Do The Showrunner Shakeup – The Shuttle Pod Talks ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Leadership Change

After the news that the Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were suddenly ousted, the Shuttle Pod assembled her crew to talk about the news and place it within the context of Star Trek history. This week’s podcast looks forward to what’s to come for season two of Discovery and then looks back at the history of leadership shakeups throughout the franchise.

Shuttle Pod 53: Do The Showrunner Shakeup – Discovery’s Change In Leadership In The Context of Star Trek History

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*Podcaster’s note: This podcast was recorded the day before the news that Alex Kurtzman, who is replacing Harberts and Berg as Discovery showrunner, would take the reins on the expansion of Star Trek on television.

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Similar to what happened with TNG early on, maybe we can expect this show to become great like TNG did?

Hopefully, we don’t have to wait until the middle of season 3 or so for greatness.

Lets hope not, but hey I”m willing to give it that long at least, so far I’m honestly not enjoying it, but I stuck it out with all the other series. Trying to remain objective.

If the show was on a different platform it would be a lot easier to give them more time to work out their kinks. But since it is on a service that nearly no one would subscribe to if it was not for Trek, I don’t think it deserves that chance any more than people who say, “That first movie sucked, but give them time. By the third movie it will get better.” I’d rather wait for the third movie if that is the case.

That is my hope.

Mine as well

Not that it isn’t off to a great start, but greatness is something all shows aspire to even the good ones.

A change in showrunners is not unusual but the circumstances here are much different.

Really? I thought they were being toxic etc behind the scenes? Which if I’m not mistaken was the case on TNG early on?

How much was Paramount brass involved in the goings of 1988, compared to CBS now?

I think it safe to say that Alex Kurtzman is no Michael Piller.

Discovery was great at Episode One. Just think how much better it would have been without Fuller and gang screwing stuff up. I’m still happy Fuller had the balls to make the Klingons better and casting a great star to lead the show.

Fuller left before casting began.

Kurtzman will likely run a far tighter ship. He knows what he’s doing and I suspect that season 3, which he will guide from start to finish, will be when the show actually hits its stride. Right now he has to ride out the rest of season 2.

Yeah, at this point I think S2 will be quite a bit different from S1, and now with these changes, S3 will be different from S2. So season 3 will likely be the big test for DSC and its longevity.


Although, at the start of TNG season 3, the authors, producers and cast had had 47 episodes to get thigs right; for Discovery, if things remain the way they currently are, it will have been 28. That worries me.

I think the bigger test will be how CBSAA is doing overall by the time S3 comes around, given how much time they are taking between seasons. If it is still the most streamed show (as it probably will be if the other Trek products aren’t there yet) then it will likely get more seasons no matter how good or bad the show ends up being.

CBSAA has Football. People love Football.

CBSAA also has Five-O.

So does the CBS over the air network. Which you don’t have to pay extra for.

Anyone having trouble downloading this on itunes? It shows up in my feed but I cant seem to download it

I don’t normally use iTunes on a computer, on my iPhone the Podcast app downloaded it automatically for me this morning when we published the episode. But I just tested downloading it on iTunes it worked for me. Try getting it again?

Strange, I just tried again, and it has the little cloud logo, but when I click on it, it doesnt download.

I actually downloaded it on another podcast app I have, so all good! Great podcast!

Have they resumed filming or are they still on hiatus?

They have been filming for months now. I think they started filming last April.

Sonequa filmed her Saturn acceptance speech from the set, so it seems like filming has resumed.

To add to what Brian said, it’s unclear if they’re still finishing episode 5. If so, then they haven’t gone on hiatus just yet. The press release about the showrunner change that included the mention of the hiatus was only from last week.

Hi, big phan of the podcast. That Jared chap is a real character. One note- y’all portray Kurtzman as a Trekkie, but that’s not how he was presented in the marketing and such for Star Trek 2009. On the bluray, they rank Trek knowledge of producers/writers and Big Bob Orci is #1, Mr. Lindelof is #2, and Kurtzman is #3, ranked ahead of only Bryan Burk who knows bupkis. So Kurtzman was ranked as a casual watcher of Star Trek, like maybe he picked up a used VHS of the one with the whales in 1989, and happened to catch AND THE CHILDREN SHALL LEAD after school while eating his pizza rolls.

Kurtzman is “a huge Trek fan”? Since when? Bob Orci was the Trek fan in JJ world, NOT Kurtzman.

A lot of the TOS talk here is based on ignorance. Gene Coon *did* continue to write for TOS after he left for his new job at ‘It Takes A Thief’! He wrote using a pseudonym, for obvious reasons. Spock’s Brain was one of his 3rd season contributions.

Actually, NONE OF IT is based on “ignorance”. We were discussing showrunner changes. We are fully aware of Coon’s 3rd season contributions. There was no need to dwell on that, because he wasn’t calling the shots anymore.