Jonathan Frakes Kicks Off Second Episode Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 With A Pie

Production on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery began 15 days ago, with executive producer Alex Kurtzman helming the first episode. And now it looks like they are getting ready to start the second, which will be directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation star and director Jonathan Frakes.

This morning Frakes posted one of his signature ‘where am I now?’ tweets from the base of the CN Tower in Toronto, the city that houses Pinewood Studios where Discovery is produced.

And production designer Tarmara Deverell shared a picture of the director being presented with a special Star Trek pie to commemorate the production meeting for episode 2 with the message “here we go!”

Toronto baker Arlene Lott also shared an image on Instagram giving some more details on the selection of Trek-themed delights she made for the episode 2 production meeting.

Star Trek Discovery Piescape! When Riker's in town, you bring your Pie A Game!  Discovery and Delta soaring over Blueberry Orange. Inhabitable Green and Red Rhubarb Swirl Planet. And delightful hurtling meteors of Coconut Cream with Lychee and Pomegranate, or Dragonfruit, Granadilla, and Pistachio. To boldly go where no Pie has gone before! Outstandingly amazing to see you with one of my pies @jonathansfrakes !! (Thanks to @tamdev for the out-of-this-universe photo!!) #startrek #startrekdiscovery #pie #piescape #pastry #piecrust #pastryart #sweettable #torontofood #torontoeats #space #galaxy #foodstyling #foodstylist #foodblogger #blueberrypie #toboldlygo #patisserie #pieart #piesofinstagram #foodart #lychee #coconutpie #thebakefeed #thefeedfeed #piescape #foodpic #artist #makersgonnamake #bakersgonnabake @startrekcbs @startrek

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This is the second time Frakes has been behind the camera for Discovery and he is set to return later to direct episode 10. Last month the director revealed some spoilers for episode 2 at a convention.

It looks like there has been some changes in the production schedule as Discovery actors Emily Coutts (Detmer) and Oyin Oladejo (Owosekun) have had to cancel appearances at a convention in the UK this upcoming weekend.

More fun from Germany: Gowron crashes Disco panel

Yesterday we shared some images of the Star Trek: Discovery actors at Destination Star Trek Germany. Here is a fun little video of Gowron (Robert O’Reilly) surprising his fellow Klingon Kenneth Mitchell (Kol) during the panel (via Graham White on Twitter).

Disco Infinity

Avengers: Infinity War is breaking box office records and has the nerd world buzzing, and apparently that includes those working on Star Trek: Discovery. Over the weekend Discovery executive story editor and writer Be Yeon Kim tweeted about how Star Trek and the MCU were colliding in her mind as she wrote an outline.

Discovery’s creature designer Neville Page chimed in as well.

First trailer for ‘Strange Angel’

CBS All Access continues to fill out its slate with the launch of its third original scripted drama in June, Strange Angel. Today they released the first trailer.

Fan video of the day: Discovery guitar theme

Podcaster Irish Trekkie has posted his version of the Star Trek: Discovery theme, as played on guitar, which prompted a rockin’ salute from composer Jeff Russo on Twitter.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I wonder if he ever tried Marina Sirtis’ pie?


Who hasn’t?

I’d completely forgotten what the theme sounded like until I heard that — and now I’ve forgotten again.

In my head, it’s the Game of Thrones theme combined with Fringe.

Ha, when I try to remember what the Disco theme is, all that bubbles up is the Mad Men music. Maybe for the second season, Jeff will find time to finish writing the theme! (So far, he’s only written a chord progression.)

Great shout out to Irishtrekkie! His youtube podcasts with the trek collector are well worth a watch/listen (after you’ve finished listening to the shuttlepod casts of course)

The guy is dedicated. He’s done 100’s of vids and reviewed every Eaglemoss product.
About time he was acknowledged.

Yes Domien is a great guy. I love his fan art of Discovery.

Though I suspected from the beginning that Discovery‘s foray into the Mirror Universe would ultimately be misguided (and indeed, in terms of the plot it lead the series into a cul-de-sac it never found its way out of, IMO), there’s no denying that Frakes directed the hell out of his segment, and I definitely count his return as one of the positive aspects of getting a second season. Trek is where the man belongs.

Hey, if it were up to me he would direct every single episode. The guy has this smooth and efficient directing style.

Yep he really knows what he’s doing

Frakes is Star Trek! Glad to see helming the next generation of it (pun intended ;)).

Nailed it!

As I was eating huckleberry pie the other night while watching The Last Jedi Starfighter, I thought to myself, “in the Abrams-Kurtzman era, Star Trek is basically a crappy version of Star Wars.” Where have all the roddenberries gone?


Can’t wait for the day you eat humble pie Galt

Trolls gotta troll….

Eat Ship and Die Star Trek was FIRST before Star Wars ever came out !!
Beam a Photon Torpedo onto their bridge and detonate.
Aye Sir!

Mirror Galt,

Re: Where have all the roddenberries gone?

The same dimension where the blueberries in my Blueberry Waffles whose ingredients list blue coloring but NO berries — blue or otherwise.

Serioisly guys don’t bother with galt, he’s probably one of those lunatics that thinks Roddenberry did all the stuff actually done by Gene Coon, Fontana, Meyer, etc.

Somehow, the ship looks a lot less flat in pie form. I approve.

You actually find that CGI to be convincing? How standards have fallen!

Who’s talking about CGI? This is good old-fashioned miniature model work. Can’t you tell the difference?

Nope. The specularity is all wrong, and the detail on those “crusts” wasn’t even modeled, just done with cheap bump maps. Get a clue, dude!

Nicely done, your comment made me chuckle. “Cheap bump mapped pie crust” ftw :-D

“Take your stinking bump maps off me, you damned dirty CG modeller!”
(From before Heston become the NRA poster boy, back when he was all about social issues like overpopulation and being loyal to outlaw directors like Orson Welles.)

Mr. Wright–

Thanks! BTW, were you one of the owners of, back in the day? There was a Matt Wright there, IIRC, and that site gets much of the credit (or blame) for my interest in CGI, going on two decades now.


Was it just me, or was Tim Burton’s remake the most disappointing thing ever (aside from Heston’s near-total embrace of the Dark Side, anyhow)?

Hi, sadly I cannot take credit for ‘Twas not me.

And I agree the Burton Planet of the Apes was just awful.

Burton has made one movie in his entire career I can even tolerate.

If you don’t love EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, you have no heart.

If you don’t love THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (not a film Burton hands-on directed per se, but it was his concept and production), you have no soul.

If you don’t love ED WOOD, you don’t love the movies (and your sense of humor may be in doubt as well).

BEETLEJUICE is. . . well, okay. Other than that, I can take ’em or leave ’em.

Sleepy Hollow, thats it for me from Burton.

Yeah, it’s abyssmal, all right.

Tim Roth was my only positive takeaway — even the article I did about the VFX went unpaid because the magazine got sold before it was published and the new owners didn’t have to take on the debts of the old. I do love me some ED WOOD, though … in Welles terms, that’s his CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT, IMO.

“Next to Boris Karloff you’re my favorite horror actor of all time, Mr. Lugosi!”

“Boris Karloff! Boris Karloff iss not wuurthy to eat my $hit!”

Funny how I always found Martin Landau’s acting too intense for my taste back in the day, yet treasure his performances in this film and others like CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS and TUCKER that he did when he got older. As to Welles, of course that fateful encounter between him and Ed Wood in the diner never actually happened. But it should have.

What kills me is that somebody recently linked to a video of Orson Welles on youtube, where he is introducing a film for tv he made (I think it is THE IMMORTAL STORY.) The still on the link was, I would have sworn, one of D’nofrio as Welles, but no, it really IS Welles! I don’t know what they did to transform the actor into being more Welles-like, whether subtle prosthetics or just the guy doing a Lon Chaney sr. facial trick, but that scene is just magical, always works for me.

For anybody who has gone balls-deep into independent filmmaking, that pic does more to capture the intensity and the joy and the desperation of the experience, and it also hints at the mad creativity that no-budget demands, while showing how creativity can only overcome so much, when in the service of less than stellar talent.

I really wish I had pictures of the setups for some of my films, more than what remains of the films themselves. In order to fly the camera in from ‘space’ into a ship and do a 360 camera move that shows the entirety of the capsule’s interior, while two rear-projected films play on screens right in front of the pilot’s face, we built an overhead camera rig that looked like a ‘gallows’ with a rail on which the camera could slide while descending on an arc. It was held by a mount that permitted full rotation, so once the camera descended through the ‘roof’ (which we had two people sliding apart) it dropped right down, cruised over my shoulder to face the viewscreens, then rotated around until it faced me (pilot.) This was supposed to be the point of view from a disembodied alien, and man, did it work (though there were about five frames where light came in through the eyepiece when it faced the rear-projected portion, so there’s a really nice looking aberration, too.)

Man, I gotta find me another super 8 sound projector and get this stuff transferred off before it degrades completely.

Did you ever read Harlan Ellison’s Glass Teat column about a very unfortunate encounter between Welles (whom Ellison idolized) and actor Robert Blake (a former friend of Ellison’s; he even named a character in a story after him) on the Tonight Show? Reading of Welles’ refined politeness and sense of noblesse oblige in the face of Blake’s insulting behavior, it’s easy to buy into that scene where he commiserates with this total stranger over their shared duty as artists to stick it to the moneychangers. Never let the bastards compromise your vision!

Ed Wood, who was pretty much a failure in life by any conventional measure, wound up getting his own movie biography by an A-list director because he genuinely loved what he was doing, and that love shows in the work. Seriously–for a good time I’d rather watch PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE than any of a virtually infinite number of more competent, technically accomplished movies. Watching it, and movies like it, with your friends on late-night TV was practically a rite-of-passage when I was growing up, and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.

I get that same love of filmmaking from your post, btw. You should go for it, man. Life is short, and the gear to produce really professional content has never been better or cheaper.

Yeah, I was thinking it was in the intro to one of his other books, was actually looking for that awhile back. I have both TEAT books, so that narrows it down. Tho come to think of it, I bet it is on youtube, too.

If I had the people, I would definitely be trying to do the filmmaking thing again, but there’s just no resources to draw upon that I seem to be able to access. But I am pushing on the screenwriting thing again, at least that doesn’t cost anything except time.

Hopefully some people are working hard on scoops more relevant than cake and pie

Slow news

I personally prever scoops of vanilla ice scream with my pie.

Birds Custard for me!

If you’re going to post a photo of your director and the pie on social media (and of course, you are) perhaps wheel that garbage can out of the background first.

Seriously Jonathan bring Christian Kane along for one of your episodes.