Watch Anson Mount Get Coiffed As Capt Pike + More ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Bits For The Week

Production on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery continues, and today we wrap up bits and pieces about the show for the week, starting with a fun video courtesy of the newest cast member.

Watch Anson Mount get coiffed into Captain Pike

This afternoon Anson Mount shared a video on Twitter showing him getting styled as Captain Pike. While Mount was briefly seen from behind in the production start teaser released two weeks ago, this is the first look at his Pike hairdo from the front.

We have put together a little comparison picture of Mount’s look and Jeffrey Hunter from “The Cage.”

Mount’s Trek meme get Shatner’s attention

Speaking of Mount, the actor continues continues to use Star Trek memes on Twitter including making trending topic jokes or even when talking Hockey. On Monday when he used a classic Kirk GIF to lament his early call time on set, he got the attention of the original Kirk himself.

Shatner’s reply started an exchange between the two with some fun banter between the captains.

Shatner has been briefed on Disco

Of course William Shatner is a very busy with his appearances, acting and music. So, it is no surprise he still has not had time to catch up on Star Trek: Discovery, but in a new interview, Shatner says he is being kept up to speed on it:

“I haven’t watched [Discovery]. My people are trying to educate me about that so I don’t look stupid about things I’m supposed to know.”

Yeoh back in Toronto

Actress Michelle Yeoh has returned to Toronto, home of Star Trek: Discovery’s production. Yeoh sent out a photo on Instagram over the weekend showing the nice weather and proclaiming it was good to be back. Yeoh’s character of former Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe was last seen in the season one “bonus scene,” being recruited into Section 31. It’s not known that she is in Toronto for Discovery, but this could indicate that she may be appearing as early as the second episode.

Spectacular day in Toronto. I've missed u 🌷

A post shared by Michelle Yeoh (Official) (@michelleyeoh_official) on

On Tuesday Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) also tweeted out that she was traveling, possibly also on her way to Toronto. It was previously reported that she would be shooting for Discovery in May, so it is possible she may appear in the second or third episode of the series.

Makeup veteran finally gets Frakes’ autograph

James MacKinnon is a Trek makeup veteran, who has been part of the makeup crews on TNG, DS9, Star Trek: First Contact, and Star Trek (2009), and of course currently works on Discovery. MacKinnon posted on Instagram that he finally got director Jonathan Frakes’ autograph on the memento the cast and crew got when First Contact wrapped filming.

Fan photoshop of the week: Disco crew with new Enterprise outfits

Trek fan Clark Crawford has photoshopped the uniforms in the season one finale promo image of the Discovery bridge crew into the style we saw teased in the season 2 production video for the USS Enterprise crew.

Sirtis & Wiseman selfie

Mary Wiseman shared her own photo with Marina Sirtis from her set visit last week on Instagram.


A post shared by Mary Wiseman (@morywise) on

Writer Ted Sullivan dukes it out with cardboard

Writer/Producer Ted Sullivan tweeted out a funny photo of him pretending to be mad at the cardboard standee of Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp). Pulling a Rodney Dangerfield about how the writers get no respect.

Anthony Rapp of course replied feigning ignorance like he’s a big shot movie star

Throwback to Klingon rehearsals

Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) tweeted a throwback video of herself, along with Shazad Latif (Voq), and Kenneth Mitchel (Kol), practicing their Klingon dialog on the Sarcophagus ship set.

Congrats to Dr. Doug Jones

Doug Jones (Saru) was awarded an honorary doctorate in Humanities last week from the mid-west university Judson University.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Next we’ll get to see him use the bathroom as Pike.

“Number One, you have the bridge. I need to go number one…”

Pike’s peak?

The…..Captains Log.

Wow. I thought I was on for a moment.

I didn’t even realize aicn still existed. I don’t think I’ve been on that site this decade. That, Darkhorizons and comingsoon were mainstays for me around 18-20 years back, plus chud, but I don’t recall the last time I was on any of them. I do recall that there were some cute animations on the headers of the AICN stories at times.

Wow…looks just like Pike from TOS. Very impressive.

Great to see that Yeoh is back in the fold as well.

Great stuff — thanks for the articles on the real-world aspects of Star Trek production.

I’m thinking of purchasing a condo in Leslieville, which is essentially where Pinewood Toronto is. This would be closest that I will be to the fictional Star Trek Trek universe. Even in L.A., I lived no closer than around 15 to 20 miles from Paramount Studios. But futuristic condo buildings are going up there and the rest of T.O. faster than you can say “City Hall in ‘Guardian of Forever.'”

So here is where I plot the mystical connections between Trek in its production form and lil’ ol’ me. 5555 Melrose plus 2018 – 5 – 11 … hmmm, what does that equal? Kidding.

At some point, I had a (very tenuous) relationship with showbiz in L.A. and I did not not-like it. So, in T.O., I’m thinking of getting back in the biz, such that I am, and/or did.

Any roles I had were extremely minor, and no one — and I say with confidence, no one — would recognize me from such.

Anyway, ruminations and humblebrag aside, nice to see the cast and crew ramping up as we fans look toward the second season.

One recommendation: I like the steak at Boston Pizza and there’s one at Lakeshore and Leslie. Parking is free.

Hat Rick

You can do a lot better than Boston Pizza, Hat Rick. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life, and there is BETTER fare.

Harry, there is a lot to choose from, but the fact is that BP is probably the closest reasonable steakhouse there is to Pinewood — and I’m talking about walking distance.

Heck, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse has an outlet now in T.O. and I must say, nothing compares to that.

And you have the very fine, highly advertised steakhouse (to which I have never been, by the way, but that I know only by reputation) with the number on Lakeshore within a shouting distance of Yonge. I know there are infinitely better places to dine than BP… just sayin’ that I liked BP and thought it would be a nice place for folks to visit for lunch. H’wood folks don’t think too much of dropping a considerable dime on a routine lunch mere mortals could only imagine for dinner. ;-)

Did not know you were a Torontonian, Harry, although that’s probably my fault. I actually find Toronto rather bare, so far, as far as Star Trek connections are concerned, compared to L.A., not to mention Vegas. It’s nice to know that there are people like you in town who have a rep on and perhaps elsewhere, or that at least that I feel are known in the fan universe.

I’m virtually certain I’m missing out on a lot of hot Star Trek action merely because I’m the kind of dweeb that follows nonfiction as much as fiction, and is involved in real life, besides, to my tragic regret. LOL.

Anyway, after some rather considerable time in Los Angeles, where I’ve been away from the scene back in Ontario, I guess I would welcome your suggestions as to the best places to dine.

To be honest, the best steak I had within the last year was probably at Shoeless Joe’s over at the Marriott on Queen’s Quay. Sadly, they discontinued the cut I really liked — everywhere. And with the sports scene as it is, it’s probably more depressing than ever. So, anyway.


Hat Rick, I appreciate your detailed response. I am crashing now, but will get back to you regarding GREAT eating spots!

No problem, Harry. Actually, anyone reading these messages should be guided by the fact that I have only in the last little while come back to Toronto, and that in the past year or so have been somewhat of a recluse due to real-world business, so some of what I say is based on old info (albeit info that I believe as a matter of opinion accurate or relevant in the last several years). So, for example, I was going to recommend a hotpot cuisine restaurant on Spadina that some friends of mine and I had really enjoyed in 2016 or so, only to Google it and find that it has now permanently closed. (Bummer!)

Now, a place that young (or middle-aged, or gray-haired, etc.) Hollywood might enjoy but that they may or may not know about is Cabana Pool Bar, located in the otherwise grungy-seeming area (soon to be near massive redevelopment!) known as the Port Lands. This soon-to-be-redeveloped area (I believe) is also very much adjacent to Leslieville, which is in part why I’m thinking about buying there. I think one of the biggies — Google or Amazon? — is developing a “smart district” there or nearby, which will massively raise the value of the locale, it would seem. We’re talking a redevelopment that involves billions, potentially, of honest-to-goodness U.S. buckaroos.

(What I said about BP, by the way, is all a matter of my opinion.)

Toronto is replete with great amenities and I wouldn’t be surprised if folks who are filming there as we speak discover that the benefits of living here compare, overall, very favorably with most places in North America.

In fact, I just discovered there’s a Maggiano’s in T.O., which makes my day. Plan to visit it soon.

As with most things I say here, it’s just a matter of my opinion.

Still love BP and would recommend it to anyone. Staff at BP in Leslieville are super-friendly.


Hat Rick, the place on Spadina, was it Lee Gardens? I used to go there all the time!

No, it was the Celebrity hotspot place. Closed, permanently, according to the god Google. Sad to see.

Anyway there have a lot of great places in T.O. and I’m just getting myself hungry thinking about it.

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, we used to go to this place called the Sai Woo near Dundas, which I don’t know if it exists or not.

It’s not just the Chinese but also the Italian and also the Mediterranean food that appeals. For example, there’s a great place just across from a university near the Sherborne area that serves amazing Middle Eastern food. I knew the owner personally.

Nando’s has good Portuguese food and they are everywhere now.

Trek draws inspiration from multiculturalism and I think Toronto is a place that will sustain it. What culture has people who do not eat?!

Yes, it seems like I’m obsessed with food. Believe it or not, I’ve lost about 30 or 40 lbs. nevertheless, in the last two years…. Nothing to do with lack of temptation, though. ;-)

Glad to see you know the scene and hope to see more of your contributions here in the very near future.


Nando’s?? LOL

Okay so you don’t like it. Name a better Portuguese place readily accessible to the plebes. Outside of the College St. area that no one can get to because of construction, of course. ;)

(Yeah, I know. St. Clair. Rejoinder: Eglinton cross-town construction — u b the judge.)


Hat Rick, I used to go to Sai Woo’s on Dundas! You would climb the stairs and find bliss in a bowl of Won Ton soup. Gawd, that was 40 years ago!

How old are you?

Looking at retirement in the eyes, Harry. :-)

You and I and some other geezers (including geezettes) should get together at some downtown joint and reminisce about the old days.

I don’t check the email address for this site at all, which makes it difficult for anyone to contact me. I value my privacy. But I do enjoy science-fiction and I appreciate the views of others as well, generally.

Toronto is a great town for all science-fiction fans to get together and share stories, and perhaps that can be done in a way that involves all those in town who really like ST. I mean, I’m pretty lazy as far as that’s concerned, so if anyone reading this wants to propose a get-together in the next two months or so at someplace that serves good food, then I would like that.

For now, it’s nice to know that a fellow Trek fan has been on a number of occasions to the same place that I was lo these various decades ago. ;-)



P.S., to all: While I don’t look like a geezer, I do think like one, so be forewarned. ;)

Hat Rick, we should arrange a get-together for a group to meet at a patio (for drinks) in July/August! We can discuss all things TREK!!

Sure, let’s do that. If we (and by “we” I mean anyone other than yours truly, because — well and truly, I am very lazy about these things) set something up on a social-gathering site such as “,” then I’m more than okay with that. There are great places to get together during patio season.

For this purpose, my email is if anyone wants to do this.

Maybe a bunch of us could start a new yearly get-together to celebrate all the great stuff that’s going on in Trek. July or August would be ideal. Maybe even have a couple meetings this year, including one as a viewing party for the season premiere of DISCO.

DISCO in T.O. — sounds like fun. If it happens.



Hey Guys, having lived in California, DC and the Big Easy plus having worked in Chicago and NYC, I have to say Toronto is easily the most multicultural city that I know, surprisingly even more so than NYC. The city is actually bigger than Chicago now and you don’t have to eat at chains like BP and Nandos although they serve decent food. Go to the Little Italy or eat at the authentic Portuguese peri peri places all over the city. Haven’t been to Lee Gardens lately but that was the best place in Chinatown. Also check out Wah Sing for Chinese seafood and the Danforth for Greek food. All easy to get to via subway downtown. Ethiopian, Georgian (Eastern European), Brazilian, Korean, and of course Japanese – you can get it in Toronto. Steaks at Barbarians are great and CN Tower 360 revolving restaurant is a great touristy dinner place but not a touristy menu. And if you want a sports bar, then check out what ESPN said was the best place in NA, Real Sports at the ACC or watch a Jays game eating and drinking out in centre field at Sightlines buffet restaurant. Last but not least, World Cup in Toronto is awesome. Too bad US and Italy aren’t in it (Italian street party on St. Clair drew a million fans last time they won WC championship) but pick a team every day and go to that part of the city to have a great time. Btw Pike looks good and the photoshop uniforms was pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see what they do with season 2 and good to see Frakes and Yeoh are back in town. Winter is FINALLY over!!

Dean, sorry to say but Lee Gardens closed for good a short while back. Maybe you, Rick and I can share a drink sometime.

Yeah I see the Shatman is coming to town for Fan Expo at the end of August. I assume Discovery will also have one or two panels so maybe that is a great time to try and meet up with fellow Trek fans at one of the local establishments. Also is there a Star Trek fan club in Toronto?

Great suggestions, and it is clear you know Hogtown well. With all of these options, I think we could show our Hollywood friends how fun is done. ;-)

I wonder if they’ll show him and his crew in full uniform before the premiere?

Another question! If the ratings for the upcoming Discovery/Pike episodes phenomenally exceed non-Pike Discovery episodes in Season two, I wonder if the network execs will think about a Pike spin-off?

Pike is a well-loved character and in part I give props to the Abramsverse for that.

If Han can have his Solo movie, why not Pike and the original adventures of the pre-TOS Enterprise 1701?

Good idea and the possibilities are infinite. Let us see.

Maybe we ought to see the Han Solo movie first before counting on that as an example…rumor is that it’s pretty bad.

Early reviews are really good.

Good to hear. Buzz has been pretty bad about the acting of the young actor playing Solo.

That was a rumour early on. When production was a mess. But it was due to the directors. Ron Howard fixed it all up.

He played the young idealistic cowboy actor in “Hail Ceasar!” He was great in that.

Reivews range from ‘Great’ to ‘Okay’, so mixed overall, which is fine. Haven’t seen any which state the movie is pretty Bad.

Rumor has been displaced by actual feedback which has been very positive.

Some don’t like it, but I thought it was very good.

I enjoyed Bruce Greenwood’s Pike, but he was really nothing like Jeffery Hunter’s original. I’m hoping that Mount’s portrayal is a bit more in line with “The Cage.”

I think you are right — the Abramsverse Pike is not the same as the Prime Universe Pike. Abramsverse Pike is basically a reinterpretation of Pike to fit the parameters of the two movies in which the character appears. But the two are, I think, similar enough for us to believe they could be the same people, only in “alternative realities.”

It is an odd thing that, almost uniquely in Star Trek, the predecessor “hero” is in potential as interesting as the actual hero-characters of the involved franchises. So, for example, it is as though in the Thor movies, Odin were to have been put in an entire movie by himself. (Actually, I would pay good money to see that (especially if I were to have written it… forget I said that. ;-) ). And the “dying father[-figure]” motif is prevalent in: The Spider-Man, [Incredible] Hulk, etc., movies. But only in Trek is it so well expressed (except, of course, in that “other” Star series… “Luke… I am your….).

I’m no professor of pop culture, but some of the almost involuntary expressions of these significations could lead me to write a treatise on how our overall culture needs the guidance of a greater god … or good.

If Pike were to be written as the precursor figure to Kirk, then … you fill in the blank; or read between the lines; etc.

It is a question of almost Biblical significance, that trumps what perhaps we have been looking at overall … in this enterprise.

Seasons 3 to 7 await.

I love Greenwood too. But it was another example of Bad Robot trying to have their cake and eat it too. Pike existed before Nero arrived so…

Huh? Hunter’s portrayal was wooden and the character was kind of a morose jerk. No way he could have carried 78 more eps. Greenwood blows him away as Pike.

Greenwood’s turn, esp in ID, is a good one, but it is just an archetype, not a character. The original Pike, though unlikable, was interesting without having to be a role model to a lead character.

However, Spock would never have broke out with Hunter there, because there was no decent dynamic between them, Shat supplied a real spark.

I always liked Hunter’s Pike and wanted to see more of him but you’re right about the dynamic.

Agreed Greenwood’s Pike blows Hunter’s away

Yeah but we got a 60’s era Pilot vs a modern film. Very different. For television, Pike was really interesting. Obviously they dropped most of what made Pike Pike when they recast. But it would have been interesting to see how Hunter would have evolved the character over the years.

It will also be very intriguing to see how Discovery handles this. And whether he’ll have some of the brooding, self doubt or if it will be chalked up to his feelings related to that specific period of time in his mission.

Certainly we’ll expect a strong leader and Im sure they will make him heroic.

I enjoyed Greenwood’s interpretation of Pike too, but the character was never written as a three-dimensional character. In both films, he was written as a foil for young Kirk’s (many) attempts at learning to grow up. Hunter’s version was more in line with someone who is–for better and worse–reflecting back on his successes and failures, regardless of his impact on others, and thus offering a more interesting character on his own, which I hope Mount has the chance to explore.

Hopw Mount’s Pike doesn’t do as much whining as original Cage Pike. Ugh. It was exposition done badly.

I would suspect that the bemoaning of the rigors of command was merely just to set up something the character was feeling. It was a pilot, afterall. Likely over the course of the series we would have seen the Pike character grow and change a little. Obviously we will never know. But I’m happy they hired Shatner. He was very well cast.

I didn’t like Jeffrey Hunter’s Pike. It was no reflection on Hunter, just the terrible way the character was written.

I think Sisko was an attempt to do a more nuanced version of Pike, since they are questioning their choices up front. But Pike was almost bipolar, veering from the 50s sharp voiced hero to the doubter seen with Boyce in his quarters. I find it interesting that Shatner could show those doubting colors without it overwhelming the more engaging parts of his characters behavior.

Shatner played Kirk as more of a deep hero with flaws while Hunter played Pike as a flawed leader with some heroic aspects.

Kirk often questioned himself actually. It was almost like he was insecure about whether he could live up to the demands he placed on himself but in those moments of doubt he realised, yes, he was the only one and snapped back to being the great leader.

Well it’s primarily streaming so the measurement would be more general than ratings. I’m sure they can determine popularity of the episodes though.

Might be something to think about.

Surely CBS has exact viewership data for Discovery, they simply don’t report it (much like Netflix).

Oh I’m sure. But people consume streaming differently. But they will surely know if Pike is a hit.

It’s nice that Mr. Shatner still has “people”!

Although he’s very accessible I imagine he has a ton of “people”. He’s super rich! Didn’t he get a bazzillion dollars in Priceline stock?

His people probably wrote that.

Wow I love the photoshop work of the TOS uniforms over the Discovery crew. That looks so cool, I really wish they went that direction from day one.

Liking the new Pike. He really does look and remind you of Jeffery Hunter!

Michelle Yeoh is back. More great news. It also sounds like Section 31 will be revealed early on in the season. I really can’t wait to hear how they will be involved in the season. I’m most excited about them than anything.

Its all sounding great so far!

I was wondering how the DSC collars would work ( or not ) with the TOS colour scheme, but I think it works fine, and bodes well Pike & Crew’s appearance.

@SJ — the DISC uniform collars work perfectly with the Enterprise uniforms providing that asymmetrical look that continues into TOS on the female uniforms.

I was watching The Menagerie tonight and realized the TOS dress uniforms resemble the new Enterprise uniforms very closely, just add the asymmetrical collar. So anyone who wants to make a direct connection between DISC and TOS via the look of the uniforms doesn’t have far to go. There’s a clear evolution which TOS continues through in the dress uniform, right down to the metallic piping.

I hope they leave the Discovery uniforms ALONE. I like the royal blue.
Old color scheme looks a little Kandy-Kolored Gold Red Blue-Flake Streamline Baby for these days.
but I know lots of other folks like it

My personal opinion is that the STD uniforms look superior. However, it has already been established what Starfleet personnel wore in that era. And, sadly, what we see on STD is not it. It looks like something Starfleet wore some 70 years after the Archer era. Certainly looks out of place in the Pike era.

Its been established that you’re wrong but it doesnt stop you from saying the same wrong thing over and over and over again.

@Marja — the red/blue/gold uniforms are pretty iconic trademarks of Star Trek. I can see why they would want to use them. That said, the movies managed to not use them, while creating their own iconic look.

Since visual canon does not apply here, there’s no reason they can’t mix and match at will. If one does feel a need to cling to established visual continuity, I’d go so far as to say we have no idea what kind of uniforms Pike and crew were wearing aboard the Enterprise during this period. If TMP teaches us anything, Starfleet evidently changes uniform code on a whim.

But as for your objection, I’d go suggest looking at our own military. The marine corps uniforms in particular — speaking of “Kandy-Kolored”. I always thought the CAGE uniform colors were a direct result of Roddenberry’s military background, and that they different division colors represented the three different branches of the military: green for the Army, blue for the AirForce, and Khaki for the Navy/Marines. It was NBC that pushed the red uniforms on behalf of parent company RCA.

Unfortunately, DISC has embraced the trademark color scheme, and introduced the red uniforms where they are not typically thought of existing. Then again, we have never seen this period, so who knows where red uniforms may have existed on starships at this time. We never saw the engineering room in The Cage or WNHGB, so who knows, maybe they were full of red uniforms.

Nice likeness, good work guys :-)

Thanks for naming my little hobby project fan photoshop of the week. It’s great to have some many people enjoying it.

Now that a rare clean shaven image of Anson is available, I may have to give a preview of Pike a try.

Shouldn’t they have conferred on Doug Jones a Ph.D. in Alienities?

Please, except for clergypeople, recipients of honorary doctorates are not called “Doctor” by convention, despite the “all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities” verbiage on the diploma.

If that seems unfair, consider that lawyers receive a Juris Doctor diploma and aren’t called “Doctor” unless they subsequently get a Ph.D., LL.D., or J.C.D.

Isn’t he also a senator?

Right you are! I’d forgotten all about that. Must have messed with his Google News alerts!

Doug is amazing.

He has a future. I’m left of Bernie and not a huge fan of incrementalism, but it does seem that the long game is going to be played through the Blue Dogs’ court. The right played the same game with Rockefeller Republicans like Arlen Specter, John Chafee, Bob Packwood, etc., before pushing them out when that bridge to the other side was no longer needed.

I can’t stand Sanders.

De gustibus non disputandum est.

New pike looks great.

Hopefully they do a pike show.

They will already have the cast and the set and costumes. So that much is already done for a new show.

I sense that the Trek universe is ready to be much further expanded by way of TV and cinema production. The various books, graphic novels, and such have already paved the way for this. There are — literally — timelines and realities that await realization on the small and silver screens.

Now, as I’ve said, Trek is one of the first, if not the first, major franchise to depict what is essentially an alternative reality (viz., the Mirror Universe) as part and parcel of the whole. That is, if you ask any Federation officer in the 24th Century about the Mirror Universe — and provided that officer has heard of the legendary James T. Kirk — then of course you will get a response that acknowledges its existence. In that sense, at least, the Mirror Universe is part of the entire “historical” prime Trek narrative. That mirror reality is itself part of the Trek reality considered in and of itself. Where else would one have seen this depicted, prior to contemporary times (e.g., prior to the Marvel and DC Comics movies)?

If the Tarantino feature goes forward, I think we should look for the multiplication of Trek realities, and inasmuch we already have at least three realities or timelines (Prime, Abramsverse, Mirror), we will experience potentially a vast renaissance of Trek-related entertainment. If so, then bravo.

(Which, I think, among other things, is good for the popcorn business, for one thing, if in this there is a “kernel” of truth.)

The tng episode parallels actually showed that there are countless realities to play with. Thousands of different realities were brought into that episode. The alternative factor also opened up a parallel dimension.

Shows/films set in difffereny realities would remove the problem of continuity. Plus it would allow the writers to take the elements of Star Trek they want and put new spins on the bits they want to change. And no one could complain about continuity.

Bar some shoddy writing on discovery, if it was set in alternative reality to TOS there would be very little to complain about. In regards to the design of the uniforms and the ships as well as the portrayal of the Klingons.

Has Shatner ever actually seen star trek, I just assume he is an actor and playing Kirk was just a part on a tv series he did in the 1960’s, and a series of 6 films.

Well, being the director on ST:TFF he should at least have seen that one. And he’s probably been to screenings of all the films he was in. Whether he’s seen any of the other shows and movies I don’t know. He has done all these Star Trek documentaries over the years but I’m pretty sure other people do the research and he’s just there as a presenter. Given how busy he is maybe he just doesn’t watch a lot of TV in general.

Shatner has claimed that he does not like to watch his work. He has seen it when circumstances suggest it. But in general he claims to not watch. Not just Trek. ANY of it.

Nothing new, the actor who played Grand Nagus Zek, Wallace Shawn, has said he doesn’t even own a TV, he doesn’t watch anything he is in.

@skyjedi — my guess is he’s seen the CAGE pilot when getting the role of Kirk. He’s also seen every Trek film he’s been in from attending the premiers. I’ll bet he’s seen a few of the early TOS episodes on TV to see how he looked, and to humor his wife and friends.

Im sure he’s attended premiers.

In RETURN TO TOMORROW, he indicated he was rewatching the series constantly before TMP to aid his portrayal. That’s the only time I’ve seen him admit this, but since it was a period-specific interview, I’d accept it as genuine.

Why didn’t they give him one of these?

comment image

You have to aim for modern sensibilities, right?

@KL — I’d be OK with the guy on the right. The guy on the left doesn’t really read as a captain in a quasi-military command structure. What’s your point?

My point is to lighten up and have a little fun.

nonsensicalities seems more like it, if that is even a word. Simultaneously feeling like the side halves of your head are freezing while sweat and styling porduct pooling within that mop at the top of your head runs down into your eyes sounds like an experience I would happily do without forever.

Plus … does that guy have pointed LOBES?

The one cool thing there was the crew wearing era appropriate uniforms. And guess what? They look GREAT! This falls into the category of “what might have been”. Had the PD been up to snuff perhaps it might have rubbed off on the writing staff too?

As has been discussed many times, using TOS uniforms was considered. Fuller went in a different direction. Fuller is no longer with Discovery. Direct your whining towards him. Sounds like the people actually working on Discovery now will give you the TOS style you want…and will inevitably complain about anyway.

Those uniforms cost too much for them to change it. Anyway TOS colors have always look stupid. Look how fast Star Trek Beyond ditched those uniforms in the movie.

HN, The uniform style wasn’t ditched. There were some alterations but they were essentially the same. The jackets they wore should not be considered a part of the standard shipboard uniforms.

ML31 Those jackets weren’t standard but they look so much better. Even Spock looked better wearing the old starfleet uniform.

I really hope they start to switch over to those Yorktown uniforms in the next movie. Those bright multicolored TOS uniforms just look silly.

I don’t recall they did, they just added a stand-up collar and nixed the repeating delta pattern in the fabric. The did add fatigues, and an excursion jacket in Into Darkness, but Pike’s and Archer’s eras both had the latter and Archer the former for specific environments (i.e., desert). DS9 also had desert uniforms, as seen in Sisko’s digging trip to Tyree. Even Jake and Grandpa got in on the action.

The expression on Mount’s face as he gets his hair cut makes me think this is what Billy Bob Thornton was going for once he started getting his looks modified about two decades back.