Star Trek Merch Update: Picard Facepalm Bust, Trek PopSockets, Mini TNG Tricoder & More

This week’s merchandise update features a way to display your frustration at work, a way to to Trekify your phone, a way to scan for miniature life forms and some possible Funko news.

Picard Facepalm Bust

The latest fun Trek item at ThinkGeek is their exclusive Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Facepalm Bust, continuing the growing line merchandise immortalizing the classic TNG facepalm meme. Just released today, the new bust is made of resin with a felt-lined base, measures 6″ tall and weighs 1 pound. The new bust is a limited edition of only 1,602 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Facepalm Bust is available now for $64.99 (limit 2 per customer) .

ThinkGeek also released this promo to show how useful the Picard Facepalm bust can be at work.

Star Trek PopSockets

PopSockets are a popular phone and tablet accessory that make your mobile devices easier to grip, and also work as a stand. And now they have released 15 Star Trek versions of various designs. Each PopSocket is expandable and collapsible and tilts. They attach to your mobile device with a reusable adhesive. All the various designs of the Star Trek PopSockets are available now at Amazon for $16.99 each.

New at Amazon: Mini TNG Tricorder

The latest release from Chip Carter’s line of Star Trek miniature editions is the Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Tricorder from TNG. Measuring just around 4″ long, the just released tricorder lights up and has authentic TNG sounds. It also comes with a 48-page color book on the history of tricorders. The kit requires some assembly, requiring you to apply the included stickers. The Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Tricorder is available now, discounted to $11.49 at Amazon.

New tee of the week: Discovery Astronaut Shirt

There are a lot of new Star Trek tees in 2018. Our last update highlighted a bunch of new DS9 tees at the Amazon Star Trek store. They have since added a bunch of new TNG tees and new TOS tees as well. But our favorite new tee, is the Star Trek Discovery Astronaut T-shirt at the Official Star Trek Store, arriving just in time to for National Astronaut Day, on May 5th. The all cotton Star Trek: Discovery Astronaut T-shirt comes in various sizes and is available now for $24.95.

Disco Funko figures coming?

Funko, makers of the fun Pop! Vinyl figures including a series for Star Trek Beyond could be looking to return to Star Trek for a new line. A twitter poll they posted late last week asked followers which sci-fi show they wanted to see turned into Pop! figures and Star Trek: Discovery came out on top by a wide margin.

If you can’t wait, seven different Star Trek Beyond Funko Pop Vinyl figures are still available at Entertainment Earth, priced at $10.99 each.

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HA HA. The man in the video is stupids and the woman are smrt.This is the best

Agreed. They obviously changed the gender of the character. Usually it’s men not listening to the constant rambling in the background and I’ve never known a man to suggest Comic sans. Only girls think it’s cute to use comic sans.

The Picard Facepalm statue is cute but I don’t like how it cuts off the other arm. It feels awkward and inelegant. I would have much preferred including the other arm somehow.

I was just thinking how it looks like he is face-palming because his other arm is cut off.

The bust is a pretty neat idea, but with the right arm cut off like that, it looks weirdly unbalanced. Now, if I was a sculptor… but then again: no.

Agreed that the bust needs both arms! Dunno what they were thinking lol it’s a fun idea tho

Yep! If that Picard bust had 2 arms it would be an instabuy! But now, sadly…

The second arm is extra.

it’s half off


It does have them both. It’s just that it is done in the classic Picard conflict stance with one arm tied behind his back.

How did Picard lose his arm?


I find the bust disarming.

I hope Think Geek is reading these comments

Will the *complete* bust be available in second-hand stores?

That missing arm is just disturbing…