Wil Wheaton Talks Playing Wil Wheaton In Wedding Season Finale Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Amy and Sheldon wedding clip with Wil Wheaton

The twist for The Big Bang Theory’s season finale is even though Wil Wheaton (playing himself) was to officiate for the wedding of Sheldon and Amy, Wolowitz arranged to have Mark Hamill (playing himself) do it, as an special “upgrade.” Watch the clip below.


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In the season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory airing tonight, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton returns for his 16th appearance on the hit comedy. Wheaton plays a somewhat darker version of himself on the series and has often played antagonist to Jim Parson’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper, however for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding episode (titled “The Bow Tie Asymmetry”), Wheaton has a surprising role, officiated the wedding.

Executive producer Steve Holland explains the role to ET:

Well, when we were talking about the wedding, we were trying to think of who would officiate it. I mean, obviously, it would not be a minister for Sheldon and Amy and then we thought maybe there could be some fun, science people who could do it, but then Will just seemed like such a good fit. He’s a friend, so it would make perfect sense for him to do it, and for Sheldon, the chance to have someone from Star Trek to officiate his wedding, seems like a dream come true

ET also has a clip of Sheldon and Amy talking about Wheaton officiating, with Sheldon thinking back to how his younger self would have preferred William Shatner.

Wil Wheaton talks about playing “Wil Wheaton”

In an interview with CBSLocal, Wil Wheaton talked about how the show’s version of Wil Wheaton feels about being given the honor of officiating the wedding:

He’s really excited to be part of the wedding. It’s one of the very few times that the Wil Wheaton who I am in real life and the Wil Wheaton who I play on “Big Bang Theory” really overlap into almost a perfect circle.

The actor also opened up about what it has been like playing a version of himself on The Big Bang Theory over the years.

It took me a long time to get used to playing a version of myself. I had a great conversation with Mark Hamill about this, because Mark is playing a version of himself as well. He was saying, it’s hard to wrap your head around playing a version of yourself because you almost feel like, I am giving my actual real-life endorsement to the things that the character version of is saying and doing, and that might not necessarily be the case. I got to tell him, you just sort of commit to the fun of the fiction of it all, that this isn’t actually who we are in real life. What I didn’t tell him is that it took me almost 8 years of playing Wil Wheaton on “The Big Bang Theory” to get to that point, where I’m playing a character who just so happens to have the same name as me and much of my biography.

Wil Wheaton in “The Bow Tie Asymmetry” along with George (Jerry O’Connell) and Missy (Courtney Henggeler)

Wheaton also says he he “geeked out” to be on the set with Mark Hamill, something he also shared on Twitter back in April.

The 11th season finale of Big Bang Theory airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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They typically don’t let Wil speak at weddings.


LOL! I spit out my Romulan ale.

Wow, I didn’t realize this show was still on the air? Aren’t most of them closer to 50 than 40 now?

wow, really?

Do you live under a rock? How can you not know the show is still on the air?

This show has grown well past the it needs to die stage. I lost interest probably 4 years ago lol.


TBBT officially jumped the shark when Howard was on the international space station.

Tonight’s Big Bang Theory episode was a great moment in SCI-FI.
Yup, I said it.

And I can’t help feel Will WAS a bit shut out by Mr. Hamill. Who was very good, too.

I could not help but notice that Wheaton’s beard has finally come of age. He looks as much a man today, to how he appeared in “Hide and Q”!

Will does look like a man finally, but man, that hair and beard — the dude looks like he is still in the 1980’s (like Ron Silver back in the day)…God Bless him…love the guy

I guess the producers of The Big Bang Theory couldn’t afford William Shatner.
Too bad.
The season finale could have gone out with a blast.
Amy & Shatner could have been found making out.
I guess now we could see Sheldon & Wheaton making out.
And I thought Sheldon had taste.

Would I be reading too much into Hamill’s obvious recent weight gain to think that he is maybe not going to play a Ghost Jedi in Ep 9, which I think begins filming next month?

After his brief public criticism of The Last Jedi, I have doubts that Lucasfilm and Disney would have ever call him back. Also he said that after Carrie Fishers passing he doesn’t have the same passion anymore for Star Wars.

shatner made him cry becuz he didnt welcome him on to the set of Trek V with open arms and saying how fantastic he was lol

Haha that’s funny but I have to admit I liked him wearing a Star Trek shirt to the last Star Wars movie. As for the Shatman, I get the feeling that he thinks he sees the most fantastic man in the world every morning when looking into the mirror. That said, besides the pot belly, he looks really really great for someone in their 80s.

With Jerry and Wil in it, was there a “stand by me” homage/joke?

Holy crap! I completely forgot about that! Sadly, apparently the creators of TBBT also forgot; the two characters did not interact at all during the episode.

Because that would be mildly clever. Something TBBT has never once been.

Nice! You mean you’re not a fan of science/engineering minstrelsy? I tried to make it through an early episode and it struck me as typical sitcom fare with nerdy window dressing, something more akin to “Friends” or “Facts of Life” than “Star Trek” or “Dr. Who.”

What’s up with Jerry O’Connels face? Eyebrow lifts and plastic surgery on relatively young people….

Now he kooks like surprised Vulcan Xon from phase 2.

I followed WW on his blog thing for a long time, and enjoyed it but since this political tsunami hit mid election, I can’t even. Now he’s just an angry guy yelling about how his opposition is angry and yelling. He pretty much has said that if you don’t think his the way he does, quit following his blog/work so I have.

Someone should tell Mr. W. that actual fascists don’t let you have twitter accounts that mock them.

I mean, the president has discussed taking away press credentials as recent as this week and you have to start somewhere…

Nazi Germany didn’t happen over night…

@Tek — Twitter allows Trump to block anyone he wants to, while being immune to the “hate speech” policies as a head of state. Twitter has also moved to more stringently enforce those policies, which could mean WW gets penalized and shut down for his comments against Trump. And Trump could put pressure on Twitter to make such moves by having his FCC threaten new policies to otherwise constrain them. Sounds awfully fascist to me.

He also needs to shave. He looks like some unkept neanderthal with that shaggy beard.

I hate this show. I think Will is the only good thing he has.