‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation’ DLC Expansion Available Now – Watch Launch Trailer

Today, Ubisoft released their first DLC expansion for Star Trek: Bridge Crew, bringing Star Trek: The Generation to the game.

With the new expansion, initially released for the PS4, players command of the USS Enterprise-D where you will face challenges from the Romulans and of course the Borg. The expansion introduces a new command role, Operations, and two new modes to Ongoing Voyages; Patrol and Resistance. .

Launch trailer

Replay of launch livestream event



Next Generation expansion available now

Star Trek: Bridge Crew  – The Next Generation launched today, May 22nd, on PlayStation VR and PS4, priced at $14.99. If you don’t have the game now, you can pick up the PS4 version on Amazon for $26.96.and  The game is cross-platform, so if you have a PSVR, and your friend has a Vive, you can still play together. The HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality, and standard (non-VR) PC version of the DLC will be released on July 21.

NOTE: Late-last year Ubisoft removed the requirement for a VR headset, so now anyone can play Bridge Crew (and The Next Generation expansion pack too).

You can read our previous coverage of Bridge Crew by clicking on this link.

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Refit please!

I’d love to see the TMP bridge in this game. Aesthetically speaking it’s my favorite era.

Which one? The bridges used for the Enterprise and Enterprise-A weren’t totally identical with regards to each movie.

The TMP or TWOK briges would be the ones I’d love to see.

In the launch trailer Nice little reference to the TNG countdown trailers that aired before the series debuted https://youtu.be/BeMF32tLw8U

Does anyone even have this game?

A quick search of youtube videos seems to indicate a lot of people do.

By a lot are you talking like maybe a few dozen? All the videos I’ve seen have been by people reviewing the game; I hardly hear of anyone who actually owns it and plays it. Like the others in the thread said, it’s not a very enthralling experience for very long.

I just watch people play it on youtube. No need to buy it.

I own the game and have the Playstation VR. I played it a ton for the first month after its release then online interest seemed to wane a bit and I moved on to other VR titles.

The game itself is a lot of fun and just getting to sit on the bridges of the ships in VR is worth the price of admission.

I’ll probably be picking up this DLC over the weekend and diving back in (going to need to re-learn the controls though).

It’s a lot of fun. Now that they’ve done the TNG bridge I’d like to see them focus on mission packs. The core game simply doesn’t have enough missions to keep interest for too long.

Yes, the mission variety quickly became a little stale when I played it.

The DLC does include a new mission type involving the Borg where you must go from system to system to find and assemble pieces of a weapon that can defeat them. So there is some new mission content there.

Ubisoft also made a few Bridge Crew missions specifically for commercial VR establishments. Hopefully, they will bring those to the game at some point.

I have this game. Yeah, I laid off of it in mid-summer last year, but the TNG addition re-energized me for it.

Still sitting here wishing we got an updated Bridge Commander game for console or that Mass Effect 2 type of Star Trek game (yes, I know, it’ll never happen at this rate). Mass Effect Andromeda could’ve been so much better if it had been a Star Trek game…

I bought the DLC, but haven’t played it yet. I would prefer to have a new VR version of Elite Force so I can explore the entire ship.

I think an immersive VR recreation of a starship is like the ultimate goal of VR right now, or at least it should be, because a game like that, where you have to retake the ship from some force, or maybe like a game version of First Contact, hoo boy, got me salivating

Given some of the environments I’ve explored on my Playstation VR, I think a VR version of a starship that you can just wander around in is totally doable right now. The biggest hurdle is just getting a developer and publisher behind such a project, but from a technical standpoint the tech is definitely there.