takes home the Peabody it actually won’t be the first time for the franchise; that honor goes to Star Trek: The Next Generation which won a Peabody in its first season, for the episode “The Big Goodbye.”

TNG‘s “The Big Goodbye” won a Peabody

Peabody Award nominees and winners will be celebrated at a gala event hosted by comedian Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), on Saturday, May 19 in New York, and will be announced on several dates in April, with the Entertainment category scheduled for April 19.

Some of the Discovery team announced their excitement about the nomination on Twitter.

More Discovery nominations

Earlier this year, the show lost out to Game of Thrones for guild awards from the Visual Effects Society and Costume Designers Guild. However, Jason Isaacs recently won an Empire Award for his work playing Captain Gabriel Lorca.

There are a few other nominations that are still pending. The show is up for five Saturn Awards and was just nominated for a Hugo as well. Discovery is also nominated for a GLAAD Award, which is holding its ceremony this week. Anthony Rapp (Lt. Stamets) and Wilson Cruz (Dr. Culber) will be presenting.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the Space Channel and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I don’t watch much else in the Entertainment column, but both The Handmaid’s Tale and Better Call Saul have been excellent. Both of them, top notch.

Discovery is amazing, but it has some really tough competition. Handmaid’s Tale is amazing, and John Oliver almost feels like it should be getting a Peabody for journalism.


This is definitely a surprise, but I salute them. It’s easy to get stuck in the fan bubble (or fan hate bubble whatever you want to call it) so a nomination like this gives a welcome glimpse of how the show may be perceived outside of those bubbles.

I worried at first when I kept hearing certain fans say nothing but negative things about the show but the more I would check in to other pages and see them talk about Discovery and web shows (who rarely if ever talked Trek) discuss Star Trek Discovery episodes and praise them I quickly became aware that the show was in fact picking up LARGE numbers of new fans and those fans who might have liked Trek 09 or grew up watching Voyager and DS9.

I’ve really only read the comments of this website and youtube comments, both of which have been quite discouraging. Hearing about these award and your comment PEB, has been a bit of a relief for me. I really like the direct its going and knowing that it is bringing in new fans as well as striking solid with mainstream audiences bodes well for the franchise.

Do yourself a favor and watch the show. If the price is too steep for you (Roughly $6 for a month) then just binge watch over a week for free and decide for yourself. Personally I really enjoy the show (probably the best first season of any of the series since TOS) and I’ve have been watching Star Trek since it was on TV in the late 60s. But I do understand and see why SOME fans are not as enthusiastic. With nominations like this however and after seeing the overwhelming analytics and ratings, I would consider them to be a small vocal minority. Can’t wait for season 2 to begin.

I’ve been watching since the 70s and I really enjoy the show too. And I started young. I couldn’t tell you what came first for me, TOS in local syndication, TAS (I watched the second season on NBC Saturday mornings), or my Colorforms set! I suspect it was TOS, just because my Great Aunt babysat me a lot and my mother’s youngest cousins were big fans. For anyone who has been skittish about taking the plunge due to online negativity, but are considering it now; for God’s sake stay away from io9’s reviews. Their reviewer was so myopic,people who didn’t like the show (but were still watching for some reason), stared calling out her b.s. in the comment sections.

The analytics measure, in part, that the show is being talked about. What they don’t measure well is to what degree it’s being talked about positively or negatively.

Agreed Dean, outside of a small group of people on this website, and a minuscule amount of reviewers I have heard nothing but praise for this show.

Its exciting to have a show that is bringing in new fans to the franchise.

Discovery is a big discussion point at my workplace

Youtube comments are always discouraging.

Clearly Mr. Peabody didn’t watch the last four episodes. Understandable, there’s a lot of shows to keep up with these days.

Isn’t it about you grew up? At this point you are becoming increasingly tedious and irrelevant.

As Ted Sullivan’s personal assistant, you should already know that Ted supports Enlightenment values such as free expression and the autonomy/dignity of the individual. I don’t think Ted would sanction these kinds of attacks.

Galt… no one cares what you have to say. You are a troll anyway.

I must say I find these attempts at corporate thuggery by way of transparent astroturfing to be … fascinating. (Or perhaps you advocate for choking down any sludge sold by Sumner Redstone, if it be labeled with that trademarked delta.) My attitude is praise when good, criticize when bad. Discovery lost the faith of many Trekkoes with its last half of episodes. But don’t take my word for it, check out the most downloaded Discovery podcast, The Edge- their most recent offering features a mild-mannered Canadian host reduced to exasperated grunting by the aggressive stupidity of Discovery’s final episodes. Or check out the podcast reviews of the same by TREK MOVIE, in which our hosts can barely contain the derisive laughter generated by the back half of STD Season 1.

Discovery was pretty watchable up to the 8th episode. The problem is that those episodes were still following Fuller’s outline (according to Harberts) – and once they moved off from Fuller’s plans, the show got worse … and worse … and worse. (Again, don’t take my word for it, this is also according to Trek Movie, Trek FM, Entertainment Weekly, Gizmodo, Mashable, lot of folks, really.). But I will remain, to monitor developments, as ever with the faint hope that things can get better. They must do better.

You are still a troll. You just annoy the crap out of everyone. No one cares about your ramblings. Us fans enjoy it. You fanboys can whine all you want.

The decision to make Lorca his own Mirror Universe twin and to have Burnham completely redeemed by season’s end rank as creative felonies in my opinion. I’d personally love to know what Fuller made of it all. It would be comforting to think that DSC might nevertheless improve, as TNG eventually did, except that in the latter’s case it was only the hiring of a new writing producer, and the people he subsequently brought on, that managed to turn things around. Consequently I’m not all that hopeful about season 2, though you never know.

I totally understand the disappointment with Mirror Lorca and Michael, I really wanted Lorcas arc to be where he was from the Mirror Universe but he was helping the rebellion.

I also wanted Michael to go back to prison, however, like they said. This show had to be written as one arc because they had no clue if they would get a season two, so I understand them giving Michael a happy “ending”.

I think this show is off to a great start and is much better than a lot of trek we’ve seen start off. I think the writing will improve. There is no denying it had a shaky start due to changes with the producer, but they have found their footing and believe its going to take us some amazing places.

I had no problem with Burnham’s life sentence being commuted, especially as I found it overly harsh in the first place. At the same time, her Starfleet career should have been over, period. (You only get one shot at mutiny, so make it count.) In light of her service she could have been allowed to stay on as a civilian science adviser or consultant, and that’s as happy a resolution for the character that would be believable under the circumstances.

Fuller planned to take them to the mirror universe in episode 5.

Yes, but Fuller didn’t plan on Lorca being his own evil twin.

Do you need a hug today?

Fabulous news!

Discovery is servicable sci-fi but I don’t think at this stage it should be getting these kind of nominations. When we’re getting Michael Piller level quality character insights on a weekly basis, maybe. Not before though.

I’m sure the folks at The Peabody Awards are waiting for your guidance.

argumentum ad verecundiam

To those who would pooh-pooh the Peabody, know that it is a serious award. Its 16-person jury includes illustrious folk such as Tom Mattia – former Senior Vice President of The Coca-Cola Company, Mark McKinnon – media advisor for George W. Bush, Naibe Reynoso – co-host of “HOLA! LA” on KCBS, Monica Pearson – former news anchor of WSB-TV Atlanta, Dr. Herman Gray – Sociology Dept. of UC Santa Cruz Fightin’ Banana Slugs, and Marcy Carsey – co-creator of Roseanne and The Cosby Show starring Bill Cosby.

The Peabody tends to award shows with some social significance. Now, for all its flaws in writing and production, Discovery was a show of some social importance… particularly in the domain of gays in space. Were there other shows with gays in space? Probably, I haven’t watched The Expanse. But there was no other show with the cultural cachet of Star Trek that depicted gays in space, even if one of Discovery’s two gays was senselessly murdered by a pointless and confusing character. For that alone, Discovery has earned a Peabody nomination.

The Peabody is generally considered the highest honor a show can receive and the review process is fairly intense. Unlike the Emmy’s, each episode submitted for consideration is screened by every member of each committee before making its way to the jury. Past winners have ranged from serious news programs such as “Face the Nation” to comedy shows such as “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

A Peabody nomination is a significant achievement.

Yeah, except “The Big Goodbye” was actually a pretty good episode. I don’t know what episode the Disco team submitted, but there were none that come even close to that level. “Magic…Go Mad” wasn’t half bad, but still not near the quality of the rest of this year’s nominees. Best bet is John Oliver or Handmaid’s Tale.

Actually, with its disjointed A plot/B plot structure “Goodbye” was a fairly lousy episode, albeit a fun, off-format one. I don’t find DSC’s nomination all that merited, but neither was TNG’s.

I can think of at least several episodes of DS9 which deserved a nomination but were overlooked. “The Visitor”, “In the Pale Moonlight” and “Far Beyond the Stars” all come to mind.