Anson Mount Says ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Biggest Thing He Has Ever Done

Besides sharing some good Star Trek memes, actor Anson Mount hasn’t spoken publicly about being cast as Captain Christopher Pike for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. However, he has now opened up a bit on his podcast, The Well.

Anson Mount, having his hair done for Star Trek: Discovery

Mount happy to join the Star Trek family

The episode of Mount’s podcast released today appears to have been recorded in May, during production on the second episode of Discovery’s second season. Speaking to his co-host Branan Edgens, Mount spoke about what it means to him to be cast in Star Trek

Getting cast in Star Trek is not like getting any other job. It is also kind of a rite of passage that various actors get to enjoy. It’s nuts. You are not just joining a cast, you are joining cultural touchstone. It’s a big family. Jonathan Frakes, who played “Number One” in Star Trek: The Next Generation, he’s our current director for episode two. And of course, I worked with Colm Meaney [on Hell on Wheels] and they are constantly asking me about Colm, and Marvin Rush, who was the [Director of Photography] on Hell on Wheels, shot a lot of Star Trek.

Anson Mount and Colm Meaney in Hell on Wheels (AMC)

Impressed with scope, dealing with schedule

Mount also talked about the scale of the Discovery production:

It is the biggest production I have ever been a part of, and I don’t just mean TV production, I mean anything. We take up six soundstages. It is enormous – the sets and the whole machine of it all – sometimes running two units at once.

During the podcast, the actor noted that he has spent long weeks on the production in Toronto, lamenting how he hadn’t been home for a while and he missed his wife. However, he did add that he had one consolation:

The hours are killer, really long hours. I am up here with Mac [his dog] and Mac has been very patient with the process. He gets a lot of attention on set and snores at inopportune times.

Shortly after production started in April, Mount shared a photo of himself with Mac in his trailer.

Listen to Mount’s podcast

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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So excited about season 2!!!!!! Pike! The Enterprise! Spock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should be good!

Agreed! I never really liked the spore drive concepts and black alerts (what is that)? It simply didn’t exist before TOS. Glad they are getting back to old school Trek

Great story, Trekmovie.

Can’t wait for season two!

Tired of waiting for it… 1st season was over the top. Never expected it would be great, it is.

He is a very good actor, I have a feeling he will be the Lorca of season 2 in terms of popularity, not in terms of being from the mirror universe.

Yeah, of course there will be comparisons to Jeffrey Hunter – something Isaacs didn’t have to deal with, what with Lorca having been an original character – but I’m confident that one week into season 2, that won’t even be a talking point anymore (given that there’s only one episode of Hunter’s Pike to draw from in the first place).

I didn’t much care for Hunter Pike, but maybe that was because of some of the whiny dialogue he had.

“the whiny dialogue he had”
Thats my favorite bit from the cage. A captain in doubt… and in the end: a real, very real character! Like sisko in the beginning.

That photo of his dog is great.

Whenever I see a French bulldog with its tongue hanging out like that, I inevitably have to think of Carrie Fisher and it makes me wonder how much of a crazy Hollywood lady Anson Mount has inside him (nota bene: by “crazy” I’m not referring to Fisher’s struggle with bipolar disorder but her blissfully off-kilter public persona, mind you!)

I saw what was to become her last tv appearance on Colbert’s show. Fisher and her dog were hilarious!

Heh, that in turn made me remember her appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show a couple of years ago (2014-ish). She was one of those very few guests who just had Craig at a loss for words at some point. Pure late night gold!

I’ll have to look that one up, JAGT. I loved Craig Ferguson’s show to begin with. And Carrie with Craig – it sounds priceless.

I loved seeing Carrie and Gary on talk shows.

I assume this was written before the news of Harberts and Berg being out was public?

Will the change of producers affect the place Pike will take?

I don’t think it should affect it. I mean you don’t hire an actor like Anson Mount and just send him off in the first sign of trouble.

Nope, CBS and the writers had no problem with the shows story line. Just the two A holes that were running it. Now the show is finally free from Fuller.

Probably not. They’re well into shooting right now so the Pike storyline will be very much “in the can” by now.

They already shot the first five episodes. Frakes said Pike would only be in the first two anyway so that boat has sailed.

Good golly thy guy is a dream boat. 😻

He’s definitely giving the late Jeffrey Hunter a run for his money in the handsomeness department.

Hunter as Jesus in King of Kings was amazing. Truly otherworldly.

Well he was outstanding on Hell on Wheels, so I expect no less here. He’s what I’m looking most forward to in Season Two, hands down.

That and his love and respect for Star Trek make me excited for season 2. I know I’m getting ahead of things but I hope Pike and the Enterprise turn into a spin-off series, if these first two eps live up to the excitement.

@I’m Dead Jim Maybe a miniseries. Two many spin-offs killed Star Trek in the past.

I agree but I wouldn’t mind seeing some new Trek on CBSAA when Disco is off. Since there are so few episodes per season, perhaps over saturation would not be a problem.

EXACTLY! That way one or another Trek show could be on CBSAA all year long. That would be great.

It wouldn’t be a problem. MCU has ten, TEN TV shows all over TV and online. Only one has been cancelled after a single season, which was Inhumans. Oddly enough that was the last show Anson Mount was in so thank ABC for cancelling it lol.

But the landscape has changed. This isn’t the 90s anymore, people watch multiple shows in the same franchise with little ease.

I want to say that I liked Hell on Wheels a LOT. Will reserve judgement on his ability to handle Pike. But he seems to be a pro and could probably handle the gig. More concerning is the writing and overall quality of season 2. None of the problems with season one could be pinned on the actors, BTW.

Pike is pretty much unknown. Any good actor could handle him.

Agreed, ML. I have great faith in his ability to play Pike, but not so much faith in the decision to bring Pike, or the Enterprise into the show at all. Time will tell – quite a bit of it come to find out since we’re not getting any new material until next year..

I always saw Hell on Wheels as one long O’Brien holodeck adventure.

Hahahaha! That is a good one!!

LOL, where O’Brien could finally be the boss instead of the fixer! And have a cathartic holodeck experience being the baddie instead of a good guy …!

That actually would have been a fun idea for one of our heroes on a holodeck-ridden show like Voyager. Harry Kim could go from Captain Proton sidekick to Chaotica, LOL!

Think of it as therapy considering O’Brien did try to commit suicide in that one episode if DS9. The week after he was fine like rain.

Depending on how well Mount does in the role maybe CBS should consider another Trek series featuring Pike’s Enterprise. There’s potential for a lot of story to tell about the pre-Kirk years. Of course, that would mean recasting Spock, which could be tricky.

Sounds awful. These shows are way to expensive to do spin offs.

Not if they pull in viewers and make profits. Jeeze.

And as they announced multiple spin offs lol.

Can’t wait. It’s great to finally see real Star Trek.

Oh yeah, Johnathan Frakes was so well known as “Number One” in TNG. Did they even give that character a real name? I’m such a big fan of Star Trek, but I think he was only ever called “Number One” in 7 seasons, 4 films and the guest spots on DS9 and Enterprise. He was always referred to as “Number One”, pretty sure.

This is your attempt to bait somebody into something, right?

I’m saying that this guy has no idea what Frakes character was called on TNG but feels the need to pretend that he knows anything about Star Trek just because he’s been cast in it.

TNG was not the only Star Trek, y’know?

I’m sure after a day with Frakes he could cite Riker’s entire character background and which episodes he specifically took command of the Enterprise.

I wouldn’t over think it.

Am I supposed to laugh or scratch my head? Instructions unclear. Please clarify.

To me it more represented his awareness of Pike and the original Number One, and referring to Frakes’s character as such was a nod to it.

Actors. How about SPACE FORCE!!! Yippee!!!

@TMMW — maybe we’ll get a movie trailer for it from the Pentagon soon!

I love that picture of O’Brien and Pike in the holodeck XD

Add Mac to the cast, lots of Trek Captains had pets.

I hope we get a spin-off series from this.

I kind of do too. I’m sure they’ll do a good job of casting. Say what you want about it, most Trek series have had really good cast chemistry.

Between Mount and Meany in that picture which one is suppose to be a Host?

Inhumans was shown on IMAX its first week… just saying

Happy for the actor, you can’t blame them for the mess that is STD but Pike & the Enterprise was just a gimmic to get people to watch Season 2 & the Enterprise will be gone in the first scene & we will be back to Section 31 & right wing religious dogma in space.

Mess? What are you on about? People were asking about the Enterprise since the first episode of Discovery.

That is a distinct possibility, Trekboi. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but based on last season that’s what I’m expecting.

It’s not a possibility at all. First off, the posts from Mount shown right here in this article state he was filming episode . Second, it has already been announced that the Enterprise will be in the first 2 episodes.