Seven Characters Marina Sirtis Could Play In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

As we reported, last week Marina Sirtis tweeted that she was going to Toronto for mysterious reasons, and then on Friday, Star Trek: Discovery episode 2 director Jonathan Frakes tweeted a picture of himself with her backstage. Coincidental? Perhaps. However, the next day Sirtis called out Mary Wiseman specifically in a tweet — not “the cast of Discovery” or something more generic.

There’s a good chance that Sirtis just happened to be shooting something else in Toronto (which is a busy city for film and TV projects after all), and came for a set visit while she was there. She had a particularly nice chat with Mary Wiseman, hence the name drop in Sirtis’ follow-up tweet. No more, no less. But let’s put on our speculation caps on to discuss the more interesting possibilities, shall we?

Just a set visit?

Deanna Troi

This one is highly unlikely, as Deanna won’t even be born for another 80 years or so. But the fandom does like to speculate, so let’s get this one out of the way. Deanna Troi doesn’t make much sense, without some timey-wimey stuff that just doesn’t fit with where season two of Discovery seems to be heading.

Deanna Troi as seen in Star Trek: Voyager

Tilly’s mother

Since Mary Wiseman seems to be called out specifically, might Marina have been there as a cameo playing Tilly’s judgmental, curls-hating mother? Tilly could have a holographic phone call with mom, which means Sirtis would have been on set with her. From behind-the-scenes shots we’ve seen, it looks they generally film the “holographic communicator” scenes with the two people on the set like normal, and then in post-production they make one of the people a partially translucent holographic version.

Holographic communication

Number One

This is a fun idea we’ve seen floated about. What if Sirtis is following in her TV mom’s footsteps? Majel Barett-Roddenberry played Number One in “The Cage,” and then was Lwaxana Troi, Deanna’s mother, in Next Generation. While this is a nice idea, we don’t think Marina is the right type to play Number One as she’s very vivacious, having left her conservative Troi persona behind long ago. She’s also too old (sorry!), as Number One would be in her mid-to-late-30’s at the time of Discovery.

Majel Barrett as Number One

USS Enterprise computer voice

This is another fun “following in her TV mom’s footsteps” idea. Majel Barett-Roddenberry was the voice of nearly all Starfleet computers in the Trek franchise right up until her death in December 2008, and Sirtis recorded her voice for a TOS computer in the Star Trek Continues episode “Pilgrim of Eternity.” What doesn’t fit about this idea, though, is that Sirtis wouldn’t need to go to Toronto for a voice-only role; she could simply go into a sound booth in L.A. and record her lines.

USS Enterprise computer interface

Captain of the USS Hiawatha

We know that the USS Hiawatha somehow crosses paths with the USS Discovery, thanks to the casting announcement for Tig Notaro as its Chief Engineer. Perhaps Sirtis has a brief cameo as the captain of the USS Haiwatha, akin to what Kelsey Grammer did back on Next Generation in “Cause and Effect.”

Kelsey Grammer’s brief but memorable appearance on TNG

A Troi family ancestor

Another possibility is that Sirtis might be playing a Troi ancestor, like Brent Spiner did with the Soong family on Star Trek: Enterprise. Betazed was name dropped by both Harry Mudd and Emperor Georgiou in season one, so it’s a known world to folks in the 23rd century. Perhaps Tilly needs to contact a telepath, possibly as she helps her boss and mentor Paul Stamets recover from all the brain-scrambling effects of the spore drive. She could also be playing one of her human ancestors, representing her father’s side of the family.

Deanna and Lwaxana Troi

The Troi family

A completely new character

Perhaps Sirtis isn’t playing any of the obvious choices and she’s doing a cameo as an entirely new character. The tweets to Mary Wiseman sure make it seem like she’s sharing a scene with Sirtis. Last week Ted Sullivan tweeted about “Tilly’s jacket,” so could this be Tilly in civilian garb instead of uniform? perhaps meeting with an alien or Earth colony leader played by Sirtis?

Keep in mind, this is all speculation, and it’s entirely possible that Sirtis went to Toronto to shoot something else, stopped by the Discovery set to visit her pal Jonathan Frakes, and spent a few minutes with Mary Wiseman while she was there. Time will tell.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Please, no.

Please yes. Actors can play other characters. Trek fans need to think outside the box more.

There are plenty of better actors and actresses out there.

No, please no.

They did nothing for Enterprises finale.

Well, that wasn’t their fault. Man, that episode sucked.

Frakes & Sirtis were perfectly fine in that episode. They didnt write it or direct it.

Every Trek show pulls in these two when the ratings are sub par.

I Second, Third, and Fourth that. She can’t act, and her portrayal of Troi got even worse over the years ( and she forgot to keep Troi’s accent ). Seeing her live on-stage, she seems to have been one of the most annoying cast members ( though she doesn’t seem to know it ).

People only find her annoying because they don’t like what she had to say about Trump recently, is all. If you’re one of these people, then that says a lot about you and not her.

Dear God man, I know nothing of her and Trump – how on earth you’re able to infer that from my comment is totally beyond me.

What did she say about Trump?

Apparently, Marina recently tweeted to Trump “People aren’t laughing at us, they are laughing at YOU!”
So, he blocked her.

Seems like an opinion shared by the majority.



What the hell does Trump have to do with this shit?

Nothing to do with any comments she’s made about Trump, she’s annoying because she’s loud, obnoxious and takes over on stage. Only time in the last few years I’ve heard a tolerable interview with her was a morning radio show in Ireland, where the host – used to controlling manipulative politicians and much bigger stars than she – knew exactly how to run the interview

Plus she’s a woman right. I’m shaking my head at you.

Her portrayal was fine in the films and the latter seasons.

I’d say Enterprise computer is the most likely option.

Except, Sirtis doesn’t seem to do American accents anymore (at least not on Trek). The computer sounding like a Cockney flower girl may be a little distracting.

Frankly, even if done perfectly, Sirtis’s voice would be distracting, period, IMO.

Okay you dislike everything. But why would Sirtis’ Voice be distracting?

Most people aren’t that easily distracted.

If I go by the computer voices from “unknown” phone numbers attempting to con me out of money, I have to ask, do Starfleet computers of this fictional era really still require an actual human actor to do the voice for Trek productions?

The Watson AI comes to mind but, LOL, it uses a voice synthesis model based on the actor, Jeff Woodman. So, I suspect IBM doesn’t own the role performance rights to Jeff’s voice?

Well, I have no doubt that IBM could likewise work up a speech synthesis model for Majel’s voice. I assume CBS has the rights to Majel’s voice signed up to perpetuity? But they likely have to pay a royalty to her estate each time they use it?

But I’m drifting from my initial premise: Aren’t machine voices in use today, good enough to be the voice of computers in this “future” era?

@Dis – Im sure they are. But you’d still have to hire a company and provide them a script. Would paying an actor to do it be much more?

On that token, we could have machines do all sorts of voice acting but we generally hire actors to do it.

And ofcourse, as soon as the Enterprise computer doesnt sound weirdly mechanical (working…working…), people will complain anyway.


Re: people will complain anyway.

Boy, you’ve got that right. I don’t think I ever expected to live long enough to hear people complain that Netflix’ LOST IN SPACE Robot doesn’t sound “Robot” enough.

@Disinvited — that’s not my only problem with that reboot … But I still like it, and enjoy it. It’s well done, whether it really qualifies as the series the title insists it is.

Curious Cadet,

Well, if you remember the original was conceived in an attempt to blatantly cash in on SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON by moving it into space to avoid a rights battle, but still ended up in a rights fight with Ib Melchoir’s film development and the comic book as all 3 were titled SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON, you’d probably anticipate my being puzzled by just what are the exact elements missing that you found Allen uniquely developed?

But I haven’t seen the series. From what little I know of it, it seems a mashup between the TV series, the 1997 motion picture, and Regency’s pilot for the WB?

@Disinvited — I’ve seen all three, and this is something completely different. In short (and in order of my irritation):


1) The Robot is from a mechanical alien race (see 6 below).
2) Dr. Smith is a woman (which I don’t have a problem with), but a psychotic sociopath who has no redeeming qualities to make it believable anyone would trust her in the same capacity.
3) Don West is a con-man/Harry Mudd style (which was previously Smith). Generally harmless. Maybe Han Solo, but starting much lower down on the moral compass.
4) Judy seems far too young to for the role she’s been given and reminds me of a female Doogie Howser MD.
5) Other minor character flaws/changes that don’t align with the original (not necessarily bad, but significant).
6) The first season involves an entire colonization expedition, not just the Robinsons alone. They appear to get lost as the set up for season 2. Again, I don’t mind this, as it makes more sense. But the underlying reason they are able to do what they do is tied directly to the alien race the robot comes from, and seems an unnecessary evolution of the premise. We’ll see what they do with this next season.
7) Gone is the premise of sabotage that gets them lost, which also redefines Dr. Smith. Again not a deal breaker, but still …

It’s as if they’ve gone back to an original novel and the hard-core roots that were softened by Allen, and subsequent reboots.

Curious Cadet,


1) Sounds like they are using the Robotoid’s (WAR OF THE ROBOTS) origin to restore some of their Robot’s menace where the original had us on the edge of our seats which way the Robot would go: friend or foe?

2) Well, originally Zachary was indeed a psychopathic killer. Harris morphed him into an effete buffoon which makes me surprised that Legendary had the guts to turn the character female and risk bigoted trolls invoking the stereotype in slurring both Harris and the current performer in attacking the character.

3) Believe it or not, the first series actually revealed that John Robinson was the one with a carny background and from that knew how to pull off a successful con. They left it up in the air per CBS and the NAB’s desire that the head of the family not be portrayed as corrupt. Nevertheless, the show went on to surprise me when they had two characters, Smith and his cousin, accuse the professor of winning and saving their hides by cheating in running a game of chance popular with street cons.

4) Well, in the aired pilot the newsman narrator revealed that Judy was pursuing a career in musical comedy which appeared to be the role she expected to fill in the new colony? Howser seems an improvement for the character. On the series blu-ray boxed set commentary, Goddard and Kristen kept commenting on how incredibly young she was (All of 22.)

5) One hopes as the show progresses the characters will each eventually grow into their missing positive characteristics as they become a functional unit of successful surviving space explorers.

6) Well, I for one, am encouraged they are pursuing the development of something more akin to its original premise

7) Sabotage: Give the psychopath a chance. Eventually, she’s going to sabotage something. You can’t keep a good psychopath down even if you put him or her in “the deep deep freeze.”

@Disinvited — You really need to see it to discuss further, as there’s some nuances you’re missing.

2) I don’t recall Smith ever being “psychopathic” (though he arguably was). He was a spy assigned the task of destroying the Jupiter II, and got trapped on board. His desire to save his own neck outweighed his orders to destroy the craft. That said, Smith made bad decisions, but not to the extent that the new Dr. Smith does (which by the way, is an assumed name, discovered early on — why they persist in calling her “Dr. Smith” is beyond me and a major change) — which decisions are malicious, and unforgivable. There’s nothing redeeming about this “Smith” which wouldn’t get her left behind on a planet, much less left alone with Will.

3) Wasn’t aware of that about John Robinson. That said, it’s a major departure from the formula of the original.

4) I don’t have a huge problem with Judy, except she often doesn’t display the maturity required of such a role. The original Judy didn’t do much, but she was mature about it.

6) The original premise didn’t involve some kind of secret government conspiracy that was kept from the Robinsons, and may well result in their deaths. This is what I object to, and changes the premise entirely.

7) Again, I’m sure she will sabotage something. She irredeemable, and proven as much to everyone. In a life or death situation, no one would trust having her around, much less make her part of the family as was part of the original series. That to me is a major shift in the depiction which makes this not so much LIS, but it’s own thing called “LIS”.

Curious Cadet,

re: … don’t recall Smith ever being “psychopathic” …

In his introductory scene in the first episode, the Sargent of the Guard confronts Smith on the lower deck of the Jupiter II – no personnel is supposed to be on board after 0 minus 6 hours. Smith makes an excuse about having a nagging suspicion about the helium/nitrogen ratio valve. The Sargent reminds Smith that he knows the guard has to report it to the officer of the day and then indicates Smith is to come with him. Smith then moves as if he’s complying and then sidesteps the soldier and breaks his neck with a karate chop. Smith then checks the prone body to make he’s dead with a finger to a neck vein, and then callously dumps it, head first, into something labelled “Waste Disposal” on the Jupiter lower deck which just exits the body from the ship into a chute that empties into a metal dump bin. Smith then goes into his Robot setup which reveals the Robot is metaphorically a time bomb to sabotage the ship.

Some have taken the position that Smith didn’t kill the guard. But, if that were the case, why did he hang around the launchpad after setting up the Robot (A cold deadly act in itself which surely revealed his psychopathic nature, as well, and if not then how about when he later on prePlanis reprogrammed it to kill all non-essential personnel when the Robot found itself alone with each of them?)?

But the episode that absolutely cements it is the second season THE PRISONERS OF SPACE where at an intergalactic tribunal Smith finally confesses to killing a “few” Intergalactic citizens in a most cavalier manner of speaking about it. The family gets Smith off by everyone signing a document declaring that Smith is legally insane, and the tribunal finds that Smith is mentally incompetent. They put the Robot in charge of making sure Smith remains harmless.

“Sargent” should be Sergeant”

@Disinvited — then my bad, I don’t recall those episodes that way. Smith was a hired assassin/saboteur first and foremost. Even the scene you recount, he was more of less doing his job. Of course you could say anyone who is a paid spy/assasin is a psychopath. However, knowing this, why would the Robinsons ever let him alone with Will? Maybe you could get away with that in the 1960s, but it makes no sense today — especially with how completely psychopathic “Smith” is proven to be to everyone early on. There’s no redeeming oneself from that.

Curious Cadet,

Re: I don’t recall those episodes that way.

OK. Let me remind you then that even if he was an incompetent psychopath, a psychopath he was, because twice he attempted to kill professor Robinson merely because he thought the loss of his mass would slightly increase the odds in his favor that eventually he’d convince Don to head to Earth with the increase of available fuel for the course correction. To that end:

1. Smith frayed Robinson’s spacewalk line so that it would break which it did.

2. In orbit around prePlanis, lied about the Robot not being able to do a planetary survey because he didn’t want to lose his personal body guard which he planned to later use as an enforcer to force West to leave orbit and return to Earth. Then when the Professor volunteered to use the parajets in combination with the spacewalk suit to enter the planet’s atmosphere and conduct the Earth-life compatibility survey, Smith drained the parajets main fuel tank to ensure Robinson plummets to his death which he nearly did. Smith even says later when he sees Robinson return after they’ve crash landed, “Robinson, alive? Impossible!” to remove all doubt that he emptied the fuel with anything but Robinson’s death as his goal. And I remind you these attempts of murder had nothing to do with his spy mission of sabotage, but merely his desire to return to Earth.

People forget that Smith pressed the issue with Don when the parajets failed, but not before he told the Robot to check on his well being “Every hour on the hour.” Smith brought the Robot up with him. Had a spacehelmet crushing demo. Told West the robot would do it to his head if he didn’t do what Smith ordered immediately. West merely fired the retros to slam Smith to the wall and immediately put him in a chokehold and had Smith send the Robot below.

Now the whole reason I reiterated all that is then West, fed up with Smith’s threats to their lives, decides to do the one thing most fans forget actually happened: West decided to use a freezing tube as a jail to stop Smith permanently as a threat, making clear he intends to leave Smith in this “jail” in the deep deep freeze until they get everything in tip top shape (no matter how long that takes) and then discuss the matter of what to do with the dear Dr. after.

@Disinvited —

1) That doesn’t make him a psychopath — it makes him selfish.

2) Again, that doesn’t necessarily make him a psychopath.

While I appreciate your reminders here, you really can’t understand my objections until you see what they’ve done with “Smith” in the new series. They make no effort to conceal her being a psychopath. Given that, there’s no way this character can ever be presented as Smith was in the original series, on this extended voyage lost in space. Perhaps in the second season, “Smith” will be presented as constantly escaping whatever confinement and attempting to kill someone, forcing the choice of executing her. We’ll see.

For what it’s worth, I liked that original Smith. I like this new “Smith”, with the caveat of whether they will be able to make it realistic. But to my original point, they’ve deviated significantly from the Irwin Allen series, and in my mind could be called anything else.

Curious Cadet,

Re: That doesn’t make him a psychopath

I’m going with the OED definition that says he’s a person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal social behavior, i.e. he has a surprising lack of empathy and an inability to value the lives of others.

You are pointing out that he’s narcissistic, which is true. So much so that he thinks every idea he has is gold which is how he sabotages his own selfish goals, i.e. he can’t look at his plans with a critical examination or bear to submit it to lessers, which is everybody else, for same.

I’m assuming identity thief Smith is the other definition for psychopath which is a person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with violent behavior?

And you’re right, to catch the nuances of the performance I need to see it.

@Disinvited — I’d call Irwin ALlen’s Smith a sociopath. Parker Posey is a full-on Hannibal Lecter psychopath. While you might have sent your kids to the White House Easter Egg Roll this year, you most certainly wouldn’t have sent your kids to Lecter’s house for a Halloween party. I’m hoping the new series doesn’t allow the Allen approach to this character, and instead treats her appropriately. Then again, they’ve already crossed the line with the dangerous alien robot they seem to allow their young son to wander around with alone. Of course, the robot is so powerful they didn’t have much choice. Then again, they didn’t really try to figure out how to stop the robot if they had to. So anything’s possible in season 2 with her. Either way, they’ve changed so much about the Irwin Allen premise that this could have been called anything else.

Tying this back to DISC, while some see it as dramatically different, it’s still part of the same universe we’ve all been fans of since 1966, based on the same principals and technologies. Indeed, now we can look forward to meeting great characters like Pike who will most likely conform exactly to canon. The new LIS is a complete reboot, which doesn’t really conform to anything we know about the original, and as such really is another story with barely a veneer of LIS, mostly in name only.

2) No, Dr. Smith was a man played (briefly) by Bill Mumy (original Will Robinson). A woman named June Harris (played by Parker Posey) stole his identity when she evacuated the Resolute on one of the Jupiters.

3) I disagree that Don West is lower down the moral compass than Han Solo. He was just sneaking liquor to Alpha Centauri. He didn’t kill Greedo in cold blood to do it.

7) Well, kinda-sorta. It was Harris’s (“Dr. Smith’s”) underhanded work that got the robot back in working order so she could use it be in control of the Resolute (i.e., not get hanged or thrown out the airlock), but it backfired and the robot evidently put something under the Chariot which later took control of the Jupiter 2, getting them lost in space.


I’ve been listening to various demos of Google’s new digital personal assistant AI, Duplex making reservations for its human. Holy $#it is that thing natural sounding.

There were a couple of other tweets early on that caused me to believe she was doing Discovery… but now I can’t remember what they were. A RT of a discovery writer about something.

NOT the most friendly individual. Please no.

Marina Sirtis? Personal experience?

For a lot of people, yes, but I’m more inclined to believe that it’s all about how outspoken she is, and how that puts people off.

Having seen her at conventions I can vouch for the fact she is totally full of herself and way too direct with convention goers. Being mouthy with her LA showbiz pals is one thing, acting similiarly with poor Trekkies who just want to ‘meet Troi’ is something else though.

Agreed, Soren.

I saw her leave the stage once and drag a video camera off some young guy who just wanted a momento of him getting up and asking her a question. I’m sure she thought she was being cute, but I can’t see any reason why she had to behave like that.

Hadn’t considered tillys mother. That would actually be a lot of fun. In fact why not make her both tillys mother and a Troi (sister), making Tilly related to Deanna

Why? Are there only 14 people in the Federation? Why does everybody have to be related? I suppose she could be Uncle Alan.

Why not?

Who else is related by the way? Oh Michael and Spock? That’s not a random thing. It’s part of the premise of the show.

Otherwise, there are no relations between the many series’.

Stop overreacting with non facts.

The closest I can think of is Will Decker being Matt Decker’s son, but that was never explicitly stated on screen.

@Jack — lol. Is this really Rose?

Whatever happened to Rose? That’s a good guess though. I doubt she disappeared. Just like our other old friend, likely just changed handles. Rose, come back!!

Nope. But she was bullied like crazy here for that Uncle Alan idea.

I love the Tilly’s mother idea. Considering Tilly’s own words on her Mother and poor Deanna’s relationship with her overbearing mother this sounds kind of delicious to me. And if she turns out to be a drunk, well come on, who doesn’t love a good shit show of a Mother. LOL


Discovery has all been one of Howling Mad Murdock’s holodeck diversions, and Troi is intervening to shut the darn thing down, paving the way for Kurtzman to launch his spinoff, Portable Transwarp Beaming Device Patrol.

Why am I not surprised Marina weedled her way onto this show? I’ve met her several times and she can be really nice, but is definitely a very attention-seeking kind of person. Like, even moreso than your typical actor.

jealous bro

Yep he or she is.

If that’s true she’s not doing a very good job of being an attention whore. Lol.

She was on Star Trek. Her close friend is directing two episodes. He probably thought it would be fun to have her on the show. That kind of thing is fairly common.

Need more African American women on the show!


#StarTrekTooWhite, am I right, am I right?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Please take this someplace else.

Don’t encourage them. They feed off of it.

We feed off African American women? Sounds delicious.

I think Number One would be great. With make-up she could easily play a 40 year old Number One.
Given that she, and many of us, viewed Majel as her on-screen and off-screen mother/mentor it would be entirely appropriate.

Also given that she played the most emotional officer ever on an Enterprise, playing the walking freezer unit would be fun to see too.

She’s nearing 65 years old. Having her play a 40 year old Number One would be pushing it. And it’s not like she’s a good actress either.

And you know that she’s not a good actress, how?🙄

Jog on.

I wouldnt be against it without seeing it first, especially if Number One is merely a cameo in Discovery. I’d worry that it would be distracting in that context but I’d be open to seeing it.

Tilly’s mom (Im not even sure how they’d explain her mom showing up) would be funny (and be a nice nod to Majel showing up as Troi’s mom).

Enterprise computer…like stated, she could just read her lines anywhere. So who knows.

@Martin — not even on her best day in her prime would I want to see her play Number One. Talk about wrecking a character’s potential.

@Cadet – it depends if the character has potential. If Pike’s Enterprise is a one and done and Commander Una is scripted as nothing more than a cameo, then what’s the harm?

If there is ANY thought that Pike’s Enterprise might become a semi-regular on Discovery OR be spun off, then yes, they need to utilize the role in a much more profound way.

If we are dusting off Trek character actors for new roles, I think I’d prefer to see Nana Visitor as Number One.

“Also given that she played the most emotional officer ever on an Enterprise, playing the walking freezer unit would be fun to see too.”

The “walking freezer unit” was Dr. Elizabeth Dehner (Sally Kellerman).

Tori was a great character that was well-written in episodes like “The Child” and especially “Tin Man”. It’s such a tragedy that she was given some awful storylines in the later seasons and the films. I’d love it if she could have a proper ongoing character because she deserves it.

She was one of the worst-written characters early on. Did any other Star Fleet ships ever have a counselor as a bridge officer? lol Much better once they put her in a uniform and treated her like an officer (she also looked much sexier in the uni and I only say that because their efforts to sex her up with the tight “casual” clothes didnt work as well as the uni did.

The voice of the enterprise computer would be my guess.

I think she looks absolutely beautiful in that first pic. I’ve never seen her look that beautiful before.

AND SO, in the end, it was all just a holographic simulation; a “valentine to the fans.”

In a twist nobody saw coming, Sirtis will be playing Alf.

*crickets chirping*

But if she ends up being the Enterprise computer voice that would be a very DSC-esque nod to earlier Trek iterations.

Not Howard the Duck?

No. Mirror universe Howard the duck…

I cannot see the harm in a small cameo from Sirtis. She knows Star Trek and the language of the genre; Star Trek is it’s own sub genre anyway.

Sirtis is not a great hollywood actor, that’s a fact. But she has a down to earth personality which is refreshing.

She’s an okay actor and in Star Trek, she’s pretty good. She knows her role. One thing I loved about First Contact was how natural everyone seemed in their roles. Credit to Frakes for that too. They came across as friends on a vacation together.

It took me a second to figure out where was the first pic of her as Deanna Troi came from. I of course thought one of the films and then it hit me she was on Voyager as well. So she’s been on three Trek show so far (although most of us like to forget her appearance on Enterprise ;)). So maybe this could be a fourth one? If so she would tie with Frakes who has also done four (TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT).

I’m cool with her appearing. I’d love to see a bunch of established Trek royalty cameo through DSC.

Her as Number One would be amazing. Or as the tie in novel refers to her Commander Una.

I think some kind of tribute the Majel might be the plan… If I am to see it Id rather it be on TV than in a movie… Here acting got a lot better as the show went on but I really dont know if she has the gravitas to pull off a commander (#1) effectively… but I have been surprised before.

that would be her not here

Umm, No…. They need their own fresh actors, the show is bad enough already without adding more headaches to the show

Agreed. And they’ve already wasted so much time on fan service — two pointless Harry Mudd episodes, a bunch of Sarek stuff that went nowhere, the whole mirror universe storyline…

Hopefully she plays Troi waking up from a horrible nightmare and we learn that ST:Discovery was all in her sub-conscious. End of series roll credits!!!!!

Love me some Sirtis, but no, stunt casting is not really what Discovery needs at this point. There have been stunts aplenty already, thanks.

A Horta? Dropping those little silver balls everywhere and dissolving people would make for interesting TV…

Sounds like a rocky premise

@Phil — yes, I could accept casting Sirtis as mother Horta!

Desdemona the Gargoyle

I had the thought too that she could be playing an ancestor of the Trois – I mean, remember the pompous title Lwaxana had?
“Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed.”
That sounds like their family might have been really important in historical times. (Even though the Sacred Chalice of Rixx is just a moldy clay pot, according to Deanna.) And “historical times”, that would from the perspective of TNG be the DIS/TOS era…
So maybe Sirtis will play a high-ranking Betazoid royal/priestess/leader/politician…

On another note: Perhaps the thing with Tilly’s jacket refers to that one mysterious spore that landed on Tilly’s uniform in the season finale?

I dont have a problem with that.

I know some will complain that Discovery just happens to run into a Betazoid that just happens to be related to Troi. But those connections bridge the eras and are usually fun.

Although, is “Troi” a Betazoid family name? Deanna’s father was human, right, so if they use the human tradition, then Troi was her father’s name (even though that tradition isnt as certain anymore).

Weren’t Betazoid’s longer lived than humans? Or at least, the women? I seem to recall Lwaxana had a long list of suitors and a few husbands, one that she outlived, and she seemed to always be subtly needling Deanna for slacking off?

Anyway, I wanted to put out that perhaps Sirtis could be playing her character’s mother?

People, people people!!!!
Please let’s keep in mind that Sci-Fi is just that!!!!!
Let’s not bring reality into it . Period!!!!!
For me science fiction is a way to escape reality, to be somewhere else a different world, a different planet, a discovery of another world an escape if you would from everything that you people are bickering about!! So please for the love of Sci-Fi…. Keep reality out of it !
In my version of sci-fi, you people simply do not exist. LOL
“ Live long and prosper “

“Keep the site active with any nonsense as long as there is no news from Discovery”

She was about the most loopy – boring – nosy busybody of TV history.

Why her character was kept and how she received the job to begin with

is anybody’s guess 🤨 Now if somehow she did a total 360 degree turn

then maybe with a miracle from heaven she might have a remote chance 🙄

She’s a bit long in the tooth for ST:Discovery–what is she, like 65yo? No thanks.

please, no Troi and no damn holodeck.. Discovery is it’s own sort of Star Trek, give it a chance. Next Generation was sappy, sentimental and unwatchable emo for me, i need zero reminders of it in any new franchise.

Probably not but technically possible: Audrid Dax
(A lot of folks would say Emony and it could be either but (a) why would Discovery have business with a gymnast; and (b) if you did choose Emony you’d need an actress on older than 30 or so if you honor the McCoy connection. There’s nothing canon to say when Emony gave way to Audrid and the latter makes more sense for an interaction with a Starfleet crew)

To be clear, I take no position on Sirtis either way – just mentioning a legacy character that could in theory appear on ST:Disco

Ya know…since we read that Season 2 may have involvement from Section 31…it is possible that the aged Troi could visit Discovery. Or vice versa….