SDCC18: Mirror Universe Comes To Comic-Con At ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Gallery Display

As part of their promotion for Star Trek: Discovery at San Diego Comic-Con, CBS has set up a showing of costumes, props and more at the Wolf Gallery. The theme of this year’s show was the Mirror Universe with genuine screen-used items from the latter half of the first season of Discovery, when they took a detour into the MU. We have gathered together photos from the gallery to help you visit the Terran Empire’s invasion of San Diego.

Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe gallery welcomes you at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Mirror Costumes

Michael Burnham’s Terran Empire Captain Uniform

Emperor Georgiou’s Costume

Emperor Georgiou Undercover Attire

Paul Stamets Terran Empire Science Uniform

First Officer Keyla Detmer’s Command Uniform

Sylvia Tilly’s Terran Empire Captain Uniform

Captain Lorca Terran Armor and Jacket

Ash Tyler’s Terran Empire Security Uniform

Mirror Universe Sarek

Terran Resistance Officer

More costume details:


Terran Empire Phaser Rifle

Terran Empire Hand Phaser

Terran Empire Dagger

Terran Empire Hand Agonizer

Emperor Georgiou’s Imperial Sword & Scabbard and Terran Empire Truncheon

Terran Empire Throwing Disc

Terran Empire Insignia

Concept art and information displays

Information guides to Terran ships

More detail on ISS Charon

ISS Shenzhou shuttle concept art’

Emperor’s Throne Photo Op

CBS has also brought the emperor’s throne to SDCC and you can have your photo taken for free and shared on the social media of your choice.

Today I come from the Mirror

TrekMovie at SDCC

SDCC is just getting started. We have more news from preview night coming, plus coverage of all the exciting Star Trek-related events and panels.

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Stay tuned for more Star Trek merchandise and more news from San Diego Comic-Con, and a bit of The Orville news too.

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The MU makes a hot mess of Disco Season One and its characters, but the Terran Empire has some snazzy armor. It reminds me of Yul Brynner’s gold and lapis lazuli wrap-around bird armor in The Ten Commandments.

100% done with the mirror universe.

Thank you. The MU was always a novelty. They already over used it on DS9. One of the few low points of DS9. I hated that Discovery gave over four episodes to it. Should have been two episodes max.

The Mirror Universe. while fun, is not what Trek is about. It was an easy way for Doscovery’s showrunners to get fans on side without tackling the ethical and social questions that Trek does best. Speaks volumes that next season we have, again, an easy fan gimmick in the Enterprise. But this is evidence of who the makers of this show have to up their game. Trek needs to be thoughtful and intelligent. Not playing to superficial fans.

I feel Discovery did a good job with the MU. Doing it in season one might have been a bit weird, but at least they took the premise seriously (Humans rejecting compassion and The Other) instead of just camping it up like DS9 did.
They used the Terran Empire as a good contrast to the Federation (the final episode especially) so it served a narrative purpose.

I disagree. They used the MU to create a twist for twist sake. And in hindsight destroyed a nuanced complex character with Lorca by turnig him into a mustach twirler.

Agree. It was fun for the TOS episode but anything since then has just felt a bit fanfictiony.

100% agreed.

Despite season one’s pitfalls in plot and overall quality, the quality and care and $$ put into the props and costuming can’t be overstated in this show, though.

I agree with Odradeck. The concept was well used and served a narrative function and was well executed. I’ll admit it dragged on a bit too long for my tastes though, given the limited length of the season.

All that said it seems that fans are holding Discovery to an impossibly high standard. There have been almost 750 episodes of Star Trek scattered over more than 30 seasons of television. There have been 13 feature films— and if we are honest with ourselves very little of all of that content has been truly excellent. The majority of it has been pretty good while a lot of it has been downright awful. There are in fact entire seasons worth of Star Trek in its history that are nearly unwatchable.

Fans remember Trek for it’s best material though, and Discovery is somehow betraying the legacy of Star Trek because it has some flaws, and isn’t exactly what they wanted.

It’s really reminiscent of the cycle of “the new Doctor” and in 10 years when discovery has been over for a few years and they launch a new series, fans will be saying the new show doesn’t live up to Discovery.

Cowabunga this is sexy sexy stuff.

An actual compliment?

GRAB HIM, GUYS! This must be the mirror Mirror Galt!

/s ;)