‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Coming To ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ In New Expansion

Today, Ubisoft announced their first expansion for last year’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew, with a Star Trek: The Next Generation downloadable content (DLC) pack coming this spring. The new expansion has players in command of the USS Enterprise-D and introduces the role of Operations.

The Next Generation is coming to Bridge Crew

The Next Generation expansion also introduces new enemies, the Romulans and Borg, along with two new types of missions – Patrol and Resistance.  In Patrol, players are free to roam the galaxy, dealing with random encounters and answering distress calls for hours on end. Resistance mode offers more frenetic gameplay, as you and your crew are chased by a seemingly unstoppable Borg Cube and must collect three prototype ship modules before you’re able to face the Borg head-on and expect any chance of success.

Other enhancements including the ability for players to make their avatars Soong-type androids, new shield modulation and precision phaser fire mechanics, and a fully functional Planet Killer (AKA Doomsday Machine), complete with deadly anti-proton beam.

Face off with the Romulans in TNG expansion for Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The new Operations role combines Engineering with a new personnel management function. Like the original Bridge Crew Engineer role, Operations is in charge of managing the engines and distributing power between the various systems. The station is now also tasked with allocating crew between 10 different stations: thruster control, main engineering, torpedoes, shield generator, transporter room, astrophysics lab, computer core, phaser control, scanners, and sickbay.

New operations role for TNG expansion of Bridge Crew

Gameplay videos of TNG Bridge Crew

IGN was given an early preview of the expansion and has an in-game video to show off TNG in Bridge Crew.

UploadVR videos focus on the new ops station and character creations tools.

For more details about the expansion as well as insights into the development, you can read the announcement on the official Ubisoft site and a blog post from Red Storm designer Hunber Games on Playstation.com.

Next Generation expansion coming soon

Star Trek: Bridge Crew  – The Next Generation launches May 22 on PlayStation VR and PS4. The HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality, and standard (non-VR) PC version follows couple of months later on July 21. If you don’t have the game now, you can pick up the PS4 version on Amazon for $26.96, and the PC version is available on Steam. The game is cross-platform, so if you have a PSVR, and your friend has a Vive, you can still play together.

NOTE: Late-last year Ubisoft removed the requirement for a VR headset, so now anyone can play Bridge Crew (and The Next Generation expansion pack too).

You can read our previous coverage of Bridge Crew by clicking on this link.

UPDATE: DS9 Expansion coming?

After taking on Star Trek: The Next Generation a natural next expansion for Bridge Crew would be Deep Space Nine, which has plenty of action to bring to the game. And in a tweet today, Ubisoft gave a hint that is exactly what they are planning, by posting a GIF of a battle scene from DS9 with the response “As for what the future may hold, who can say?”

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Cant wait for this, been looking forward to it for a while, cant 22nd May come any quicker. Another good Enterprise D experience to recommend is the Stage 9 project

The TNG bridge is so bland, just looking at it makes me sleepy.

To each their own — I quite like the TNG bridge personally.

Just out of curiosity, given the negative tone of a good majority of your comments, is there anything about Trek that you do like?

I like DS9 and Discovery, and some of Enterprise.

Yes! Finally! Now is the time to buy this game for me!

Looks cool! I really like the ops FTL style stuff.

In case anyone is not aware, the game can now also be played without the VR headset. So if you own a PS4 but not the VR headset the game is now accessible.

That said, playing the game in VR and sitting on the bridge of the TOS USS Enterprise was quite the experience. The game itself was a lot of fun as well, especially if you found a good group to play with. Single player was a bit more challenging.

Looking forward to experiencing the 1701-D bridge in VR in a few weeks. I only wish we could have also gotten the TMP bridge as that one is still my favorite.

@TonyD — It’s interesting seeing the bridge from some of these perspectives. The captain seems so far away from the action. I can only imagine how far away worf would be from the screen. To me it highlights how impractical that bridge design is compared to others, and in having a critical crew member posted behind the captain. It makes obvious that bridge was designed with a “stage” for the actors to perform, and action to unfold on, with plenty of room to get the cameras in there, which was a very different experience from the more practical bridge designs of TOS.


Right. Buying VR equipment. Basically all I was waiting on.