Polar Lights To Launch ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Model Line

Round 2 has announced they will be producing a series of model kits under their Polar Lights brand, based on Star Trek: Discovery. The company first revealed the news at the Wonderfest modeling show over the weekend in Louisville, KY.

Round 2 display at Wonderfest

According to Round 2, the company is planning an initial release of a 1:2500 scale model of the title ship, the U.S.S. Discovery. At 1:2500 scale, the model will measure nearly 12” long. The 1:2500 U.S.S. Discovery should be available in early 2019, with exact timing and price to be set at a later date.

First Round 2 Discovery model will be in 1:2500 scale

The company tells TrekMovie they are planning on two additional Discovery model releases to come later in 2019. Round 2’s development team is still considering which ships to make for subsequent releases and was polling show attendees for feedback. 1:2500 scale kits of the U.S.S. Shenzou and U.S.S. Enterprise as featured in the show are being considered as are larger format models at either 1:1000 (29.5” Discovery length) or 1:1400 (21.1” Discovery length) scale.

Round 2 also considering other scales for their Discovery model line

Round 2 also displayed their current and upcoming Star Trek kit releases, including a new prototype of their highly anticipated Polar Lights 1:350 scale Klingon K’t’inga.

Round 2’s upcoming K’tinga

Keep an eye on Round 2’s model kit development blog collectormodel.com and the Round 2 Models Facebook page for updates as development progresses.

Images courtesy of Round 2.

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Besides the cheese grater pylons, I like the new Connie. Could have been worse (JJ Abrams I’m looking at you).

Based on the scales and sizes given, all we have to do is lop 200 meters off the “official” lengths of the various ships, and everything works out. :) Good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

I’m curious what the ships look like when not drenched in that pretentious blue tinge the production team insist on using in each episode. A shame they had to reimagine the TOS Enterprise, an iconic hero ship. Can’t imagine Disney adding go faster stripes to the Millennium Falcon, but they have sense.

Are you sure? Besides, there’s no fixing the Falcon, it’s ugly. Now, as for the original Enterprise (can’t call it the connie, hate that word), my favorite thing about Star Trek is the Enterprise. However, I’ve only been okay with the TOS version. I don’t like the neck or the pylons. I’ve always wished it had a updated look. I will say it’s better than the d. I’m glad for the refit, E, and the first JJ enterprise. (I don’t that stuff from ST online. or enterprise J.)

You must have missed Solo because the “original” Falcon looks ridiculous.

YOU must have missed Solo. That wasn’t the “original” Falcon. Calrissian blatantly states that the escape pod in the forward mandibles was his addition. So the original Falcon didn’t have that. And the dish and weapons were additions as well.

I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong and you’ve got me there Shadow. On technicality though because you could say it’s the original falcon, it’s just been upgraded.

LOL — they changed the Falcon for Solo.

You just disproved your own point by using that completely wrong example.


They can keep that Discovery. I want that Enterprise. Although, I still have to finished my 350 refit and excelsior.

Yeah, my TOS 1/350 is sitting in my bedroom closet. Trying to finish a 1/1000 TOS with lights.
That K’t’inga looks nice.

According to Round 2, the company is planning an initial release of a 1:2500 scale model of the title ship, the U.S.S. Discovery. At 1:2500 scale, the model will measure nearly 12” long.

The USS Discovery is half a mile long?!?! I don’t think I knew that before, but yup, I checked Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection (which has the imprimatur of CBS) and that’s the official size. YIKES.

It’s about the length of the J.J.Prise but like half as tall.

That’s what I thought! Does anyone realize how impractically large that is? A ship that large with 400 crew or even a thousand would be a barren empty horror and it’d be a real workout to get around if the turbolifts ever stopped working in an emergency. Also apparently she dwarfs the Enterprise too which I didn’t realize.

At least is not a crazy as Star Wars ships. The Super Star Destroyer is 11 miles long. :)

Ok I want that Enterprise AND Disco!

Disco Enterprise is now the size of the Excelsior.

No, it’s bigger. The excelsior was around 450meters. The Discovery is 780 Meters. Bigger than the Enterprise D and E.

You mean longer. No way it’s close to the mass of the D.

I meant the Enterprise on DSC at 480 meters.

The only thing the Discovery model is good for is to cut pizza, so yeah I can use one in the kitchen


Gotta get that K’Tinga!

comment image

Lol. Those windows on the new VS old Enterprise. Every window must be 20ft long and 10ft high.

At least they corrected the ridiculously flimsy pylons that looked like they could be taken out with a few well placed hand grenades.


Re: …hand grenades.

HAH! I can testify from building AMT models from the original design line used in THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE that it more than just looked flimsy, i.e. no explosive devices necessary — those plastic pylons would eventually break off at the base from gravity and/or mild wind circulations while on the display stand.

But we should note that the actual hero photographic model itself somehow avoided that, but nevertheless showed the stress of supporting those warp pods under gravity by the pylons bowing noticeably over the years.

And in one image you’ve demonstrated the failure of visual design in Disco’s form. Looking at the Enterprise from the side always invokes style and grandeur. Disco is an ugly disproportionate mess and why the heck is it so long?? I hate Disco’s nacelles, hate em hate em hate em. Really the only thing I like about her design is the saucer rings, and even then I can’t understand why they need to spin. What practical use is that, to have the outer hull physically spin? Is this a reference to “spin up the FTL” from BSG? I scratch my head at a lot of choices this show makes.

I cannot wait!