SDCC18: Watch ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Deliver Donuts To Fans Waiting In Hall H Line

The big Star Trek: Discovery San Diego Comic-Con panel is today in Hall H at 1:30 pm (Pacific). Lines for Hall H are notoriously long and to make things easier for fans, the cast of Discovery showed up this morning with a surprise donut delivery.

Handing out treats and taking selfies were Sonequa-Martin Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz. TrekMovie was there and we have video and photos.



Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green and Wilson Cruz meet fans in Hall H line at SDCC 2018

Sonequa Martin-Green takes a selfie with a fan at SDCC 2018

Wilson Cruz poses with fans at San Diego Comic-Con

Anthony Rapp takes a photo with a fan at San Diego Comic-Con

Shazad Latif delivers donuts to fans in Hall H line at San Diego Comic-Con

Doug Jones and Sonequa Martin-Green with fans and donuts at San Diego Comic-Con

Social media

Here are some more images of the cast’s surprise visit, shared by fans on social media.

Live coverage from coming up

The panel starts at 1:30 pm (Pacific). TrekMovie’s team is on the scene and will be reporting live, along with follow-up reports here at We will have all the Hall H news, any new images or video releases as well as coverage of the press event later in the day, so stay tuned to this site all day and all night and all weekend for your Star Trek San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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Stay tuned for more Star Trek merchandise and more news from San Diego Comic-Con, and a bit of The Orville news too.

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Such sweetness! (Literally!)

That’s pretty cool. They really do seem like nice, unassuming people.

Will you live tweet about the hottest news from hall H?

The Discovery cast seems like a group of fun and engaging people. What was sorely lacking from season one of Discovery was the chemistry and camaraderie of the crew because they were in constant turmoil. Maybe the Discovery crew will cohere going forward. Burnham, Saru, Staments, and Tilly, and maybe the mostly unexplored bridge crew members could be the nucleus of great Trek if the show makers let them be that.

My guess is that the character bonding will happen, if for no other reason that CBS will insist for purely business reasons that the crew ultimately be likable. But that in and of itself won’t make Discovery a quality show, even if the fans are happier.

Nor will your personal opinion determine a group-think conclusion about it’s quality that I will have to adhere to.

Some characters had good chemistry, others didn’t. But every Trek series took more than 10-15 episodes to build that kind of comeraderie.

I respectfully disagree with that. TOS had it right out of the gate. TNG had functional chemistry within the first few episodes. You are probably right about the other series.

Agreed, one thing I noticed while watching years 2&3 of Stargate Atlantis was the fact the writers and directors made sure they had at least one scene, usually at the end of the show, where the cast are just hanging out, joking around and reflecting on the latest adventure while usually mocking McKay – just because he deserved it. Obviously the cast of Star Trek Discovery gets along well, all you have to do is see them hanging out in Toronto, at SDCC, or on social media videos including the upcoming Carpool Kareoke. Frakes said they remind him of the TNG cast and they have remained friends for 30 years. It would be nice to see that Discovery camaraderie on screen as well.

100% agree. Although there were some who got to portray likeable characters like Doug Jones and Michelle Yeoh, I feel like other actors such as Sonequa Martin-Green got held back. In fairness, not their fault as they try to bring stuff but if they’re told to stop they dont have much of a choice. Hopefully Season 2 is a bit better. The first season just didnt do well IMO.

Given that a big aspect of burnham’s story involved being an outcast, and she was the series lead– and the fact that the captain was antagonistic (even before we knew he was a villain)– the lack of comeraderie shouldn’t really be a surprise and in all likelihood was a deliberate choice.

Now that Burnham has redeemed herself, the evil captain is gone, and the crew has gone through a war together and come out the other side having suffered together (with two of them having lost a lover) I suspect a big part of season two will involve them becoming more like a family.

that was pretty cool. good people

8 doughnuts for the handful of fans waiting outside. Sounds about right.

I’m really sorry for you. Must be hard and empty living every single day of your life focusing on how much you want a TV show to fail.

I was ultimately disappointed by the show myself. But just in case you didn’t know, there’s absolutely nothing requiring you to be a jerk about it.

Final pre-ban warning for trolling.

locking thread

Interesting, it looks like Disco’s number-one fan is a Pennywise-Michael Myers-Jason Voorhees acolyte. Glad Sonequa had that large bodyguard nearby.


Gosh I wish I was there!!! But how much fun is this. So sweet but also so sweet. LOL

Good to see Doug Jones has finally found a way to gain weight!

(Seriously, that man must have something like 1% body fat)

(And no, I’m not jealous. No, really, I’m not)


God now I want a Krispy Kreme donut lol.

Krispy Kreme’s are pretty good….

I prefer Dunkin Donuts but I’m not one to turn down a donut of any kind so, yeah, these are my kind of people (though, I must say, she never handed out donuts when she was with The Walking Dead).

That was great!

I think I want Wilson Cruz to give me donuts the most, followed by Anthony Rapp, then Doug then Sonequa. But literally there’s no one on the cast I don’t think is wonderful. We really are lucky to have such a great crew!