Anson Mount Gets Into His Chair + ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Stars At DST Germany

credit: John Van Citters

Today’s Star Trek: Discovery news roundup finds a tease about a chair from Captain Pike, the Discovery cast has fun in Germany, and Reeses peanut butter cups go Trekkin.’

Pike is ready for his chair closeup, but which chair?

Production on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery began two weeks ago. Last week we got a nice little video featurette giving us some hints. And today the new Captain Pike gave us a little clue on what they are working on today. On twitter this morning, actor Anson Mount posted a tweet announcing today he had his “First close up in the chair” along with a classic Captain Kirk GIF to show his current mood.

This is just the latest bit of fun the actor has been having with Star Trek memes since the announcement of his casting a few weeks ago, but it does raise a question: which captain’s chair? While the video revealed last week showed some USS Enterprise interiors, it wasn’t clear if they actually built a bridge for the ship. There is still the chance – as we noted in a previous article – that Pike takes temporary command of the USS Discovery. Another possibility is that he is shot in green-screen in a captain’s chair to be used for hologram communication. There was shot of Doug Jones as Saru in the Discovery’s captain’s chair with green-screen in the video last week.

Fun, but no spoilers, from DST Germany

Discovery actors Mary Wiseman, Shazad Latif, Ken Mitchell and Mary Chieffo were in Germany over the weekend for the big Destination Star Trek – Germany convention. However, as noted by CBS’ John Van Citters sitting in the front row for their panel – they “deftly” avoided revealing any spoilers for the second season.

However, according to German Trek site on Twitter, they did show off how they have fun on the set.

And Ken Mitchel said even though Kol is dead, he joked that he is ready to come back… as a changeling.

Shazad also shared this fun vid clip on Instagram.

And there was some crossover fun too, with Mary Chieffo sharing this image of her “sheroes”, DS9’s Terry Farrell and Nana Visitor.

Discovery writer’s room powered by the goodness of peanut butter and chocolate

A tweet from the Star Trek Writers on Twitter about some smashed candy has spawned a week-long series of exchanges with Discovery writers, fans, actors and others which has even got the attention of the official Reese’s Twitter account. We think they might just be trolling for free candy.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Good to know I am not the only person who thinks that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are THE MOST PERFECT fuel invented for the creative process, ever…

Ah, there’s that trademarked wit we’ve come to expect from our Disco writers. #TastyTweets

The Disco writers may indeed have committed all manner of sins in that room, but unbearable smugness wasn’t among them. There was that, anyway.

The cast members seem to be much nicer to each other and more supportive and loyal to each other than the characters they play on STD are to each other. When I read about them, like in this article, they create a family like, hopeful environment for each other. It’s a place I would like to be. By contrast, when I watch the show, I’m glad I don’t have to be on that ship with the way they don’t get along so well.

Discovery is indeed revolutionary. It turned Roddenberry’s vision of a better world on its head. The makers of the show have brought Star Trek from the 23rd Century into the early 21st century dystopian sci fi TV period.
“It has always been easier to destroy than to create.”- Spock, TWOK

Ouch!!! As much as I hate agreeing with what you wrote I do. I love the cast of the show, especially shazad, Mary and Doug. Like they all seem like really great people. As for the writers and show runners , I still don’t trust them with this show. I was hoping cbs corporate was gonna step in, and make some changes. But doesn’t look like that’s Gonna happen. So it’s wait and see for now

Sadly agree with you, GarySeven. Here’s to hoping for a better season 2…

While the easy camaraderie you speak of came to the fore during TOS’ second season, it really isn’t much in evidence during the top half of the first, which can nevertheless lay claim to a number of its best episodes. For a season set during wartime I found the character relationships in Discovery to be pretty believable (the atmosphere on the Enterprise bridge during “Balance of Terror” ain’t exactly a love-fest), especially considering that the lead character is a disgraced officer. My problem with the show, consequently, is precisely the opposite of yours: instead of embracing new opportunities for drama and character growth in the Trek franchise, the producers backed-off at the last minute, taking Lorca and Burnham’s expulsion from Starfleet off the table–and are apparently poised to give us just more of the same old tried-and-true thing.

Thanks Ari300 and Danpaine.
Michael, while you bring up a good point in that the “easy camraderie” became more manifest in the second part of season one of TOS, Kirk, Spock, McCoy & the rest of them were nothing like the negativity seen the Discovery relationships. I think most people would agree with this general statement.

Also I want to point out that as you imply, the warm relationships were clear in the second half of the first season of TOS. However, we have had a full season of Discovery. While the relationships on STD have improved (e.g., Stamets is no longer a jerk, just kind of weird) they took the whole season to stop distrusting each other.

In the first season of TOS, at no point did the crew seem to generally dislike each other. All the major characters in TOS right from the beginning clearly respected each other and worked as a team. Unlike Discovery, at no point did you have a Captain you didn’t trust or admire. Kind of a big point. And you cited “Balance of Terror” as akin to the typical atmosphere of STD. But the only reason there was tension on the Bridge in “Balance of Terror” was due to a one-episode character, Stiles, whose animosity towards Spock was shown to be wrong- he even basically said so at the end of the episode, and he was never seen again in the show. And Kirk’s close relationship with McCoy was very clear right from “The Corbomite Maneuver” -and in the scene in Kirk’s quarters in the episode you mention as an example of negativity, “Balance of Terror.”

We have never seen such a group of generally unlikeable people as in Discovery, and I think that was the point of the writers. I don’t think Star Trek has to be as conflict free as TNG was. But man, I would rather keep my current life than hang out with these guys every day. But the writers don’t understand Star Trek, they understand how to write just another show which follows current trend in TV for dystopian science fiction (yawn).

The other Star Trek shows stood the test of time with some kind of timeless message. It’s only one person’s opinion, but I believe while it gets the ratings, STD won’t be remembered like the other shows. I think that because it doesn’t have much to say that will stand independent of current negative trends.

It’s been a long time coming. They’ve been chipping away at the “utopia” thing since DS9. It’s all great until the writers run into problems writing satisfying stories and that’s coming form the old school Trek teams. Besides, take it all with a grain of salt. The Federation overall is supposed to be this utopia and in Discovery, that’s hasn’t changed. Mudd even takes that issue and is disgusted by it, you see other worlds who don’t fit into that utopian society that the Federation has created. Having that type of society doesn’t mean there still couldn’t be conflict or that you wouldn’t tap into issues during war time that would challenge that. In the beginning of episode 2, poor ensign Conner says to Burnham “Why are we fighting? We’re Starfleet. We’re explorers not soldiers.”


I thought that poor Ensign Conner’s line was one of the best things about the pilot, frankly. Wish they’d kept it up.

Hilarious Tweet by Anson Mount.

I hate to admit it, but my inner geek will be sorely disappointed if we don’t get a re-interpreted Enterprise bridge.

I’m ok with admitting it! :)

From what they showed in the preview video for Discovery season two it seems almost certain that is happening. There are hints of the Enterprise corridors, so the interior of the ship is happening. Anson Mount seems to be hinting that he is filming in the captain’s chair.

TPTB on Discovery have routinely said that while the show will tie into canon, they are not averse to updating the look, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

While I’m sure we’ll see recognizable objects (like the raised scanner on the science station or the telescoping viewer on the navigator’s console for example) I’m also expecting a more contemporary design for the bridge. I’ll be curious to see how it compares to Disovery’s bridge (which I actually thought was too big a space) and whether it comes across as more modern or dated according to Discovery’s aesthetic.

Quite honestly, I think a bridge design along the lines of the USS Kelvin would probably be a decent fit for this show.