Review: Riker Has A Mystery To Solve In ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through the Mirror’ #2

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Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through the Mirror #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: David Tipton and Scott Tipton
Story A art by Chris Johnson, colors by Jason Lewis
Story B art by J.K. Woodward

Cover by J.K. Woodward

In this week’s Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through the Mirror #2, the stakes are raised. Following last issue’s pursuit of a bearded thief on the planet Naia IV, Picard, Worf, and Riker summon his clean-shaven doppelganger to the observation lounge for questioning. “Lt. Jones” defiantly tells them he’s never been to Naia IV – in fact, he hasn’t left the ship in seven months (maybe get this guy to Risa ASAP?). Worf inexplicably doesn’t believe him, even surmising that it may have been an (evil) twin brother.

The interrogation is interrupted by an Andorian distress call, prompting Riker to lead an away team to investigate the faint life signs. This is where the Tiptons employ a bit of dramatic irony – the Andorians have been slaughtered by unknown assailants, but there’s no question to the audience who was responsible. It’s a stark contrast to the first issue’s heist plot. In fact, if nothing else, this issue is a reminder of what kind of people we’re dealing with – while they may resemble our beloved TNG crew, they are “brutal, savage.”

In an interview with Syfy this week, the Tiptons confirmed this series as taking place during TNG’s fourth season. Artist and Trek newcomer Chris Johnson definitely received that memo. You can tell by the length of Worf’s hair – it’s the same as it was in the fourth season. It’s shorter in issue #1, which made me think this could’ve taken place between seasons two and three. At least now we have a definitive answer, but I wonder why they chose this time period. Perhaps that will be revealed later in the series.

The Tiptons also said that each issue will have different art collaborators. Aside from Trek vet JK Woodward, the rest of the artists are brand-new and so far, they have not disappointed. Chris Johnson’s art (much like Marcus To’s) is bright and lively, excellently capturing details and full emotional expression. I actually felt Lt. Jones’s frustration and the Andorian’s rage through their faces. One thing that’s not necessarily a criticism but more of an observation is that the actor likenesses aren’t as pronounced. It may have been a creative decision, but it works and I applaud Johnson for taking that risk.

The B story continues the search for that certain Vulcan with a cameo by an alien whose “name is not important.” JK Woodward gorgeously paints Data’s quest to find the lost Terran emperor. It’s still unclear if and how these two stories are related, but I expect an answer to that mystery by next week.

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Issue #2 Available now, full series to be released in May

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through the Mirror #2 was Wednesday, May 9nd. It retails for $3.99. You can order it at TFAW with a discount. All five issues of Through the Mirror are being released in May. You can order issue 1 and pre-order the issues #3-5 at TFAW.

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If this is during TNG’s 4th season, why do they refer to Worf as “Commander Worf” in this series?

I just read that too. The only time Worf was a Lt. Commander on the Enterprise-D was in Generations.

And the combadge change occured before Worf’s promotion.

Because comics and books aren’t canon making them virtually useless if you’re interested in maintaining a linear canon.

If you just want to read a story or fan fiction, comics and books are for you.

It’s lazy writing…
Larry nemecek did a brilliant reference book for the show so no excuses for it.

More of TGN yawn inspiring stuff I’m sure.
Might be an entertaining read if one finds oneself sitting on the can with constipation….and running out of tp.