Listen To Preview Of “Beam Me Up” From William Shatner’s New Country Album, Available For Pre-order

Once again the renaissance man William Shatner has ventured into an area he has never gone before. This time he is extending his musical repertoire by going country in the a collaboration with Jeff Cook of the famed band Alabama. Their new album Why Not Me will be released by Heartland Records Nashville on August 10th and was made available for pre-order today.

To get a little taste, check out a clip of the song “Beam Me Up,” an ode to the bourbon whiskey Jim Beam, with a Star Trek twist.

You can pre-order a CD of “Why Not Me” at or pre-order the digital version at iTunes.

Album cover

You can listen to more samples of the 12 tracks from Why Not Me via iTunes playlist below.

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The Shat looks different. Slimmed down in the face with better looking hair. Photoshopped or what?

Probably…maybe implants.

The image of The Shat is flipped. That’s why he looks “weird”.


Oh Hell No !

It feels like this will be one of those essential releases, the sonic tapestry of which comes to provide a background colouring and contour to one’s life… the kind of opus that demarcates our days into pre and post WNM.

That was absolutely horrible.

OMG… the pain!!!! Stop it right now! LOL!

YouTube “ bilbo bagging by Leonard Nimoy.

Thatll help.

Hahahaha You’re funny

When I spoke with Shatner, he thought I had leaked his involvement to promote the movie, I didn’t. But we had a lovely conversation and he seemed open to being in our film. Nimoy had agreed, too, shortly beofore he passed. I will always wonder what might have been.

I think it is a mistake not to have included him in any of the 3 films. With 2 more coming and TV universe expanding how can they not include him??????

Hiya Bob! It’s been a hot minute. How are things?

After battling heath issues, I am back selling my Tupperware. we will see what happens.

Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I’ve missed your insights into the Trek creation process. Hope you’re doing well. I’m always thankful for what you brought to Trek, even if I didn’t always agree with it. Keep on keepin’ on.

Too kind.

You would have had to adjust with Leonard Nimoys passing.
Why did they pass on the script??

Kirk and Spock didn’t pass.

No you said they were game. What happened with the studio?

He didn’t

Still don’t understand how they could blow the 50th anniversary. seemed like you were moving along then it went in a different direction

….it would’ve been a 50th anniversary celebration done proper. Unlike what was given us….

Bob – since that horse has already left the barn, what really was the concept behind bringing Shatner back as Kirk? At this juncture, it’s not like you’d be disclosing our nuclear missile codes. Or Paramounts. If it didn’t get past informal discussions, I don’t see how the idea could be considered protected under the aegis of artistic property rights.

Just think – here you have the chance to start a wildfire in the Internet Trekniverse.

Without divulging specifics, I had a none Nexus solution with both Kirks and both Spock’s teaming up.

Maybe we cant have that team up but what about the non nexus solution in Alex Kurtzman expanded TV universe?

He never read the script,

Now that they are looking to do more Trek content on TV maybe its time he does read it

Sometime in the future can you ever see the possibility of revealing what the specifics were in a book or a comic or something?

Oh dear god….no

He’s looking and sounding great. Bring him back from the Nexus already. He’s Kirk ffs.

He did come back from the Nexus and died on Veridian III. To go back and pull him out before then would have altered the 24th century prime timeline, if Picard couldn’t take Soran on his own. Unless you beamed him off that scaffold just prior to impact. Let Picard noodle that one out. *chuckle*

(Picard: “Number One, I was in this…..this Nexus. And I tell you, Captain Kirk was there, too, and he helped me stop Soran! Beverly, you know me! I’m not given to delusions or flights of fancy!”

Crusher: “Jean-Luc, this may be the onset of the dormant Irumodic Syndrome. We’ll get you back to a starbase and run a new level-4 neurographic scan.” *smiles sweetly*

Picard: “Guinan! You tell them! You have been in there! Tell them this Nexus really exists!”

Guinan: “I liked running Ten Forward. I’m not blowing my next gig because they think I’m certifiable.” *shakes head* “You’re on your own, Frenchy.”)

Of all the jams Kirk had gotten himself out of over the years, the writers croak him with a falling bridge. How anticlimactic. Even Sybok had a more dignified death, and he was a cult leader, starshipjacker, and all-around Vulcan nutter.

Ah, yes, the Nexus. The portable Guardian, flying through space, that everyone, I mean everyone knows about, that you can fly a starship through anywhere in time. And the best part? Completely unguarded!!

@Martin: You’ll have to settle for “The Return”.

As George Takei would say….”OH MY!!!!”

Back in the days when I worked in radio in California, Jeff Cook dropped by my station to promote a concert by his group, Alabama. He was a huge Star Trek fan and loved talking about it. I still have a picture of me with him while he was flashing the Vulcan salute. A great guy.


Ow! My ear-bone!

I need a tissue… there is blood coming from my ears.

Wow. “Too Old To Be Vegan” has hit written all over it.

Patrick Steward first came out with his country album:

Ya know…I’m a fan. I really am…in the hands of the right artists and producers, Shat’s delivery can work. There’s not a track on Ben Fold’s HasBeen that isn’t great listening. But Ben Folds understands the strengths of Shatner’s cadence and uses it, like another instrument in the song. This simply leans too far into the world of novelty. Hard pass.