Zachary Quinto: Paramount Eager For More Star Trek, May Be Planning More Than One Movie

Star Trek Beyond was released almost two years ago, and the status of the next film in Paramount Picture’s venerable Trek film franchise is still uncertain. However, Spock actor Zachary Quinto believes that may change soon. In fact, in a new interview, Quinto indicated that more than one Star Trek movie may be in the works.

Speaking to The Observer, Quinto stated:

“There’s a lot of energy around more [Star Trek] movies. Which ones are going to happen, which ones might happen first? I can’t really say, I don’t know honestly. I know there are lots of conversations being had about it. I know there are plans afoot to do at least one if not more movies.”

Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond

While Star Trek Beyond didn’t meet box office expectations it was still the best performing film for Paramount Pictures in 2016. However, a number of other box office disappointments led to financing problems and a management shakeup at the studio. These events have also resulted in fewer big budget tentpoles being greenlit in the last couple of years, with little movement on the Star Trek franchise, even though the studio announced there would be a follow-up to Beyond before the film was even released.

In the same interview with The Observer, Quinto indicated that the new Paramount management is still interested in getting things going with Trek:

I know Paramount, under their new administration, is eager to keep the franchise going. I feel like as soon as we go reconvene and then there’s a script that the studio believes in and a director, whether it’s Quentin or somebody else, that comes up… Hopefully, we’ll move it all forward. I’m pretty sure Quentin is doing his other project, which he wrote, so that might kind of contextualize things in terms of the chronology of how we might make more than one movie, if we make more than one movie.

Zachary Quinto’s mention about picking a script, and there possibly being more than one film in development, is a hot topic these days. Both Quinto and his co-star Simon Pegg have recently discussed there being multiple Star Trek scripts in consideration, including one based on an idea from Quentin Tarantino. Paramount has yet to greenlight a summer 2020 tentpole and there is still time for a Star Trek film to fill that slot.

Hopefully we will get more clarity on the future of the Star Trek film franchise soon.

John Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto at the UK Premiere of Star Trek Beyond

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I want a movie about Vertaform City or Beverly Crusher’s sex candle.


his accent was even less believable than Jimmy Doohans

“Star Trek: Masaka” (2020)

Yes!!!! Movie tagline: Masaka is waking.

People will flood the theater. It will put Last Jedi and Infinity War to shame.

Star Trek Gazelles: The Early Years.

Can there be a crossover cameo from the the salamanders that laneway and Paris morphed into in Threshold? Just look at Infinity War… crossovers are really big now. You’re welcome.

Take my money! Luke Montgomery is the new Josh Whedon.

Sex candle :P

I love Sub Rosa ironically, if only for the scene of Beverly writhing about to the idea of a candle in her bed.

It’s so awful, it’s brilliant!

Or, let’s have a movie based on the episode, “Cause and Effect,” but have the same 10 minute segment loop over a 2-hour movie. Use the same special effects over and over again. Pay the scriptwriter $500 and call it a day.

Ditto. Star Trek: Sex Candle It will be better than Kahn.

I can’t believe Gates McFadden is nearly 70 years old.

70 years old is right in Ronin’s strike zone.

ooooo…. touché !!!


I like this thread. It’s exciting!

1. Get QTs pitch. Have a great screenwriter script it. Get Edgar Wright to direct it. Make it a final TNG movie whilst they’re all still alive.

2. Make one more KU movie as a swansong and MAYBE revert the timeline at the end..

I’d love to see another TNG movie – but sadly at this point it just wouldn’t have the mass appeal. I could see a reboot though in 10 years…

TNG would work better as an event series on CBS all access.

Exactly! Pull characters from all three 24th century shows and create some great event miniseries! If CBS All Access did one or two a year in addition to Discovery, I’d continue to subscribe.

Sounds awful. I hate reunion shows. Everyone is soooo old.

I honestly don’t understand the desire from some fans to “revert” the timeline. Could you or someone else help me out here? What would be the purpose? It’s an alternate reality. There’s nothing to “fix” because nothing is “broken”; the Primeverse is still out there. We even have a television series on the air now which features it. Is it not about fixing things? Am I missing something? Thanks!

I think you have two groups to consider. The hardcore Trek fans and everyone else (which includes casual trek fans and general filmgoers).

The casuals wont care either way. And there was nothing overt in 2009 that said “this is a separate universe akin to the Mirror”. We know it IS because they say it is.

But that’s more to step outside of canon which doesnt matter to casuals but does matter to Trek fans. Even if someone argues it shouldnt matter, it does. Many Trek fans cherish the canon.

So I think the idea of reverting the timeline is partly because to those fans it just doesnt feel right or real.

From a business perspective, I DO think there is marketing value in reverting the timeline. Because one issue with the Kelvin Universe is it basically tells us that there are millions of universes and so nothing really matters. What happens to THOSE characters doesnt matter. Because its not the characters or the universe from every other film and TV show.

From a story telling perspective, the idea of reverting the timeline serves the idea of an “epic” story which the highest possible stakes. I suspect if fixing of the timeline WAS in BobOrci’s story for Trek 3, that it was because he understood this aspect and because it connects the Kelvin films together rather then them being sort of an island unto themselves.

2009 opened, essentially in the Prime universe. So there is something satisfying about the idea of the Kelvin series ending with a return there.

Thanks, TUP. I see what you’re saying. I see the appeal in a sort of full circle approach to the Kelvinverse and I’d be down for it too!

The majority of hard-core fans need to understand that Paramount do not make movies solely for them. They make them to bring new people to the franchise. They make them to make money.

Yes but I just explained why it generally appeals to both. To me, the obvious thing in these films is to include aspects that appeal to the hardcore Trek fans (because that is your core audience) but that which does not negatively impact the general public.

For example, easter eggs. Those small references that we, as fans, understand (Mudd, Nurse Chapel etc). If you dont know what they mean, you arent confused because it literally has no bearing on the story. But core fans might go back and re-watch 5 times to enjoy the easter eggs.

Or the larger story ideas, such as Carol Marcus and Khan. Carol worked fine because it didnt hurt the story. There was no moment where she stopped, looked at the camera and dramatically exclaimed that she was Carol…

On the other hand, Khan did just that and so it made casual fans confused as to the significance. And for most casual fans, the original Khan was so iconic and even THEY were confused by this totally different portrayal. And of course, it turned off most core fans.

A shirtless old man isn’t iconic to me.

@HN4 your reply makes no sense. You’re suggesting the fact the actor wore a shirt that was low-cut/cut out, made the role non-iconic.

Does the wardrobe of the actors make that big a difference to you?


@TUP It’s just that shirtless old men don’t do it for me. Shirtless Janeway would do it for me though.

true true

As far as I’m concerned, the Prime Universe “died” (metaphorically of course) the same time Leonard Nimoy did, and all that’s left is the Kelvin Timeline. I’ve been a fan for almost 50 years, but the Prime Universe’s time is over. No Shatner/Stewart returns or “fixing.” Discovery should be revealed to be in the Kelvin Timeline. As much as the original Star Trek meant to me growing up as a confused, lonely nerd in the 1970’s, it was very much a product of the time and culture in which it was created and the technology available to it. Trying to shoehorn explanations for why today’s Star Trek doesn’t look like the Trek of the 1960’s and demanding the new show runners explain any deviations is ridiculous.


amen. These people don’t understand they will never get what they really want because it is impossible. One way or another, it’s is impossible to not piss off the old fans or flop.
This a new cast and a reboot, they need to tell different stories without having to care about contradicting the established canon too much. They can’t sell again what people can already watch in tos.

For me, this was the smartest way they found to reboot trek and do different things with the characters, and I’m quite happy about having two realities and two versions of the characters. I consider myself lucky, as a fan, that I was given this possibility and I see endless potential in it. Even in terms of tng, I’d be more interested about a movie set in this reality and thus the kelvin version of tng’s time.

But thats not true.

My thoughts exactly. Turning the Kelvin universe series into one epic big screen version of Yesterdays Enterprise would almost retrospectively make those movies better. Also there would be nothing preventing them from continuing with the same cast and making movies then set in the prime universe.

Had no intention of “fixing” the timeline. 09 is an in canon solution.

Nor does it need ‘fixing’. Its in a different universe, people should just accept it.

I just find it funny how much complaints there have been over the years of Star Trek using the reset button in time travel and that everything is always just neatly put back like before. Now we FINALLY get something that attempted to do something different and give us a ‘what if’ that changes the timeline permanently and people want to change it back? Why???? Thats what makes the films fascinating, that its playing out a different history than the other timeline.

Nothing needs to be changed and as I have said over and over again if you change it back then it negates everything they done like none of it ever happened and who wants to watch movies that feels like none of it matter by the time you got to the last one?

I agree, and the time travel stuff drives me crazy.

Unless Stamets can time travel DISCO back to before a lotta shit happened ;^)

@Tiger – I dont think people are so upset. Its a relevant discussion point though and the fact that it comes up so often makes it a legit point.

The most obvious thing is that 2009 treated time travel differently than usual in Star Trek. It almost made no sense that Spock Prime would not immediately set out to “fix” the time line.

There was no explanation for why this was a separate universe that could not be fixed versus every other instance of time travel which was.

And I think because it seems clunky in that respect, there is a sense of wanting it all fixed.

But also, I think Orci’s story that was rejected sort of fed into this because it was speculated his idea “fixed”. he’s now said that is not true so we can put that to bed.

So I suspect Bob’s story dealt with changing the timeline that exists in the Kelvin Universe and not a restoring of that universe. But even then, that itself seems a bit confusing.

There was nothing overtly stated in 2009 that would preclude them from fixing the timeline. Its just so that neither Spock nor anyone else tried.

But it doesn’t need to be FIXED. The timeline was simply changed leave it at that.

We know thanks to the temporal cold war for example some of that was also changed. We don’t know exactly what or how much but it was.

I get your point but it’s an alternate universe and can now do anything it wants without worrying about Canon. Why change that? So we can have another issue like Discovery is having now? No thanks.

I say the more Trek universes the better, because we won’t be so tied down in canon.

[Please don’t shoot, people]

Exactly. And its weird how people can accept the Mirror Universe which is just another parallel universe but somehow the Kelvin one is bad to have? I don’t get the logic? No one is arguing the MU needs to be ‘fixed’ because its simply a different timeline from the prime one, so why can’t the KU just exist as itself as well?

And as I remind TUP, EVERY TIME, Star Trek has made it clear that a multiverse exist since TOS. We’ve already known long ago there are different versions of these characters. All Kelvin did was build a set of movies around them but Kelvin or no Kelvin there are still millions of these characters in a multiverse. That’s been canon for literally decades.

I wish he would acknowledge instead of pretending the KU created something new. It didn’t. That and the fact they said they got the idea from Parallels which made it clear as clear as possible every version of every possibility exists. This is what Star Trek does.

@Marja @tiger – huge difference between the two. If 2009 had taken place entirely in the mirror universe and the Kevlin films were just Mirror films, I guarantee we’d all be tired of the MU by now.

The fact the MU exists sort of proves this aspect to me, that there is one Prime universe and there is everything else.

The idea that canon is an albatross is a myth. It was perpetuated somewhat by Bad Robot as their reason for creating a new universe. And I get that most writers want free reign, but the idea of Trek Canon being this thing that is 99% explored and cemented is simply wrong.

JJ had no problem working his way around Star Wars canon when he made The Force Awakens. And when Rian decided to make something “different”, look at the back lash.

Man Discovery is having issues with canon right NOW! There is an argument about it in every article. My God can’t we just have these films do their own thing and not worry what happened in the prime universe?

Just let it do it’s own thing. Why does it have to be like that universe?

And JJ had no problems with TFA and canon because it WASN’T a prequel. See the difference?? If they set Discovery AFTER the events of all the other stuff, they wouldn’t have the same issues either and could make it work better.


And “The Last Jedi” WASN’T a prequel and they’re griping all over the place with all the issues your specious reasoning promised that it would automatically avoid.

Disinvited I never said it would be better just because its not a prequel lol. You can still make bad movies or shows, my god. I was only saying in this instance Abrams didn’t have the same issues with Star Wars as he did with the Trek films because he could create WHATEVER new canon he wanted. Of course that’s the entire point we’re discussing with the Kelvin films and why the canon was changed with Nero. And why I don’t want the timeline ‘fixed’.

And FYI, I didn’t hate TLJ like others did, but yes I certainly get why so many hated it.


If you like it, how bad can it possibly be? More specious reasoning from you trying to claim the many supposed canon issues those griping fans claim to have with TLJ is something other than what it is.

What? I never even mentioned TLJ, I specifically talked about JJ Abrams and TFA. You mentioned it man. Rian Johnson never directed both a Star Trek and Star Wars film, only Abrams has. Hence why I specifically discussed him.

Dude, just ignore my posts please. Thanks.

I honestly don’t see anything smart in merging the two timelines. Why should paramount delete their own thing they can use to make more stuff without the constricts of canon. Reverting the timeline truly means nothing mattered, why create it in the first place if these characters didn’t have any purpose or right to exist parallel to tos? The idea different realities exist isn’t new to trek and it does have more potential than being stuck with only one reality to use in perpetuity.

Pleasing the old fans who love this idea isn’t worth pissing off the fans, both old and new, who love having this other reality and care about it hence, they made these movies successful still. Not to mention, it isn’t worth losing their integrity by contradicting the fact that it is a quantum reality and tos was never modified or deleted by it, so it doesn’t need restoring.
I don’t know what Orci had wanted to do but I have a feeling he didn’t want to merge the timeliness either, unless he wanted to suddenly do a 180° on everything he had said for years.

And as a tos fan, merging the timeliness would honestly annoy me because one way or another, it would mess up with tos and retcon/change it. It is confusing. To delete that possibility they’d have to stop telling stories about it, which is the end of trek basically, or tell something that is carbon copy of tos, which would be boring and stupid.
I, for one, still think it was a mistake Discovery isn’t in the kelvin reality because they’d be far more free there. Instead, they are massively retconning tos and painting themselves into a corner because they also made it a prequel making the retcons obligatory.

But either way, pleasing old fans and making stuff only for them was never the goal and understandably so. We are a minority and making movies just for us is counterproductive more often than not (see old movies). I wouldn’t do that either.

THIS we agree on.

I will never get it. They came up with a clever way of keeping the prime universe completely in tact and just tell their own stories using the same characters in a different universe, and yet these people still have a problem with it.

And at least the Kelvin is IN another universe so it has no effect on the prime universe at all outside of blowing up Romulous (but really who was a big fan of that planet ;)).

Meanwhile Discovery IS basically overwriting the prime universe as nothing in it looks or feels like TOS…but somehow THATS OK??? I think if you want to ‘fix’ something that would make more sense to fix.

Which is why I also agree, Discovery should’ve been in the Kelvin universe…it would make way more sense there.

Discovery is a CBS property so the idea of it in the KT is a non-starter.

There is plenty in Discovery that is almost identical to prime universe including the weapons and communicators, ships (minus the ugly Fuller-demanded Discovery) etc.

Yes but Discovery would easily fit better in the Kelvin than prime. And they don’t have to keep up the facade it will somehow all fit into TOS in time, especially now that we learned legally they can’t even use all the TOS design even if they wanted to.

Which bares the question why not just put it in a different universe entirely and not have to worry at all?

@Quinton O’Connor — the “alternate timeline” or “KU” is NOT canon. In the absence of Bob Orci’s off-screen explanation about a splintered parallel universe, the normal Trek timetravel rules dictate that the Prime timeline is being overwritten by the new movies, and Prime Spock was prevented by someone (like Admiral Marcus) from sling-shoting around the sun, and stopping Nero the moment he popped into the past, and then he died before he could. Until someone on-screen confirms that the KU is in fact a parallel universe, then it’s not canon.

I’m going to take what the creators say as law, personally.

Quinton O’Connor,

Re: I’m going to take what the creators say as law, personally.

Fine, then from the 1st pilot production the creator, Roddenberry, said Spock was a redskinned Martian with a tail. Let the retconning begin on explaining how those Martians ended up on Vulcan and why the Vulcans bleach their skin, amputate their tails, and keep their real Sol origin a secret.

I think they said on-screen in Star Trek 2009 that Nero’s ship and Spock traveling back in time created a parallel reality.

Yep, they literally say the words “alternate reality”.

The writers of ST ’09 went to great pains (the timey-wimey stuff with the Red Matter) to be sure they created a new reality to use as an entirely new sandbox to work in, and to make it clear that the prime universe was left alone.

Here’s the dialog:

SPOCK: You are assuming that Nero knows how events are predicted to unfold. To the contrary, Nero’s very presence has altered the flow of history, beginning with the attack on the USS Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, thereby creating an entire new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party.
UHURA: An alternate reality?
SPOCK: Precisely. Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed. Mr. Sulu, plot a course to the Laurentian system warp factor three.

Matt Wright,

Not so fast, Matt. Just about every time that “Star Trek” EVER time traveled it created an alternate reality where something alternate to the original flow of history occurred [See: Nazis win WW II and Keeler dies of old age instead of an automobile accident.] That dialogue in and of itself does absolutely nothing to definitively prove that there’s a separate UNIVERSE with its own independent timeline that’s been created and in effect.

I can only recall one instance were Kirk and Spock supposed that their time travel was actually a part of the flow of history and that was for what actually was a script for a pilot for another series, ASSIGNMENT:EARTH.

Yes, welcome to the changing ideas of time travel and alternate universe theories. Lots of sci-fi likes to use the idea of “one true timeline”, like older Trek and Back To The Future, etc.

Then later on you see other ideas of co-existing parallel universes, like TNG “Parallels” and of course ST ’09 explicitly states that it’s an alternate timeline.

Matt Wright,

Here’s a transcript of the on-screen dialogue:

Explicit? The word “alternate” occurs only once and is followed by the word “reality” as you noted. “Timeline” is never explicitly stated.

In the 2009 effort, the word ‘universe’ is said on screen only twice, neither of which times indicated anything about a parallel one being in effect — that’s just an off-screen consideration in one of the writers’ minds.

VULCAN BULLY 2: You’re neither Human nor Vulcan and therefore have no place in this universe.

SPOCK PRIME: He inferred that universe-ending paradoxes would ensue should he break his promise.

In STAR TREK canon, alternate histories, i.e. alternate realities, had NEVER been solely an on-screen necessary and sufficient proof that a universe is parallel, separate, and apart, i.e. therefore MUST be other than Prime. But, yes, the show did cover the possibilities of such, but it also did explicitly indicate when a parallel or separate universe was in effect, even in the first series.

As you noted, it was in the TNG episode, PARALLELS, that Data used ‘quantum signatures’ to distinguish whether a Prime Universe Worf was native to the particular universe he was in at the time.

Ambassador Spock’s black hole skirmish happened long after Data worked out quantum signatures, and at no time does anyone observe that about Ambassador Spock’s (Nero’s, their ships’, his crew’s, etc. for that matter), i.e. that something doesn’t belong in the universe shown on screen in the 2009 effort. There wasn’t even an attempt to explain why Red Matter from an apart universe would behave anything on the quantum level of a new universe like what Nero and Spock would expect if the universe it was released in was, in fact, one separate and apart from the one whose furnace it was fired in. Also, the script’s authors indicated that they left the on-screen universe thing purposely ambiguous so that the audience could enjoy the film however way the time travel best made sense to them, which means there’s nothing explicit on screen to make it canon about there being a separate parallel universe in effect. The matter was left open and in STAR TREK canon when things are left open on-screen past precedence rules.

In the first TREK pilot, Spock being written with him being a red Martian with a tail in mind didn’t make him one on screen.

Cool man, well whatever floats your boat. If you wanna get mad and think the Kelvin universe is some kind of time anomaly that’s overwriting your childhood, go for it.

I’ll just mention that even officially licensed CBS products say that the Kelvin-verse is an alternate timeline. Example: the latest revision of The Star Trek Encyclopedia released in 2016 treats them as separate realities.
As does Star Trek Online.

Matt Wright,

Re: …wanna get mad and think the Kelvin universe is some kind of time anomaly that’s overwriting your childhood,…

Come on, Matt. You should know me better than that…

Besides, as others have said, if I actually felt something like that, DISCOVERY proves that someone comes along and sets things closer to right. ;-)

And Paramount had always held with Roddenberry, that STAR TREK literature, games, toys, etc. are NOT canon. I’m not sure where you are trying to go with that? You believe CBS changed it somehow?

I do note that when filmed Trek adopts something cherished from those sources to date, it has been cool but it’s not canon until they do. Them’s da’ rules.

And I do acknowledge, Orci wrote that part of the script open enough that some future character could scan Ambassador Spock’s grave and say something about an anomalous quantum signature and canon would easily and smoothly flip his way. As I recall, Bob himself even acknowledged that some future writer could come along and thoroughly undo all that he thought he had so nicely and neatly tied up, as well.

Matt Wright,

Re: “one true timeline”

FWIW I think the notion predates timelines, and stems from the fact that humans like tales where their heroic figures are “destined” for greatness. “Predestiny” is more likely the concept responsible for the popularity of the “one true timeline” than anything.


Or clearer, even.

As Matt says, the “one true timeline” idea is more of an old-fashioned way of looking at things. Knowledge has expanded because, y’know, physicists and astrophysicists.


Re: Knowledge

In science, knowledge expands through experimentation. There have been no time travel into the past or alternate universe creating experiments to increase the “knowledge” on such topics one way or the other.

From a math geek perspective that I have on it, what we have is cooler maths. Just because the math is beauteous to behold, doesn’t actually move the needle one way or the other, but like art, it is something to marvel at.

Exactly. How dare trek evolve and use a more contemporary time travel theory. Why we can’t be stuck with what science fiction was doing in the 60s. Tragic.

Some comments here continue to be pretentious to me and just picking up a pretext to derail the point because people don’t have a real counterargument to make. But the point, the real one as stated by Matt, doesn’t change.


Re: Evolve

What evolution? It has already been admitted the first series covered parallel universes with alternate histories populated with the same characters, i.e. the mirror universe, Lazarus’

This is just a canon debate on whether what happens on the 2009 effort’s screen clearly delineated it as a separate parallel universe within the rules of canon, which it did not.

And it is not a contemporary scientific theory in the science sense because no experiments have been conducted confirming any of its predictions. Its just another hypothesis to add to the mix and the prettiest one to date.

I have been cast as mad or childhood hurt about the state of canon. I’m not. I’m just saying it wasn’t played out on screen to what it takes to identify it was a parallel universe in the STAR TREK canon of parallel universes.

Orci has admitted in the past that he doesn’t like to spell it out because he likes to make positive assumptions about the audience. And that’s a fine attitude to have, but it ignores canon to the point that it wreaks havoc with it which is the reason why these debates exist despite how clear the maths are to the author..

The discussion here proves it isnt clear at all.

There was nothing overtly stated in 2009 to preclude the traditional time travel scenario in Star Trek.

And how would the characters even know? Since 2009 essentially began in the Prime Universe (and certainly the story of Spock/Nero did), it would be outside the norm for this specific time travel instance to have been to a new universe rather then simply a be the past of the prime universe.

Its easy for people who wrote the film to say “come on, its sooo obvious” but you’re in the bubble. Why would Star Trek fans who watched TVH assume 2009 didnt follow the same rules?

The dialogue Matt provided was not remotely concise in saying it did. As Disinvited pointed out.

We accept that its so because the writers say so (just like Discover is Prime) but no one can argue that it was super obvious and clearly stated. It simply was not.


Re: how would the characters even know

Well, presumably Ambassador Spock’s character has access to top secret equations such as transwarp beaming, he therefore would have access to Commander Data’s Quantum Signature equations, and given his experiences with Lazarus’ and the Mirror parallel universes his state-of-the-art supernova squelching ship would have given him an alert.


Except that it is canon. It’s a licensed work put out by Paramount, like the other movies were. And it’s also entirely possible that it can be a parallel universe because parallel universes have been firmly established in both TOS and TNG. Plus, time travel wasn’t even Spock’s goal. The ‘red matter’ was supposed to create a black hole to suck in the star that went supernova. The time travel and parallel universe stuff was just an unintended consequence of going through it. I’d even argue that it was a parallel universe to begin with, and so maybe it wasn’t even time travel but a universe that started later. Having it branch from the Kelvin’s encounter with Nero could just be an assumption that they all made.

If you really want to complain about the timeline being overwritten, just look to First Contact. If you want to go with a predestination paradox, then there’s no problem. But otherwise, the Enterprise-E being in the past did affect the timeline. That’s why they found wreckage from the Borg sphere in ENT and I believe the Ent-E’s influence resulted in the warp-5 program, the NX-class, and maybe even everything in Discovery being the way it is.

Yep your right.
Enterprise is an alternate timeline to the rest of the shows that’s bloody easy to see, yet people insist it fits with in with tos/tng.
Seemingly forgetting that one of the major plot points of the show was the stupid temporal Cold War which involved people messing with the timeline.

Ashley and Isabella,

Yep, ENTERPRISE’s Temporal War created so many more time anomalies building on the FIRST CONTACT one that there’s likely no way to map them all out, let alone declare what the one current state of the Prime timeline is. About the only thing that concept has going for it is VOYAGER and DS9’a 25th century Temporal Prime Directive Enforcers. But VOYAGER establishes that the agency charged with enforcing that disappears and reappears as further time travel into its past wreaks havoc on the timeline.

It’s canon.

Dude its canon. Discovery PROVES its canon because KT had already overwritten this era of Star Trek and yet there is no evidence anywhere what’s happening in Discovery has been overwritten because its pretty clear the Enterprises look nothing alike. The uniforms another reason.

In fact this is the VERY reason why I don’t think they will ever use the KT actors for Discovery because they want to make it clear that is a separate universe from what we are seeing now. If Bruce Greenwood show up it would confuse a lot of people thinking its the KU.

So your point doesn’t make much sense because either the KT or the Discovery would be in direct conflict of each other.

Discovery seems to be far more connected to the kelvin timeline than to the original shows.

Discovery could easily be part of the “original” kelvin timeline that Nero and Spock traveled back in time from before it was changed due to the red matter.

Discovery could be the prequel show to the old Spock of the 09 film and have nothing to do with the original version of Spock from TOS.
This would solve the continuity problems including the garbage idea of visuals not being canon.

Well sure it could do all of that but it clearly isn’t.

And nothing on the shows actually looks the same. Again, the Enterprises looks completely different from each other. And my guess is this Enterprise has been in space for years vs the KT Enterprise that is a brand new ship when Pike commands it, which again proves its in two different timelines so nothing was ‘overwritten’.

And look I don’t disagree that Discovery probably went too far updating its look to the point NOTHING looks like TOS but either you accept that or you don’t, which clearly seems to be very divided. I’m on the fence in the sense I’m glad it doesn’t look like a cheap looking sixties show but still wondering why they couldn’t just keep some of the basic designs, just upgraded. Which is why I like the new Enterprise because they did just that IMO but who knows how wildly different the interior will be.

But it will probably look nothing like the KT Enterprise interior either.

No the point I was making that discovery could easily be the original version of the timeline that Nero and Spock came from in the 09 timeline before it was changed because of the red matter.

Discovery is the timeline that old Spock and Nero lived through before it was changed. So everything would be different from the kelvin timeline films because the timeline change has not occurred yet.

This is why it is closer to the 09 films then it is TOS yet it still different because like how Daniels explained in enterprise it takes “time” for the timeline to change. Discovery could be set in the original version of the Kelvin timeline before it was changed.
Hence it is so similar to the kelvin timeline yet still different.

The Kelvin timeline only diverges from the prime universe when Nero arrives. Prior to that they are the same timeline.

But there is nothing actually in the 09 film that indicates that Spock and Nero came from the timeline of the original films/tv show(s). Look at the design of the jellyfish ship or mining vessel they look completely different from anything that had ever been previously shown in the Star Trek franchise.

OK I get your point, but thats still a bit confusing because everything was suppose to be like TOS until Nero changed it. But yeah its an interesting theory at least.

But there is nothing actually in the 09 film that indicates that Spock and Nero came from the timeline of the original films/tv show(s). Look at the design of the jellyhish ship or the mining vessel they look completely different from anything that had ever been previously shown in the Star Trek franchise.

Look as fans we can do this all day. But for *me* I simply take the writers at their word. Orci/Kurtzman said KU was changed when Nero came from PU. The makers of Discovery has said the show takes place in the PU, just with a visual update.

That’s really all that matters. But yeah we can certainly come up with a dozen fan theories and yes both Discovery and the Kelvin films have made it easier to defer other ideas by feeling and looking so different but end of the day its all fiction. Again you can either accept it or don’t but I don’t think any of it makes a difference in terms of your actual enjoyment of it, right? So its up to you to believe whatever you want, but my take is what the filmmakers have said in the past they actually do believe in what they said or why say it at all?

I personally would like someone to say Discovery is in another universe too but I doubt that will ever happen.

Discovery “looks” similar to the new films because its made around the same time.

I definitely agree that they could have done things to look different. I think one thing most Trek producers/writers fail to understand is part of what made TOS so interesting was the “frontier” aspect.

Discovery, like every thing trek now, is far too connected and far too advanced.

But thats because you have modern film/tv makers wanting cool whizbang stuff.

And why so many of us wanted them to stay from TOS as far as possible because it’s never going to be TOS again. At least not the way some fans wants it to be.

But the damage is done now. I’m hoping season two they try a little better to feel like the 23rd century and maybe some actual exploration. That would be neat. ;)


What a wonderfully insightful comment.

@boborci. I’ve defended you here in the past. I trust you wouldn’t remember that.

I appreciate your feedback. I also hope that if you truly care about Trek you are hard at work on the next Trek project and not just trolling fan websites IN ALL CAPS.

Create that new project. Fight for it. We’ll (at least me and friends) be there for you.

Why would you expect anything other than trolling fan websites “IN ALL CAPS”?

It’s easier to troll people then produce stories that actually made sense and are not filled with plot holes and don’t descent into having to use the crutch of the writing device of “God did it” (i.e. We have written ourselves but into a corner so let’s create magic blood or magic transporters or a magic mushroom drive to get out of the box bad writing has trapped us in).

First of all, Bob has as much right to comment here as anyone. He’s been doing so for so long that the cool factor of one of the actual writers posting here as worn off for many. But it IS decidedly cool.

Secondly, Bob can’t force Paramount to hire him.

Thirdly, what we all really want is for Bob to produce in some way, his Trek 3 stories! Either by just giving us a freakin synopsis right here or in book form.

So the real question to Bob is 1) are you actively working on a way to bring that story to the fans 2) if not, is it because you’re not interested or because of legal reasons related to ownership of the work?

And maybe 3) if Paramount wanted to, could they use your story for a future Trek film as they see fit?

Hi TUP, I think the “real question” was pretty clear.

“Do we ha e to call it Star Trek?”

Nope. Do I have to do another of the higest grossing treks ever? Nope,

not hard at work on next Trek. Gave years to it, and that was enough.

I appreciate your support, but Trek is now my past, not the future,

Oh pish-posh, it’s said RIGHT IN THE MOVIE that KT is a bubble/parallel universe sprung out of the timeline breach by Narada. Good night.

@Marja – it really didnt. It was implied as much. As I recall Spock even said the universe was trying to right itself.

Let’s be honest, the reason for creating a new universe was to create a new sandbox to play in. But then they never really did that…they wanted to play with all the old toys and build all the same cool sand castles that the other kids in the neighborhood would like want to watch.

We accept that its a new universe because Bad Robot says so and because Spock makes no effort to fix it. But the fact its a new universe didnt serve the JJ films in any real way.

By STID, they’re on their mission as seen in TOS anyway. And they use a character that, in story, is the exact same guy we met in Space Seed but now looks and acts completely different.

In other words, it really doesnt matter. And matters less to writers who come and go. To fans who embrace 50 years of story telling, its ONE BIG STORY to us which is why many fans get upset with major canon-violations.

Those aren’t the normal time travel rules anymore. Nor have they been for over 50years.

You must think that previous trime travel movies were scientific. Back to the Future and such?

Quinton O’Connor
same, but I give up with these fans. It’s years and they still don’t understand it’s different realities and tos doesn’t need to get restored.

They don’t want to get it. I guess it’s some kind of childish nostalgia and wanting to appropriate of a successful thing and turn it into tos, no matter how nonsense, unnecessary and useless. They want trek to only exist in the prime timeline, and they want to prevent the possibility of them doing more with the kelvin timeline well knowing that as long as it exists, it does have potential and they can do more movies set in this reality, instead of tos. Some people are annoyed even about the comics, however those were so successful they went well past the 60 issues originally planned. There are old and new fans interested about this reality but some old fans don’t care about it. Or they noticed and this is the issue and why they want paramount to get rid of this reality. The fact they have discovery now isn’t enough or means nothing to some people because it still isn’t ‘their trek’.

Edgar Wright is pretty badass at directing his own scripts. And has been for almost as long as QT has been.

Buuuuuuuut it would make a hell of a Netflix release. And I’d be willing to bet that Netflix would pay a pretty penny to produce it. Alas, we have CBS All Access.

Netflix is paying a pretty penny for Discovery.

A movie that fixes the Kelvin Timeline would be epic.

there is no timeline to fix. it is it’s own timeline

Well, if they choose a story that fixes the timeline its reverting the time travel aspect back to traditional Trek – that if you go back in time and change something, its your own future that is impacted, not a branched off new universe.

Ofcourse we know there are other universes. But the Kelvin films would have worked fine, arguably better, if they had kept the traditional time travel rules. It would be like if the Enterprise went back to the 80’s to get save the Whales and left Sulu behind and instead of us following the crew back to the future, we stayed and watched the adventures of Sulu.

@Spiked Canon — not according to canon. See my reply to @Quinton O above.

Canon is whatever the current producers say is canon. As much as you don’t like the KT films- they are canon and will remain as such until someone in a position of authority of Paramount says otherwise. Sorry.


Well, given that Discovery has now taken a dump all over the Prime Timeline I’m not sure what there is to fix. If anything, the Kelvin Timeline is now the most canon accurate of Trek still (theoretically) ongoing.

They can still make DSC an alternate reality. There’s nothing on screen to say it’s prime. John Eaves has an interesting Facebook post, where he says he had to make the enterprise 25 percent different for licensing reasons. They couldn’t use the TOS design for legal reasons !

Why were they able to use that design on DS9 and Enterprise, then?

Because DS9 and enterprise were made before the spilting up cbs and Viacom.

Since then there has been nothing produced that looks like the original designs or license of Star Trek.

It could simply be that the 09 films and discovery look so different to Star Trek is because of licensing requriments rather than the producers choice.
It would also explain why the Kligons in discovery look so different maybe they are not allowed use the traditional design for the Kligons for legal reasons also.

You’re getting into “tinfoil hat” conspiracy theory territory. None of what you say holds water.

The DSC Klingons were radically redesigned because Bryan Fuller really liked the idea. Fuller had a lot of big/dramatic “visionary” ideas about what to do with Trek. This is well documented by the talks Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick have given on the subject.

Likewise, Bryan Fuller had his own dramatic ideas on the designs of the starships for DSC. Again this is documented, the pamphlets that come with the Eaglemoss DSC ships have notes from John Eaves about how Fuller had pretty crazy ideas and he spent nearly a year going back and forth with him trying reign him in.

This notion that somehow CBS can’t use the classic Enterprise post-Viacom split just doesn’t make any sense. In the split-up CBS got all the TV properties, and rights to control the Trek merchandise.

So why has the classic Enterprise shown up on countless pieces of merchandise since 2006? All those pieces of merch have “Copyright CBS Studios” on it.

And of course the classic Constitution class design was shown repeatedly throughout the franchise, in various on screen graphics, and then in physical form in DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”, and ENT “In a Mirror, Darkly”. As mentioned, all TV properties are now owned by CBS.

And post-Viacom split, CBS made brand new CGI visual effects shots for TOS-R circa 2006-2008, which of course uses the likeness of the classic Enterprise.

From what little we know about the licensing agreements between CBS and Paramount, Paramount only has a copyright for what’s on film and a licensing agreement with CBS for the TV characters (i.e. TOS and TNG crews) that have appeared in those films.

Even if what you say is somehow true, the classic Enterprise has never been seen in a movie property. So there’s no issue there, the current version of Paramount has no claim to the TOS Enterprise.

Much like the Fuller stuff in DSC, ST ’09 was given a brand new look, because they wanted a brand new modern take on the designs. It’s as simple as that.

I just offered it as a possibility, its not an idea I subscribe to myself. Based on the comment by john eaves that he had to make the enterprise 25 percent different for licensing reasons.

But don’t you think it’s odd that the producers behind discovery hired the same people to redesign the Kligons who resigned them for into darkness? And like into darkness they look different from traditional takes on Kligons such as lack of hair.

The design of lots of discovery has far more in common with the kelvin films then they do the original tv shows.
There is no problem with wanting to modernise the look of Star Trek but why model it after the 09 films rather than a modern take on the original look.

As for the notion that cbs can’t use the classic enterprise since the split, outside of merchandise including blu rays ,not making sense, it may not make sense but that’s what has happened since the split.

It’s not tinfoil hat time regarding the design of the enterprise having to be 25% different to TOS. Go to Facebook, type in John Eaves and read his posts.

Yeah I don’t get why they had to have the Enterprise different from TOS? And all that will do is get the naysayers to ‘prove’ its not really part of the same universe if you LITERALLY can not use all the elements of that universe.

This is why you stay away from prequels and just do your thing.

The rights weren’t complicated then. Go to Facebook and type in John Eaves. Read his and Scope Schneiders comments for yourself!

Eaves comments are unclear.

We don’t really know what the issue is, and I don’t really see how there is one, considering CBS owns everything TV related to Trek.

The only thing I can think of is some kind of scenario where any time the classic TOS stuff is used CBS Consumer Products gets a cut of the profits. So the TV division doesn’t want to have to mess with it.

Unless that video that was floating around last year that discovery was produced under the bad robot license of Star Trek like the kelvin films rather than original license was right. Which would explain why the enterprise looks different.

That’s absolute BS, and from the fringe element of fans who think there’s a conspiracy to mess with everything they know and love about Trek. Those guys think they see “signs” in everything.

First off, there is no such thing as the “Bad Robot license,” they’re a production company that Paramount uses to make their Trek movies. As formerly related companies, Paramount has the licensing agreements with CBS.

Second off, Bad Robot is in no way involved with Discovery. We know exactly who is involved, the production companies are listed in the credits of every episode.

There’s a group of people who want to see Alex Kurtzman’s involvement as some kind of puppet regime from Bad Robot “infecting” “their Trek”. Kurtzman has long since separated from Bad Robot. His personal production company is involved, not Bad Robot.

The Discovery producers have made no bones about the fact that they liked the slick production style used in the Kelvin movies, but copying a visual style does not mean they’re secretly involved with each other.

Currently, the two corporations that own Trek are basically estranged relatives, with a rather poor relationship. From what little is publicly known about their agreements, it seems that Paramount can’t make a Trek TV show, they don’t have the rights to do so. CBS is the only entity that can make TV properties, and vice-versa, CBS can’t go off and make movies.

It’s not just Eaves. Scott Schneider has repeated the same thing on Facebook.

Yes I’ve seen Scott’s comments from the other week. I’ve already countered the idea that it was somehow because of Matt Jefferies owning a part of the design in a comment on a previous article. Linked below:

You’ll also notice Scott then pulled his comments around this issue. It was an assumption they made as to why they were asked to make changes, not a definite reason.

The notion that it needs to be changed by 25% and then it some how skirts a previous design doesn’t make sense. One cannot put a value on similarity or difference in that manner, if there were such an issue, it would be taken up by the copyright holders in court, there’s no clear cut numerical number of similarity that tells people when someone is copying another work of art.

But again the whole thing seems like it should be moot, CBS owns everything, so I don’t see how there are any rights to be worried about. As I said in the comment linked above, it seems to me far more likely that the producers just wanted it “Discoized” more.

Unless cbs themselves do not want the new show to use the original designs for some reason.

Maybe they want to “protect” the value of the original show by not using the original designs in a new show that might fail.

Maybe they want to “protect” the value of the original show by not using the original designs in a new show that might fail.

Now that could be, and that is the least “conspiracy theory” minded of the ideas. However, it’s still true that current visual style is something Fuller and Kurtzman are on record as liking. I don’t think they were forced to do anything in particular.

Maybe CBS sold off separate licenses for Discovery and the other shows to different toy companies. So now if they used the original TOS design on Discovery a company selling a TOS Enterprise would suddenly infringe on the Discovery license and vice versa. I know it sounds strange but a lot of legal disputes in the entertainment business you hear about sound strange to outsiders.

Yes, I agree that’s the most likely scenario. It’s probably a quite typical and mundane internal business decision based around product merchandise and marketing.

That probably doesnt bold well for the new Enterprise bridge looking similar to TOS then…

@ TUP. No more than 75% similar ;-)

haha Ill take it!!

Have a combo TOS and TNG movie. Kirk and crew go forward in time or Picard comes back or both combine in alter universe.

that would make about $37 million

Any Trek film bringing TNG–especially Picard–in contact with nuTrek just might push north of 37 million. Or were you just talking about opening weekend?

I just don’t think anyone would go see it but true fans. Could be wrong.

Why would the inclusion of Patrick Stewart and William Shatner drive DOWN ticket sales? If its a poor story, sure. But their mere inclusion would be the biggest PR aspect of the film…

When it was leaked that Shatner was in Orci’s story, that was HUGE news on mainstream news/entertainment sites everywhere. Its basically priceless marketing.

Now, the story still has to be good.

But the audience above and beyond the hardcore Trek fanbase certainly would be familiar with Captain Kirk and Captain Picard.

Stewart’s return to the Wolverine franchise was a big deal.

And I believe Nimoy being in 2009 was a big reason why it did so well and was well received (charming nostalgia creates a warm feeling).

Shatner would be a huge deal. Need to get this done soon.


@Boborci – despite everything, you’ll always wear a white hat to me for trying to get Shatner back.

Can you confirm the studio’s feeling? ie. Did the studio have an issue specifically with your story including Shatner or, had they liked the story over-all, was the inclusion of Shatner not an issue to them?

They thought script was too Star Trek.

If the movie is good, people will go. No one cared about Ant-Man. But it did well. Few cared about Black Panther. One of the highest grossing movies ever.

What IS necessary, is that the movie works stand alone as well as something that fans enjoy. You must be able to say: You don’t have to have watched what came before it. This is a fine entry point. Just like Doctor Who does every couple of seasons. If you have watched all the hundreds of episodes since the 60s? Great. You’ll get a lot out of the show. If you’re new? That’s fine too, you’ll also have a great time.

I enjoyed Serenity before I started watching Firefly, and I still loved the movie. And then went back to watch Firefly. Why can’t a Star Trek movie do this? Pull in new audiences, introduce them to the concept, and then get them to watch the TV shows? Surely this must be in the interest of Paramount/CBS? They have a ton of content laying dormant, if they can get people to pay for that old content, that’s great.

You want to say why? Yesterdays’s Enterprise in a similar way.

Whats great about the Yesterday’s Enterprise story is its so simple. They waste no time on some convoluted nonsense to explain the time change. Its an anomoly…anomoly’s exist. Voila.

Unlike the convoluted Nexus which they talked to death but never actually explained so its even doubly stupid.

2009 explained their time travel and at least did it in a short way (and made it a cool scene because it was Alt Kirk and Prime Spock.

A better “Generations” would be (I mentioned this further up) Spock trying to save Kirk from the anomoly that only comes around every 70 years. Talk about Vulcan patience!

more like 370 domestic, AT LEAST!


As long as there are eggs being scrambled, I’m in.

Perhaps they can develop two scripts and shoot back to back, might be some cost savings that way and then you dont end up waiting too long between films.

It would also allow a better story to be told since you dont have to write like you’re not sure if there will be a sequel.

Probably not likely to get Zoe Saldana long enough to shoot two movies back to back.

Anything is possible, You book out long enough to fit her schedule and if she cant make it for the whole shoot, you front-load her scenes. The benefit to back to back is potentially more efficient shooting. And if her schedule is really tight, make it part of the story. She can be back-burnered if she has to be.

Well let’s hope so. I would like to see more but same time I’m not too bothered if they moved on from the Kelvin movies and come up with something new. I don’t think the hype is there for these films anymore but same time I would love to see another knock it out of the park if they do make it. I liked Beyond, easily my favorite of the three but it didn’t create any major impact overall for the franchise.

As other commenters have been saying about combining the Kirk and Picard crews – I say: YES PLEASE. It could be like DAYS OF FUTURE PAST for the TREK movie series.

It would be cool but I don’t see it happening. Paramount isn’t looking to bring Shatner back and Stewart is probably too costly too. And probably why no more TNG films after Nemesis bombed.

@TM: “even though the studio announced there would be a follow-up to Beyond before the film was even released.”

Did Paramount officially announce this? Or was that Bad Robot on their own accord? I’ve forgotten. Either way, that was a completely different regime. It’s a brand new studio now, so even if they did announce it, it’s so much flotsam in the stream at this point.

Curious Cadet,

Re: flotsam in the stream at this point.

I agree. However, it was my understanding the contracts secured for Pine, Quinto and Hemsworth were something more than a simple extension of the options afforded Paramount from them being in the 2009 effort. Of course, whether the new Paramount regime realizes this or has the ability to exploit those contracts effectively to a get a next TREK rolling is anyone’s guess?

Two things are mandatory – ZERO involvement from ANY of the Abrams/Orci Bad Robot shit factory, and recasting of VERY bad actor Quinto.

Quinto isn’t playing Spock the way Leonard Nimoy did because the writers aren’t WRITING that Spock. They’re writing Spock as if he’s a pointy-eared action hero, not a restrained and logical Vulcan scientist, so that’s what Quinto is playing.

To fix NuSpock, we don’t need a new actor; we just need better writing.

Nimoy loved this Spock because he’s different, though. Still has his spirit, but he’s more contemporary too, especially as the portrayal of a mixed person allowed to embrace his heritage in full and who doesn’t want/have to be only vulcan. In the 60s, like many things in the show, this aspect was too influenced by the time and how people allegorically represented by Spock were written.
When the show started, the vulcans were still a work in progress thing too, but now trek canon tells us more about that race and it makes sense that this Spock reflects that too and what we know about the vulcans now.

I don’t see something inherently wrong in him playing an action hero IF the scene calls for it. At times, he might be more believable than Kirk or Mccoy because, after all, he is stronger than humans. Sure, I’d rather not see him be just an action hero or use too much violence as a default thing. And I’d really love to see his scientist side more. But the nerdy guy who only does nerdy things and can’t be an action hero stereotype probably is part of that 60s ‘old thing’ flavour too, honestly. Nowadays fictional characters are, at times, written a bit less one dimensional when writers allow it precisely because we are a bit over the concept of wanting to ostensibly give roles to them.

True but I reject the notion that Nimoy loved Quinto so we should too. Because we dont know if Nimoy universally loved the portrayal of if his positivity was partually due to fondness for the actor or simply him being at the stage of his life where he wasnt going to complain.

Plus, generally, if you’re in a movie, you dont knock it. Had Nimoy said “well, I enjoyed my experience making this film but I really think Quinto sucked”, he likely wouldnt have been put in the movie in the first place.

Also, I dont think Quinto sucked. I think they fixated on him because of his resemblance and it was hard to buy him mostly due to the voice and delivery. But had writing and directing been better, Quinto was fine.

We don’t have to like this Spock only because Nimoy did, but when we discuss about the integrity of the character it’s worth to point up that the man who, in many ways, created original Spock approved this one and he approved him precisely because he isn’t merely an impersonation of his Spock. Quinto talked about it in the documentary about Spock too, Nimoy helped him shape this character and he recognized the differences as an integral part of making the character more contemporary to our time and adding layers that tos couldn’t show. The bond between the two was a father-son one that went beyond these movies, had Nimoy not fully approved his Spock it would’ve influenced Zachary to some degree because he asked him for input. So I don’t think Nimoy’s positive opinions were just him not wanting to spit on the plate where he ate, so to speak, (which seems quite common for others). I’m sure he couldn’t like everything, just like the rest of us, and he didn’t want to influence too much. But still, you have his own words talking about what he liked and you have Quinto’s experience with him confirming what he said.

The fact Nimoy might have changed about some things through the years isn’t a bad thing or surprising to me. He wasn’t stuck in the 60s, and even personally-wise his life went through evolutions that shaped the man he became
(from his admission, a much happier person too) . I can 100% believe, for example, there are things he wouldn’t have done in the 60s in the show, but he could see the merit of in a new trek iteration and modern version of his character. Roddenberry himself probably wouldn’t make tos the same if he were alive nowadays. I bet even Shatner has things about kirk he would do differently now, or things he wished they did with his character that were never done. It’s, I think, normal.

Well its sort of a failing of all of them to point out how different QuintoSpock is from Prime Spock when they’re supposed to be the same friggen character!


Re: spit on the plate where he ate

Not sure what you mean to imply with that metaphor?

When Paramount 1st decided to revive STAR TREK as a PHASE II Paramount Network TV series, Nimoy didn’t want anything to do with it. He even lobbied them to kill off Spock (Which was where I first thought I spied plate spittle.) in the series to end all the seemingly endless media queries asking him as to when Spock would appear on the new TREK TV show when he was far more interested in promoting his other endeavors.

He also had no problem suing Paramount for a piece of the merchandising action and then when things stalled in the courts strong-arming them into settling so that he’d accept their invitation to sup at their cinematic table. His expertise in finessing that was why the Paramount executive suite were wrongly convinced his movie contract accommodated all his demands, including the lobbied death.

Please please please one last TNG film. Please. They deserve better.

Just get it going already! They can’t wait around on this forever!

They’re way to old now and much of the cast haven’t acted in anything of note for years.

They tried merging the crews of TOS and TNG once. I’m pretty sure RDM considered it at one point the “worst” Trek movie. Generations isn’t like the worst thing ever, but it is pretty lame. Maybe a KT-TNG crossover would make good on the Kirk-Picard premise and restore balance to the Trek. Also you could throw in Shatner for good measure. Just no torch-handing. Just a good adventure.

He’s being a bit hard on it, I think. Generations is the second-best TNG-era movie. It has a lot of problems, sure, but it had an epic feel that Insurrection totally lacked, and Nemesis was a mess, done in by having to appease Stewart and Spiner’s demands of the story. Generations really could have been fixed with a six-month delay (to Summer 1995) and another rewrite (enough to get Nimoy to reconsider.)

I agree. I imagine Nimoy’s feelings would have been changed had the role been expanded to include him in more than a throw away scene.

In fact, whatever anomaly “killed” kirk, if you have it only come around every 70 years, and Spock has been waiting patiently for his chance to save Kirk, that’s immediately more interesting.

Yes, that was lame. 2 Captains riding horses wasn’t really a merging. They both should have been on each bridge of the Enterprise.

How about making movies that are a part of the prime universe again? The MCU encompasses 18, soon 19 movies. It also includes 10 TV shows. IIRC all playing in the same universe. All interconnected. It’s possible, and people watch it.

Make a regular movie for 2020 early summer release then let QT develop his movie & make that as well when he is ready to do so!

I still think Beyond has a lot of goodwill being such a decent movie (after STID) so the next movie with this crew will be well received financially!

Whatever Paramount does need to be sooner rather than later though already we are looking at a 4 year gap between movies it should be 2 years max or they should line them up like Disney do. I think the ceiling is always around the $500-600m mark box office wise but that is still enough to churn another 3-4 movies out of this crew.

If you film it the TRUE fans will see it!!

Movies are events. If it takes 5 years, 6 years, 1 year, if it is good, then that is great.
Into Darkness took 4 years to complete and it was disappointing really, for many of fans at least.

I could see two movies being planned: one last TNG movie by QT and another Kelvin universe film.
90s nostalgia is big and TNG fits right in.

it’s been too long since trek felt like a living breathing franchise… but now with st discovery and if they plan for 2 movies that would be great. paramount has always been stop go stop go with trek… unlike star wars now which always has something going on… either recent past present or future… trek has always been well were gonna do one and then wait and let’s see how everyone reacts and take it slow etc etc. if they planned a chris hemsworth one followed by a Tarantino one… fans would feel the trek burn for years

There will not be two separate movies…
Star Trek is not a tentpolr mega franchise at the movies, never has been.
Let’s have one really good movie, yeah?

With no evidence at all, I predict a return of the TNG cast sooner or later. Whether is be an online streaming exclusive or a movie.

The retro popularity of TNG is gaining traction again and the universe isn’t going to let TNG fizzle out with Nemesis.

That being said, more time has passed between Picard’s 1st and final appearances (TNG S1 and now… 31 years)…. than between Shatner’s 1st and final appearances (TOS S1 to Generations…28 years).

That’s scary. We’re alllllllllll getting very very old. Dammit.

It would not be TNG, it would be all action and explosions, cgi cartoon action, lens flares,shaky cam dutch angles, ultra violent. I mean a reboot with new actors.

Did you forget that the TNG blu ray sets underperformed?

I want to see another film. Hopefully Enterprise A is not blown up. Also a new story not based on Trek 1-6 or tos would be nice.

He talks about more movies and I appreciate his optimism, but so far it seems we might not even get one more, let alone more than one.

I re watched ‘voyage home’ with orci/kurtzman’s commentary.
they praised the movie for its cross over appeal, its message, its humour and lack of violence and need for a villain.

I wondered why they can’t seem to learn from the success of that film and move away from formula?

Probably because whenever someone writes a script for Star Trek, the producers hand over a list of requirements for the 2nd draft, which will probably be things like:

-Stakes must be higher than before
-The villain must be better than Khan
-The Klingons must be in the film
-[Insert secondary character name] must be replaced with a fan favourite.

Then the actors will probably have their own demands.

-I don’t like Scene X, I don’t want to do that.
-I’m not sure you understand my character; this scene seems weird.
-I want a scene with Spock.

Then the director will have his own ideas on top of that.

To be fair, the studio writes the cheque. If we go back to 2009 and say the story pitch includes a “sequel/prequel idea, Nimoy returning as Prime Spock, killing Kirk’s dad, blowing up Vulcan” would anyone have believed that the studio would be ok with it?

As I recall, the only restriction the studio had was not destroying the Enterprise.

If Im an exec I’d make a list of the things that are most popular or generate the most buzz and thats an odd list:

– time travel, Borg, original actors (Kirk, Picard etc), Universe-impacting stakes etc

They are talented enough to recognize a good story but not talented enough to deliver one.

I’ve said before (all the Orci jokes aside) that Bob seems like a really good idea man for Trek. But someone else has to bring the story to fruition. I think Bob (and not limited to just him) gets in the way of his own story in the sense, he’s the “trek expert” on staff so where is the pressure to be better than what he provides?

Tis a nice summary of the known, here. Paramount is making another Trek movie, someday. Someone will write a script for it. Paramount is still broke.

Well, this post is probably also generating ad revenue for the site, too. Otherwise, there’s nothing really new here.

Fingers crossed for more adventures on the silver screen, sure not getting them on television. In Trek, anyway….Lost in Space…is delivering it in spades! great new series….Discovery should be taking notes…

I still feel that if Beyond had been promoted correctly and that there had been overall more fanfare about the 50th Anniversary by both Paramount and CBS, Beyond would have performed better. But I won’t beat that dead horse anymore…