Watch ‘Man At Arms’ Forge Sword Of Kahless From Star Trek: DS9 – Inventor Of Bat’Leth Dan Curry Approves

The popular web series Man at Arms: Reforged went Star Trek with their latest episode. The show follows real blacksmiths who forge fantasy weapons from TV, movies and games. Today they uploaded a video showing off the crafting of The Sword of Kahless, a unique Klingon bat’leth featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode of the same name. In just a few hours, the new episode has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

This actually isn’t the first Klingon sword for the show. In 2013 they made a standard Klingon bat’leth, and that episode (below) has over 1.4 million views.

Dan Curry approves

TrekMovie shared the video links with former Star Trek visual effects producer and supervisor Dan Curry, to get his perspective. Curry designed the original Sword of Khaless and the original bat’leth (see TrekMovie interview) and was impressed with the work done by Man at Arms, saying:

As the inventor of the Sword of Kahless, the Bat”Leth, and Mek’Leth it was an honor to see this forged by such excellent craftsmen who appreciate the design – fascinating to watch.

Dan Curry with a replica of the Sword of Kahless (made by Gil Hibben)

Dan also pointed to a video posted earlier this year by fellow Trek visual effects veteran Doug Drexler which features Dan showing off some of his skill with Klingon weapons.


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Lol! Loved the kill blow on that Coke bottle! Q’pla!

I want one!

All that wonderful effort and thought and Discovery feel they need to come along and reinvent the wheel. Klingon history is so rich, it should of been built on, not changed them visually to coneheaded four nostril muppets.

You forgot the 2 genitals and speech impediments.

Don’t even remind me of the two genitals nonsense. Out of all the stupid decisions in Trek history, that one takes the cake and the high school kid attitude Akiva Goldsman took about it. It was like teenagers writing the show and giggling all the way.

That wasn’t Goldsman’s decision. It’s from the Decipher RPG supplements in the 90s. All Akiva did was choose to show it.

Yeah, and be a teenager about it…anyway, the mechanics of it doesn’t make any sense from every perspective.

Then just add it to the list of things in Star Trek that don’t really make sense… by the way, how was Goldsman acting like a teenager about it?

Wasn’t he the one who was laughing about it on Twitter like a 12 year old kid? or am I thinking of someone else? If it wasn’t him then I’d admit to my mistake, but I distinctly remember it was him.

Star Trek is moving on without you.

qaw naDmo’ ghu’vam. dan curry SuvwI’. tuq kurtzman ghIj ghu Daq.

Worf killed Duras, not Gowron, FYI.

Worf killed em both! (See end of DS9). Worf’s badass!

Take that Stop and Shop flower bag!