SDCC18: UD Replicas Debuts Star Trek Line With Motorcycle Style Fashion Jackets

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

Over the last few days, TrekMovie has reported from San Diego Comic-Con about new product reveals from Star Trek licensees Mego, QMx, Anovos, Silver Screen Bottling, Diamond Select and Gentle Giant. But there was also a brand new licensee there who was quietly showing off their first Star Trek products.

UD Replicas makes motorcycle outerwear, primarily in leather, with replica designs from a number of franchises. They have produced outfits for various DC properties like Batman, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman, as well as Star Wars and even the band KISS. And now they have added Star Trek to their roster.

Motorcycle fashion jackets from UD Replicas

Their first Star Trek product will be a classic motorcycle-style fashion jacket. They jackets will come in both women’s and men’s sizes, but they were only showing the women’s version at San Diego Comic-Con.

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

Made out of PVC to keep the price point down, the Star Trek jackets come in black, with accents and lapels in a choice of classic department colors of gold, blue and red.

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

Each jacket will feature a custom Star Trek pin. The prototypes at Comic-Con featured a Discovery mini-pin as a placeholder. A spokesperson said the final pin will be a “generic unique Star Trek delta that isn’t tied to a specific show.” The zippers also have a subtle Star Trek delta design on them.

Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

zipper on Star Trek Jacket from UD Replicas

UD Replicas has a target date of the end of August to launch the product officially for pre-orders. Price has yet to be set, but will be somewhere between $100 and $150. UD sells exclusively direct on their site

More to come from UD

A spokesperson from UD said the company is committed to doing more Star Trek products including a higher-end leather motorcycle jacket, which is currently being designed. They are also considering products beyond jackets like they do for other licensees, including footwear. The company has a license that covers all of Star Trek, including Star Trek: Discovery, but not the new Kelvin movies

Superman leather street jacket from UD Replicas

The Flash leather high tops from UD Replicas

More from SDCC

There is still more Star Trek news to come from Comic-Con. Click here to see all our SDCC 2018 coverage.

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“Humans no longer enslave animals for food purposes.” -Riker, “Lonely Among Us,” TNG, Season 1. I guess that doesn’t apply to violent primitive 21st century humans who kill living things to make their skins into ugly jackets and tacky high-top shoes

PVC isn’t made out of animals.

Exactly Dan, he must have missed that in his fervour to just rant and poo-poo anything new from TREK.

The high tops shown are made out of dead cow skin. The Superman jacket shown is made out of dead cow skin. There is no confusion with the exception of perhaps on your end. Pay attention to details. :)

Nothing personal, but it’s pretty clear you jumped the gun here with your rant, and now that you have been caught in a huge error, you are trying to back-track.

No, we make them from PVC’s, which will never, ever decompose in the landfill. If we look hard enough, there will always be something to complain about.

Pass the steak, please.

I have a dead cow skin jacket I’m very fond of.

Me too, and I am glad to see that most of the animal is being used. It would be a moral tragedy not to use every part of an animal that is butchered for human food and use.

“…who kill living things to make their skins into ugly jackets”

The jackets they are releasing, which are what 90% of this article is focused on, are made from PVC.

Maybe read the article next time before going off half-cocked with an angry speech?

Maybe scroll up… read… then you might feel foolish and want to take your own advice :)

Look man, it’s so obvious that you jumped the gun on this one…no, your weak excuse that you were of course taking about the ancillary items that were not the main focus of the story is not cutting it. That excuse is more lame than Trump’s ““wouldn’t” do-over at the summit last week…lol

You were caught in a huge error, and now you are trying to back-track. Just say, “whoops, I got a bit ahead of myself there.” and move on. No worries.

If you read his original comment he was talking about jackets AND SHOES so, yes, he was talking about items that were not the main focus of the story.

What are you? Hindu? Or maybe a vegetarian?
If you want to get technical, PVC is a plastic, which is made from petroleum, which is basically formed from the remains of marine plants and animals that lived millions of years ago, even before the dinosaurs.
So we drive using dead animals, drink and eat out of things made from dead animals, and apparently wear things made from dead animals.
So what’s the big deal?
One day in the far off and distant future you’ll be some ones petroleum by product being driven, worn and used as some other everyday item like a computer or smartphone.
The list is endless.
And from what I gather, humans have been making things out of animals since the dawn of time. In some cases out of humans themselves.
We just can’t escape real or synthetic leathers.
But then again since even synthetic leathers are made from animals, those are real also.

Just as the solution is to not watch a show you hate, then don’t buy the shoes. No need to get on your synthetic high horse about it.

“No need to get on your synthetic high horse about it.”

Just BRILLIANT, Marcus! Haha!

Very Stylish.

Presumably bikers felt they weren’t getting bullied enough. Wanted to get themselves a bit of that sweet having-their-lunch-money-stolen action.

That’s hysterical, Lee. Nice.

LOL — awesome!

Nice design (an homage to Trek, but wearable to a non-Trek event), but if I want a motorcycle jacket, I want a leather jacket, not a PVC knockoff.

Me too. I would rather my jacket emit the aroma of recently-dead cow than the aroma of millennia-dead marine plants and animals.

Indeed. PVC jacket when crashing a motorcycle would just wear through and your flesh would tear away, or will melt to your skin. That would be lovely.


These are even worse than those Denim monstrosities that someone was trying to sell for $300 a few months ago. UD usually does such good lookalikes for movie uniforms and costumes, I don’t know what happened here.

These are lazy as fuck.

It’s a clothing that immediately makes people think of Star Trek (irony)