William Shatner’s ‘Star Trek II’ Screenings Tour Heads West This Summer

Earlier this year we reported on how William Shatner was going on tour in the Midwest and Northeast in April and May, hosting a series of screenings of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. After screenings of the film, Shatner takes to the stage to share stories about making the film, his time with Star Trek and his decades-spanning career. Events will also have fan Q&A sessions. Now, five more dates have been added for June, with the tour swinging into the Southwest.

Southwest dates for Shatner’s Star Trek II tour

June 20th – Albuquerque, NM  – Kiva Auditorium  – On sale Friday. (pre-sales: WilliamShatnerFanClub.com)

June 21st – Denver, CO – Paramount Theater  – On sale now.

June 22nd – San Antonio TX – Tobin Center  – On sale now.

June 23rd – Phoenix, AZ – Orpheum Theater  – On sale now.

June 24th – Thousand Oaks, CA – Fred Kavli Theatre – On sale now.

And there are still tickets available for the previously reported dates in May for Providence, RI, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PAConcord, NH, and Newark, NJ.

Shatner on why Star Trek II is important

Promoting his tour, Shatner spoke to Metro.US about how he sees Star Trek II as a key moment in the franchise:

“It was just another show,” he says. “Moderately successful for three years and they cancelled it. That was the end of it as far as everyone else was concerned. And then ‘Star Wars’ broke upon the American public and Paramount [this is a story i heard from execs], said, ‘What do we got that can approximate the popularity of ‘Star Wars?’ They remembered six or seven years previously, they had done something called ‘Star Trek.’ They revamped it. Then what came out was the first movie and everyone was deeply disappointed. We were about to quit, and then came ‘Star Trek II.’”

The cast of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

See Shatner on the Star Trek sets

Another Trek event coming soon for Shatner is his visit to Star Trek The Original Series Set Tour in Fort Ticonderoga, NY. The original Kirk will be appearing on May 4 and 5, 2018 and general admission tickets are still available at startrektour.com.

For more info on William Shatner’s upcoming appearances visit williamshatner.com.

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Ok, first of all, woo hoo, more dates! Second of all, California here we come! Third of all… According to Ticket Master (and teh Googles) it’s in Thousand Oaks (though they are only 20ish miles apart, but I’ll take T.O. any day) and it’s “Kavli” not “Cavli”.

All that being said… $41 for the cheap seats?!?!?!?!?!!?!? KHAAANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m here in central Florida (East Coast) Come this way Mr. Shat!!!!!

Dud… It needs a NorCal visit.

Man, there are zero conventions or events in Michigan. A state with 10 million people. Come on, Shat! We need you!!!

I wonder if they’ll proceed with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 screening tour of the Star Trek: Discovery season one finale …

They seemed to miss a little slice of the country there lol

Shatner says: “It was just another show”. Which proves that, after all these years, that Shatner still doesn’t ‘get it’.

I agree. Shanter doesn’t get it.. ‘just another show?’ If the tv series didn’t do so well in syndication, supposedly, winning their time slots in many markets, why would they have not started to do another show, be it tv series (aborted) or movie. And I’d disagree ‘everyone was disappointed’ with the first movie. I wasn’t. I saw it at least 15x in theaters or more. :) Surely, it could’ve been better than what it was and the box office it did do, while certainly not in the Star Wars stratosphere, was good enough. Pfffft.

I’m tempted to go to one of the screenings and ask him why didn’t offer up his own money to properly finish V. Other directors have done it. Even today, he could redo the ending to what his original vision was with CGI.