Watch Jennifer Morrison Joke About William Shatner Being Her ‘Star Trek’ Son + More Great Links

It is time once again to rustle together all the Star Trek in the zeitgeist, and check in with who is talking, writing and showing their love for Trek, starting with some celebrity fun.

Jennifer Morrison, who played James T. Kirk’s mother Winona Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek, was a guest on this week’s PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing where she watched herself in the film and talked about the excited she was to be part of the franchise and to work with J.J. Abrams. The actress also revealed that at conventions she and William Shatner have chatted about her being his mom and her “being proud of him,” and him saying she is a “good mom.”  The actress also noted “I’m also Chris Pine’s mom, which I’m totally fine with that as well. I’m good with both situations. I’ve got some good kids.”

Star Wars game goes Trek, a kid named Kelvin, a working tricorder, and more Great Links

Game mod of the week: Stormtrekkers

If you are looking to Trekify your Star Wars: Battlefront II experience, you can down download the the Stormtrekkers mod, which transforms your stormtroopers with a new Star Trek: The Next Generation. It promises to allow you to “To boldly go to a galaxy far, far away! To seek out new worlds… And blow them up!”

Links of the week

Screenrant: 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change How You Will See Star Trek.

ArsTechnica: A dozen years after near-death, Star Trek’s future may be stronger than ever.

Berkleyside: How Quirky is Berkeley? The Federation Trading Post Reunion.

Geek: Star Trek 4: A Missed Opportunity.

Wired: Is It Weird for Conservatives to Like ‘Star Trek’?

Inadvertent Star Trek story of the week

BBC: Mum changes son’s name from Kevin to Kelvin after tattoo spelling error.

A new JJ Abrams Star Trek movies fan for life

Fanmade item of the week: Tricorder with working display

Tested profiled Trek fan Brian Mix at this year’s Replica Prop Forum showcase, where he showed off his Star Trek TOS Tricorder prop, which he has modified with an internal computer to give it a working display.

Video of the week: What’s the scariest Trek?

That’s it for this week’s update. Keep up with all the fun Star Trek from around the web in our Great Links category.

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Must… have… that… Tricorder.

Friggin’ LOVE that picture of baby Kirk. Very funny!

That picture is going to give me nightmares.

True dat!

Thanks for the nightmare fuel.

While it’s certainly an achievement technically, the tricorder just seems a bit, urm, pointless? I understand that the challenge of putting it together was probably what interested the guy the most, and it’s a great hobby to have, but maybe could have programmed something a bit more useful?

Bleh, maybe I’m just sour that we don’t have real tricorders already yet. We have a lot of the other Trek tech already, surely tricorders have to be next?

Didn’t I hear somewhere that they had actually made real medical tricorders or perhaps there was a project going on that wanted to really make it. I don’t know, but I distinctly remember reading about this somewhere.

That picture is definitely the stuff nightmares are made of. I really don’t want to even think about all that screaming and her having to squeeze that through her snatch.

Have you ever heard of the “Conservatives in the Mist”? phenomenon? It’s when the chattering classes and their media outlets write long, thinky pieces about that strange, exotic subspecies called “conservatives” that lives off in the jungle somewhere and tries to “understand” them.

Not only is it wildly offensive, considering that American conservatives alone account for at least tens of millions of people and that these pieces are written as if none of those knuckle-draggers will actually read them, but, like many anthropological studies, they end up being very wrong, and reflective of the biases of the “observers.” (See, e.g., lots of Trek episodes and movies.)

As here. Sure, why would conservatives- who, after all, “we” all know to be a bunch of xenophobic and racist misogynists- want to watch a show where an icky *girl* is the major character? Or, as NBC incorrectly assumed in 1966, some guy with pointy ears appears?

A little attempt at real understanding and knowledge would go a long way.

Oh, and TOS wasn’t some “SJW” show. It was a JFK/LBJ liberal show, with all that meant, with some sixties mocking of the Man mixed with the point of view of World War II grunts (as many of the writers had been) thrown in. (Ever notice how nearly *every* civilian official, diplomat, or desk officer in the series is clueless, a jerk, or both?) For example, its major Vietnam episode is a lot more in favor of that war than you’d expect.

Ah… a conservative found something “offensive”.

So what else is new?

Pot, kettle.

I’m not expressing offense but pointing out a fact. I thought the left was all about empathy and compassion, but I guess it only goes so far.

Of course, it’s not conservatives who have to retire to the fainting couches over microaggressions or whatever, but you always seeq your own fault in others.