Watch: CBS All Access Sizzle Reel Teases Upcoming Series Including ‘The Twilight Zone’

CBS All Access has just released the sizzle reel highlighting their original programming, which was shown at the CBS Upfront presentation on Wednesday. As we reported on Wednesday, the video emphasizes Discovery, however there is no new footage from season two, which is currently in production.

The video does include some new footage from the series Strange Angel, coming June 14th. There are also brief snippets from the upcoming shows One Dollar and Tell Me a Story, as well as a logo tease for the reboot of The Twilight Zone. Like the second season of Discovery, CBS has yet to set release dates for their other upcoming series.

NOTE: Video is age-restricted due to language

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The Twilight Zone, bah.

Not everyone is brave enough to go through… The Scary Door.

Love that they’re at least giving ‘Twilight Zone’ a chance. Love that show dearly, and with CBSAA I’ve found myself bingewatching a lot of it again (which, if others are doing the same, may be part of the reason why CBS is returning to the franchise). I think I love it more than TOS, honestly–that’s how much.

That said, it’s a really hard show to get right, and was definitely a product of its time, and that’s why other reboots and imitators have failed over the decades since. But, ‘Get Out’ is probably second only to ‘Black Mirror’ in terms of recent media that do the TZ legacy justice, so there’s definitely cause for optimism here.

Well, this is the fourth incarnation of The Twilight Zone after the original, the CBS 1980s relaunch, and UPN’s late-90s (or so) version, plus the 1983 feature film. So it has has plenty of chances.

Agreed. It’s had its fair number of chances. I think the trick is who’s writing the episodes.

Would agree that Get Out has a great blend of social commentary and creepiness/surreality. If you liked it, you should watch Atlanta, another eerily surreal, hilarious and at times heartbreaking show. Black Mirror has some good eps but the direction isn’t as enthralling as GO or Atlanta.

‘Black Mirror’ is like most anthology shows (including TZ) pretty hit or miss. But when it does hit (like TZ) it’s totally brilliant. In that sense, I still think it’s TZ’s spiritual successor.

I have been wanting to check out ‘Atlanta’ for ages! But I don’t have cable anymore, and for awhile there it wasn’t available on DVD, so I haven’t been able to track it down. Thanks for reminding me to check again! :)

I’m not convinced Hollywood has the talent to make something like the Twilight Zone anymore. Rod Serling, Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont were unique, exceptional talents. Outside of maybe Harlan Ellison, if they can persuade him, these days we’re basically lumped with career Hollywood writers with no experience outside of the Hollywood bubble.

I’ve got the whole of the Twilight Zone on Blu-ray and, watching it now, it has a quality that is utterly ‘lightning in a bottle.’ I thought the semi-remake theatrical film was staggeringly dreadful and, while I have fond memories of the two 1980s TV revivals, they’re really not fit to lick Rod Serling’s boots. I’ll admit I haven’t seen the 2000s versions, due to lack of their affordable availability on home video in the UK, but the ‘tackling issues head on’ comments I’ve heard about it put me right off. I like well-written allegory and Rod Serling’s episodes where he got preachy were always the weakest, usually reacted to by his 1960s collaborators with rolled eyes.

I understand the show’s name has big ‘brand awareness,’ so it’s logical to resurrect it for money, but I doubt it will come within spitting distance of the Serling series’ greatness. Artistically, it’s better left alone and better someone creates a new anthology show. Financially, I understand in an era where Hollywood is only interested in sequels, remakes and franchises why they’d do it. Good luck to them, but I’ll probably wait for a bit of word of mouth before I decide whether to try it.

Pretty good Serling impression. I look forward to seeing what they can do with it. Hopefully better than the UPN version. Yeesh.

That wasn’t an impression. It was a sampling of Serling.

If it is, they’ve really done some enhancements to the audio. Pretty sure it’s a soundalike.

It might be Mark Silverman who did Sterling’s voice for Tower of Terror.


Any other TPB fans?

What is TPB?

CBS All Access begins and ends with Delroy Lindo, make no mistake.

If that was a ‘sizzle reel’ , CBS forgot to turn up the heat. What is CBS’s editors even thinking? “…Let’s open with terrible acting and writing from Trek, drop in mediocre clips from the few original shows the have, try to spice it up and get relevant with a few f-bombs, add a pinch of fading star power with Will Ferrell, a hint of nostalgia with the Twilight Zone…a series no one under the age of 30 has ever watched, and we’ve got our ‘sizzle reel’ locked down! “ they put the fire out before it was even lit!

You nailed it.


Don’t forget the average CBS viewer is like 65 and retired sooo maybe one of those guys made it

Not quite there yet (62 & working), but there certainly wasn’t anything there of interest to me.

That’s your opinion. Don’t try and pass it off as fact.

Jon, you should change up your writing a bit. All your complaining is starting to sound the same.
“Blah blah complain. Blah blah this isn’t good. Blah blah whine. Blah blah blah.”

It’s an easy fix. Make a good show.

If people under 30 have watched Black Mirror, or any other horror/fantasy/science fiction anthology series out there, or if they’re familiar with twist endings, like The Sixth Sense or Planet of the Apes, or dark social commentaries like Get Out, then they already know the Twilight Zone.

There isn’t a show before 1990 that anyone below 30 has ever watched period.

A sad situation, they probably haven’t watched any black and white classics too.

I hope we can get a more Twilight Zone-y Trek again one day. TOS will always be my favourite for this reason. Story arcs might pull you in but they have little to no rewarchability and certainly not out of order.

Can anyone tell me whether this new Twilight Zone is a hour long show or a half hour show? I think the half hour episodes were the better ones of the original show. The 4th season kind of dragged a bit with the hour long episodes. Also they are advertising the show but there doesn’t seem to be any word on the writers involved. It would be cool if they could manage to get some modern horror and sci-fi writers on board.

They haven’t announced any further details outside of the folks overseeing it.

And yes they’d be wise to keep to 30 minute episodes. I agree the hour episodes were too long, of course it didn’t help that the network sprung that on them at the last minute, so Serling and his writers had been preparing 30 minute scripts that they suddenly had to pad out to an hour.

Thanks Matt, I have a feeling if they go for 30 minutes they will probably get a longer episode order but if they go for hour long they will probably get a shorter order.

Great point, re: modern horror and sci-fi writers. The value of doing an anthology format is giving some of the best new literary talent the chance to pitch their ideas (as with the original), rather than just rely on a stable of in-house writers trying to do their best to emulate what they imagine a “classic” TZ episode to be.

Good question. I agree, the 30 minute episodes were better. Maybe if they don’t have to worry about advertisements, they could simply let them play out in the time that best suits each story. This one is 30 minutes, that one is 45, or an hour, and so on.

CBS, if you the buy The Expanse, I will commit to being a year-round subscriber instead of just during the DSC seasons. And I doubt I am the only one who would make this commitment.

I hope they make the new Twilight Zone black and white and set in the early 1960’s.

Unlike many episodes of the original show then… ;)