Amazon Prime Day Has Big Discounts On All Star Trek TV And Movie Collections

Amazon is discounting all the Star Trek movies and TV shows for Prime Day, which runs through to the evening of Tuesday July 17th. Some Star Trek sets are discounted up to 69% off. To take advantage of these or any Prime Day deals, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime.

Complete Star Trek TV Series Box Sets

Star Trek: The Original Series  –  Blu-ray: $34.99 (36% off) / DVD: $24.99 (44% off)

Star Trek: The Animated Series  –  Blu-ray: $17.99 (40% off) / DVD: $10.99 (50% off)

Star Trek: The Next Generation  –  Blu-ray: $67.99 (49% off) / DVD: $39.99 (52% off)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine –  DVD: $44.99 (69% off)

Star Trek: Voyager  –  DVD: $49.99 (29% off)

Star Trek: Enterprise –  Blu-ray: $34.99 (53% off)DVD: $27.99 (44% off)

Star Trek Movie Box Sets

Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection –  Blu-ray: $17.99 (28% off)

Star Trek: The The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection –  Blu-ray: $13.99 (37% off)


Star Trek Trilogy Collection (Kelvin movies) –  Blu-ray: $14.99 (43% off)

For more about Prime Day and more deals, visit

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Good deals, but is there a sale on Blu-ray players? I haven’t had one for years.

So I assume you watch “fake HD” on super-compressed streaming services then?

If you’re going to mock people for watching the imperceptibly lesser quality streaming HD versions, I will mock you for using ancient and antiquated physical media.

I don’t think I’ve played a DVD or physical media of any kind in almost a decade and I’m very happy about that.

I was responding to Jack’s mocking post.

But, by all means, please enjoy your 780p-like HD streaming that claims to be 1080p quality. ;-)

Fine, thanks guys, I have a small screen and no desire to attract thieves or wear out my eyes on a bigass wall-sized screen.

Quality’s good enough for me, but I remember when TV still had lines across screen for images in black and white. As long as I can read subtitles, I’m good.

Never even got a blu-ray


Marja, for those who watch stuff on small screens, I agree that streaming is fine for the quality you need for that.

I’ve never noticed a significant difference between Netflix on my 65″ tv and a blu ray at my friends house (he’s an AV nerd like you). Early on in streaming’ existence there was a bit of a lag at times, some pixelation in spots. It it’s been many years since I’ve experienced that.

With nice speakers it’s every bit the cinematic experience on a good streaming service.

if technical stuff and A/V is your passion great. But don’t mock those who get a better experience out of streaming than you do.

I’ve done side by side, and it’s a noticeable improvement. Not huge, but easily noticeable. Netflix and Amazon Prime 1080P streaming looks about like a Blu-Ray if you forced the output to be 780P instead of 1080P.

BorgKlingon, how was he mocking anyone?

He simply said he hasn’t own a blu ray in years. Guess what, he’s not alone. I don’t own a blu ray or DVD player as well. The closest thing I have to one is on my lap top. But everything I watch now is what I record directly on my DVR or what I stream.

There is a reason Blu rays are rock bottom prices these days, fewer people buy them. Not everyone cares about sitting in a home theater if they find more convenience watching something on their computer or phone.

Blu-ray discs have been around for over a decade, so the reason why they are being sold at “rock bottom prices” may actually have more to do with the fact that the technology has been around for a long time rather than that “fewer people buy them,” even if that part of your statement is completely accurate.

There are standard, vanilla Blu-ray players for about 30 dollars on the market. They don’t have all the bells and whistles, but if someone is complaining about prices, I suspect they wouldn’t normally invest in those “bells and whistles”. You would spend the same amount of money getting a Blu-ray player at Best Buy as you would a DVD player these days.

The statement certainly seems mocking with the implication that the player is still expensive, which isn’t really the case.

I don’t understand how someone saying they don’t own a blu ray player anymore is ‘mocking’ others? Are you talking about ‘Jack”? He never even mentioned a price.

As far as your question I’m pretty sure its both at this point. Sure the technology has gotten cheaper and so have the hardware. But fact is a decade ago there was maybe one dedicated streaming site. Now there about ten of them so your options are wider with more coming every year. And that’s in America alone.

I’m not saying owning Blu rays is a bad thing obviously but I’m guessing its well behind streaming numbers when compared to the access and ease of it. Not to mention its just cheaper if you’re not a hardcore fan and watches an occasional Trek episode.

Part of me would like to buy up all those discs. To own basically every hour of Star Trek minus DIS for $300 is amazing. But then I’m so use to watching it on Netflix or Amazon and literally anywhere I don’t know if I would even pop them in much even if I had a Blu Ray. But it would look nice on a shelf! Thats the one disadvantage of streaming.

Paramount – CBS better stop dragging their feet

and offer a 4K or Blu Ray version of Voyager. 🤨

Voyager Remastered on Bluray would be great. It looks ok, way better than Next Gen did on Video & DVD but still want Bluray.
Nothing can save DS9.

Too bad they won’t be able to remaster the boring stories and uneven acting.

Stop presenting your opinion as fact.

Sound familiar?

Are you trying to get Mr. Pascale to shut you down on another thread? Relax and Behave!

(And no, I am not taking your troll-bait.)

I’ve never been the cause of a thread shut down. Notice it was closed after YOUR comments. Not mine. The point here, that you missed, was to say to you the same inane things you have said to me with the hope you would recognize the your own baiting comments and how “pot meets kettle” they truly are. Alas, my hopes were misplaced. I should have known better.

Respond as you will. We both know you just have to get the last word in. I’m done with you on this topic.

Hoo-boy it’s like the bad old days of MostEverybody vs RosePineNut up in here

Still not taking your troll bait — sorry!

BorgKlingon and ML31, you two need to stop bickering and flooding threads with your endless and pointless arguments.

closing thread

Wow, opinions sure vary here! DS9 is probably my third fave to TOS and DISCO

See my post below…yes, you will get it but the software technology needs another decade to make the process affordable.

I want my DS9 in 4k!

I don’t think that’s gunna happen, sorry.

me to

Me three!

You will get it eventually. Voyager and DS9 will both eventually be on HD once the software technology makes it affordable. I would say by 10 years from now remastering software will have AI-programming built into it, and with minimal human interaction, will be “smart enough” to simply create new detail in the existing rendering, frame by frame.

That scenario seems unlikely, as the human eye would probably notice something is “off” – likely due to the “uncanny valley” effect if computers were trying to fill-in additional detail.

I think it would be more likely that every second of shot material gets digitized and AI automatically re-cuts the story second-for-second with the matching scene/take from the raw film and film elements with little human effort in actually compiling the finished material.

I still think that’s probably a few years further off.

As nice as those sets are, I watch HD TNG and TOS on Netflix

If you are streaming them from Netflix then it will likely be only a matter of time before you can’t as contracts with providers change all the time. But if you have the discs you will be able to see them whenever you like no matter what corporate rights deals change. Also if you see them through Netflix’s disc service you will probably be OK too as the rights deals mostly affect streaming and not discs.

Right now Netflix has a contract for ST for something like forever, i.e., I’ll be singing with the choir invisible before it runs out

People said the same thing about Disney stuff too only a couple of years ago.

You are really not getting a genuine 1080P experience with the streaming services. With all the compression they use, what you are seeing is about equivalent to watching about 780P. Blu-Ray is a much better picture.

Forced to agree. Watching on BD is far better than streaming. Picture and sound.

Well said, ML31


While I agree that blu-ray discs can and for the most part do deliver a much better picture, they do not provide a “genuine” 1080p accurate studio experience because the studios use compression on all their home video releases, even the discs.

That is true!

I could be interested in the DS9 set. Once they get it on Blu Ray.

So I have been teetering on the edge of getting TAS on blu. But I just noticed the caveat that one needs to be a member of Amazon Prime to get the deal. Too bad. Now it’s not worth it.

Perfect – for that price, definitely will pick up TNG Blu-ray set. Thanks TM!

LOL — all those poor fans for that paid $70 per set for TNG individual seasons…the entire series is now that price.

I had a feeling Amazon would pull something big on the last day of the boycott for better wages and conditions for their employees. Et voila, Amazon Prime Deal Day

I know two people at Amazon, and they are paid very well.