More Cities Added To Shatner’s Star Trek II Tour, NH Capital Declares “Khan!-cord Day”

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William Shatner’s tour of screenings of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is again adding more dates, this time five more cities have been added, where the original Captain Kirk will take to the stage to share stories about making the film and conduct Q&As following the screenings.

The new cities are:

July 26 – Richmond, VA – Altria Theater – On sale now

July 29 – Charlotte, NC – Ovens Auditorium – On sale May 18 (pre-sale May 15)

September 21 – Madison, WI –  Orpheum Theatre – On sale now

September 22 – Cincinnati, OH – Taft Theatre – On sale May 18 (pre-sale:  May 14)

September 23 – Akron, OH – Akron Civic Theatre – On sale May 18 (pre-sale:  May 15)

NOTE: William Shatner Fan Club members can use promo code SPACE for pre-sale discount.

Desperate to make Wrath of Khan a success

Promoting his May 16 screening of Star Trek II in Baltimore, Shatner spoke to the Baltimore Sun, and reflected on how after Star Trek: The Motion Picture did not deliver the kind of film everyone hoped for, there was renewed effort to make the sequel work, saying:

“Maybe our desperation showed,” Shatner says with a laugh, reflecting on what made “Wrath of Khan” such a success. “I think that in a desire to show everybody how good ‘Star Trek’ could be, the authors and the producers and everybody responsible for the creative part of the script threw everything in. Love and death and good friends dying. They just did everything they could to make it emotional and identifiable.”

Shatner says the threw everything they had into making Star Trek II

New Hampshire capital seized by Khan!

On Friday, May 18th Shatner’s Star Trek II tour takes him to the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, NH, and the city is celebrating the event in a big way. Concord’s mayor Jim Bouley has proclaimed May 18th as “KHAN!-cord Day.” The mayor’s office has provided us with a copy of the proclamation (which you can download), which reads in part “the Star Trek franchise boldly went where none had gone before and spoke of a utopian future where race, gender, and national origin no longer divided people or impeded achievement.”  The official city proclamation even has a stardate.

A number of local organizations are getting in on the KHAN!-cord Day fun. The Capital Center for the Arts has a list which includes the local library holding Star Trek events, various business offering discounts and even some local restaurants offering special Star Trek food including the “KHAN-CONE” at Ballard’s Ice Cream and a Star Trek themed burgers at The Barley House and Vibes Gourmet Burgers. There is even a charity “KHAN!ned Food Drive.” At the Star Trek II screening in Concord you will also be able to enjoy a special blue ale created for the event by Concord Craft Brewery.

Shatner and Cook talk country album

In other Shatner news, one of Bill’s upcoming projects is a country music album, where he is collaborating with Jeff Cook of the band Alabama. A few days ago the pair held a Facebook Live event with Heartland Records Nashville, answering questions about the project, tentatively titled “Why Not Me?”

The Negotiator returns

And finally, one of William Shatner’s most prominent roles of the last two decades is as the “The Negotiator” for The character was “killed off” in 2012, but Priceline has brought Bill back to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a new campaign.

For more info on William Shatner’s upcoming appearances visit

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PLEASE come to the southeast!!!!!!!!

Please Come to New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to see him/the movie tomorrow night in Prov RI. Can’t wait!

Somebody should ask him to pester Nick Meyer for details on when the 4k UHD Disc is released. It was finished 2 years ago & just sits in the Paramount archive waiting to be pressed to disc & let out into the wild for fans old & new to enjoy or re-enjoy once again!

I hate to interrupt any of those nostalgic Trek news… Yeah, Trek IS more important than anything else, always has been, always will be… but today, one of the BEST space-based sci-fi shows has been canceled… THE EXPANSE seems to be no more. It is the sadest day since the end of Deep Space Nine for me… Please sign the petition to support the show if you ever liked it… Today, we stand united as fans of the ultimate geektastic genre! This show is NOT supposed to end that way!

This is indeed a very sad day.

Call NETFLIX ASAP and tell them to pick up the series — that is what most fans are doing. (866) 579-7172

I don’t know What those “smart” guys at SyFy were doing by cancelling this show. It was excellent and relatively popular too. It looks as if they don’t want to be a successful network.

Agreed. Remember, that network had the moronic idea years ago to change SciFi to SyFy as they thought it would be better for marketing…total dumb-asses!

That was when they cancelled all the Stargates too, total dumb-asses.

I’m so pissed at SyFy for this. On the one hand I can actually understand why the canceled it – expensive to produce, poor ratings, and SyFy only has rights to first-run linear views. Basically, SyFy only makes money during the live broadcast and nothing on post broadcast streaming services. On the other hand, this show brings a certain level of prestige back to SyFy after it was known for B-movie crap for years. In addition, why the hell would they sign such an agreement to beging with?

I’m really, really hoping another network or streaming service will pick it up. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu definitely enjoy having “prestigious” shows on their service. Netflix or Amazon seem to make the most sense as Netflix streams it internationally, and Amazon has the episode to buy/download after they air.

I’d love it if the UK had events like this!

Shat looks great. Wow.

With 2 potential movies and Discovery they should try to get him while he is looking so good

OMG that commerical. Hilarious! After reading the depressing news that SyFy has canceled “The Expanse” I desperately needed a laugh.

HORRIBLE NEWS — SyFy cancelled The Expanse.

If you are a fan, call Netflix and encourage them to pick it up — that is what most fans are doing. (866) 579-7172

Please come to Florida!!

Jeff Cook doesn’t look well.

I met him when I was working at a radio station in Paso Robles, California in the early nineties and Alabama was headlining the fair. Jeff Cook came by the station and we had a long discussion about his love of Star Trek. A great guy but he looks very frail in this video.


He’s in Cincinnati and Akron in September… but not the capital city of Columbus. I wonder why?

I was gonna grab the VIP tix to NH because there were only a handful of them and if I’m gonna meet the captain I want some quality time with him, but they were sold out by the time I heard about it!

I love how The Shat just keeps going and is into so much stuff!!