‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Actors Enjoy ‘Wrath of Khan’, Make-A-Wish Does Klingon Makeover, and more

It’s time once again to round up interesting tidbits of Star Trek: Discovery related goings on in the last week or so.

Saturn Award red carpet interviews

Mary Chieffo and Kenneth Mitchel were presenters on Wednesday night for the Saturn Awards, where Discovery took home a couple of awards.

SyFy Wire caught up with the Klingon duo at the awards. They asked them what it takes to play a Klingon:

“Well, I think it takes a lot of stamina,” said Chieffo. “They’re intense days with the prosthetics, the armor, the language. It’s just a lot that you have to stay focused and breathe.”

“Patience comes to mind too, and tenacity, learning the language and patience doing the prosthetics for long hours” said Mitchell. “And in terms of embodying a Klingon, honor comes to mind, a real sense of honor.”

“Honor, loyalty, and duty, that’s the tIq ghob, which is that Klingon symbol that we all can see. Those are the three tiers, so that pretty much covers it,” added Chieffo.

Wrath of Khan a favorite for the Klingon actors

Red Carpet Report caught up with the pair and asked about their favorite Trek movies:

Ken Mitchell: “Mine is the kind of the standard one [that most fans would say], I really like The Wrath of Khan.”

Mary Chieffo: “Yeah I like that [TWOK], I also really like The Undiscovered Country, which was a source of inspiration for Discovery in a lot of ways. A lot of those themes with the Klingons and the Federation.”

The two also said they went to one of the recent Wrath of Khan theatrical screenings.

You can see even more from Ken and Mary in this interview video from Red Carpet Report.

Wilson Cruz hypes season two, loves late hours, resists fan attempts to get spoilers

Wilson Cruz took to social media to say how excited he was with the new season of Discovery. He also doesn’t seem to mind the long days when he’s making compelling TV.

A fan on Twitter was hoping to get Cruz to reveal something about season 2, to no avail.

Make-A-Wish goes to the Klingons

Indiewire reports that a young fan battling Cystic Fibrosis named Easton was given a special Klingon experience by the Make-A-Wish foundation and Alchemy Studios (the studio run by Discovery alien designers Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page). Discovery prosthetic effects department head Glenn Hetrick and makeup artist Jason Hamer gave him an official Klingon makeover.

Easton before his Klingon transformation with Glenn Hetrick (source: indiewire)

Easton looking fierce holding the Torchbearer’s D’k tahg (source: indiewire)

Kenneth Mitchell (Kol) chimed in to say he’s honored to have Easton as part of Klingon family

Marin Sirtis hints at Discovery again

As we previously reported, Sirtis was up in Toronto and paid a visit to the set when Jonathan Frakes was up directing episode two of season two. She hinted again last week on Twitter.

Discovery‘s editor shares behind-the-scene tidbits

One of the show’s editors, Scott Gamzon has been sharing little bits of info about the editing Season 1 of Discovery on Twitter. Here are a few notable bits about the process of editing in sound effects.

Duff already on the job

The Discovery writer’s room tweeted out a photo of the writing staff earlier this week, and in it was newly appointed executive producer and overseer of the writer’s room, James Duff, even before his official announcement on Friday.

Cosplay of the week

An excellent Mirror Burnham costume by London cosplayer Kisa Watton has been making the rounds on social media.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

You can stream with a VPN to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling.

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So, they’re making the Wilson Cruz Ghost a permanent thing? Bloody brilliant. You see on the fan forums a clamoring for more spooky ghosts on Star Trek, so this is a savvy move. #SleepyHollow

Maybe they could find a way to attach the doctor’s spirit to something tangible, say a candle, so that Stamets could be with him all the time, wherever he may roam.

Or a lamp. And the ghost could take possession of Stamets’ Scottish grandmother. That’s the kind of thing Trek fans used to love, remember?

Maybe we should throw in a witch that turns into a giant cat, for good measure.

“In science fiction, is death the final chapter of life? Or just the beginning of another story?”

– Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek Memories, 1983.

There has been ressurection in Trek since TOS so what’s the problem?

So glad they erased those lame 90s Klingons from cannon. A winkley forehead and a cheap wig does not make a Klingons Warrior.

Nor does being an orc from middle earth.

You have issues.

Coming from a troll like you that’s a compliment.
Then again I guess trolls and orcs have to stick together.

Can we stop with the name-calling please? It’s just a TV show for Pete’s sake.

They havent erased anything yet!

Nothing has been erased. TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT are just as canon as DIS.

If they would show Worf now he would look like the current Klingons. Visual canon can change. No one ever explained why the Romulans changed looks in TNG. No need.

Huh. So starfleet uniforms have visible panty line. The more you know

Ew. Commenting on someone’s underwear is not appropriate. It’s sexist and disgusting.

That’s a seam in the costume, but thanks for posting a jerk comment. Thread closed.

this show is disrespecting mr.roddenberry this show has brought 2 people from the dead and they are running around in the galaxy. why are we startrek fans surporting this crap hold these studios accountable do not watch this trash.

Uhura, brought back from the dead in the changeling
Chekhov in Spectre of the gun
Kirk in the tholian web
Spock in TWOK

Trek has plenty of other death fakeouts,
Picard in Gambit
Worf in Ethics

Getting bored now, but you get the idea.

Neelix, dead for 19 hours, brought back via Borg tech.

The entire Voyager crew, dead for 15 years, brought back via temporal manipulation.

Ressurection has been a part of Trek since TOS, nothing has changed.

Small correction though, it was Scotty who was killed and brought back in The Changeling, Uhura just had her mind wiped.

Yeah its not like the complainers have any actual knowledge of trek.
Well most of them.

Uhura was not killed in the channeling, her memory was erased. Chekhov didn’t die in spectre of the gun, it was an illusion.Kirk did not die in Tholian Web he was stranded in interdimensional space.


You really dont know your trek you pretend to protect….
Seriously… you get it all wrong.

Can we stop invoking the ghost of Gene for everything we personally dislike?

Who has it brought back from the dead? (Georgiou? Incorrect. Culber? Still dead l, for now at least).

I wish we could calmly discuss the things we don’t like (and like) without the hyperbole.

That mirror Burnham costume was dope! I’d do drag for the first time and be Michael Burnham just to rock it. My hat is off to that young woman.

Her backside – panties and all are candy to the 👁 so 🤤


I am OK with change, and I guess it’s all in personal preference, but I still find it difficult to accept the new Klingon designs for Discovery. I actually really like the JJ-version of Klingons from Into Darkness (even though the movie was bad). The JJ-Klingons actually looked like Klingons, the uniforms seemed to homage the TOS versions, and I loved the effects of the eyes. These Discovery versions are just, I don’t know, weird.

Then again, the massive design overall to the Klingons that Roddenberry did with TMP was a bit too far as well, IMHO. My favorite Klingon designs are from TUC, especially on Chang. Sometimes less is more.

It’s like the producers on Discovery got a deal on prosthetics and spikes in bulk. Yeah, they’re created very well, just not as Klingons.

I liked the JJ Klingons too.

But I’m pretty happy with nearly everything else on Discovery, designwise.

The Klingons aren’t my favourite (Kel’s great, though), mainly because it’s tough to see any expression from them: but I still like them better than Westmore’s. (a personal preference)

Seeking asylum, or even pretending to, isn’t illegal. So what? No one’s under any obligation to take you.

Anyone who thinks a serious issue can be addressed with five words on a single card ought to be writing fiction for television.

So I guess these people have the perfect job. Looking forward to season two!