First Look At Moebius Model Kit For USS Kelvin From ‘Star Trek’

At San Diego Comic-Con next week, Moebius Models will be unveiling a test model for their second Star Trek release, the USS Kelvin from the 2009 Star Trek movie. Moebius has provided us with details and images of the model, due in stores later this year.

The USS Kelvin from the 2009 Star Trek movie

In a battle with the time-traveling Romulan ship Narada, the USS Kelvin (NCC-0514), under the control of Lt. Commander George Kirk, was heroically sacrificed to save the crew, including the newly born James T. Kirk. This memorable encounter has made the ship a fan favorite, and it also lends its name to the subsequently created “Kelvin timeline” of movies. And with Chris Hemsworth set to return for Star Trek 4, it’s possible we will be seeing the ship again.

The USS Kelvin under attack in Star Trek

Measuring 11 inches long and 7 inches wide, the U.S.S. Kelvin model kit from Moebius is based on actual digital visual effects files. This skill-level 3 kit includes clear engine details and deflector dish, as well as a Starfleet registry plaque display base.

Moebius USS Kelvin model

Moebius USS Kelvin model with stand

The kit also includes decals and a full-color instruction booklet, including detailed painting tips. Packaging features box art by noted Star Trek production illustrator, John Eaves.

Box art for Moebius USS Kelvin

The 1/1000 scale styrene model kit includes a total of 58 parts and requires paint and cement for assembly (sold separately). The Moebius USS Kelvin has a retail price of $59.99 and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018. You can pre-order the Moebius USS Franklin model kit at Entertainment Earth.

Moebius USS Kelvin model

Moebius USS Kelvin model

Moebius USS Kelvin model

Follows USS Franklin kit

In April Moebius released a kit for the USS Franklin, seen in the 2016 movie Star Trek Beyond (see TrekMovie preview). The kit is available at Entertainment Earth for $69.99.

Moebius USS Franklin model

As a premier manufacturer of specialty model kits, Moebius Models has the pop culture world covered, from nostalgic gems like Lost in Space and Batman the Classic TV Series to modern blockbusters like Batman v. Superman and Star Trek Beyond. For more info, visit their official site at


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In the picture, Jimmy Kirk is seen with a Kelvin memorial salt shaker. I assume they had Kelvin memorial pizza cutters and toilet paper dispensers as well.

Didn’t take too long to find Titanic and USS Arizona salt shakers, so you never know…

The USS Kelvin is definitely one of my all time favorite movie starships. And she looked amazing on screen. I haven’t completed a star ship model kit since I was a teen. This would be a nice way of re-introducing myself to an old hobby.

It’s a great ship. The whole opening of ST09 is incredible.

I’ve never done a model and have always been curious about it, but that feels like kind of a steep price.

I’m 38, and the last time I did a kit it was the early 90’s and they were between like $20-$30 from what I can remember from back then. It is a good size but yeah it does seem a bit pricey. But I don’t know what they typically go for these days.

This seems like the price I’d expect for models like these.

The opening of the film IS incredible. Especially when you look at the interior of the Kelvin during the evacuation sequence and try to match it against the secondary hull on the model.

Welcome to the Kelvin-verse!

I would say the opening minutes of ST09 are 2/3 of the reason to watch that movie. That scene always grips me, even as the rest of that movie no longer really does it for me.

My son got me a model of the USS Arizona for Xmas. It had been decades since I built a kit model, but it was fun. Might consider buying one of these someday…

Really? I find it an odd ship -especially the warp nacelle and the HUGE registry. Glad you like, however. Perhaps I’ll look at it again with new eyes.

I did like the heroic Lt. Kirk, though! Awesome.

Not keen at all on the Narada – yet another über-ship like the Scimitar before and the Vengence after.

At least the Narada was visually interesting. The Vengeance was just a big evil Federation ship. I think it would’ve been more interesting if it hadn’t been this big black menacing thing but more in color and size to the Enterprise.

Yes it is a very strange design lol. But I guess it grows on you. I’m hoping Discovery will grow on me in time too.

@Fasafan — when I first saw the movie I really liked the Kelvin. But looking at it laid bare like this, I’m not that impressed anymore. It’s so oddly proportioned, and just seems odd anyone would design it like this, I guess it sort of fits with a simplified TOS rendition of a movie era ship like the Reliant, but still …

I wonder who will make the after-market lens flare kit?

hahahaaa :-)

If this is going for around $50 usd, I hope it comes with aztec decals!

So a model of the ship almost 10 years after the movie…

You ever see a TOS Enterprise? They make new ones all the time, have been for like 50 years.

Now the bigger question: will they make the others? They are already have the nacelles and secondary hull molds (for the most part)…

~Pensive’s Wetness

The Kelvin is the best thing the Kelvinverse has done so far! Everything that came after that scene in the entire rest of the Trek franchise is merely serviceable. I wish I was a good model maker, because I’d love to have my own little Kelvin. I haven’t built a model in like 15 years though.

I had a Star Trek ncc-1701 with cat batteries in the engines and it lit up and spend the front lights of the engines it was a pretty good model and it was a pretty big model they only made that a limited amount of time but still I remember those things they don’t make them anymore. The model I had was in the 60s

For lower prices, order anywhere else; EE’s are wayoverpriced. I just picked up the Franklinstein for under US$50 from Amazon.

I always buy from, he always comes in about $10 less than anywhere else. The Kelvin is available for pre-order for $49.95

The only ship in the Kelvin universe that depicted weapons fire correctly, and didn’t go ‘Star Wars’ with the phasers. It also had the best bridge.

I can’t stand the pew pew ‘phasers’ that Enterprise has (or Discovery, for that matter).

The Moebius kit is not very accurate. The large panels on the top right of the saucer are incorrect. The panel lines are out of scale for a kit of this size and scale. Funny thing is that the box art shows the ship correctly. And at an asking price of $50+shipping, it’s way over priced. Similar 1/1000 scale Trek kits by Polar Lights typically sell between $20-$30 street price plus shipping. For the price they’re asking, it should be around 18″ in length. Finally, based on established dimensions of the Kelvin, at 1/1000 scale, the Moebius kit is too small.

I would love to get these. Depends on the price tag.