Eaglemoss Previews ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Enterprise And More Upcoming Releases

Today at the big “Destination Star Trek” convention in Germany, Eaglemoss’s booth had quite a few new items on display, including the upcoming releases for their Star Trek: Discovery – Starships Collection.

UPDATE: Here are more views of the Eaglemoss ships from Twitter user Black Alert (@schwarzeralarm) while at Destination Star Trek this weekend:


Upcoming Discovery Starships

The new Eaglemosss Star Trek: Discovery line has already released two ships (the U.S.S. Discovery and the U.S.S. Shenzhou). At their booth Eaglemoss had a poster showing off official renders of future starships in the line. The most notable of these was Discovery’s USS Enterprise, which is not expected to be released for quite some time as Eaglemoss only received the CG files in February. This shot (via Ben Robinson from Eaglemoss on Twitter) provides a nice view of the dorsal side of the ship, which was barely seen in Discovery’s season 1 finale.

Image of upcoming Eaglemoss ‘Discovery’ USS Enterprise (Twitter/Ben Robinson)

On display for the first time was the Klingon Bird of Prey, which will be the third ship in the series. The ship was supposed to be released already, but was delayed due to production issues. The Bird of Prey will be the next release in the line, and subscribers were promised a special bonus due to the delay.

Eaglemoss ‘Discovery’ Klingon Bird of Prey (Twitter/Ben Robinson)

The U.S.S. Kerala, which is slated to be the fourth ship released, was also on hand. The Shepard-Class Kerala was seen in the second episode of Discovery (“Battle at the Binary Stars”).

Eaglemoss ‘Discovery’ USS Kerala (Twitter/Ben Robinson)

Subscription bonuses

In addition to the standard Discovery ships on display, Eaglemoss showed off a few subscription-only bonus issues. Much like they have done in the Official Starships Line, the Shenzhou has been repainted as the I.S.S. Shenzhou complete with the Terran Empire logo on the hull.

Eaglemoss ‘Discovery’ ISS Shenzhou (Twitter/Ben Robinson)

Additional subscription-only bonus issues will include dedication plaques for the USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery, as well as a scale chart poster of Discovery’s ships, and a Tardigrade figurine (no pictures available).

Eaglemoss Star Trek: Discovery ship plaques (Twitter/Ben Robinson)

Due to the production delays with the Bird of Prey, an official release date has yet to be announced. Eaglemoss plans to not release any ships during the Summer, returning in the Fall with the U.S.S. Kerala. For more info, visit Eaglemoss.com.

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I really like how they created the effect of the stacked graduated central decks on top of the DISC Enterprise suacer section, without falling back on the 1960s design aesthetic. That was one of the things that always bumped me about the TOS Ent.

What do you mean?

Those layered decks you see in the saucer section. They alternate deck by deck to give you a sense of scale.

Sorry I still don’t know what you mean by layered decks.

Saru, I’m with you on this. I don’t see any stacked decks, any alternating decks…nothing like what CC and Denny C are saying.

Denny, what do you mean “they alternate deck by deck”? Are you talking about the darker gray rings? That’s the only thing I see that “alternates” at all, though that’s a stretch.

Curious Cadet, what “stacked decks” do you see? The decks have always been stacked–1 on top of 2 on top of 3–so I can’t make sense of your comment.

Help! :)

Don’t typically buy these but I would really like the one of the DISCO Enterprise. For me it is a perfect blend of the TOS/TMP design, just stunning. Can’t wait to see it more in action in Season 2.

Dont waste your money. EM models are actual garbage once you look close at them. bad molding of detail, paint doesn’t line up and the large seems all over show they dont care.

I like this take on the Enterprise but it still looks oddly out of place with every other ship we’ve seen thus far on Discovery. The Enterprise looks like it pre-dates everything else by at least a decade or more.

Uh, in canon, it does pre-date the Discovery by at least a decade.

Yes but it looks significantly older than a decade. Oddly enough, the aesthetic matches everything before and after Star Trek Discovery.

The Enterprise wasn’t the first Constitution class vessel, so it’s entirely possible the class is much older than 10 years. Memory Alpha says the class first went into service sometime before the Enterprise did, but it’s not clear how long before. Interestingly, Memory Alpha also says there were only 12 other Constitution class ships at time of TOS, so apparently it was not a common class. That would be consistent with past Trek movies/shows as we’ve seen Starfleet still using Excelsior class ships in TNG/DS9/VOY era. Ditto Miranda class ships. So Starfleet has no problem keeping classes in service for very long periods of time (like 90 years). Maybe the Constitution class has been around for 20 to 30 years by the time STD happens?

I think the ships we’ve seen in STD, other than Discovery itself, seem like a reasonable hybrid of what the aesthetic we saw in Enterprise and what we’ve seen that comes after STD. I chalk up the Discovery looking very different to it being purpose-built as a spore drive test bed.

Except the Crossfield class supposedly predates the spore drive project. Unless they underwent a major refit that’s supposedly how they looked.

That makes a lot of sense. That would also make the Constitution class the workhorse of Starfleet.

I actually prefer this rendering to what was shown on TV, frankly. Maybe I’ll end up applying TOS-style textures and lighting to this redesign, just to get an apples-to-apples feel for how well the ship plays from different angles.

Glad to see that they included the “stripes” p/s on the saucer by the running lights, another call-out to the original pilot version of the ship.

A combination of the two best USS Enterprise designs, the original and the refit. I’m sure there’s going to be some moaning but I dig her.

The TMP refit looks like a natural evolution of this design so it’s easy to see what they were trying to accomplish here. This Enterprise also accomplishes what the 2009 Enterprise failed to do.

though it might be the image provided, but when i looked at the above view of the ship, the primary hull looks elongated… or rather, squished (very slightly): its not a close to perfect circle compared to the TOS hull. almost as if Apollo squeezed from the sides?

~Pen… you know.

I think that’s due to the angle the picture was taken, and you can see that in other parts of the photo.

That Shenzhou plaque is filled with errors. :P (Stuff that’s off center, “U.S.S.” vs. “USS”, etc.)

Thanks, TrekMovie for this Eaglemoss update. I don’t understand why Eaglemoss doesn’t distribute this info to subscribers directly or via their website. I mean, I knew the Bird of Prey was being delayed but the Kerala and other production news is news to me. Otherwise, I’m happy with their service, except for the perpetual window alignment issues.

Are they finally going to get the windows painted correctly this time? :P

Nope! Still not happening.

Always feels to me like Bussard spires would add some panache to Discovery Enterprise. Even more so than the TOS design.

There’s a lot about the DISC Enterprise I love and parts that are frustrating.

For instance the hull is too dark.
The even darker rings on the saucer are kinda terrible and distracting.
The red pinstripes on the nacelles and drive section are far too subdued and short on the nacelles.

Its like the designers are allergic to color and light.

Although I will miss the straight pylons and B deck between Bridge and the Saucer everything else is great!

I agree on all points.

Is it me, or does it have a bit of the NCC-1701E element to it in that the saucer appears to be slightly longer then it is wide?

Overall, this is a great design. Much better than the JJ-1701. Much closer to TOS-1701 then it could have been. They were going to change things, To expect otherwise is really unrealistic. Besides, there is nothing anywhere that says that the Disco 1701 is not one version, perhaps the original 1701 and the TOS 1701 is not refit from that design, just like The TMP 1701 is refit of the TOS 1701.

It is a photo of an advertisement paper, I think that is the reason for the appearance of an oblong saucer. :)

Which is the BIG problem IMO…. The new “E” is soooo good and I believe Pike will be great then why have a Disco?
Why not just have a Pike series? Well, they will not recast Spock! Why not? They have already done it once. You cannot tell me how much more interesting it would be to see Burnham, Spock and Saru on the Enterprise and how it works out……

CBS may be looking for a way to keep us buying their service when DISCO is between seasons. What better way then to have a Pike based series set on the Enterprise that runs opposite of DISCO. They could run 2 series, 15 weeks each. That would sell a lot of subscriptions.

Or,they could ask Netflix how they feel about that. If 2nd season performs as well (for them) as the first one, maybe they’ll entertain the idea to (co)fund more projects within the ST franchise.. They do fund a load of crap anyway, why not also consider funding something that actually does well on their international platform..?

But do we *really* need another series set on the Starship Enterprise? She’s iconic, she’s revered. She’s not the only story worth telling, and I kinda wish the franchise would let the past be the past at this point.

No, we really do not need another series set on the Enterprise, I was just commenting on the original post here. I think there are lots of other options like a series set on a starbase/ alien planet, or a series set in San Francisco at Star Fleet Command. They could hire a bunch of young actors cheap and tell their stories. The could potentially lead to future series/ movies featuring these characters for the next 30 years.

As unhappy as I am with the unnecessary changes to the shape of the Enterprise, this lovely Eaglemoss model proves how much nicer Discovery would look if it toned down the bizarre blue grading it throws on everything. Discovery ruins everything, ‘double ruins’ where it can. Unnecessary changes to visual canon, unnecessary blue filter, I just wish they’d stop with the precocious ‘we’ve got something to prove’ vibe and give fans of the 50 year franchise their universe back. We get it, it’s 2018 and not the 1960s – now do what The Last Jedi did so well amd actually honour the brand you’ve been blessed to work on – you pretentious team of ‘creatives’.

Scathing, I at least agree with your CGI criticisms. Also that’s the first I’ve hear someone say TLJ “honored” the Star Wars brand — which I mean hey, I agree with you there as well.

The Last Jedi honoured nothing. It was awful SW movie.

Well put, Martin. The sfx on Discovery are so bad it’s taking me out of the show. I can’t yet weigh in on TLJ, but plan on watching it soon.

Man I really want that tardigrade.

The quality of the dedication plaques are terrible. No Gene Roddenberry mentioned on the Discovery and looks like they cut off in the middle of what I assume was T. Roth for chief of staff.

Eeeeek! The Shenzhou plaque doesn’t have smart quotes for it’s motto. Yikes, that’s not the best typesetting or typography there. :-/

Moar like the Turd of Prey! Har!

Yeah, no joke there. That is one ugly ship.

Its easy to pin-down 1701’s age – DSC is set during Pike’s First 5 year mission and about 2 years from “The Cage”. Allowing for another refit after either between 5YMs or following his 2nd 5YM it fits. Not forgetting Robert April’s 5YM, The 1701 is 7 years old at this point, give or take a year.

Herb Flynn,

You forgot, April had a tour BEFORE Pike so the E is 12 years old if you accept that they were 5 years in length.

I love the Eaglemoss Star Trek collection, but I don’t think I’ll ever get caught up. Sigh. I’ve got about 60 models (I started subscribing late), and I just feel like I have a small fraction of an ever-growing collection.