Watch: Annoying Orange’s Star Trek Spoof ‘The Wrath Of Korn’ + More Great Links

The popular webseries (which briefly spawned a show on MTV) The Annoying Orange has turned their animated-produce eyes on Star Trek for this week’s episode, with a parody of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

More Great Links for the week

Celebrity tweet of the week: Shatner trolls JJ

Shortly after it was announced Disney is looking to do yet another Star Wars character spin-off movie, William Shatner had a suggestion of his own for Star Trek and Star Wars producer J.J. Abrams.

Articles of note:

BirthMoviesDeath:  Set Course For Home: In Defense Of STAR TREK: VOYAGER

Fandom: Is ‘Star Trek: Insurrection’ Worth a Second Look 20 Years Later? Saru’s 7 Best Moments… So Far

The Federalist: How Star Trek Became A Tribal Battleground Of PC Art

CBC: Should Star Trek captain be the new voice of Edmonton transit? Mayor Iveson thinks so

Fan craft of the week: Levitating 3-D printed Bajoran Orb

Makers has a report on an amazing 3-D print by Marcin Poblocki  of his Bajoran Orb of Prophets, complete with levitation and a screen-accurate casing that can be opened up. The orb floats using a series of magnets.

3D Printed Bajoran Orb from Star Trek, with magnetic levitation

Video of the week: Quick briefing on the Constitution class

That’s it for this week’s update. Keep up with all the fun Star Trek from around the web in our Great Links category.

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While I haven’t read the link, I was interested in the idea of revisiting Insurrection. For me it is classic Star Trek. Everything Trek should be. But it suffered from poor production values and a pedestrian screenplay that made it feel like it belonged on a TV screen. I think with better costumes, make up, effects and a tighter script people would not view it as they do.

I always felt it would have made a decent two part TV episode.

The fruit thing looked awful and was awful.

It’s the Annoying Orange. It’s well known for being awful.

We Brits were doing crap talking oranges decades before that imposter:

It’s the Annoying Orange. It’s well known for being awful.

This lives up to its reputation. I lasted 42 seconds.

What, Annoying Orange is still around? I would’ve thought that meme was long dead, to be honest. Remarkable attention to detail though – the eye-lighting, the authentic TMP-style (and later TWOK-style) warp effect…

It’s better than the original movie. Wrath of khan was a bore.

^^^^ Discovery fan alert.

^^^^ Troll Alert

“Random Transporter Room Guy”? ONLY if John Winston is still available!!!

We might be seeing more “In Defense of Voyager” pieces. Compared to the steaming hot garbage of Discovery, Voyager was a profound work of fine space art. Like, remember the time Tuvok was stuck on the jungle set with a group of kids who were being Logan’s Runned or something? I don’t exactly recall what happened, but it likely beat the pants off anything occurring with Mirror Pippa & Friends.